Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm Free.. Too Good To Be True..

At last, i've got my internet excess back again yahooooo..

Ok lets start from the top.
My last day was on the 22th May, last working day was on 19th May Friday. From that day on, we were all so busy packing our stuffs. Now we have offically move to our new place. This new place has making me lazy to go out. We've been staying indoor for the past few days. Now its getting bored staying at home, too much rest is also not good actually haaahahah..

On my last day of work, I was release early at 5.30pm. Before that I receive a big bear & bouquet of flowers from Mandy, coco, shuyi, jessie, Sam & joy.. Thanks a million to them. I also receive a handbag from Aini, brooch from ernie & zana... thanks so much to them.

2 days back, a visit from someone from HDB surpises me the most. when i look out the door the rep from HDB is my secondary school mate, Suratman. Its been years since we met. Anyway the visit was to infrm us that the power supply will be shut down on fri 26 may 2006 (today) from 10am to 5pm. Anyway, we did some catching up with things. Glad to have meet him..

So today is the day where I had my fixed line & broadband services installed after days of 'boredom' looking up the celling.. This new place has no cable signal & connection so unfortunately, i do not have any cable channel to watch. I had to sign up for singtel's broadband services instead..

Ok thats all for today then.. more updates on blogging to come insya ALLAH. Since we're no longger sharing the net excess, I have my laptop all to myself.. heehehehe...

¬Truly Noreez¬

Friday, May 19, 2006

Its my Last Day..

of all days, on my last day of work i'm late..
most of the time, i will be at work 30mins before the start of shift. but today, i came in 10mins before 9.30am. 1st of all i had to let 3 train passes by me coz its so bloody crowded.
ystdy, ernie handed me her gift - 1st time in my life seeing ernie cried. gosh she hugged me & cry... i tot, how am i gonna face tmrw (today) if i start shaking hand & they start crying..
true enuf, aini gave me a gift too so early in the morning at 10am.. then it goes again, she cried.. alamak now i gonna cry again..
its gonna be a banjir day.. alamak i cannot take it man..


@ 15:30pm

didnt expect to receive a gift for thought from No5.. agaknya dia suka aku dah nak belah kot.

anyway, i finally build those courage of mine to speak to Mr I. he is the sole whom i had a crush (crush ke eh dah tua2 ni..) with from day 1 I work here. anyway he knows about it & decide to keep himself away from me.

so i was going around passing chocolates to my team mates, he passes by. i just offer him 1, i told him, "would you like to hve 1, its my last day anyway!"

i dont know why i said that lah.. but whatever it is, now i know he is the biggest egoist man alive. he didnt even said thank you or even any all the best wishes to me or something..

but i didnt lose anything..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day...

With the calling off of our Jalinan Kasih Ibu event, I've manage to build up my courage back facing the fact that the process on the making of the event to me is a success.

Its just unfortunate that the auditorium is not fill up with audience.

Alhamdulliah, our rapport with the artist & all those involve is maintain in such a way that the event didnt go not because of them.

Anyway nothing much can be said or mention again.

Whatever it is, life must go on... Its just another test by ALLAH.
The 'show' must go on, workheART will continue with other success insya ALLAH, Amin.

Happy Mother's Day!

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Suratan & Takdir..

I'm very sure we made a Wise decision.
Physically, Mentally & Financially also...

Setiap kejadian itu ada lah kuasa ALLAH.
Terjadi nya atau tidak tu jugak kerja ALLAH.

Harus lah di terima suratan & takdir.
Kerana itu semua nya suratan NYA.

Jadi segalanya ku terima sahaja kerana itu kehendakNya..

Sebenarnya aku ini seorang yg susah utk menerima kakalahan. Kerana pada ku kekalahan itu menunjukan kelemahanku. Sesungguhnya kelemahan itu bukan sifatku.

Sesungguhnya kekuatanku terletak pada kepercayaan orang terhadap kami. Alhamdulliah ALLAH buka kan minda aku berfikir secara logical bukan mengikut perasaan. Shukur orang yg paling "open & logical is my better half.." Thanks YOU, you know who you are my flesh & blood...

I'm so much relieve now, so much tenang. Alhamdulliah kita tak menipu & tidak di tipu. Kerana takdir menentukan sedemikian...

Semuanya berbalik kepada Qadak & Qadar ALLAH..

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dah gi Undi ke??

Today's Election Day...

Kepada Cik Red aka Rock aka Raudz.. 1st time undi kot? Excited ke?
To Encik Imran aka yg Sudah tu Sudah lah... 1st time jugak kan.. heehehe.. happy voting tau.
To Nya' - Selamat Voting in Spore Embassy in KL tu..

I thought by going in the rainy Saturday Morning its not gonna be crowded. Believe it or not? The Q was long man. Went with Mak & Ayah, fortunately its Voting Venue is at our block aje. Unfortunately Its my working day, had to head back to the office after that..

On my way to work, this question came into my mind.. What is it you're looking for in voting a Leader?? hhhmm.. Anyway I shall not continue with the topic coz otherwise blog ini akan ber bau politic pulak.. Bahaya!

I was thinking of taking MC today, however the thought of having the Public Holiday x2 pay for today why not work & earn some.

So the hot topic in the MRT this morning are all politcal issue... I just listen only.

The Question now is... Anda Vote Siapa??

Well.. Undi itu RAHSIA Tau!!!

Truly Noreez

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Weak Seh..

In ALL Honesty....

kalau tak nak datang, takpe. Aku tak paksa... Faham?
jgn ingat aku promo & pelawa, kau mesti nak kena datang mati2 jugak.

kalau tak nak takpe, aku tak marah.
Tapi jgn buat muka kat aku, tak kuasa aku nak layan.
boleh tak? binggit!!!

kalau sebab ni kau nak tarik muka panjang then you're at the losing end.
cause I m leaving, you will not be meeting me anymore.
so aku tak ada masa & tak kuasa nak layan tau. aku banyak lagi benda nak fikir..
so lagi sekali kalau tak suka, tak nak datang jgn bagi alasan itu ini.

Phew!!! I'm just letting out some hot air..

Ok, I'm slight better now..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I just hve to let it out!! I'm pissed...

Ok I have finally TENDER. My last day will be on 25th May. What a relieve.. Its about time & thats it, thats the max i can take it.

At least I hve something to smile about. I had a great GetAway. This time there's no shopping but Quality time spend. Didnt know that I'm gonna see KH again. What a surprise, same old guy with new looks. Its been so long since we last spoken & meet. He doing something new now. Office was very near to the hotel we staying.

I was surprise to find out that He mention that we use to be his but now we are someone else. Bukan lupa & bukan tak ingat pun & bukan 'use to be'. I'm still bukan nya kacang lupa kan kulit. Cuma meluas kan networking aje apa... ish..

Thanks for our kawan, at least we went for the pre event show, get to rub shoulder with 'some people' where you dont get that back home. Feeling2 lah jugak, cuma tak terasa mcm zaman muda2 dulu jadi groupie!

I dont like to keep mentioning it. I know people tend to get jelak. & I dont like people to come for the sake of Friend, I want people to be present for the sake of entertaiment. I'm not forcing, you're suppose to spread the word. So dont be afraid that I might get angry coz I'm not. I dont want to be terhutang budi coz u hve to come coz we are friend or family...

I've alot abt some people. I get to reunite with my childhood friends. Kalau tak kerana event ni maybe I will not get to visit & meet Ita again aft so long. Thank to Mike & mom, Sani, Ita & Cik Eton for the time. Really appreciate it.

I always tot that I'm the only one. I didnt know that there are people on the same boat as me. I was suprise at the tot that I know more than I suppose to. At the thought that I use to like him over the big screen, knowing him in person is so much different. No doubt I found the similiarity in us & our 'generation'. Not saying that there was something going on (feeling2..), dont dream. He's nice, hilaroius giler, cartoon & cute lah kira.. He shld deserve someone much much better, someone homely, someone not career minded maybe. Heii.. there goes my chance..

Tickets for Jalinan Kasih Ibu is still available at the Muzika Records, Fig & Olive, GoldChocs & MakanShiok!

Jangan lepas kan peluang utk bersama dgn Artist2 Jemputan workheART di RELC Auditorium pada 20th May 2006 jam 8mlm...

Truly Noreez