Wednesday, December 13, 2006

1st Wedding in the Family

I wasnt ready to blog actually, however I feel that its about time to express what is inside me.

Finally, Fidz & Ju wedding was on last weekend. The day that we've been waiting for finally passes by us so quickly. Just last week I asked Fidz how is she feeling when the days drew near, she said "takde feeling lagi pun".

Visitor starts since Thursday. We had people calling asking if we need any extra hands, Alhamdulliah we were rather relax because in this modern world everything comes in a package. What you really need most are BIG BUCKS! Sedia kan duit aje ribu riban & things will be ready for you right to your doorsteps. That night, Jewel M came over to Inai Fidz, from after Maghrib till almost 11pm she had the hands & feet done for her. Kita pun join the party, had 1 hand henna from Jewel.. The bedroom decor was done on Wed, so Fidz & me had to sleep outside so as not to mess up the beautiful decor on our bed..

Friday, Mak's best of Friends since kampung days, Cik Eton, Cik Limah came over because they had promised Mak that they will Sponsor bunga rampai & wajik for the Nikah. Alhamdulliah, we just help to hiris bunga rampai & packed the wajik at the bunga pahar aje. Basically its was quality time with the relatives that Friday. They started talking about kampung days & start recall the names of the budak2 kampung which has nama gelaran, it was so kelakar. Fidz was asked not to do anything but I am very sure she felt awkward not giving a helping hand. I'm glad we all spend some time togather.

On Saturday, we woke up really early. Tok starts knocking at our door since 7.30am. Adoi, pagi nya. The cousin starts coming around noon furthermore we have infrom them that we are not so busy with things actually. Hafiz, Hazlam, Cik Rashid & Andak help lots for the whole preparation. Thanks alot to them..

By after zohor, we were getting ready for the nikah. The aunties, uncles, cousins as well as grandaunties & granduncles are presence to witness the nikah. I was more nervous for the Dinner since it was fully WorkheART's plans. So for the 2 days, I was incharge of coordination & liasing with the man side on their arrival.

At 4.30pm, all the guest has arrive. The uncles are getting resah because the groom has not arrive yet. Just 5mins to 5pm, Bapak start calling me coz they are not here yet. I had to make the 3rd call to the groom sister, actually quite paiseh. Ju father picked up the phone saying they are reaching soon, anyway the Kadi has not arrive yet also.

That's my Bro In Law. Juhari

They finally arrived about 10mins later. (only to know that they baju melayu yg Ju wore koyak after he put it on, so they had to hunt for a white baju 'loan' from a friend.) The nikah was very brief but precise, they kadi handle it quite well.

Check out Mak Long, in brown, folding the tissue wiping the tears

Just after Ju lafaz nikah the person that I saw crying was Mak Long! heehehe.. Fidz's was ok, I was trying to tahan I guess so as Raudz.

Not long after that we had to get ready for the dinner reception. Raudz was the emcee for the evening. I was rather concern if all 250 guest came because the place has a bit of space problem. Luckily the earlier table setup that I suggested, enough to fill up the 120 guest space in order to have a good view of the bride & groom at the Dias or Pelamin.

one for the album

Raudz had all the song line up for the evening, we had Qrios - Izar & Irwan to assist us sound system. We actually had a surprise for Fidz for the evening since its her bday also. She only found out that morning when she view the show rundown for the evening. Thanks Imran for the wonderful Seribu Tahun song that Fidz love so much. Oh yes, Thanks to our cousin, Hider (cousin's of Imran too) for fetching Imran to the venue after his Lime event.

Thanks to those who came for the dinner, sorry I didnt get to layan anyone.. too busy coordinating the dinner.

That night, the 3 of us slept at Raudz room. Quality time bachelor night heehehe.. We slept soundly, so penat.

The next day, the whole family came in Baju Kurung & Baju Melayu as early as 9am in the morning. Just few hours before Imah, the mak andam came, the 3 of us had few more hours of chit chatting before Fidz gets ready for Sanding. Quality time again..

The groom came at 1pm, the whole day we were all tooooo Busy sambut tetamu. Jumpa macam macam orang. All the relative that we meet like once a year or once in the blue moon. Had few old neighbours came also. Not forgetting those who thought that I was the bride actually... haahah.. I met a few of my schoolmates, Rahman also came with his famili - my 1st time meeting his wife. Nice guy, glad to have meet him again. Sani & Ita came, So as Abg TG with baby Irfan, so cute. Brader Bo & famili came same time as Abg arrive. Oh yes, Taufik Batisah mom & Hady Mirza mom came too. They are all Mak's orang kampung. They mom's glamor jugak tau, people notice & identify them too...

From 10.30am, guest starts arriving non stop till 5pm. There were times when the guest had to Q for the buffet. Alhamdulliah, everything went smoothly...

That's One Big Family

Its been a few days now, Fidz staying at Toa Payoh. Now I wish that they could stay here instead. Perhaps if I was married earlier & move out 1st, she would be here. I dont know..

I still felt empty sleeping here, always leave the space for Fidz beside. I sleep on Fidz towel that she normally place it on her pillow. Not intending to wash them, at least I wont feel lost she's not here. That night when she went away with Ju, she kiss cheek to cheek, Raudz just cant stop her tears from falling. Now we feel like seeing each other everyday. I cant imagine if its Raudz turn next, I will be lost X2!

Ok things are getting pretty hard for me. I have to do something to manage myself, financially. I'm hoping for the best, insya ALLAH. But I'm just glad the wedding went well, Alhamdulliah.

Thanks to Abg Madi for the photo contribution..

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, December 01, 2006

Facts of LIFE!

Last week Raudz & myself was so tied up & busy giler. We did the final process of the event, tie the ribbons to the doorgift. The 3 of us did it in the hotel room from 5.30pm to almost 9pm.

Then that night, we reached home still not settle with the job. Had to send final sms for buyers of the balance seats that some people cancelled. Got angry with one another, unspoken. I wish I dont have to do it on Someone's birthday, man. Its not so easy & YES, its not easy even we had the WHOLE event planned out, discussed over meetings & long distances calls, market, advertise & promo it & all that stuff for more than 4 months but still it was not as simple even though we have This HANSome guy as our main artist... NOT EASY ok! so dont say you're his fan but you cant make it OR "buat meet the fan with him again lah!" haahaha... Jgn buat aku GELAK!

Now then I'm ready to talk to people, Now then I'm ready to meet up, Now then I'm ready to explain by email or YM or over coffee & Now then I'm ready to blog or say something about it.

I just dont get it lah, I just receive an sms not long ago about something that annoy me the MOST. Yang kelakarnya Santai event is the oppurtunity to network or meet new people but some are not making use of it instead action jambu macam star tapi bukan. Even Hans mention it to the audience that this is the chance to get to know people around especially your seats or table next to you are basically strangers. You might never know when you might need help or chance for business oppurtunity or something lah kan is from this stranger seated next to you. Almost 80% of the guest that day are individuals either purchase from Muzika or from the Hans Fanmails. Even my crew members meet for the first time that day & best of all they manage to 'ngam' Alhamdulliah.. There you see, by creating conversation then they got to know that Zana, Hestee, Nani are born in the month of August, just like Hans & Myself. So malu bertanya sesat lah jalan... I'm extremely mad over that sms, still am. Whatever lah kan! Not another chance for YOU lah.

The photos of the event turn of good from Ayah, Raudz camera & contribution from Izan - Melor's neice. We also had 2 videocam coverage - 1 of them was really good incomparison to the other.. We didnt have a professional Videographer or Photographer that day but we make do with whatever we have. I shouldn't ask for more then just BerSyukur with things that ALLAH has given, Alhamdulliah. I'm waiting for Persada Seni coverage to be on air & Manja interview to be featured on next month issue. To me that will be the best rewards lah kira.

Ok now, its exactly A WEEK before Fidz wedding. Starting next week, I'll be on this bed of mine alone cause Fidz will be moving to Toa Payoh.. There goes my sleeping partner cum room mate.. heehehe.. Tomorrow my aunt, uncles & cuzins will be here for a meeting cum makan2 treat. Then starting Monday, Fidz will start her off days & leave soon after that. We'll start doing the Hantaran thingy by then. Will have a few meeting next week too. But on Wed, I have to remember that I'm meeting my Airport friends for coffee to meet Mazlan because he's leaving for Haj this 24th Dec. Will not want to miss it or terlupa, mati aku kena hentam dgn all of them for forgetting.

We are offering companies who wish to organize Christmas parties for department or something, we plan such event as well. We can also work out something for your End of the year party, will be glad to give you good rates. Do give workheART event management a call or an email...

Ok more events to come, Doa kan rezeki kami Insya ALLAH...

Will be busy most likely within the next few days.. May not be able to blog often.


TruLy NoreeZ