Friday, September 30, 2005


I am now going Crazy over Mawi's Aduhai Saleha's song. Raudz on the CD over & Over every morning before she goes to work. The song is Haunting me....

Now Mak is also a Fanatic Fan of Mawi, coz the other day when I was on half day I came home knocking on the door & beri salam takde yg jawap. So I unlock the gate, open the door.. there goes I hear Lagu Mawi, mak shiok listening to it while is doing her chores in the Kitchen.. Aduhai, Mak aku Pun...

The best part was, while I was speaking to this Malay customer over the phone I heard Aduhai Saleha on the other line.. Gosh I tot I'm hearing things, I end up laughing & enjoying the music from the background while explaining on the bill with this makcik.. Aduhai, Makcik Pun....

Today was 1 of my team mates bday. He's a new staff (bujang tua), age late 30's, not married chinese guy. I manage to collect abt $120.00 for his bday gift. Receive a lot of feeback for me to buy him new shirt (coz he never buy them & wore the same thing every day..). So i did some shopping 'for him' bought 3 polo tee from Giodarno & 1 belt. Wanted to buy jeans or pants (I
think that a bit touch.. I never did that for my ex BF or ex Fiancee man...). So I finally bought $50 gift Voucher from Giodarno... So I handed the gift to him, told him its from all of us. He was so touched, he told me "I never celebrate my bday all my life...."
I told him, "so now we celebrate for you lah..."
Aduhai Bujang Tua ni...

There was a plan to go out makan before the fasting month among my team mates (makan lagi eh...) but I decided to cancel it coz ysterday night was the Anugerah Final on Suria Channel. So I left office on the dot at 7pm.. Heading on on the MRT at this hour is terrible, so crowded was squeezed to the door.. Benci seh.

So I was walking towards my block, saw an ambulance heading to Tok Block (which is just next to mine).. My heart beats fast, "oh no not again.." I called home, Fidz answer the phone. Asked her wheres' Mak, She said Mak & Ayah at the Masjid. Told her I saw an ambulance, but at the same time saw someone at Tok place
looking out of the window. Fidz say, "tu nenek lah jengok kat luar tu..."
So bukan Tok lah... "Tok ikut Mak & Ayah gi Masjid today naik Cab lah..." Ohhh... phew.
Ever since Tok has been in & out of hospital, we are all concern abt him. There are people who are even overly concern till they restrict his movement & food intake to the extreme. Like what Raudz says, Tok has his daily routine schedule as such that he will be at the Masjid at 5am, later to the Market by 9am & normal days he will attend any kenduri if people ask him to 'baca doa selamat', or weekend will be 'wakil' for orang nikah.. Thats his routine for over 80+years of his life.. But now, he is being given resitriction on his movement of course he will be feeling stress... You also restrict him from eating this & that, so what nutrients will he get by telling him not even to eat bread & butter (cholestrol). Give some space for this old man, he is already 87yrs old. Let him enjoy his life lah. Fidz is more concern that he might be in depression mode due to all this restriction. He has started complaining to Mak Long the day before, "Bapak ni stress tahu tak??" There you go.. He started expressing it already.. Aduhai Tok..

Last night was the Anugerah @ Suria Channel, honestly speaking I really like when all the Boys get into the Finals.. heeheheh.. biase eh!!! Whatever it is lah.. was expecting Azmir to win. Why? I dont know lah, ok beside the looks.. (anak abu pun jadi aku ni..), but he has good voice. Looking at him reminds me of Fuad Rahman. Well indeed they sang togather in the finals last
night... Well the Winner is Khairul Anuar at the last min the votes went up when Edry (KRU) the judges for the night request the viewers to vote for him coz he has the lowest. My Gosh, I know that Azmir has confidence on winner but he must have been dissappointed with the Votes raises up at the very last minutes.. Azmir got the 2nd placing... Aduhai Sy Azmir..

I was online last night, too shy but still I just send a "hello" msg over the messenger.. but no reply. hhhmmm... its ok. will try again nxt time.. heeheheh...

Ok, cant wait for my long weekend... Its so shiok.. off till Monday, fuyooooo.. best nya. Will be meeting my GeBang Gangs over the weekend again.

See U Soon CK & Naz.

TruLy NoReeZ

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Good Food, Oyster & Nonsense Chats...

I was on half day leave today, reason being I had to attend a dinner (reunion). Those friends of mine was my collegues during my airport day & at which I was only 21 yrs old back then. Actually I was just a temp staff covering Kak Zul who was on maternity leave for her 2nd child.

I took the chance to have a good rest, but actually heeheheh.. I was catching up on EMAIL since I've not been checking my emails since.. you know lah hah...

So I chat with Nya's at the same time I saw Nora was online. I didnt retrieve my yahoo messenger for donkey months not until today. Nora is a silent reader of my Blog, she email to her some months back. So we started to balas email to each other. Not much, cuma a few but she was telling me that she got a job offer here in Spore. So Nora if you're reading my blog.. Hello there to youuuuu....

Anyway, I was juggling between my my chat with Nya' & my chat with Nora & at the same time I was replying an email to Khairul... So chat for almost an hour plus, end up my email shut down & the whole page of my reply email close entry.. errr.. I've type like an essay now I've got to retype. So ok, while chatting I just got to know that Nya' & Nora are working for the same company HP but different dept/office location.. Lah!!! So Nora's last day is tmrw (if I'm correct) so she's coming to work in spore starting 10 Oct.. So I hope to meet Nora soon Insya ALLAH...

Ok.. so I meet my friend at the Airport at 5,30pm, met Kak Sue & Mazlan. But before that I just ordered a drink & sit down at StarBucks. Unfortunately I saw another ex collegue Z, anyway was trying to avoid him, gosh he came right to my table. Even when my friends came he still not moving. Was waiting when is this guy moving.. anyway the reason for avoiding was before back 7-8 years back, we were close. Then 1 day his wife found my handphone number on his pager or something to that effect lah I forgot. So his wife call me, I said I'm just an office mate so dont think I was going after your husband... tolong sikit lah.. so since then I serik...

I arrive DownTown East at 6.30pm, anyway the reservation was made by me for 25 person @ Sakura Internation Restraunt. Some of them came early, while others, we had to wait till almost 8pm. But the bottom line is it was a Blast of a good time... Gosh I didnt see them all for almost 10 years what do you expect... They dont believe me when I told them I'm still single.. heheheh.. cant blame them coz their kid are now teenagers alright...

Its been years since I see Khalid, Ronald, Sebastian Wong, Ho Choo Meng, Quek, Edward Yeo, Paul, Hendry, Goh Tin Seh, Lee Koon Eng, Vias.. Gosh it was so kecoh. I've still in touch with Mazlan & Wahid, Kak Zul & Kak Sue via SMS or email... I rememeber those days that we were so laid back at work coz when there no flight they can just relax at office. My job was simple, need to do some calculation of the working hours of the Engineer & Technical teams. Mazlan help me a lot.. I will always rememeber that. We use to drive to Tekka for Lunch during non busy flight days. Nobody bother us, no bosses to keep track on you. Even the Senior Sup are gang with us.. hahahaah.. I remember another guy friend there, Razlan, he was the only young single guy back then (beside Mazlan lah but he's slighly senior.. haahah..) So they always teases me with him. Actually we never did went out togather anyway, we just had out personal talks at office.. bukan bercinta kat opis eh.. Well Razlan is married now, he is in Australia. He even send me letters when he got married.. Hope he is doing good there. So many good memories to reflect on. Unfortunately the dept has to retrenched the staff 10 years back. But I had ended my temp job there I was posted to another dept in the Cargo Section by then...

I left at almost 9.30 pm or so with Kak Zul & Kak Sue... I know they wish they can stay longer but they cant coz the commitment at home of course.. We took a cab togather & I reach home at abt 10pm or so.. Was told by Mazlan that they only left just before the restraunt tutup kedai.. dahsyat seh...

I'm so full, worried cant go to sleep.. Perhaps I need a cup of milk to make me sleep better...

Back to work again tmrw..

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, September 26, 2005

Remember, Romance is my Fav Perfume... Wangi nya...

Its a Monday, so I shall just put on a positiving thoughts, stay positive & dress positively. Anyway I hve a date today, so I decided to dress nicely...

I tot the email issue is over & I gave myself a break, clear my thoughts.. Kept telling myself "Today is a brand new day".. speak too soon. I just send an email in between calls when one of the new "angkat" Executive (who dont deserve to be one...) passesby me. I just continue my last few words on my email & press send. Ms A (the same Ms A who tells me she will be promoted soon..) told me,"eh kau saja aje email bila Exec No5 jalan kat belakang...."

So what, I just send an email not that I put cust on hold & merrily send drafting an email to a personal friend. Cant you just leave me alone, I've got a life here not just work like a dog & pretend to be good at work.. Come on man!! She is so trying to "angkat" cant stand her, best part of all, she was looking at my screen & checking me out send my email. Gosh, I was really so mad, kesabaran ku di uji... Sabor Aje Lah... She is really trying hard to me the nxt Team Leader.. tolong sikit lah eh.. ish.. feedup betul lah.

Alamak, I just receive an sms from Mr K.. cant stand this guy. Now he is asking me question like "boleh tak I tanya you something you jawap sejujurnya?" apa ke hal pulak ni. The last time I reply to his sms he kept asking me out saying things lilke,"Bila I nak tengok wajah you..." ya ampun sungguh lah kental. Now he is asking me question like I ni sapa, girlfriend you ke?? Berkenalan pun setakan 2-3 sms, call also once & that call was initiated by me. Dah lah you call me Minah kampung coz I say I'm not comfortable going out with him yet..

Now abt my date today with Mr R II. First of all, I was so bloody early. The place of meeting is just 9 mins away on a taxi ride. I decided to just sit down at the Cafe arranged & enjoy the air-con instead. I tot maybe he shld he slightly early or something.. But I was so bored of waiting no doubt I was 20mins early from the actual appointment time, but he was no where to be notice even 2 mins before 8pm.. I sms Nya' saying that I hope its a boring date & I can leave early & balik... So abt 4mins after 8pm he came. Alamak he looks like someone from my past lah.. ish boring ni, lemau betul. So as usual I started the conversation, started talking abt thing, here & there, abt work, places of makan & someone familiar.. (he knows my neighbour)... Anyway my date with Mr R II is just like Mr R I. The cant talk much, they just look at me (into my eyes.. eeee....) The both thing as if I "mcm bagus sangat..." I just mention abt this & that makan place is Spore, he quote me as someone who know place so well & I must hve been to this & that place & my knowledge of this & that are good.. So I got to tell him that coz I have a couple of overseas friends, so I got to bring them around Spore & bla bla bla... He mention something like he dont actually fancy ladies who talk so much.. Eh that me right!!! So selamat I'm so call out from his category kot.. heeheheh... We decided to call it a day (tu pun I yg look at my watch... giving signal), we stood up & proceed to the cashier. He wants to pay for it, I actually want to go on Dutch. "Oh My god!!" I exclaimed.. Mak kau, ada something tak kena... (Gosh he got BO!!!)...
I thank him for the drink, so we go on seperate ways I took the cab home.

What a Night...

Despite have Bad Monday, I hve something more happening than Anything.... I got email reply from Khairul Mencari Cinta.. wwaaaaakkaaakakakakak.... Thats really happening man. That really made my Day. Can wait to reply him back, sooonn.. He is gonna be at Malaysia Hari Ini Tmrw morning or something. They are interviewing him.

Anyway tmrw on mid shift, I hve to go home on the dot at 9pm tmrw to catch Mencari Cinta Finals. Guess I got to call a cab back home I think...

PS : Kalau nak pegi Date, jgn lupa pakai deodorant or spray perfume lebih sikit. You might never know you might make your date pengsan or feeling nak vomit ok.. haaahahah...

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Its weekend again..

I'm on noon shift today, so I tot I shld get up later. Unfortunately I was woken by the loud TV in the hall. Heard Ayah & Fidz mention abt the hurricane in Texas (evening in USA.. now I'm good with the time different in US ok). Hope there will not be any banyak kemalangan jiwa.

One thing that I dislike abt working in the afternoon over the weekend is that the MRT will be crowded with people going shopping in Orchard. On other days its just so empty, but not on Sat & Sun at the CT Hall MRT... What can I say, just cant wait for Sunday off man..

Today is the result for Msian Idols finals, in fact ystdy was Finals & tonight will be the results. I miss last night show coz I tot it only on 8TV but not TV3. I only got to know when Nya' sms me last night but it was too late already. CK told also almost 2300H.. Rose lagi best, she only inform me this morning... heeheheh... But yet, I didnt get to watch it tonight since I'm on noon shift.. Hope its NOT DANIEL who won, hhhmm.. tak boleh angkat. However base on Rose comment chances of him winning is there kot coz his fan base is large. But its still ok for Nita to be on the 2nd placing & Farah being the 3rd...

So M'sian Idol finishing, so as Mencari Cinta.. The question is either Danial or Dzul.. Agaknya DANIAL tak? Since this years big name in M'sia is DANIAL/DANIEL.. haahahah...
Whatever it is, all the best to them lah..

I'm not going to go out tmrw to anywhere. I'll be staying at home whole day, I nid to kemas my bilik & my things & at the same time if the weather is good will do some washing if possible. But 1st of all I got to catch up on some sleep.. heeheheh.. & then catch up on TV also. Gosh I cant wait for that..

I was infrm ystdy that 'some one' feedback that I email from office frequently. The hint was I was doing multi tasking while at work. Well if I meet target, hit my stats & still answer & meet the BCE why question on my frequent outbound email?? I think for this year the test I've encounter is just testing my patience here... Am I really a bad worker or they are just trying to find my fault?? Sudah lah they are not looking into any promotion or any new task given to me, ni nak cari silap I pulak... Looks like I need to get a PDA phone for myself then, so I can surft while during lunch or send email where & whenever I want.. Got to save up then.

Naz called & sms me.. I didnt manage to answer coz I was at work. She later told me that she receive reply from 2 'important people'.. heehehehe.. Glad that They are keeping in touch despite changing of the mobile number & their busy schedule.

I was telling my friend at work, that I'm interested in the marketing of "my fav coffee" from Plentong. Even after sending them email & call to the marketing dept I still didnt get any call back & reply from them.. Mandy my friend from JB working in Spore claim that she has friend from this transport/delivery company of her own. They do delivery to spore too. So Mandy will ask her friend if she has any contact with "my fav coffee" company tu.. Hope I get some reply soon, insya ALLAH.

Ok I got a Date on Monday.. heeheheh.. Unfortunately got to cancel a coffee appointment with Mr R on Monday... too bad lah tak ada rezeki kan. So Monday my date with another Mr R, at 8pm. Tuesdays I'll be on mid shift. Wed 28th I'll be on half day Leave, will be attending a 10 years "Reunion" dinner with my ex colleagues from my airport days CIAS Line Maintenance..
Looking forward for next week then.. Then will be going to the Zoo over the weekend & Concert Warna/Ria on Sunday pulak...

@ 24/09/2005 22:30pm -- Latest Update on M'sian Idols...
Winner is Daniel, As per Ucin mention in MCKK8286 forum, Roslan Aziz said, "1.2million people cant be wrong..." I said, "1.2million Votes/people are DEAF agaknya..."
ish boring amat..

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Usual Ladies Day Out...

Ok I didnt blog soon abt last weekend outing coz I'm waiting to blog with today's meeting as well....

I had an awesome Sunday Afternoon with CK, FK & Yasmin with RauDz pun over Delifrance @ Tiong Bahru Plaza. I havent meet them eversince I came back from KL. So Rose, KC & Nya' I've finally pass the barang2 to CK dgn selamat nya... I came with 3 paper bags, already alerted CK that she has to be prepared with the bags to bring back home.. heehehehe...

My Lunch.. Pizza!! Believe it or not, I eat 3/4 of the portion.. padan lah terasa dah put on weight. heehehe... nonsense eh.

The desert menu not to be miss... yummy!!!

Its been some time since I've been to Tiong Bahru Plaza, so much changes. Anyway we had so much to eat & sinful food at Delifrance...

Well I had a good weekend after coming back to work & it was so STRESSFUL.. A hectic week at work, never ending. Maybe this job has been with me for too long...

This Morning Nya's sis, Kak Hanim came over to collect the barang Nya' kirim from KL. So I finally got to pass all the barang's that I brought back from KL more than 1 wk ago.. Tak shiok lah to feel that the barang that people pesan is still with me. Its just a matter of being responsible & amanah orang mengirim...

So This afternoon on my off day, CK, Naz & RauDz, we met up for a drink (or rather lunch for me actually..) at Sweet Secret, sorry ladies I told them the wrong Restraunt. Its suppose to be Secret Resipe lah.. chendol lah aku ni salah tempat. Fail jadi organiser bagi wrong info.. Dah lah CK dok cari the place all over for Sweet Secret.. I'm so sorry...

Rafthah came to join us finally after 3 attempt on our previous outing she couldnt make it.. Its nice to meet you Rafthah..

Anyway its always the children that makes my day... CK sms saying that she has arrive at PS much earlier coz Yasmin want to eat lunch at Pizza Hut. Since I remember CK & Naz mention that they're not familiar with Dhoby Ghaubt NEL Station I offer to meet Naz & Aishah at the NEL station instead. There's a underpass that you can get thru to Plaza Spura. CK came later on with Yasmin... The guy or manager whatever from Secret Recipe kept saying, "the two kids looks so cute hah...." Anyway, RauDz arrive later after that..

We had a good chat, talk & discussion over Ice Mocha & Ice Cream (I finish up Aishah's.. sedap tau.. sorry Aishah, Aunty Noreez tolong abis kan.. heehehe..). Wow that was really something lah our topic today. So much to talk abt & everyone wants to share so much...

Back to work tmrw then..

Nya' & me had some discussion over the phone just earlier... Hhmmm... unhappy or uncomfortable eh? Actually its not unhappy lah, its just tak shiok aje lah sebenarnya kan Nya'??

I had to call Rose also coz there are things that I've to tired to sms so I rather talk instead..heehehe..

TruLy NoreeZ

Mencari Cinta ~ Chat with KH (on Forum)

Here's my email with Khairul of Mencari Cinta...
I knew he's gonna be online on the Forum so I took the chance to have a chat with him...

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 11:07 pm
Hi Khairul, I'm Noreez from Spore, tak pernah miss menonton MC... Slighly disspointed with your elimination, tapi I believe that things happen for the reason kan. Insya ALLAH... I think you've did your best, you've gone this far in MC. Bukan bermakna you're eliminated means kalah... All the best to you... Insya ALLAH there will be something in store for you... Cheers

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 11:30 pm
Noreez, Thank you so much for your support and very uplifting comments. It's ok, life kena go on kan? Apa yang I belajar from this show is that kita kena tabah menghadapi apa jua cabaran yang datang and especially when tengah berdiri and tunggu nama yang diumumkan tu. Masa itulah kita kena tabahkan diri. I have learnt that tiap2 minggu. Tiap2 minggu time beratur tu... wow.. it's like every moment is like a day (thank you to Michael Bublè for that - taken from Quando, quando, quando). Bila kena eliminate tu, kita kena tengok from mata Elly and not from mata sendiri. Only then baru faham why she did what she did. Itulah cara yang terbaik untuk memahami apa yang dia lalui and apa yang membuatkan dia eliminate seseorang. Kalah menang itu lumrah hidup. For there to be a winner, there must be a loser. Tiap2 seorang ada pasangannya...antara lambat dan awal sahaja. This time was not my time. Akur sajalah. Kita diajar tentang Qada dan Qadar kan? Noreez, keep watching the show and thank you for your support for myself and also the show.

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 11:38 pm
Khairul wrote:
Noreez, Tiap2 seorang ada pasangannya...antara lambat dan awal sahaja. This time was not my time. Akur sajalah. Kita diajar tentang Qada dan Qadar kan? Noreez, keep watching the show and thank you for your support for myself and also the show.Hi Khairul.. what a prompt reply.. I like this part of your quote of Setiap orang ada pasangannya... I believe in that too. You seems to be 'prepared' in the elimination i feel... is it so?? Anyway I've always like you're mature & positive thinking even from the start of the show (Alamak sorry Encik Producer cakap omputeh lah..)

Well Life goes on

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2005 12:02 am
The Producer
Hello Noreez of kind of you to take a break from your hectic life to share your views with us...You're right about the part that Khairul had a six sense that he would be eliminated that day, because he came prepared with that 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' song. It was his stereo, cd, remote control and all. Had nothing to do with us. He merely asked for permission should he be eliminated he would want to play that song...And I agreed. (Lepas ni saya tak nak tulis omputeh jangan di provokasikan diri saya ini. Saya tak nak jadi macam Khairul yg tak berapa fasih bahasa Melayu...tapi Khairul tu kalau dia cakap Kedah memang macam ayaq la laju bm dia tu.)

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2005 12:30 am
Noreez, Tiap2 seorang ada pasangannya...antara lambat dan awal sahaja. This time was not my time. Akur sajalah. Kita diajar tentang Qada dan Qadar kan? Noreez, keep watching the show and thank you for your support for myself and also the show.Hi Khairul.. what a prompt reply.. I like this part of your quote of Setiap orang ada pasangannya... I believe in that too. You seems to be 'prepared' in the elimination i feel... is it so?? Anyway I've always like you're mature & positive thinking even from the start of the show (Alamak sorry Encik Producer cakap omputeh lah..) Well Life goes on...Noreez, time kasih for your comment. Memang I was prepared for my elimination tapi self-prepared. Orang lain tak tau or why I buat preparation tu. Let's just say that my firasat mengatakan yang I will be out masa elimination tu. I dah terasa 2 hari sbelum tu. Itu yang boleh buat preparation tu. Yang boleh ketara tu is because I tak rasa like that sebelum ni, so bila rasa tu..maknanya ada yang tak kena. I made that preparation sebagai farewell untuk elly. Betul la.. memang dah disediakan pasangan untuk setiap insan di dunia ni, cuma kita kena ada juga berikhtiar dan banyak bersabar. The time will come when you meet that special someone. macam Freddie Mercury katalah"Someone For Everyone".

As per my sms to CK last night, she said, "ko tackle je la Khariul tu heeh...."

Will blog more sooooonnnnn...

To be Continue..

Truly Noreez

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dugaan Ku...

I'm glad that there are thing I've accomplished to 'solve' a mission & some how or rather cleared the air too.. phew!! Not much but not to bad I guess.

I'm back to work on Morning shift after I was on Noon shift till 2300H last night. Still tired, sleep, Thanks to Pearl PoweRoot to keep me moving.. hhhhmmmm.

My mind is still 'bersekerabai' with the thought of what was being discuss at home early in this morning. I was shocked, surprise & unhappy to the extreme with what has happen coz its affecting me deeply...

Had a talk with Mak ystdy afternoon, was having breakfast & just before going on my noon shift...
She said, "Hai rupanya mcm gini suratan kita ya Intan.."
I said, "Ya lah mak apa nak di kata, kita terima aje..."
Well, I'm sure Mak is obviously feeling disturbed with whats happening, but what can we do abt it. I'm pretty sure that people will not be able to understand the predicament that my family & myself has & is going thru now as well. The bits & pieces of life, the part & parcel of it is just making me stronger & to me is a challenge...

I'm grateful with how my parents brought us up. I'm glad that there are things that we've being restrict from doing & I really benefited from it. Eventhough sometime (most of the times lah actually) during my teenage days, the feeling of curiosity & the rules given has always been broken. I remember when I'm always back late, Mak will 'jenggok' at the window to catch the glimpse of me if I'm on my way back. During those days there is no mobile phone to call back home to. So Mak just hve to wait for me to call home instead, tapi biasa lah.. you think you gonna call home & say ya I'm late Mak. Mesti lah takut kena ngomel kan.

When pagers was invented, they are just for show-off I guess heeheheh. Page aje lah beribu kali, letak on silence mode aje, haram tak call back home. Kesian Mak will get worried & get glued to the window again. 'Sorry Mak, I know I've created enuf trouble for you when I'm back home late during those days....' If I'm back home late pun bukan ke mana pun, its either I'm out lepak at Starbucks with friends or go jalan at shopping malls...

All this years from school days till the 3 of us started working, we've always have Ayah to bring us around. Infact Mak usse to be so dependent with Ayah to go places. Ayah will never fail to send us to school on his besi buruk motorbike.. The old bike has done so much 'bakti' to us. Ayah send us to School from my school years to Fidz & to Raudz.. Even during my SH night shift days, Ayah will come & fetch me at 2300H or 1am shift. He also fetch Fidz during her evening shift. Its not that Ayah is protective over us, he is just concern & to him we are still his responsibilities when we are still under the same roof.

Despite Mak's nagging over us, to me its still something that I feel its worth the leteran. Coz from there we learn & we follow her style. When she put the clothes to dry, she will make sure that the rows of sepit will all be of the same color. Then the jemuran has to be in order & proper, jgn ada yg tak kena, silap hari bulan dia buka balik & put it back accordingly.

As far as I can remember the 3 of us are not the type who's the kaki merayap coz during those days we hve curve few & rules are not ment to be broken... strictly. But I dont rememeber being beaten by Mak or Ayah.

My mom & me are open about things. So as my sisters & me. If I feel I hve something disturbing, I will share it with Mak. Or maybe I will speak to my sisters for discussions. No secrets between us. I sure know my sisters well, If were to asked I think I'm more daring compared to my 2 sisters & I'm sure there have not done things that I've did before..

So when things comes to my ear saying things abt my sisters I'll will definately 'melenting'... As much as possible I will never want my sisters to go thru what I've been thru. What has happen to me is enuf to put us thru the test... Memang tak boleh terima & tak masuk akal fikiran yg waras ni..

Whatever it is Air di cincang tak akan Putus....

Mr R called me last Wed, I'm not surprise. I called him back, we had a chat on my way back home from my evening shift. According to him, he has gone thru 4 dates unfortunately he feels that the rest of the ladies refuse to respond to his calls. So you see, he will kept calling me after not getting the reply from the other ladies he dated... I was pretty blunt, I told him that he probably need to do some 'more' talking with the rest of the dates.. I told him, "so what about coffee next week?" He said, Ok then... "You tengok, tak kan I jugak yg ajak you gi coffee? You didnt even voice it out 1st?" He just laugh...

Ok I'm off tomorrow... Will be meeting CK insya ALLAH petang esok. Will hve to watch M'sian Idol 1st in the morning. In the bottom 3 left with Farah, Nita & Daniel... I comment on MCKK Forum to Athen that I was disspointed with Farah's dressing last week. He mention that it was given to her by the wardrobe people.. Ish sorry Farah, Athen I didnt know that. But how insensitive the wardrobe people is towards Farah's feeling for making her to dress up like that... All the Best to Farah Insya ALLAH..

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Going on Break for Too Long is NOT GOOD FOR ME...

My days were teribble aft I came back from KL, I tot by taking a weeks break it will be better than before.
Unfortunately not.. sabar aje ler..
I was still having fun over the BBQ thingy so I dont want to spoilt the blog with my bad days at work or so.. So I decided to just keep myself cool for a while before I start blogging my frustration.
I started working on Tues, I had postitive thinking until I kena rabak with 1 of the customer. I've explain to him like 3 times on how the computation of his bills comes up with, but he seems to be so benggap kot. So he end up so unhappy with my explaination & wanted to complaint against me. Was it just me or Something not right abt my aura ke apa eh.. Or is it becoz I've lost touch of my job already??? Or I've in this line for too long & Its just getting out of hand???
Anyway, I dont care already. I just hve to stay positive abt things. But Thanks to JS my TL he called back customer & apologies to him just to save my butt from getting another complain case.. I think Its just me lah.. errrr.. I'm mad with myself.
I receive an email from my 'buddy' I'm pissed with him. I dont wish to elaborate further. Anyway I'm touched by his email to apologies the nxt day. I almost cried.. For a while I thought, What happening to my 'feeling'.. errr... tak nak feeling2 ah, if there a choice I rather have him as a 'buddy' then any thing more than that. But I still feel bad due to things that I've done to him.. I replied to him saying that as much as Its difficult for me to admit my mistakes something, I know its hard for you too.. But I tabik you for your email to us.
This is what he wrote...
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 10:42 AM
To: Norismilda Bte Ismail (E-mail)
Subject: Apologies
I would like to extend my deepest apologies to both of you with all the confusion and stressed events related to my comments which should have remained private.
I am sorry that you guys got dragged into something unwanted as this.
Noris, thanks for 'defending' me in the eye of your crew over there.
Please dont be stressed and pissed abt this. You should be spending yr mind and time on other more worthwhile things out there.
Sorry for all the trouble.

There are too many things that is bothering me.. Things thats unexpected. Things that are serious but it has to be kept a secret, which I simply do not understand why shld that be coz its something serious... So I just hve to let it be until its really confirm what happening. So whatever it is I'm here to give support, even until its a matter of $$ insya ALLAH I will do my best...
I just gonna hang on with things.. I just hve to stay positive abt things.
PS : This morning my mom told me, 'ada orng bertanya kau lah...'
alah lemau lah soalan2 mcm ni.

TruLy NoReeZ

Monday, September 12, 2005

Gallivanting vs BBQ

I'm back in Spore safely.. Alhamdulliah. Sorry that I didnt get to blog earlier. OH Man, It seem that I've a long story to tell...

Thurs 8 Sept 2005 @ 1330pm

My coach leaving at 2.30pm, I purposely took that time slot so that I can be in time to meet Nyah after work... After solat Zohor, my phone rang. I was so surprise to see who the caller is. Its Mak Aji, my ex's Mom. She was asking if I'm merajuk & didnt call her anymore. Told her its not that I am.. I just simply trying to avoid lah senang cakap. I dont want to go on thinking abt it again... So I told her I'm leaving to KL for vacation.. Then she mention tht Wak & Wifey back in Spore for good.. Good for him aje lah.
So I took a cab to Waterfront Hotel @ Havelock Rd. Board the coach.. I tot I can get some sleep or something.. but I didnt sleep at all. Along the way Nyah called, before that called CK 1st.. Anyway 'santa claus coming' & Alhamdulliah the imigration didnt hve to much 'spelling' only yes they asked weird question like, "apa kat dlm kotak hadiah ni?" & "sapa punya ni??" apa merepek seh.. If I told her its Minah's would she know who Minah is then?? Doesnt matter lah..

When I arrive Toll Sungei Besi I gave Nyah a rang, its almost 7.30pm already. Told her the jam is bad.. so she shld just take her time. Too late she's already there at Corus Hotel waiting for me... Prior to Nyah's meeting, I receive a call from Cherry. She & Grace is in KL as well. So my colleagues, Nyah & myself had dinner at KLCC instead... Later that night we didnt spend to much time with Cher & Grace coz Rose has made arrngmnt to meet us at Nyah's place..

We arrive Nyah's place at Gombak, Rose is already arrive. Kesian dia tunggu jap... So that was my 1st time meeting Rose.. Gosh, we like know each other for so long already.. heeheheh.. She started our 'prize giving ceremony' early.. Since dah tak sabar lagi. But I got to tell Rose that I've got to give her's tmrw coz I got to bongkar my bag..

I receive a lot of sms & calls from friends in KL, especially the MCKK-ian.. Thanks guys. I didnt got time to reply all, but some I just call aje coz letih to reply all the sms-es... We got things to do tmrw. I've got to catch us with Nyah too.. Glad that I've arrive safely..

This boy Aqim wouldnt wanna miss some good shots of him.. ("Ngok, ngok...." ~ nak tengok gambo dia ler..~)

Friday 9th Sept 2005 @ 1100am

Ok, we are to meet a few people today. We're planning to hve lunch with Rose, Ieda & some other lah.. But Rose has decided to tell them to come to KLCC at the meeting place. So whoever calls we just gonna say, we're at KLCC. So Nyah & Myself arrive at around 12.30pm, called Rose, we hve made up our mind to eat at Mdm Kwan aje lah.. We expect to have a lot of crowd there since its lunch time.

Rose arrive with shopping bags after shopping bags.. Dah tahu dah mesti 'prize giving ceremony' lagi si Rose ni, tak abis lagi. Rose mention Leen Ash Burn could make it for lunch with us. Its ok lah I tot, jgn kata Rose, I also came with bag & bag of goddies from CK & myself...

Ieda came to lunch with us. Actually Nyah & myself dah tak sabar so we ordered our food 1st. Later Rose ordered her's. Kichi dropby for a while before Solat Jumaat.. so nice of him to just singgah aje.. Kichi left, Ieda came.. So glad glad glad that we all manage to click, coz that is most important lah kan... Ieda had to go back to work (oh she didnt forget the cookies from Rose & the choco from CK...) Nyah, Rose & Myself still stay on at Mdm Kwan till.. till what time eh?? lama jugak lah, bercerita & bercerita tak habis2 lagi..

We later left the place.. Oh ya I got to tell you guys that Nyah has suggested that she gonna held my wedding (tapi tak tahu bila lah..) at Mdm Kwan, its gonna be a private function. Anyway Mdm Kwan's boss is Nyah's cousin's friend.. eee.. panjang nya.. Oh ya another thing, I saw Suzana Abu the Spore model at mdm Kwan with husband & baby boy (?? bila dia kahwin eh??) We were going down the escalator to the shopping mall, guess who we saw??? SITI NURHALIZAH you.. kita nampak Cik CT. tapi sori tak sempat nak tangkap gambo dia.. coz she was so rushing & everyone was aftering her.. kesian coz setiap langkah was stopped by the crowd.. So kita tengok from kejauhan aje ler.. Oh ya I saw Zed Zaidi also lah kat KLCC tu.. ramai pulak artist yg kita jumpa..

Norlin @ Nona Manis wanted to pass somethings for CK, unfortunately she cant meet us up. So Anis met up with us instead. We took an LRT to Bangsar & later she came to fetch us. We had coffee at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Later on Leen Ash Burn & Elaine Ezarin came by also. We had our chats.. Man, we seems to ngam also lah.. Satu kepala.. waaaakakakakkaaa... (photos of them will be out sooonn...)

So I bought a camera at Bangsar. An inexpensive but ok lah kita. its all becoz of tmrw BBQ coz Kichi will not be there... heeheheh..

Nyah & Me left late also consider, we hve more things to do tmrw.. Coz its the BBQ on Sat @ Gombak with MCKK-ian.

Saturday 10 Sept 2005 @ 11am

We have lots of marketing to do today. Nyah has already prepared the list of things to buy. Good that we get to buy the marinated chicken & the otak all at Giant Supermrkt. I told Nyah I dont want her to tired herself, with her condition 5mths plus.. nanti sakit lagi tak pasal2. Alhamdulliah then we hve it all at Giant Supermrkt. Intially I told her Mee pun I dont want her to cook, we just order it then. She said its just gonna be a simple dish, so ok then. We prepared sandwiches ourselves too.

So after the marketing, we terus roll our selves & get to work no delay. But we hve a 'helper' Aqim. He seems to be so excited with what we were all doing, he want to be included in the rewang kot..

We manage to get all things ready by 5pm. Not too bad lah tu Nyah, her maid & Me.. Wah not bad jugak. Her maid 'siang' all the udang & sotong, we marinate & wrap them. by 4pm, the tuna & egg sandwiches are ready. The mee also done by 4.30pm. by 5pm, we all dah siap mandi & made up. before 5.30pm we are already down to the BBQ pit & lay our stuff... Luckily Mansor @ Dee (Nyah's hubby) took a day off for the BBQ.

He is the most hardworking people.. heeheh.. actually its more to he is the only man available to help our with thing lah..

The 1st guest to arrive is Camus & Cec at 6pm... So nice to meet them, Cec is my 1st blog friend & this is the 1st time I'm met her.. Despite just arriving from her course, she came to the BBQ too... kesian must be tired kan. We are expecting more guest to arrive.

The food... Satay Kajang, sedap tau!

From right, Feisa, Reza (Fei Bro) & Reza's Wife Azlina. So Glad that they came, they are Nyah & My personal friends.. The last time I meet Feisal was last Raya in Spore. Man, forget to compliment Feisal that day, he look good that night.. Sejak bila pulak mamat ni hansem eh??

Cikun, Wife & Baby Hanif came too.. Cute lah baby hanif, tapi he cranky a bit.. (sorry pic is blur a bit)

Monkymoqq came later on with Partner Mila.. Everybody seems to come walk in the BBQ area & start intro with the chat room name. I shld hve made a nametag for everyone heehehe...

I told Camus, we shld hve as TukangTaip along coz Nyah & myself has been a fan of his blog. So I just voice it our Camus actually really called him. Glad (my overuse word for today) that he decided to came along, Alhamdulliah.. He arrive at almost 10pm, but really glad that he make it. ~Thanks for coming Hazman @ TukangTaip~

We close shop by 11pm, the last Guest was Agnes & Husband Nyah's neighbour. We managet to clean the whole table of food... & those who manage to 'tapau' we are happy abt it.. heeheheh..

My legs starts to ache, but dont care lah coz I was having fun entertaining. I didnt eat much, if you all must asked, YES I regret didnt eat. Coz Hazman @ TT was saying the BBQ Chicken is sedap, the sotong is also good Cec said. The Tuna sandwich with onion, Reza said YES to it.. I was just not hungry at all coz I was happy to see people eat instead. Too bad Rose couldn't make it. Mat Daque called Camus & we talk for awhile, he said sorry for not being able to come..

Ayah called, mention tht Tok wasnt feeling well. So Mak had to sleep over at Tok&Nenek's place tonight. Fidz has sms me earlier in the day to infrom that Tok tak nak go hospital. Hope he is doing fine..

Nyah & myself didnt sleep yet right after we balik, we stayed till 2am. Nyah was still laughing at me over something.. haahahah.. *tipah tertipu bang..* I had to rub my legs with minyak angin coz it hurts. I guess it could be due to standing the whole evening...

to be continue...

Sunday 11Sept 2005 @ 1300pm

I just realise the date, when we on the TV they were showing the shot of The Twin Tower.. Its been years, felt it was just last year the thing happen.

Gosh my legs still hurts. I know Nyah is exhausted, so am I man. Dee has to leave early for work. But I know he was glad that they 'party' when well. He did mention that with the smile, "Tak sangka BBQ kita best & goes well also eh..." Lucky for Dee, Nyah & myself, we all are the gang selamba. So we can just mingle & start conversation with new people...

I have to get things for myself & my family. We left to Masjid India after zohor. Did a bit of shopping for myself & the rest. We had lunch at Semua House food court, after developing the photos at Kodak. We left masjid india by 3.30pm. We are still feeling exhausted. Tak larat lagi nak berjalan.. I shld hve some rest. I just had to sms NorLin & Mint telling them sooo sorry I couldnt make my way to Shah Alam or Mega Mall or mana2 lah.. dah penat sangat. Ada rasa tak sedap badan pun..

We spend the night at home instead. didnt go anywhere expect for just jalan at Selayang area, I had to buy MaWi CD lah. I couldnt get 3R CD as per RauDz pesanan... Feisal sms me asking if my 'nightmare's over'.. I just had to call him instead. Malas nak balas sms lah, lenguh jari2 ni.. Anyway I told Feisal, NO... its not over still. Nyah just had to laugh at me again. We end up watching AF3 CD 6 & Final Concert tht night till 2am.

Monday 12th Sept 2005 @ 7.45am

Ok I'm going home today. My coach is at 10am, left at 7.45am by cab. Nyah came with me to Corus Hotel before leaving for work. She has called Johan earlier to infrm him that she is coming in slightly late, nasib lah si minah jawa tu tak kejo Nyah...

I was telling Nyah, I cant wait to update my blog, I cant wait to chk out TT blog & I heard CK has posted something in her blog as well. I want to come back to Forum MCKK to chk out the photos Camus posted as well... Feel like going into the Corus Hotel Business Centre just to log in or something.. ah tak nak ah..

Chk out my luggages, arent they huge..

Nyah left earlier at 9.15am. I waited at the lobby for my coach. By 9.40am, I was already on the coach. Resting & just manage to get a short nab..

Meanwhile receive sms from Ayah & Nyah also..

I arrive Spore at 3pm. Reach home abt 30mins after thats... Alhamdulliah dah selamat sampai..

Tomorrow is another day, back to WORK..

Truly NoReeZ

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

KUL... Here I come Again..

I didnt get to blog.. time constraint & busy giler. Besides that, I was also working noon shift...

I'm going to Leave from tmrw onwards, plans made way 2-3 mths back. So I'm going as schedule.. Going to KL, staying at Nyah's place of course coz I dont think I'm brave enuf to stay in hotel on my own. I'm sure Nyah will not allow me to stay in hotel if I'm coming to KL. Unless its a family affair then of course I'll stay in Apartment or something.

Already made plan to meet a few people, Rose & all, especially my MCKK forum gangs. Actually MCKK stands for Malay Colleage Kuala Kangsar.. ya dak?? As per CK, its a boys school.. (am i right???? heeheheh...) So anyway, they set up this forum chat group sort of, I only get involve after I got to know CK. I've ever saw then at Chek_Mak's blog as well as Camus who is the moderator of the forum. So I (or who was it eh??) initiated on a plan for a makan or meet the forum chat session when I'm going there. So we are having a BBQ 'party' on this Saturday at Nyah's place at Gombak & abt 15-20 guest will be there. That reminds me that I've got to SMS Reza Dzulkifli, Feisal Dzulkifli brother to come along too... That if he is available to come with his wife & of course Feisal as well...

Intially Nyah didnt get to apply her leave for Friday but today she has just been approve of the application... Good then so that we get to meet Rose on Friday for lunch & galivanting togather gather.. heeheehehh..

With all the plans line up & with all the packing to do.. I'm going when my dear RauDz is having some itchy bitsy tiny little prob at work. Anyway glad that we had a talk ystdy & the day after.. A friend in need is a friend in deed. But at the point you need someone to talk too your friend is not there... eeeerrrr.. I'm getting angry. Its ok RauDz take it easy babe...

Fikiran still bercelaru (over used word again...) too much things on my mind. They are just waiting to come out from my 'brain' I guess & say release me please... benggang. I just receive a 'surprise' notification from someone who is financially in need.. the amt is $5K??? I'm not in the right situation to get help from.. I am really sorry.

I called Naz today, was thinking of her from inside the MRT on my way back home. I kept telling myself I got to call her... Take Care Naz, gonna miss you when I'm away for 5 days.. heeheheh..

Oh I've not activated my Out of Office reply on my office email.. Gosh better do it now.

Ok I meet CK last night... Ok Guys I've tonnes of things to give away coz "santa claus is coming to KL tau!!!" haahahaha... Was hoping to bring the contributer of the gift pack in my bag too but sorry I cant.. heeheheh..

Ok I got to go, still hve some packing to be done. I hope to blog again if I'm there. Will be giving the updates on the BBQ that will be held on Sat 10 Sept 2005 @ Gombak, Pangsapuri Beringin.. Nyah's Place...

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Random Thoughts, To Be or Not To Be...

If I'm not mistaken, Today's Arash Mohd Bday, *Happy Birthday My Idol ArAsH* huuuhuhuu.. (nyeahhh, sungguh familiar huhu itu)

I was on noon shift ystdy till 2300H & today I'm on morning shift reporting at 0900H. I couldnt sleep last night... Its either due to my Red Guara Coffee, I thought, but no its not... There were so much things on my mind & It's a decision that I need to make.

Plan's for nxt year 2006 has been line up accordingly. Most likely by 1st Quarter of the year we will be busy moving to the new place, by mid of 2006 insya ALLAH my younger sis will be getting married. Definately by end of the year right after Raya we will all be busy looking for renovation contractors & at the same time multi tasking with FiDz wedding preparations.

If I'm going to think about others or the things plan out, so when will I start making deciding for myself??

Tok just told me a few days ago when I went to send his lauk for lunch, I shld stick to my job, dont start changing job coz its not easy to come by now. I told Mak, she said "eh mcm dia dgr aje???" Old man's instinct I guess. My Old friend RaSoL told me there's a vacancy for CS post in the airlines furthermore its office hours 5 or maybe 5 1/2 days job. On the other hand I still apprehensive over applying for a new job. Seriously speaking, If I'm given a choice to work for people or work on my own, I'll definately choose working on my own.

I've been 'awarded' a new task by Tok when we'll be moving to the new place. But this has only been agreed by the immediate family only however this may not be agreed by the other adults. Chances are there will be a tiff in the family. But I'm prepared, will hve to come up with some reason to make them satisfied at least. Money will be the best umpan to make them close their mouth. But to me I'm just being responsible to my grandparents as well as my parents, not asking for pay back.

At this age of mine & still being single I think I shld be doing something more challenging. I see my friends of my age, married with kids, not only they are tied up with a responsibility towards their husband & kids. They may not be able to travel for as long as the like. They may not be able to indulge into something challenging or do something different, unless they are career minded, be coz of the commitment they have.

I've always envy my friends who are married with family, jealous I must say, however I fully understand Life is not the same compared to being single. I know I'm free to travel as and when I like, apart from applying leave & seeking approval from Mak & Ayah of course. So thats why I just have to make my decision fast...

So now the decision is "to be or not to be". Its a decision that I've got to make & its causing my life time & future. Its a responsibility that I've got to make towards my family & myself too...

If the question is posted to Mak & Ayah, they will say No to it coz they're not a risk taker. Base on my recent Life change, the Sun seems to be Brighter on this side of the world. I'm already feeling comfortable with things & I'm glad abt it, I'm sure Mak & Ayah will be happier.

I was still in deep thoughts till I've woke other up to tell what I've bottle it up. I just dont know where to start, I wil have to start somewhere. But 1st I've got to settle the difficult patch. Then followed by the dreams that I've got to pursue... Insya ALLAH.

I'm no competitor neither am I in any competition but I'm flattered. I'm happy for being myself & not being pretentious, natural is who I am. I'm chatty, witty & friendly but thats just my weapon of true friendship... Now I know who my friends are, again its To be or Not To Be...

TruLy NoReeZ

Friday, September 02, 2005

Happy Anniversary...

Its was my off day last Wed, I've decided to bermalas malasan in the morning. Has made plans to meet up with CK, FK & Idi in the evening for Dinner. CK has sms me the day before wanting to meet up petang at DFS...

So at 5pm, I left home CK sms me saying she will be late. I was late too, I nid to go to the bank 1st before meeting her. After settling my things, I just buy McD Lemon Lime & sat infront of Isetan Scotts. Its been so long since I just sit down & relax like this. I use to do that during my 'frust' days. But just sitting down its just relaxing. From afar, I saw someone familar... Oh its my cousin's cousin ImR4N 4jm4in, its been years since we last met. He's popular & successful now with what he's doing. He was surprise to know that RauDz & Me are sister coz he mention that RauDz are well updated with info.. Its nice to see him...

CK sms saying she's at BK Far East coz Yasmin is hungry already.. I met up with them there & later we went to DFS to shop. CK bought something for people in KL, so wait up people 'santa' is coming to KL nxt week with a big bag for you guys there.... heeheheh... CK bought gifts for FK for their Anniversary. So touching kan..

After shopping, we left for Joo Chiat for dinner before that I got to pick RauDz up at home & our cab went all the way to Joo Chiat. I sms Idi incase he didnt find the way there...

When we arrive at HjH Maimunah Restraunt, banyak food dah habis. Maybe coz we are there at almost 8pm when they shop closes at 9.30pm. But we manage to get the good food stuff. I really love the Lauk Lemak Nangka. I rememebered Mak told me that AyAh was so mengidam to eat Lemak Nangka when Mak expecting me. So Mak got to go searching for Nangka tak jumpa. Rezeki AyAh someone send the lauk home so dapat lah AyAh merasa lauk tu tak lah kempunan.. Anyway accordingly to Mak, AyAh yg selalu mengidam itu ini & sakit situ sini bila Mak yg expecting all of us 3 girls... Mak satu benda pun tak mengidam or muntah2.. ish macam2... eh... sidetrack jap lah..

OK coming back to the story, so we got Ayam, Ikan Bakar & entah apa2 lagi lah... tengok Idi makan berselera coz he's like enjoying his food... Lupa lak nak abik gambar masa dia makan tu kan... miss lah. Yasmin slept from inside the cab, sampai kat restraunt tu. But she later woke up & ate with us.. She is so hyper today, ketawa sesuka hati dia..

FK came abt 8.30pm then he join us with the food, tapi kita punya food semua hampir finish pun. Later CK presented him with the gifts she & Yasmin bought for him.. Suka FK, senyum2.

We were asked to leave the restraunt coz they are closing the shop. Orang nak tutup kedai sampai dah kita tak balik lagi. So we decided to continue the chit chat session at kedai kopi instead. So we went to order tea tarik instead.. we chat until almost 11pm. Anyway, I've never brought RauDz out till this late..

Naz & family couldnt make it with us.. but its ok. next time perhaps.

Ystdy was Mak & Ayah's 33rd Wedding Anniversary. They are leaving for their HoneyMoon tonight to Kuantan & Terenganu (CK's kampung.. heehehe..). I went DFS again last night after work to buy something for Mak & Ayah. Glad they like it.

Ok Idi will be leaving back to US sooonnn. Anyway take care Idi, Till we meet again Insya ALLAH.

TruLy NoreeZ