Saturday, January 27, 2007

Singapore Menang Oit....

Singapore won the Semi's on penalty kicks...
Alang ke best nya if I'm there to jerit jerit menyambut kemenangan tu?
Sayang nya lah kan, apa kan daya..

Raudz & me have plan weeks back for this semi games. I've sms my uncle & guy cousins if they intended to go. Infact I even asked how to get the tickets. It was 'heart breaking' to learn that nobody pelawa pun...

Ok at least we get to release some tension, shout & cheering at home.. From Raudz room, we can practically see the view of S'pore crowds in the stadium. Binggit.

I remembered the last match I've been was almost 10years back. Back then Nya' & me use to watch just the two of us, getting the free grandstand seats from Nya's father. Ya despite having to wait for the game to end & waiting for Nazri or Win Aung or Abbas at Gate 1. That is always the exit for the players after they wash up & stuffs. I recall while waiting for Nazri I suddenly spotted Ayah who was back then still in the Police Force & was on duty. With his full uniform I almost couldnt reconized who he is, Kantoi. "Tunggu apa ni?"
"Eh tak tunggu Naz... heehehe.."
"Dah cepat getting late, balik terus.." Ayah said..
Alamak weak ah, dah janji Naz will wait here.. Ayah pulak suruh balik cepat. Tapi bukan pun Naz tak kenal Ayah. Cuma ya lah back then how old was I, early 20's..
Well, those were the days lah kan...

So Now, we've got to wait for the Finals...
Will it be at National Stadium for the final time again??

TruLy NoreeZ

Lepak seh, pegi tengok bola kat Stadium tak ajak seh.. Binggit!

TruLy NoreeZ

On Sale. Anyone?

There are things in life that you will have to let Go even how much you love it.

I'm selling this White Gold Solitare, something that I love very much unfortunately Its time to Move ON. I wore it for ONLY 9 months, then later it was left in the box for a Very good reason.
Interested parties, Please email me
We shall discuss further on the price & delivery...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Long Sunday...

Its already Sunday, 21th January 2007 @ 0120H. I viewed it again, I know its ‘sickening’ but I just have to bring myself to view all over again. Then I check on others too. Its ok, I can handle it well now, I’m able to accept it without any feeling at all. The eyes shows happiness, it reflected very well. It’s a Good sign, Alhamdulliah… And Now, I’m so ready. Truly Ready.. Lets look for OnE..

Started Sunday very early, woken by Mak at 8.30am like its an emergency. I thought I could sleep a few more hours after subuh since I slept very late at almost 2am. Mak said that Ayah requested to be send to the hospital. His leg injury is getting pretty bad. It was just like 2 years back after Ayah came back from Haj due to the long walks he injured his knee. Fidz has been sleeping over at our place because Jojo was outstation since Thurdays, he shld be back today then. Fidz was suppose to be working on a noon shift, so she decided to leave early & meet us a TTSH A&E. Called for a private ambulance at 10.30am at least we could estimate that by 2pm everything can be settle after the waiting & warded & all that stuffs… The estimated time of arrival is 30mins, after almost 11.20am the ambulance is still not here. I made another call, the same guy who answer the call claim will call the drive 1 more time. Another 30mins they are still not here, we were getting restless. Fidz suggested I cancel the 1st booking & call for another ambulance company instead. The 2nd company claim the booking is full, they cant make it in 30mins. We had to call for another 1, I didn’t know calling ambulance can be so tasky. Its suppose to be an emergency isn’t it? Darah Up seh.

Finally the ambulance came at almost 12noon, Cik & Cik Nor came by. Surprise with the Ambulance presence. Told them not to be worried. Arriving at the hospital, Fidz already standby at the door by then after waiting for almost 2hours. Her Ward sister decided to give her E-Leave since she’s been in & out of A&E many time till she was being noticed. At least I got a company, by then I’m already feeling dizzy after much waiting & sitting down. So mabuk, I in need for something to munch. Sms Fidz who’s outside, for some chocolates. Later I came out while Ayah in the observation ward, meet Fidz at the waiting area infront of a vending machine which tempted me the most. Hunger! I guess that what makes me dizzy giler2. We ate the Twirl, Kit Kat then we bough sandwiches & later had Ice Tea & Cranberries drink. So we were having a hell of a picnic for more than 4 hours waiting. We start to people watch, rolling eyes & exchanging glances at people characters. That’s how free we can be… Ok the dizzy spell is still there.. How do I get rid of it seh.

I got a call from the A&E coz they were looking for me, I came in, inform the staff there. Was told that they actually called the wrong daughter. They were looking for another Mr Ismail family, bukan I, salah anak! Ayah still in observation, he is ok, he looks ok. Cuma kaki dia aje kan. He asked us to sit outside, will call when all are over. He predicted that he will NOT be warded. Ok we shall wait again. I’m so tired of waiting. The crowd in A&E lessen, its almost 4pm already. Oh finally, Ayah called we have to collect the medication & changes is we can leave without being warded. Another wait at the pharmacy counter. We wheeled Ayah to the taxi stand it was almost 5.30pm till we reach home. Unexpectedly, Mak & Pak Long came over, so as Ayah Ngan & Cik Ijah family. Nek Mah & Busu Ima came to visit Tok jugak, jadi macam ramai visitor for the day…

Anugerah Juara Lagu 21 Finals was on Sunday night. The results was amazing…
Power Abis…

Juara Lagu: Terlalu Istimewa;
Lagu: Azlan Abu Hassan dan lirik Adibah Noor;
Penyanyi: Adibah Noor

Juara Irama Malaysia dan Etnik Kreatif:
Warkah Buat Laila; Lagu: Ayob Ibrahim dan lirik Habsah Hassan;
Penyanyi: Zahid

Juara Balada: Terlalu Istimewa;
Lagu: Azlan Abu Hassan dan lirik Adibah Noor;
Penyanyi: Adibah Noor

Juara Pop Rock:
Juwita Citra Terindah; Lagu dan lirik: M Nasir;
Penyanyi: M Nasir

Vokal Terbaik: Adibah Noor (Terlalu Istimewa)

Persembahan Terbaik: Hazami (Mungkir Bahagia)

Attended a meeting on Monday afternoon. Had a chat with Nya over YM, she was still emotional over the Juara Lagu thingy. She only realize that Adibah’s song was meant for the Little Girl, Arwah Nurul Huda. While in Spore, the song has been on since the last Arwah Nonoi. It was really touching, I totally agree… So last night, Cik Eton & Encik Hussin came by to visit Ayah, urut Ayah’s knee. Encik Hussin was so concern over the injury & so he offer to urut. Just minutes before that, Nya’ sms me saying that she called home in Spore was inform that Kak Anim are all in the hospital coz Nya’s mom, Cik Mimah jatuh terlentang kat tandas. She was on observation last night for 24hrs. This morning I sms Kak Anim, Alhamdulliah she is ok now. Syukur…

We have to go on searching, not gonna stick to the same plan. Raudz feel that we should branch it out since yesterday meeting takde Aura..

Ok back to work now..

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, January 15, 2007


Days that goes by...

Every Morning I have to face with phobia of the ringing phone, its scary.. Another day of made up excuses.. So what about tomorrow's?? Have yet to think.

After weeks of planning, finally its cancelled. So sorry.. Mak didnt know why we are so into makan luar today. She kept saying, "alah pegi sakura aje lah?" Boring, asik Sakura aje tahun tahun... Until the night before she said, "tak yah pegi makan lah, ada Juara Lagu ulangan malam karang kat TV3..."

Hai, macam mana nak cakap ni, susah betul. Raudz said why didnt we tell her what we actually want to do. I thought it was suppose to be a surprise or something. Ahhh.. too bad, it doesnt work anymore.

Lastly. I had to tell her, "actually kita nak kuar makan celebrate birthday Mak lusa kan.."
Baru lah dia kata, "Oh ya, thank you eh."

Anyway, its cancelled. Had to sms Fidz & Jojo that we are having dinner at home instead. We'll call for Pizza & KFC. Later Andak called, they are all coming to see Tok as well since today is Tok's 85th Birthday also. Tomorrow is Mak's 58th birthday. So much about having the numbers back & forth... Later on Abang Madi & famili came as well. It was not planned, pure kebetulan...

I've always teringat dia. Not rindu or reminding of the past. Just Ingat! Ok ke dia ni eh? I have this huge urged to search for him. Not to sure why. So I tried goggling for his name, then full name, later full name & part of the IC no. Ahh.. no where to be found. Wonder how is he doing? Hope everything is fine kot? Mudah mudahan lah..

Hai, penantian itu satu penyeksaan...

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Once In A Blue Moon...

Up early again for another appoitment this morning. Not hoping but I have this funny feeling that I'll see my old time friend at this place I'm having my meeting. Infact I've told Nya' & she have called her cousin that I'm coming...

So just minutes after I arrive at the venue, I knew it that I saw him. My friend for like 16years, MuZ, I'm more confortable addressing him as that. We met 'dengan secara kebetulan' when I attended his as well as Nya' cousin wedding. Back then, I'm still in my ITE days probably at the age of 19, with kurung kuning, one of my favourite baju kurung, long hair, let down, big sunflower shape ear clips. Dah kira jambu abis lah tu. Then we exchange glances, finally Nya' told me that someone was interested. Best part of all was, I had an argument with my cousin Rose because so happen I'm just lucky this time someone was interested instead of her.. haahaha.. We resulted to sending letters to each other instead of saying it personally because we were basically gaduh.

Anyway, we have this special friendship I must say for many years. Till one day I got a call that he's getting married. Actually there were more than just that 1 call about a month or two before that, the rest is for me to know.. yea!

I appreciated this friendship of ours, we know each others family, including wife, so does our families know about our 'friendship' that we had. We're still the bestest of friends till now eventhough we see or meet each other like 4-5 years once... He told me his eldest kid is already 10yrs old, he asked me if I'm seeing someone new in which I hope he didnt asked me that. He knew about the last relationship of mine. Oh ya, I even remembered when I was dating Rizal, he ever told me "you tell him, he better take good care of you or otherwise he'll know who I am!" Rizal was so angry by that words, he said, "who is he to say such thing to me?" Well thats History anyway...

Glad to have met his today.. Such heart warming.

I've been sneezing since yesterday evening. Knew it that I'm gonna catch a cough & cold. Took a nap after having that Panadol flu soluable thingy. Was hoping to get a nap for like 2 hours or something not untill I realise that I slept for 3.5hrs! Gosh I'm way behind time, have work to do but I'm too weak to start all over again.

I've got to send some emails or probably call a few people tmrw morning. Hope to wake up slightly later than today. Its almost midnight now, and its been raining non stop since this afternoon. Hope it doesnt get flooded in JB or something..

Just watched Othman Hamzah on Bicara with DY today. Very motivational, very mind & eye opener, very inspiring, miss his songs. I grew up with his songs back in the late 70's & early 80's. I guess when I grew up with bujang uncles who are in the process of getting to know & dating2 kot. So love songs are the best santapan telinga... I remembered most of his songs but I'm not too sure of the tittle of the songs... I'm so looking forward to the come back as well as the album. Its true that his rezeki came after Jamal Abdillah & Mawi sang his song. Then not forgetting Imran's Apa Salah Beta has also contributed on his appearance stage events as well as this songs on air. Its about time for him to explain himself, all human makes mistakes. But I'm amazed by his sincerity, honesty & his strong will power to build up that courage & bangkit semula dalam hidup. Alhamdulliah, all the best to him...

I've not been to Vivo City, so many people have been talking about that place. I felt so outdated for not being the 1st few people who came when they finally open. So was hoping that we all could get a ride on my bro in law lorry & the 6 of us will have dinner or something there this weekend. I hope jadi lah kot!

Ok its already 12th January 2007 at 0.11am... Gd Morning to all....

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We've met right? But Where????

I was up very early today, have agree for an appoitment today at 9.30am.

So when I enter the office at Taka this morning, I saw a familiar face. She look at me too. I know I've met her before and before I could say anything we were already smiling.
"I know you right?" she said.

"Ya... I know you, from somewhere right?"

"Ya, correct.. but where ah? I cant remember leh?" She said again.

Gosh I cant recall her name, where have I met her man...
She continued, "I know we had a lot of fun that time.. where ah, I cannot remember leh?"

Eh I really lupa where I've seen her. Yes I agree, she did have a lot of fun the last time.. She's not my schoolmate for sure. I asked her was she working in the airport before, she said no. She's definately not from SH, for sure lah kan.. I cannot be so forgetful seh...

I took my seat later on, she left the reception to see someone. So I was left alone, still trying to figure out where have I met her... eeee... irritating nya, trying very hard to recall, frustrating seh.

She came back, we continue lagi. "Eh how come I cannot remember where ah?"

I told her ok, we start over. I intro myself & her name is Carol. I remember her name.. But still WHERE HAVE I MET HER!! I gave her my namecard, just in case we suddenly recall something. She was away from Spore for a few year, the last we met was like more than 5-7 years ago & I'm very sure not in my SH days. So now Carol is back, looking for a job in Spore in Accounts. Her details are so clear but not the location where we were togather...

She could have been my course mate or something. Or was she my classmate during Business English Studies ke? That was really long time ago seh... Like 7 years ago, during those days where Nya', Saiful, Cuzin Rose, Yaya, Imran hang out at Starbucks Simei before coming in to class at IBMEC Simei...

YA LAH, CAROL IS MY COURSE MATE FROM IBMEC! I think, now that I somehow recall sikit2 kot. Because when she mention something about lots of fun to means we must have done some assignment or project or something related to group work haahaha...

Phew, I'm not to old to forget people by face after all man..

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Events & more Events...

Why am I into this malay movie eh?

I guess you all, in Singapore should check it out. So much on the stories across the border about this movie getting high rating at the movie cinema, then we should watch it too.
Its Cicakman, coming to Spore!!
Starting on 11th Jan 2007, will be on a few Cathay Cinemas.
There will be some meet the fan session on 12th & 13th January as well.
Check out the website for more details, because I've been doing so for the past months to see when they are coming...

There should be more updates via the media soon kot, I'm sure.

WorkheART events will be up soon too, Insya ALLAH for the next 2-3 months...
Meanwhile you can view Santai Hans Isaac gallery via the website

We're also selling Imran Ajmain - Dengan Secara Kebetulan CD via the website.
We can get personal Autograph for you too, just provide us your details & especially your name. Email us at to Purchase. Its $20.00!

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back to Work.. Busy Week..

Yesterday's date was suppose to be something meaningful...
4 year back, I've choosen the date to make it more significant, 03/01/03..
However.. Its History.

Yesterday we were out from morning. Send things for printing. Saw Mike, whoes working place is just beside the printing shop. He looks disturbed but I shall not assume things. I didnt realise until Raudz mention that he lost lots of weight. Hope he's doing fine.

Finish printing almost to 2pm. Imran had an interview at 12noon, so we meet up for lunch after that. Its been some time since I makan at Fig & Olive. The Bencoolen branch had a new look & new branch manager.

Later that late afternoon, headed home... Had a good chat with Nya' till almost 2300Hrs. She was still in the office, trying not to give up on work. So what is 1 month in comparison to what 5 years you're there? So stay on for a little while more..

We'll be having another meeting today afternoon.

For Sis Kay, hope you get to come back to Spore from Australia to visit your mom in the hospital. Hope she's doing fine Insya ALLAH & will get well soon...

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year! Comes another new Beginning...

Welcome to 2007!

I miss blogging for 3 weeks or so.. my laptop was down, had to get help from my bro in law for servicing. It was beyond repair unless I get the hard disk replaced. So here it is, after back from ‘the hospital’ I’ve manage to use it back again… So much story to tell, so little time for me to recap all of it & put it into words. Not easy you know..

I shall start from the few days after Fidz & Jojo’s wedding. Went to Bencoolen Street alone to print the 'Thank You' cards that Raudz design to those people who were part of the Wedding, I’m talking about the one involved like the Videographer, Photographer, The Bridal house, The cupcake & Wedding cakes… Not forgetting the Immediate family as well, must Thank them for the hard work. Anyway, have got it all send by post or by hand.

The guy from the printing shop told me it will take at least 30mins to get it done if I need to collect today, so I thought that I should get a cup of tea or something at the nearby coffeeshop. Just few steps outside the printing shop, I saw someone familiar. Someone whom I didn’t meet for more than 20 years.. NoorRahman, my primary schoolmate. I thought we might not recognize each other after so long. I must have look the same kot, that’s why. We get to chat over a cup of tea tarik. Not bad lah jugak kan… At least we have some catching up to do.

Actually kan I have too much story to tell, but now I kind of lupa some of the stories seh...

Imran Ajmain album, 'Dengan Secara Kebetulan' is OUT! You can purchase them at Muzika Records, HMV & Ear Shots. You can buy from WorkheART as well.. come to our website to place the order

Anyway, since mid December, we were occupied with the preparation of Imran Album Launching. We assisted him with the liasing & all. ALLAH must have answered our prayers, I’ve dream of having the launch for him. Really wanted to be part of it. So when we get to be in the organizing team, I go all out. I mean it I GO ALL Out! If I can do the Pulut tingkat2 tu, I would have ordered them haahah… Unfortunately, it was too short notice.. The Album Launch was on the 30th December 2006 at The Arts Museum. It was awesome, almost 300 people came to watched inclusive of the VIP, Invited Guest & Media. There are so many thing to talk about this event, but its too beautiful to express in words. Glad that Alex came with the Suria team. Thanks & Congrats to Imran Ajmain, You've made it Happen Bro! After all this years..

Raya was great as well, went solat early morning at Masjid Hj Md Salleh. Right after that we were being assign with task for the Qurban. Raudz, Fidz & me were in-charge of the reception for the Qurban. Raudz did her Qurban this year, she was excited yet nervous. Ayah let her pick her own kambing. When the Penyembelihan process was on, Raudz watch it. Her kambing was rather obedient apart from the kambing mouth tersangkut kat papan penyembelihan it. Nampak sangat tuan punya kambing tu case banyak mulut sebab tu sangkut mulut nya kot? heeheh.. This year Masjid had 45 kambing, I think it was slightly more then last year kot. We manage to get all the kambing Qurban before zohor, no shortage of kambing this year Alhamdulliah.. That afternoon, Andak, Cik & Angah came to Tok’s place. We played the Video & Pictures of Fidz & Jojo’s wedding… That evening, I’m alredy lepak so penat & ngantuk. Slept early despite the cheering & firework in celebrating the new year. Bantal lagi best beb..

Just last week, Ya’ai Rais, who’s Hestee’s grandpa passes away. Ya’ai has been on & off not well, sakit tua, he’s already about 86yrs old kot. I’ve know Ya’ai since I was very very young like 5yrs old macam tu.. So since Tok & Ya’ai are best of friend lah kita so we are very close beside being my cousin’s grandpa. Semoga Roh nya di cucuri Rahmat, Amin. I get to meet Mak, Kak Rozi since they are just staying beside Bibik's place. I get to see this cutie pie, this tembam boy.

Check him out. Macam nak gigit pipi dia..

Yazid Rizal, 8months old

A few days ago, I got mixed up this guy & his brothers cause they really look alike. The rest of the story, is for me to know.. But I’m go unnoticed by him, so sad…

Was out during the Christmas week. Orchard are packed with shoppers & viewers of the light up.. Raudz & myself head to Orchard on 2 different direction. Since Orchard MRT was so packed, I had to call Raudz cause cant locate her eventhough we are both there already. While locating her, I had some tall big guy standing infront of me calling my name! Sapa eh? It was Imran with the boys. Asked him if we would like to join us for Dinner that day, had to call him again later. Have plan to meet Lynette at Tangs, she's here in Spore with her son Ryan & her mom. Ryan's so cute, anyway he has given approval for Raudz to be his Aunt... Really, he said so himself, you know what i mean? heeheh.. We had dinner at Sakura Far East around 8.30pm, Imran get to join us. I was too confident that Sakura will not be packed. I told Raudz "orang christmas bukan nak makan Sakura ok" tekaan ku salah. Lucky enough, Raudz has asked to call for Reservation. If not, jangan harap lah.. We continue our chat at StarBucks since Sakura dah halau nak tutup kedai. Just as bad, StarBucks are just as packed. There were this group of young girls who were stealing glances at Imran. They were undecisive if they should give up their seat to us or sit still there & approach Imran at least. After about almost 10mins of that thinking I guess, they finally leave the place but still curi pandang kat Imran. I told him, "they looking at you lah" He said, "tak lah..." He still dont believe that his being watch & people perasan sapa dia tau. There were no cabs to be found, we were back home late at night.. Had to walk much further near Tekka just to hail some cabs. But it was worth it, since its been so long since I had a decent meal at Restaurant.

We attended both my nephew Irfan Tahar, 3months old kenduri at Bishan.

Later on we went to neice Sharmeen Iman 1yr old birthday party at Senja Road, both on 25th Dec holidays.


Sharmeen's 1yr old bday party

I just had a chat with Sis Kay, a senior from my Sec School. She’s been a reader of my blog, not knowing that we were from the same school.. It seems she's my aunty classmate, so small world. Glad to have met her via cyber, I remembered her back in school. I was in Sec 1, she's in Sec 5. We were talking about the people in school, not that bad, I still hve good memory of the senior student. I must have been doing my PR back then, memang dah banyak mulut lah kata kan..

Feisal called, he was in Spore with his parents. But he's already leaving back to JB for the night before heading back to KL.. Ok lah tu kot, so nice of him to call..

Ok, 2006 has been wonderful. With all the Up’s & Down’s of life. So much memories, beautiful ones & sad ones too… Only ALLAH know what & how much I’ve been & gone thru…

Say Hello to 2007, I hope it will be as interesting as what 2006 has become. I pray that we can make more MONEY this year insya ALLAH.. Mudah mudahan ALLAH murah kan rezeki...

Adios 2006.. It’s not for me to forget but for me to Remember in years to come..

TruLy NoreeZ