Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2009

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2009.

Its been a wonderful one for me!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spoiler on Malam Raya!

1. I think I'm gonna get sore throat & cold..

2. arrr.. malas nak cakap, Binggit!

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Its been a busy week. The next day after coming back from KL on 11th Dec, with the unsettle work & jobs it takes weeks to finish. Furthermore the KL trip was impromptu for me. Its was just an excuse to go on a budget trip (with Ms Manager & Boss).

KL is as usual, feels like 2nd home. Only this time I didn’t step into KLCC AT ALL!. Arriving on Friday evening, we check in to The Zon, my all time favorite Apartment. Got to see Farina again after so long we didn’t see her. Even though Raudz has always been in touch with her all the time for the past years, but only met up with her like 2 times!

Raudz & Farina

The next day was when we all join the tour group up to Colmar. Mak & Ayah kept saying Colmar is cold & so beautiful. Cold? Tak rasa pun. Probably the weather was slightly hot even more it was in the late afternoon. After check-In at Istana Hotel, that evening we went to Sunway Shopping mall & visit J-CO donut. Donut dia Sedap Ok! Q dia panjang nak mampus.. Heard they coming to S’pore.. Siap lah! We send another night at KL, left for Spore on Monday evening. Arrive Spore on Tuesday 3am.. And that’s where all the busy week began…

All things need compromise but not all can be tolerated for a long period of time. That’s all I have to say..

Anyway, days before leaving for KL Raudz suggested paying a surprise visit to Raffles Hospital only to find out we were surprise that our Madam & Baby has check out! Congrats to Nazrahayu & Baby Boy. Hope baby get well soon..

Friday evening, we all went out for coffee at T2 together with Andak & Family, Abg Adi & family, Dier & Zaf. Back home at almost 2am. Earlier, passes by CK’s place, since we order a birthday cake from Royal Cakes Siglap. But we didn’t get to meet up with CK as she was not well. Next time perhaps. That’s when the next day, we had our Birthday celebration with Andak. Or rather Andak open table at Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant last Saturday. Raudz & Dier trying to figure what surprise to give Andak. We just bought a cake & Raudz made something to place on the cake since we were not in time to place a special order…

Mango cake with Customized Flag by Raudz

Sunday everyone came over for Asam Pedas mak with Kepala Ikan.. Shiok bila makan ramai ramai… Another day of meeting up with the rest of them. This is what happen, each time we all meet up, its always 2 to 3 days in a row..

I have this sudden urge to get in touch with someone from my past. We are couple when I was only 21yrs old, He was 31 then. I know I made a mistake of leading him on. I send him an email, telling him I’m sorry. This morning, I open my email and saw the reply. My heart racing so fast. I’m glad to receive the reply… Its been more than 10years.

Ok Lusa will be Raya Haji PH, then comes the Christmas PH.. Its almost the end of 2007. Then now I’ve to start thinking whats the memories, achievement in life or work for the whole year… Start thinking now!

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tooo much things to blog about.. Tooo little time. Will blog soon once things are settle...

Dengan Secara Akustik

Date : December 29,2007
Venue : Singapore Art Musuem - Glass Hall
Time : 3pm
Admission is Free

Repackage Deluxe Album will be on sale at the Venue at Promo rate.

Mark the date, Its a DATE!

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekend was great..

We’ve made prior arrangement for our BBQ meeting at Idah’s place. I suggested to have it there because its not too ‘manis’ to meet outside in groups. Furthermore they are all married.. So at 4pm, Foaad fetch me at Woodlands MRT to Idah’s place since I’m not familiar with that area. Was slightly late, had to meet Riffy to sign some documents, rindu nya kat dia sebab lama nya tak jumpa.

Arriving at Idah’s place being welcome by the Sedap Mee Soto she made. Syiok amat.. Rossle & family came later on after which we start on the discussion. Yati came alone on while the discussion was half way done. We’ve finally agreed with Pot Luck Picnic cum Family Day outing. To date we have about 57people including spouse & children in the group. We’ve now collating the number of people taking the transport from Woodlands station to Sembawang Park to & fro…

Anak Idah left, Anak Rossle Right

I had to leave early, courtesy of Rossle & family drove me to Arts House for Propagenda Poetry show. I arrive at 8.01pm when Raudz reach there much earlier. There was a very bad jam at AMK & City Hall area, if I were to take a cab I’m very sure that the fare will reach $20+ or so.. Thanks to Rossle eh..

After the show we had dinner at Lau Pa Sat with Hafiz smalls, Zee & Wan. Ordered our food, it was almost 11pm.. Semua dah Lapar!!! The next day will be Hafiz birthday.. He was inform that Imran will be leaving for KL that night, so there’s no one to celebrate with him..

At exactly 12mid night at Lau Pa Sat, we sang him a birthday song.. the tables around us was looking at a bunch of noise people singing… hahha.. Peduli apa aku!

Next day, Raudz called Hafiz asking for lunch together. Actually we had a plan… Boss has already made plan for a Surprise Birthday about a week ago. He told me to gather people & meet somewhere. So he has done all the calling, I had to take care of venue cake & the acting part hahaha… Met Hafiz at 4.30pm, I had to go by the back lane to buy the cake & book the makan place at Rex Nasi Ayam, Selegie. While Raudz meet up with Hafiz alone.

I’ve secure the table of 10 people, plan with the Aunty to sembunyi the cake first. But I, instead seat at the table for 4 to prevent from being suspicious. Hafiz came with Raudz, we ordered our makan.. The food came on time when I’m expecting it to delay. I was facing the door waiting for the rest to arrive. At 5pm as plan, Mr Boss came thru the door with Zee &Wan. Shocked to see them… Hafiz tearing, touched by their presence.. Later on, Nadrah came with Baby Sofia. Follow suit was Ridzwan & Moss, Hafiz’s friends.. Salim came later on. He was surprise that we plan all that for him.. He was tearing again.. Touching nya, sedih aku.. We spend the Sunday catching up on things. Makan then cut the cake.. Lepak at SMU big field.. Cooling & windy.. We just love to lepak & away from the crowd, just spending time together.. Playing with Baby Sofia.

At the end of the day, we all left for home at almost 10pm. Enjoyable day…

TruLy NoreeZ