Friday, December 31, 2004

Flashback of 2004...

In Jan 04 - RuTh S@h@n@y@ Concert.. It was Splendid!!!
FiDz got engage to JoH@Ri in Jan 04... Me?? still like that lor...
Friendship wz M@HFuZ was still strengthen thru email, never met but still good.
wz DY was just the same.. eventhough his mails are not frequent, but still ok.

Was intro to my Mom's Friend son - gosh i cant remember his name. Anyway he was way to young for me. Just start messaging a few times then I decided to give it a 'rest'... can catch up wz his full sentence in Malay from his SMS. I'm not embarrassed of my Mother tongue, I'm proud when I hve to speak Malay thoughout while speaking to customer. Its just that, SMS in Malay sounded very mushy.. Afterthat no more dates.. hehehehe.

Went up to KL almost every month, 1st was to meet d @nGiE of TuMBLe ToTs.. This year, had a lot of biz meeting wz TeCk Kw@nG & Abg R@Z@K. We got Offer for a new place in KL, but it was along the HighWay. So we turn them down. We were offered another place too, but wz d @nGiE its always been off & on.. So We got SICK of her.

In May 04 - it Mother Day, I bought ticket to @NZ Show but was cheated by d ALF, I shouted at him at the top of my lungs over the phone & it was a Big Fight. Never done that to anyone in my LIFE. It was on the papers that the whole show was a SCAM. Infact d nite bfor d ALF called to infrm that "the show for Mother Day is Cancel, IS IT?????" Well its was the best joke ever. He repeaated that same phrase THREE TIMES.. Believe it or not. I asked him back, "are you asking me or you telling me that its cancelled???" Given the promise to refund all the cash back. It was close to $100.. what do you expect. A few days later after the article appear on Berita Harian, I called the reporter to express my 'grivences' too..
Well I saw d ALF a few months after that.. What an ambitious man, a cheater too. heehehehe...

In June 04 - It was Father's Day, this time I bought ticket again, @NZ Show Hi-Tea @ Orchid Country Club organised by eVenTioN by @Di & Sh@h.. boleh di percayai lah kira. Anyway, I can consider myself my Family are 'gang' wz the organizers... Got good seat, good attention & GOOD SHOW.. heeheheh... Anyway, it was the First time M@K & @Y@H met @NZ Live.

My Birthday in August 04 was something.. @RY & Myself has ours @ the Chalet. We invited abt 10-15 people from the office & guess what??? NO ONE TURN UP.. I was so fedup, send SMS, thanking that for not coming.. haahahah.. But afterall it was a nice Evening for both our families to gather & get to know.
Early Sept 04, EliZ@ from KL came to Spore for a few days. So we mit up for Lunch & some Shopping. Alot of trashing out & stories to tell.. Glad we meet again.

In Sept 2004, we all manage to get leave at the same time. Its was a 3 mths plan ahead. Its been sometime since we had our holiday out as a family. I was too exhausted to enjoy the whole holiday coz I had to prepare for everyone. NuRuL, M@NSoR & MuST@QiM came to see us @ SuiteStay. But it was a wonderful time SHOPPING, as usual. We took a plane back home sponsored by @Y@H... But there was an Incident, I was being tailed by an Indonesian Maid going home. We will all in the so call Sky Train @ KLIA. I was so concern, she practically tailed me eventhough I was purposely making a round for a trolley... FiDz & M@K was so worried already, finally I have to burst it out to @Y@H... Not really burst it out, I was making eye contact only. Dont noe how to express.. @Y@H asked her, "kenapa kamu ikut dia ni???" langsung dia kata, "Bapak mahu ke surabaya kan???"
"sapa kata kita nak ke Surabaya ni??? Kita tak pergi Surabaya lah... Jangan ikut2 lah..." so she left & we saw she tailed an angmo couple.. heehehehe... Takutttt!!!

In Oct 04 - We went to S@L@M LeB@R@N @ Medi@CoRP Studio, wz @NZ as the Guess Artist. It was a week before puasa, but the atmosphere there was so touching. I guess I was not alone, cried on those Raya Song..

In Nov 2004 , I went to KL 1 week before Raya to buy kuih muih. Believe it or not, I big bag full of kuih sahaja, Had to load a big luggage from NuRuL..
Raya was good... Visiting was a usual actually. The only Diff was FeIS@L & ReZ@ raya in Spore. We meet up & berjalan Raya. Visit NuRuL place in Hougang & we all went out to shop for Mobile Phone in To@ P@yOh!!!

In Early Dec 04, Did my Final project for M&M at the RoofTop of CuPP@gE... Ok lah not too bad. But the Love the doorgift I must say, Coz they're using it Now...
Dec 04 - Concert NuS@Nt@R@ @ Espl@n@De wz R@uDz.. I must say it was one of the most wonderful Show ever for this whole year of 2004.
Receive some wonderful GIFTS for Christmas exchange.. Its not that I'm celebrating it anyway. Was in Mel@K@ over Christmas, had some biz discussion for a while. Decided to meet in the central between KL & Spore. NuRuL came down, infact I was at her family's place in Mel@K@. Last few days of the year, on 26Dec a sad tragedy of Tsunami strikes.. As of now its over 120,000 people died all over ASIA... Such a Great Lost.

- The End of 2004 -


TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, December 27, 2004

The Shopping Month!!!

Its been some time since I shop.. as in real shopping...
Last week I bought a dark blue Jubah for only $20, nice & a comfortable material. Its for Raya Haji. I bought a cream color blouse & 2 scarves, black & blue in Melaka over the weekend. The Christmas shopping for my friends.. hmmm... dont have to mention, it cost me $150 over... Well I got a few in return, not expecting but still its worth it. So Today.. anyway its Bonus cum Pay Day, so I bought 1 white embroidered blouse, 1 Jeans.. best nya. Planning to buy a few scarves, plain color maybe.
Will be meeting ShyReeN & her kids tmrw for lunch or something, Insya ALLAH... Tmrw last day on Leave, will start work on Wed afternoon...

Oh yes, I did my Apprasial wz JiP S@N just a day before I go on Leave, I got good marks for my M&M projects. Alhamdulliah.. JiP S@N offered a nomination for the post of Senior CCC for next years, requesting me to work towards it. Eventhough he knows my intention of leaving next year, but I told him I shld leave in good name. Hopefully.. we shall see.

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Me & Along LILy.. Posted by Hello

Melaka Beach Posted by Hello

Weekend in Melaka

I left for Melaka on Christmas Eve. Tumpang AbG W@hiD, NuRuL's cousin & his family tht day coz no more coaches available. apa tak nya plan pun kira last minute...
At least it was a fruitful weekend, worth it lah.
Sampai Melaka @ abt 5pm, terus AlOnG & KaK @niM ajak gi Melaka Beach, we all went wz Sh@fiQ, T@uFiQ - AlOnG nephew & AlOnG's Bro Apin. Just relax2 & lepak2 aje..
Evening, NuRuL arrive to Melaka we went out a while to 7-11 later on AlOnG ajak gi TescO to shop for a while. Later on We All wz KaK AniM & Apin had Supper. Teringat zaman muda2, keluar merapa kat KL & back home Mid Nite. Cekik Darah seh kita.. haahahah...
The next day, on Sat 25th ada Wedding in Melaka, KaK @Ni's brother wedding.. 1st time watching kampung wedding... ada Mercun lagi.. heeheheh.. Before that in the morning, we did our preparation for tonight dinner cum BBQ.
In the Evening NuRuL's family hosted a BBQ nite, fun. we BBQ chicken & all the seafood. Her cousin's Anak2 Mak Es@H was all there, fun lah kan. NuRuL's cousin frm KL which I've never close with, the never met me also. They tanya sapa ni??? pening jugak ada unfamiliar face around, very close to the cousins.. orang pun heran.. apa tak nya.
Left Melaka this morning, sampai S'pore @ almost 2pm.. Tapi best.. Unplan weekend break is always the best..

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Fav Christmas Gift Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

2004 Coming To An END...

Didnt blog for a few days...
So much to tell but the excitment has vanished!

Something happen last weekend, I was so mad that I had to wake up very early than usual on Sunday Morning. Most of the time I will set an alarm @ 9.45am. But Last Sunday on 19th I or rather we were ask to get ready early. Of Course I remembered that we hve to get prepared for a Family Photo Shot @ Cl@Rke Qu@Y but we were not told what time was the appointment. I was mad extremely mad but to bad the person whom I was very mad at was not that the scene or 'madness'... End Up I had a quarrel wz my parent instead when its not their fault at all...
Anyway it end up well at last. So not to bad lah, most important the family photo wz an extended 'kejung' family (future brother in law) member was included in the picture, ya lah Tunang Orang tu apa...

Rdz&Me Posted by Hello

K something struck me last few days.. I just simple dont noe why I had that in mind...
I was just thinking if at the end of the 'day' I'm still not attached, I wld rather hve an adopted kid to add the laughter to the family... Why am I thinking that way?? I seriously dont noe why lah.. It came to my thought which I was in the LOO!!! haahahah.. ya really. I wld feel that I shld get things settle like hve a stable business or job, get myself settle down wz a place of my own. Then I will adopt a baby girl maybe from some a less fortunate family. I wld rather help them a bit or so.
Right after the thought came to me, I emailed to NuRuL & Surprising, she seconded my Idea... So I decided to email to AiNi.. she think my idea was splendid.. Alhamdulliah. Hopefully my idea & thought came thru, Insya ALLAH...

I Planning to go Malacca this Weekend, 1st of all to meet NuRuL & 2nd-ly to meet up wz Abg R@z@K abt the Business proposal. I called Super Coach, the coaches are all full. I will try to call Delima tmrw morning to see if there's any seats available. I sense maybe its full too, but just try & see how. Initial planning was to tumpang NuRuL's family but the will be leaving on Thurs Nite instead. I'll be working on Thurs & on Top Of that I've plan wz Mak & R@udZ to go Arab Street to buy things...
See How Lah Insya ALLAH.

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, December 18, 2004

rooftop dinner.. Posted by Hello

It Rain @ the RoofTop..

It was raining ystdy evening... Feel like crying.

Well we got release early @ 4pm ystdy, went straight to the RoofTop to check on the Food Setup by the Caterer.. We also did our preparation before the 5pm dinner team came. However it rains @ 5pm.. My mind just went blank, was thinking & trying to figure out if it rains the whole night.. then HOW???
It drizzling @ abt 5.30pm, I was just praying hope it stop by 6pm when the morning comes for dinner.. Alhamdulliah Hujan reda by then.
So the Dinner went well, not to 3/4 turn up for the dinner, can say that its a success!! But we ended the dinner early @ 9.30pm. We Clear things up by 10pm.
Went back office & kept the balance gift for distrubtion tmrw..
K now I can rest in peace. Can answer calls back to Norm.. heehehehe...
So Project 2004 has ended.. Kudos to US...

Today going to TKC for some show in the afternoon... Shall see how its gonna turn out. hhhmmm...

TruLy NoreeZ

Gifts... Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Manners.. hhmmm.. where has it gone to???

I have TwO encouters today...

Scence OnE
I was being approach by the managers to invite one of the temp half days stuff to the Party tmrw night.
So I thought why no, since she is new & its a good chance she can mingle wz the rest just to get to noe.
me : hi, we are having the dept dinner tmrw night... would u like to come along?
SHE : (Blur look... shake her head)
me : No we inviting you along to come with us
SHE : NO... I have something. Thanks

Is that now things should be, we are inviting you along & I get a rejection straight away..
So "nice" of her.. at least you shld say, 'Thanks for inviting but sorry I dont think I can make it...'
Anyway I've already receive a Bad impression of her on the 1st meeting. She insist that she is right over some cases, I just have to make a report to other supervisor for help instead. So she was being infrom that MY information is correct. There u go you think you so clever is it... new staff somemore temp. Action Terror lagi..

Scene TwO
I have place a Christmas Gift for Someone - I should say a Friend, a Close Friend.. so thats why I giving her a Gift rite.
So I place it on her table when she was beside but I noe she was on the line wz a Customer... She took a while to settle the case so I decided maybe I shld come back & tell him. On 2nd thought, if I do that as if I m expecting a Thank You rite... So i decided to just leave it... So minutes past, Hours goes by, half days gone.. end of the day she still ignore me... This is what you call Friend?? What a Bitch...
I dont expect a Thank You NorEEz or u shldnt hve or whatever crap.. Just an acknoledgement eh i receive. or smile as least. But NO.. all that from a person call friend, who was there during thick or thin.. when u almost kill ourselve we go on holiday... when u got pregnant wz out a father we give contribution & buy you baby gifts...
I noe why is she angry, coz she want to take my morning shift & she is giving me her noon shift ending till 2300H. I rejected coz who likes to work on Noon Shift. Instaed I accepted a Mid shift ending till 9pm from another friend. I should think she somehow or another found out & thats why she is mad. Who Cares... As if I bother she just dont want to talk to me or accept my Gift.. What a Bitch...

At least I hear someone good, RauDz told me DY send Raya Card.. Raya Card bila Raya Dah habis.. Adui..
OK lah at least something.. its the Thought that Counts...

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Work work work.... Posted by Hello

belum habis habis kerja jugak???

I thought I could end all the work today, so that will hve time to rest & do all last minute checking. Believe it or not BELUM HABIS packing the doorgift lagi.. cekik darah betul. Sabar aje aku. FedUp betul lah, abis nak buat mcm mana its not that I'm taking my own sweet time, its becoz 'production' slow sangat. Lambat pick up & to slow in making simple decision. Semua tu aku jugak kena fikir kan, kena buat kan, kena plan kan.. adui, ranap..

Tmrw plan :-
- Morning : they gonna come to work by Cab.
- AfterNoon- 3pm: We will hve to do the final packing of the doorgift
- 4pm - Will have to get the to draw on their ChristMas Exchnge Gift Draw

Friday d Day :-
- Morning : Pack all the stuff, DoorGift & Exchnge Gift, to bring to RoofTop Dinner Venue
- Noon : To double check on the payment for the Caterer
- 4pm - Depart to RoofTop...
- 5pm - Dinner for 1st batch Start!

K I hve a story to Tell.. There is this Guy whom I use to hve an Eye on Mr Is_EGo lah i call him. Well to me he is Gwapo (hansem in tagalog lah), as agreed by my GLeeNGOO gay friend.. to GLeenGO he is Masarap.. heehehehe.. back to the story. Well ya I use to like him, but I was Attached to RiZ@L @ that time, so nothing much can be done expect for just see no touch lah. Anyway Is_EGo hates me lah, he heard abt my liking towards him to he thinks I'm not his type.. haaahahah LOL.. who cares anyway. So since then we didnt speak to each otherr expect things like work related.
Whatever it is he is just sick in the brain, his EGO is as big as his... whatever thing lah... I dont noe.
We had an email 'merry' war just last 2 days. He always wants to win & never want to call it a defeat. I have transfer a case to his team for help, didnt noe he was the one handling it. He just wrote something briefly on the e/d record & no solution to it. So I just had to email to ask him. He finally reply telling me i shld read the e/d carefully coz he has stated that. I said, no nothing much is indicated there. I asked him to review them. He said to me..."alamak ngantuk ke apa. baca betul2 lah. I said "called ms lee... cust decline..."
I see nothing there.. i see nothing mention abt ms Lee... of all u noe he only added that aft I send the previous email before left for lunch.. What an idiot. Tak nak kalah menyampah..

Ok tomorrow's another 1 day to go before the Christmas Party...

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, December 13, 2004

Not Much Time Left...

We're only left 4 days for the M&M Christmas party. We seriously do not have much time & we have 15 pieces of doorgift left not purchase yet. I called office this afternoon to infrm that I've found mug @ P@Y@LeB@R(NTUC) cost at $1 each. Its cheap & its within our budget. So right after that we can purchase other things @ PoPuL@RBooKStoRe wz out wasting more time. I was thinking at least we can go purcahse today after work. I dont mind going out for a while & have to be back by Maghrib coz will hve visitor @ 8PM. Now she said she want to search for more at other places. Of all places its AnGMoKiO... its way out of the way. I dont think I can go that far. At such limited time she still want to shop for it but not purchasing it straight. We dont hve much time, we hve to get it wrapped. 1st of all I dont really agree on the idea of bringing it back to her place & she want to do it there. Now she will NOT be able to be presence on that Part Night coz she need to go Malacca last minute. Then whats the point of bringing it back to her place then.
I thought we just go straight to buy them then thats it, we are almost done wz things... Susah lah nak cakap... FedUp Seh. Now my I'm having a headache & I just cannot think straigght.. Eeeeee Bingit!!

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, December 12, 2004

me in EsPL@N@dE Posted by Hello

What a WonderFuL Night...

What A Night...

I knew its gonna b an enjoyable night at d Esplanade. Wz d powerful performance by MN@siR & HeTTy KoSe END@nG, amazingly overwhelming.. Berdiri bulu roma kau!
D presenter were my 'surrogate boyfriend' @Di & Rill@.. They manage to 'ngam' lah.. D local artist are just as splendid.. Saw our ministers Y@kob lbRahiM & family in d audience.. Duduk audience bukan special seat tau.. Tabik Lah.
Over all semua best lah. Mesti ada siaran di SuRi@ TV lah nanti tu.

Almost forgotten what I've found out yesterday afternoon at someone's blog!! To think abt it, its not effecting me & it shouldnt be. I must say she's pretty lah, decent looking young lady. Not surprise she's younger than me. Aku kalau marah part ni kejap aje, lepas tu baik lah... Tak luak lah. Nak marah2 lama2 pun dapat apa, dapat kedut kat muka ada lah. Muka nak pakai lama, nak check out other guys lagi, nak tackle cute guys lagi. Nak tambah kan kedut nak buat apa. ish weak betul lah...

K today's my 1st Peaceful Sunday Off.. shiok nya, its been weeks since I got a Nice Lepak Sunday in front of the TV all to Myself.. Fuuuyooo.. Shiok, heeehehe...

TruLy NoreeZ

FiNaLe.. Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 11, 2004

I hear Wedding Bells.. Again!!!!!!.. but not mine!

Wait.. I need to have a good laugh 1st, HAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAH... LOL.
Actually I'm very mad + confuse + sad + ego + totally Angry...

You want to noe why? coz i just found out that HE@'s new girlfriend has convert to IsLaM!! Alhamdulliah ada saudara baru lah kan. Tapi dah convert tu confirm lah tak lama lagi nak kahwin tu. Dah dasar lah lelaki tak sedar diri. He@left 2 years ago & now he has someone new. But its ooookkk.. I'm orite. Just relax, breath in & out.. Pheww... sabar sabar!! To me, I've got something to proof to them that He@'s the one who's the cause of the whole thing. I'm not a fault. SO NOW you see, He@'s ordy found someone new but she still single what!!!! I just hate the fact that He@ has to announce that He@'s getting married again for the 3 1/2 time. (2x married + 1x engaged to me!). My egoistic guts keep wanting to be the 1st to Announce "I'm Getting Married!!!">. But its ok again, its just not my time yet.. OR I'm still a winner coz i get to enjoy singlehood much longer, spend my own money go holiday wherever I wish to.. Ooohhhh, its so fun!!

K NorEEz enjoy your day tonight, hope you get to "eye shop" (cuci mata lah!!) on something good... Endure, whatever it is Endure...

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, December 10, 2004

Where goes to Responsibility???

I face a disturbing incident yesterday that make me feel so work up till I fall sick.. I almost took MC ystdy afternoon.. its all becoz of @FF@ irresponsibility act.
I receive a call frm NuRuL informing me that ReeN kids are not feeling well, however ReeN is only left wz $30 on her purse. She is now staying wz her own parents who has turn their back on her surprisingly i dont noe why. I guess her mom is in a dilema & wonder Where goes to Responsibility of @FF@ towards his kids where they have to stay wz them for shelter & support. I was asking the same question myself when I'm back to work after sending them to the clinic. What gets into my nerves are when @FF@ manage to release himself from being responsible towards his family... what is this, its just not fair.
I just hope ReeN manage to get a job fast & at least she can stand for her right on things. Insya ALLAH.

K this evening manage to get some things done for the nxt week Year End Party. Finish wz some labelling & wrapping on the gifts. Just need to get some more stuff for the DoorGift & that will be the final touch...

K I cant wait for Tmrw, will be going to the Esplanade Show tmrw Nite.. Best, dont want to put on hope in meeting people. But you will sure to bumb into some people, tapi tak nak cakap sapa2 lah.. heeeheheh....

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

How Time Flies...

Its gonna be abt 3 wks before the end of 2004.. How Time Flies..
with that it reminded me abt meeting SoFi@, my old friend during my decent nonsense running after N@ZRi N@SiR days.. oh my god. N@ZRi pun dah kahwin anak 2.
We (NuRuL, my 2 SiS & myself) met SoFi@ 28Nov 1993 I think, that was when the LiOn's tewas di tangan M'sia - Pahang @ M'sia Cup.. We met at Changi Airport actually, all of us were waiting for the LiOns to come back to Spore aft the defeat. Heeheheh.. kelakar lah, cerita cartoon. After which we became friend. Consider close at those years. Then Sofia got married & the lost contact.
I met Sofia last Monday at T@mpines Interchange.. She's expecting her 3rd Child!!
So glad to have met her again, she saw me on TV last Raya.. heeheheh.. tu yg dia teringat mana lah nak contact si NoriS ni.. Rupa nya dia saw NuRuL on the papers also during VirGin MoBile Launching.. The best part she also notice Arwah RhYmiE on the Obituary Coloum also, she got a shock.. She must have been following up on the Media so much.. heeheheh...

Kudos to Friendship...

Menung Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

bad... very bad call stats..

abis lah, last week call stats jahanam. only 5 calls per hour?? pengsan, abis lah JiP S@N will hve a long talk wz me once he's back frm his Marriage Leave..
Apa tak nya, i hve to plan for the Team end of the year party & they wont let me log out & of course! it will effect my call stats calculation. For sure I put myself on ACW for more than 30-45mins... I have to juggle between calls & also do the planning...

anyway, today ErNiE & myself just completed purchasing d 2nd door gift for the team, we bought a pocket planner & also a Mug for a total of 60 staff on the team of billing. And it hass total up to abt $8.20 for the door gift. Kira ok lah coz its within the budget..

I'm still affect by ReeN & @FF@ case.. just cant help thinking abt it over & over & over... something just need to be done to make things better for ReeN... Just have to think of something.. But 1st, ReeN just have to look for a Job to support herself & the kids.

K tmrw keje petang... & this Sat is the MN@siR show @ Esplanade.. haahahah.. cant wait.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Life is not A bed of Roses after ALL....

I spoke to ReeN this early morning @ 0015hrs for 1 1/2hrs. I guess they or i shld say @FF@ have really decided to let ReeN go.. I might not noe how does it feels like being a MJ.. (thats what ReeN kept saying she is...) but its just different being married & divorce compared to being engaged & a call off wedding.

After hearing stories frm ReeN makes me feel that it doesnt mean that if someone's good in your eyes, its never good forever. For @FF@, it has never cross my mind that he will do something silly to that extend. Well now he has let ReeN go, claiming that its been 6yrs since he has lost interest in her.. What a bunch of crab.

I met ReeN today wz her 2 cute kids, it just make me feel helpless that I cant do something for a dear friend. I dont noe what else I shld do to make things better for them. I guess its just cant be help it @FF@ its not making an effort to make things better & he kept drowning himself into love yang sudah tentu tak pasti.. base on that i heard he hasnt met this BItCH, what nonsense is he talking about lah.

I met my cousins today, NuRi & SiTi. I went to register myself to AmWay. I'm sure that are benefit to that. After bringing those things home, my parents seem's happy wz the business kid I brought back home. Surprisingly Ayah said he would rather I stay put in Spore that going away.. Alah apa ni, ni yg tak best nak dengar ni.
Weak betul lah... ah malas lah nak cakap. Ni pun aku tengah di landa perasaan, malas nak spoilt the mood again.

T@uFiK B@tiS@H Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 04, 2004

People Change.. either for the BETTER OR for the WORST...

NuRuL told me ystdy afternoon dat ReeN called her.. Think she has something that has been bottled up for so long & she wants to let it out. I tot it was just small issue of financial, didnt expect things to go out of hand. aFFa has an affair wz a M'sia girl.. its been a mth since this things is been going on... I'm so surprise someone like @FF@ will behave in such unexpected behaviour. I remember hearing that People Change.. its either for the better OR for the worst.
I could recall @FF@ was pastering NuRuL to intro him to ReeN, eventhough knowing the fact that I was at one point having this feeling for @FF@.. oooppppss... heeheheh... but that was last time. I remember ReeN noe's abt it & I said, "ReeN sori eh, aku nak mintak maaf coz aku dulu jeles kau dgn @FF@.." Kata ReeN, "kau jgn merepek lah, aku dgn kau kawan dah lama... apasal ni kau dgn aku tak gang! kau jgn talk nonsense..." teringat aku kata2 ReeN...
Well there are things in life that all of us has to go thru & its actually testing how much & how far you can go & take it. ALLAH akan menduga semampu kamu... i manage to speak to ReeN last nite, she called me. by right I am not suppose to noe anything, so i play blur. then she told me that NuRuL has mention that i am aware of this issue so ReeN let it out ALL.... i just cannot believe my ears that she is talking abt a friend i noe & he has turn to someone different than i've expected....

NuRuL & myself put up a proposal to Abg R@Z@K & TK for the playschool @ BerJaYa TiMe SqU@rE.. its been submitted & TK will look into the over the weekend. He has rqst us to put into $ & cents to see if any visable amt that cant we work out. Actually I was telling NuRuL can we just indicate how many staff we need?? Takut pulak mcm memandai mandai.. so we decided to put the $$ into good hands of our Partner & Financial Advisor cum Main Share Holder.... Looks like we have homework to do...

Thursday, December 02, 2004

New Years Coming...

In less than 1mths its gonna be the end of the year.. so what have u done for the year Noreez???? hhhhmmmm.... let me think & recap it all.

I've not blog for abt 10days or so. Been doing mid shift & its so busy in d office, cannot wayang to type email lah... Finish my Puasa 6, did some jalan raya & all. Visit M@K, K@K RoZiE & family @ P@siR RiS last weekend already. M@syit@h back in Spore for the Holidays also so manage to meet her again.

K, last nite was the Finals of Spore Idols.. Guess WHO Won?? It was T@uFiK B@sit@H.. FuYoo dia punya voice, Power Mawer wooo.... Abeng tu pun kalah lah. T@uFiK's the best lah, at least I'm not shy if he's put beside J@Q of M'sia Idols & Fr@nt@si@ of Americ@n Idols. And at least people of the whole noe that Spore do have M@L@Ys lah. It doesnt matter if T@uFiK didnt win into WorLd Idols.. but getting himself in is already an achievement lah..
GO T@UFIK B@TIS@H yoo.. yooo... Peace!!

Did an early ChristM@s shopping for the team. Just dont want to rush into the crowded Orchard if doing last minute Shopping. Its not that I am celebrating of Course!!! Just that the team will be giving out things to u so it just appropriate to balas them wz gifts also.

K nothing much over the weeks.. hopefully more good things to come soon..