Monday, December 29, 2008

New Born Hero II

Went to visit Nya'.. It was very last minute. Left after maghrib to Thomson Medical Centre. Call Shyreen asking what time will she be there.. So didnt really 'janji', if jumpa then jumpa lah..

Fortunately, met her with Amy and the kids, Ash and Tira at the lift lobby.. She looks blur, puzzle and lost. She told me, she just lost her wallet. Reen, kau tak abis abis Reen, penyakit lama kau tak baik baik lagi.. Apa lagi yang kau hilang Reen?? hehehe...

Here are some pictures..

Well, its nice to hold new born baby. This is Nya's 1st born in S'pore.. And reuniting old friends, Shyreen, Nurul and Me after so long.. Too bad didnt get thru Atie much earlier.. At least I get to inform even if it was later..

Baby Muzaffar, ke Muharam ke, Muhaimin ke.. Let the parents decide..

New Born Hero

Nya' Nurul just gave birth to a baby boy this morning at Thomson Medical Centre. She was warded at Room Number 620B (6th Floor) since 5.45am when she sms me.

I have not gotten any details of this new born, but she mms me this..

Congrats to Nurul and Mansor on their new Born.. Nama apa eh. Muharam eh? heehehe..

Friday, December 26, 2008

counting days..

People in FaceBook and Multiply has seen this picture..

Let me Introduce My Man, Md Yazid to Blogspot reader.

The kids are having too much fun. School open in less than a week from now.. The Ayah are done with school books purchase last monday. He had all that done on his 1 week leave. Including the purchase of Madrasah's books, it does cost a huge bomb! Lucky thing, we get to take some books from Nurul Jannah last years P6 for Nurul Naqiyah, it does make a huge difference. Thanks to Kak Liza, we collected them last weekend. I bought them school bags and yesterday the Ayah went to buy other school needs like shoes and stuff. I remembered Mak even buy new personal stuff just for 1st day of school.. So I will try and do what Mak use to do that for us..

Yesterday, they brought me out for dinner. I asked Raudz to tag along.. her 1st time with them. I told her be prepared for the Kecoh-ness... I heard The Girls shouting, "ajak Kakak Raudha..." when The Ayah spoke to me to siap siap.. Ya, Si Aunty Raudha feeling Kakak! heeheh..

Yazid came to fetch us at 8.45pm, we all headed to Parkway Parade. As usual, the kids are 'busy' with playing games.. I brought Nadiah and Raudha shopping at Giant. We came back o the game spot after more than half hour and they still not done!

Drove to East Coast makan place, parking was packed as usual. Sat down and we settle for food. Kakak Raudha pun sifat keibuan feeding Nabil, and the Girls can get along with her.. Slightly disspointed, Yazid and my food was not 'happening' at all.. I went home having a stomach discomfort.. We reached home at 11pm.

Raudha's back from KL and she been talking and telling stories non stop since.. Was away for a week.. so much to tell, hers and mine! Stole a glimpse of A picture from her mobile. So who is that hunky Guy eh? heeheh...

I have a classmate wedding tomorrow at Toa Payoh. It seems that most of the guys are away on a holiday, and others forgotten that its on Saturday instead of Sunday. The rest may not come on the same time.. So I guess, will be attending it on seperate timing from the rest. I just sms Foaad, the groom that I'll be coming with Yazid in the late afternoon or otherwise after maghrib.

Looking forward for another holiday next week. But Yazid will be back to work from Monday onwards.. And its the sign that the 'honeymoon' be over soon.. Back to one or two week Once date! But its ok, endure and patience is the best medicine to test you faith and trust! hahaah...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Its been a Long Week...

The week has been awesome, yet tiring.. Its been a long week...

The MIL was away to KL over the weekend, brought along Naqiyah.. The Ayah took care of the Nadiah and Nabil all alone! Poor Ayah heehehe.. We made plans for the weekend, all line up for the weekend. Unfortunately, the didnt go as plan due to some changes made on Saturday. Right after attending Cik Romlah's son wedding at Pasir Ris, Yazid brought me to meet his cousin, Nani at Yishun. Spoken to Nani before over the phone, that was my 1st time meeting her and I get to meet his Mak Ngah as well. That evening, Nabil insist on bowling at ECP. I was already exhausted and waiting for our turn was a killer to me. The boy was so full of energy playing all the games, including the Ayah and mine! It seems that his skills are getting better, he got the hang on how to bowl well. I came home VERY late, a record breaker.

We attended an ex colleague's brothers wedding at Tampines on Sunday. Brought along Nabil, we met a few of our ex colleagues. Surprise with my presence, they must be wondering where did I come from after 15years they never hear from me.. And suddenly, coming with Yazid and his son! I feel all eyes were watching me feeding the boy, sifat keibuan! hahaha.. I was feeling pretty awkward being watched. Yazid just smile! Happy lah tu..

I was working on Monday, the Ayah was out the whole day to settle the children's school stuff. But he came by to have a surprise lunch with me at Raffles Place.. And the whole 'rakyat jelata' meet him in person that day..

I had to ask him to help me out going around the CD stores to do closing for year end. Its been sooooo long since I last went around doing the collections. At least I know I save on transport spending going from 1 place to another.. At least I get to settle 5 stores in 1 day, unlike other time, I do it for a week..

Today, we are given half day because of tmrw's Christmas holiday. I will have to get use working half day from mid January next year. Yes, my contract will be extended and this time I will be working Morning Half day for Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri And on Wed I will work full day. Getting ready for Motherhood lah haahah.. But for Yazid, he just receive news from work that He might have to come back to shift work. And that bother him a slightly bit. We will probably solve it together insya ALLAH. Like I told him, if its all solution are to the max tak boleh settle jugak issue ni, Kita Kahwin cepat Sudah Lah! Settle semua hahaha... He laugh, pandai aje selit daun eh.

I'm counting days for Hjh Norafida to come home on 1st Jan 2008. And now I'm trying to look back on what have I done for 2008. To me its a wonderful year, Probably its all because of the 8 for Luck! I'm indeed lucky I must say..

I still remember that today's Siti Shyreen Samad's Birthday.. Happy Birthday to you. Then comes Nurhidayati Ali's birthday on 26th December. Nya' Nurul will be due to give birth on C-Sect on 29th December.. Mudah-mudahan semua selamat Insya ALLAH.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All the years of my life.. I only have Andak Rafid's birthday to wish or celebrate for 15th Dec. However this year, for the 1st time.. there are 3 people celebrating the same occassion..

Happy Birthday to..

Andak Rafid's 40++ Birthday..

My dear Friend, Azlin Abbas (Left) 30th Birthday.. Who is now in HKG on Business Trip

And, Yazid's 38th Birthday celebration yesterday..

Nadiah and me had a celebration planned out since few weeks back. I had my working day swapped and Yazid took a day leave for all of us to spend some quality time together..

We started our day since 12noon, I got ready when he called as they were on their way to fetch me at 11am! Unfortunately, there was a masive jam at ECP in which I waited almost an hour before they arrived.. We went for lunch at Sakura - City Hall area, its Nadiah's favourite.. (mine too actually..).

After lunch, since the Ayah promise the boy that we gonna bowl, he kept insisting on it even when we having lunch.. Nabil was so moody since morning according to Nadiah.. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something.. heeheh..

I bought the movie tickets first, we were watching Bolt at Marina Square at 4.45pm.. We have lots of time to bowl since its just next door!

We had dinner at Simpang Bedok, after so much negotiation and merajuk's of Nadiah and the Ayah.. (oopps.. sorry!) It feels like having 4 children to take care off! Aduh! At least everyone end the day happy. Thats most important..

We all had too much enjoyment, end the day at almost 10pm. Everyone was tired, too tired.

We had the most occuppied day spend. Delighted! How I have to work 2 days straight.. Before my next off on Thursday.

Next, we'll have to settle the kids school stuff before the school re-open in less than 2 weeks. Am I like a On-The- Mother- Training or what? haahaha...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

down with flu

I guess the Flu has been waiting to 'attack' me when the whole family was down with it. Even more Yazid was on MC last week due to flu and cough. He end up passing it to Nabil and Nadiah instead..

I lost when the cough hit me badly, especially when I felt the bleed taste when I swallow.. Yucks! I had to visit the doctor. True enough, my throat was badly sore and inflamed. I was on 2nd half day MC yesterday.

At least I had another day to rest today. Feeling much better.. Yazid called me every hour to check if I'm ok. Thank You, you...

I had to cancel the outing with Nadiah and Naqiyah. I should get better for the Monday's outing instead..

Yesterday's Fida's Birthday and also her Wedding Anniversary with Juhari..

Got to Go..

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Home and Away..

The week has been occuppied with entertaining people. Attending to guest at home, busy spending time with family and love ones.

Last Friday, I was out with Yazid to Vivo. We've been going to Vivo this days, ever since Nadiah told him, "Ayah, Vivo is Aunty Noris's fav place tau!" I like when we both just sit down and talk about things, everything after spending time at dinner. It really helps to clear things if there are doubt not clarified. I'm beginning to learn and know Yazid even better now. Things that I never knew that happen in his life. We still talk about how I left without saying a word 15years back and all that...

Last weekend, we had a family makan session at Restu Tampines. Jojo has asked all of us out dinner with Fidz, Mak and Ayah, Raudz and Me. Jojo had asked Yazid and the kids along, however they had prior plan and so they couldnt make it. But we made video calls to each other..

So just last Wednesday, 3rd December 2008, Fidz departed for Haj trip together with the medical team. Doakan dia selamat and sihat menjalan kan tugas nya di sana, Amin.

We all send her to the airport that day. Jojo came slightly later because he had to attend course and sit for an exam the week after. Yazid came to the Terminal to send Fidz off as well. That was Yazid's 1st time meeting Mama, Mak Uda and Mak Adik. Cousin Mala and Azmi was here too, well they are no stranger to him because the 4 of us were working in the same roof more than 10 years back. Thanks for the kind words Mala, Doa for us, Insya ALLAH.

Everyone fall ill after sending Fidz to the airport.. Raudz and Ayah already lose their voices and start coughing. Later that night, Yazid lost his voice and the fever came back, followed by Tok down with Flu and cough. I was feeling uncomfortable already, get myself some Vitamin C and Panadol Flu Max! Sedia kan Payung sebelum hujan hahah... And last night, my cough gets harder. And so as Mak's.. Everyone is not well. I hope Fidz doing good there Insya ALLAH.. And hope Jojo's sihat too.. Kesian dia sorang sorang.

Nabil's down with fever too, yesterday I just heard Nadiah coughing as well.. Semua orang sakit lah.. macam mana nak Raya ni?? heehehe..

Today, we're invited to Safia's Savanah BBQ. I hope the kids are well so they can be there as well.. Insya ALLAH..

My swap off has been approve for 15 Dec, Monday. So as Yazid's AL..The girls has plan lined up. Let them plan it, and the Ayah drive us..

Its Raya on Monday.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha everyone.