Friday, March 30, 2007

Chrisye: "Saya Akan Meninggal Hari Jumat"

~Al-Fatihah untuk Chrisye atau Haji Chrismansyah Rahadi~

Laporan Wartawan KCM Eko Hendrawan Sofyan

JAKARTA, KCM - Tangis dan doa mengiringi pemakaman jenazah artis musik legendaris Chrisye di TPU Jeruk Purut, Jakarta Selatan, Jumat (30/3), mulai pukul 13.15 WIB. Pemakaman di bawah guyuran hujan itu dihadiri oleh anggota keluarga, kerabat, teman, dan kenalan sang mendiang. Tampak hadir di TPU tersebut antara lain Idris Sardi, Titiek Puspa, dan Tukul Arwana.

Sebelum diberangkatkan ke tempat peristirahatan terakhir itu, jenazah Chrisye dishalatkan di kediamannya di Jalan Asem II No 80, Cipete, Jakarta Selatan. Eros Djarot, Erwin Gutawa, Rano Karno, Andre Hehanussa, Franky Sahilatua, Mien Uno, dan anggota DPR Ferry Mursyidan Baldan terlihat datang melayat.

Dari rumah duka, jenazah Chrisye lalu diantar ke Masjid Al-Mukaromah, tempat ia biasa melakukan shalat Jumat di dekat rumahnya. Di masjid tersebut diadakan shalat jenazah dan doa bersama, yang dipimpin oleh H Antung Abdullah, salah satu tokoh masjid itu.

Antung bercerita, salah satu anggota keluarga Chrisye mengatakan kepadanya, menjelang akhir hayatnya Chrisye sempat menyampaikan pesan bahwa ia akan meninggal pada hari Jumat dan ingin dishalatkan di masjid tersebut. "Itu pesan beliau yang disampaikan oleh pihak keluarga Chrisye kepada saya. Jarang sekali orang bisa mengetahui kapan waktu kematiannya," tuturnya. Chrisye mengembuskan napas terakhirnya pada Jumat (30/3), pukul 04.08 WIB, di rumahnya, setelah beberapa tahun menderita penyakit kanker paru-paru.

Kisah Antung lagi, ia kerap melihat Chrisye melakukan shalat di Masjid Al-Mukaromah di bagian yang sama dari masjid tersebut, yaitu di bagian kanan belakang.

Ketika jenazah Chrisye dalam perjalanan menuju TPU Jeruk Purut, tampak para warga berderet-deret di tepi jalan-jalan yang dilewati, layaknya mereka tengah memberi penghormatan terakhir kepada sang legenda.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Carry on with the Votes!
Ayah's MSM from Ma'akah..
He manage to sneeked in his camera mobile phone to take this pictures! Most of the time, we'll be checked just before you enter into the Masjid.

I remember back in the 1990's, went Umrah with Mak & Ayah then. It was my 1st time into Tanah Suci. Most of the time we will make sure that we dont accidently bring along our camera to Masjid after our visits or tours.

So happen, there's this lady who came into masjid with us, she's a jemaah from our group too. When its time for inspection just before entering, she realise that she had her camera with her. The security lady at the door DO not allow her to come in At ALL! Its was almost Zohor, most of the time we stay for Zohor & Asar togather. So she had to go back to our hotel, luckily its just 10mins walking distance...

Other than that, I remembered being checked at the Jeddah imigration. She held me too long alone with the 2 immigration ladies. They were admiring my renda2 at my jubah that was tailor made back home. My parents was so worried why was it taking to long for them to inspect me.. They spend almost 10mins inside the security thingy... Anyway The only thing was I cant speak Arabic or else I would like 'join their party'...

With the technology, here's some MMS from Ayah..

25th March 2007 @ 19:54pm(Spore)Asar - Masjid lengang fr jemaah s'pore..

28th March 2007 @ 22:19pm(Spore)Asar - Keadan d makah mula ramai datang teutama dari turki

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Anugerah Planet Muzik 2007

Lagu Singapura Paling Popular
- Imran Ajmain - Sudah tu Sudah - L16
- Sleeq feat Imran Ajmain - Pilihlah Aku - L14

To Vote via SMS ($0.50 per sms):
APM(space)Kod Artist(space)IC No(space)Name, Send it to 72346

Artist Singapura Paling Popular
-Imran Ajmain - A10
- Sleeq - A18

To Vote via SMS ($0.50 per sms):
APM(space)Kod Artist(space)IC No(space)Name, Send it to 72346

All Voting ends till 8th April 2007, and thats about 2 weeks from now!

Vote Wisely...

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

My parents with Mak Long & Pak Long left for Umrah yesterday evening. Ayah sms at 6.40am to inform that they have arrive in Makkah...

I was really hungry yesterday evening, just cant wait any longer & had dinner at Popeye (again), then later headed home.. Feeling slight feverish. Took some medication feeling much better this morning.

So what should I have for dinner today eh?

If not for the tour to KL cancellation, we would have been in KL right now at least checking into Palace of Golden Horses & probably doing some shopping.
But what can I say right??

TruLy NoreeZ

Watsup with goggling for 'Feisal Dzulkiflee' & coming to my blog eh?? This man is my Friend, If really want to know about him (more)then email me directly.. so we can talk.

My bandwidth been going UP this days searching for this dude (again & again!)..

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm still not feeling well after the fall... I'm not having fever or anything, only headache. My forhead still sore, my nose still swell, my gigi sengal... Body aching especially my chest..

Ok 2 things,

1) The trip to KL for 3 Diva Tour is cancel at our end...
We receive about 16calls for enquiries, however not 1 wish to confirm on the trip.
Only receive a call from an Indonesian lady, cant remember her name. She was dissapointed that the trip is cancelled. She found out about the tour from goggle.

So Singapore Tour group is cancel, the Concert 3 Diva is still on.
Anyone interested can still purchase tickets from Axcess at or +60377115000. Here you only purchase the normal tickets, no VIP or VVIP exclusive..

2) Our parents are leaving for Umrah this Saturday 24th March. They finally confirm on Visa issue just yesterday. They were suppose to include Baitulmakdis with the trip, however they only be going to Makkah + Madinah...

Ok in case anyone know,
Have you heard of Food Festival in Turkey for the month of April?
If you know any thing about it, pls email me any details or information about it...

Ciao dulu..

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Thurs, 15th March 2007 @ 7pm
I am so angry, frust & furious with the whole situation.. I don’t wish to do business with young punks anymore man… Don’t want to say too soon lah right.

I have this ego tau, which is unhealthy lah actually. I do not want to mengaku kalah selagi I’ve not finish fighting for my rights. I don’t judge people any how, but sometimes my 1st impression is right. We can tell by how people talk & the body language, the way they talk…

The whole thing is in a Mess, major mess… If my blog sounded berkias kias, I’m sorry. I need to save the identity of the good people at the same time need to vent out the anger..

Friday, 16th March 2007 @ 10pm

Its Rauzan’s Album Launching today at Library@Orchard. We have to be early, arrive by 5pm. We started setting up & sound checking early. Unfortunately when the whole show starts the sound system & mike was disappointing. Imran was furious, Rauzan feeling embarrassed over the whole thing. However Rauzan was brave enough to perform with out music, sounded like a recital.. Great Job Boy..

We left for home, took at cab at Wisma Atria. Guess who we met? CK & Yasmin! Its been some time since we last met. At least we get to chat for a while at the taxi stand..

Reach home at around 8pm..

Saturday, 17th March 2007 @ 12noon
The BS boys gotten slot for Hip Hop Festival at the Expo Mega Carnival. I reached there early at 12noon to have the sound check. Rauzan & Roze arrive first. Raudz has to go on separate ways this time. She had to be with Imran & Sleeq at Tampines Library for Melayuku Sayang. So I had to be incharge at Expo with Salim. Rauzan has his Channel V interview with Zabrina. Thanks to her…

The show started at 2pm, however the slot that Imran planned for Rauzan slot was fill with the Hip Hop Dance group 1st. So the boy finally started to perform at around 2.30pm. And that was when the whole mess starts. Sleeq arrive at the expo after the Tampines performance. I went to fetch them at the taxi stand. By then Rauzan’s 2nd performance just started. At was almost 3.45pm by then. The Fest suppose to end by 4pm. The Organizer has started to make thing hard, asking me slot 2 songs each for the balance performances. Anyway I was torned because I do not want to disappoint anyone. I manage to get Sleeq to perform after the Junior’s performances. However I was really feeling bad because XS do not want to perform if they are given only to sing 1 song. I thought we should just go on with it because by then the crowd was good, really good. I take it positively because when Sleeq performed the crowd was Wonderful man.. Anyway I know there was unhappiness however I wish I can do something if it MY own event man..

The boys are performing as Sponsor for the whole event, so we are not even provided with lunch or something to eat. I was really hungry actually. Only had a bite in the morning. Imagine its almost 6pm and I’ve not had a single meal. I’m very sure the boy felt the same was too..

We left expo, headed to Changi Aiport to have dinner. Its almost 7pm, we had makan at T1, sedap giler.. Never had makan there at Peopye.. I must be very hungry I tink.. Actually masih hungry.. Anyway earlier, Raudz sms me saying she fell down from the stage when doing sound check for the guys… It happens when I’m not there..

Sunday, 18th March 2007 @ 5pm
I woke up slightly later because nak balas dendam the penat that I had for the past few days.. But we had to send another copy of the CD to judging. So we left home around 5pm. Meet Saiful, its been some time since met him.. Had a nice chat at the office till almost 11pm. Met Sheikh, he mention about us being the peminat setia of the malay radio.. heeheh… We wanted to buy food stuff at Toa Payoh earlier, but it was so crowded at Toa Payoh. There was the Project Superstar audition for schools there, and there was another event near courts. So we couldn’t find what we want.. So reach home hungry…

Monday, 19th March 2007 @ 22.27pm
I woke up for subuh at 6.05am, did my solat. Right after salam, I feel sakit perut. So I terus masuk toilet. Sat down trying to do my business, the next minute….. I passed out!

When I regain conscious, mak was beside me, ayah support my back.. Gosh! What just happened seh! Mak said I pitam in the toilet. I actually locked the toilet door, Mak said Ayah had to force open the door.. I manage to pass motion after the fell, then I felt relieve… Walk back to my room slowly.. Gosh sakit nya kepala & my hidung.. Then I realise my nose is bleeding.. Mak said I fell face down.. Did I broke my nose or something? Raudz made hot milo for me.. took a sip, then went to sleep. Woke up at around 9.30am, mak insist that I go to the clinic.. But my head is still spinning seh. If its just sakit perut due to gastric it should be fine by now. I guess its due to the fall, my head starts to feel sakit & I felt like vomiting.. And that’s scary, I hope there is nothing wrong with my kepala otak!

Lucky I didn’t broke my nose or something, I had to put ice so the swell get better. Shukur I didn’t had my specs on when I fell, if not.. I must have broke it & my face sure tak tahu nak cakap macam mana… I had to take the vitamins & the medication doctor Ko gave. I had to take the panadol too, coz my kepala still denyut2.

I cannot tahan lapar already, I then realise I didn’t have proper meal for the past 3 days.. That was the reason for the gastric, but my perut tak lah sakit sangat.. Well it’s a lesson to learn.. Phew, Syukur…

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Berita Harian
Santai : 13 Mac 2007

SEBELUM ini, nama-nama besar dalam industri hiburan Indonesia, Ruth Sahanaya, Kris Dayanti dan Titi DJ, berjaya menghimpunkan seramai 5,000 peminat-peminat mereka di Jakarta menerusi 'Konsert 3 Diva'.

Dari kota Jakarta, konsert mega tersebut diteruskan ke tiga wilayah Indonesia yang lain - Bali, Bandung dan Surabaya.

Kini, kehebatan ketiga-tiga penyanyi Indonesia itu, Ruth, Kris dan Titi, bakal dipentaskan di Malaysia buat pertama kalinya pada 25 Mac ini bertempat di Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil khusus untuk peminat-peminat di Malaysia dan Singapura.

'Konsert 3 Diva', anjuran Pineapple Concerts Sdn Bhd, ini seolah-olah menyatukan semula ketiga-tiga sahabat dan memberi ruang untuk mereka mempamerkan kekuatan vokal masing-masing di pentas Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil.

Sebelum ini, ketiga-tiga mereka pernah dipertemukan dalam satu persembahan berskala sederhana pada 2001.

Penulis difahamkan idea untuk menggabungkan semula ketiga-tiga penyanyi tersohor itu diilhamkan oleh suami serta pengurus Ruth sendiri iaitu Jeffry Waworunthu.

'Konsert 3 Diva' itu nanti akan digegarkan dengan rangkaian petikan lagu-lagu daripada himpunan album individu ketiga-tiga penyanyi itu yang masing-masing bakal dipersembahkan dengan iringan penyusun muzik dan komposer terkenal dari Indonesia, Erwin Gutawa, serta Eddie Marzuki dari Malaysia.

Sewaktu pelancaran 'Konsert 3 Diva' yang berlangsung di Kuala Lumpur baru-baru ini, penyanyi Kris Dayanti, 32 tahun, menjelaskan kepada pihak media:

'Konsert ini memerlukan stamina tinggi dan sesi latihannya juga sangat panjang. Namun, kami bersyukur kerana tawaran untuk beraksi di Kuala Lumpur akhirnya kunjung tiba. Pastinya persiapan kali ini lebih matang kerana kami sudah melalui pengalaman itu.'

Tambah Kris Dayanti lagi, konsert itu akan menjadi malam pertemuan semula yang sangat bererti buat mereka bertiga dengan para peminat mereka di sini.

Ruth atau lebih dikenali dengan panggilan mesranya, Uthe, pula mengatakan persiapan rapi tetap dititikberatkan meskipun mereka sudah melalui empat pengalaman sewaktu konsert tersebut dianjurkan di Indonesia.

Kata Ruth, yang mempunyai 20 tahun pengalaman menyanyi:

'Kami melalui sesi latihan yang sangat ketat. Sebahagian daripada konsep persembahan malam itu dikekalkan. Namun, sebahagian lagi diberi sedikit perubahan untuk disesuaikan dengan suasana dan cita rasa peminat di Malaysia. Paling istimewa, konsert ini menyatukan pemuzik dua negara dan ia begitu membanggakan kami.'

Peminat-peminat Singapura yang ingin mengikuti rombongan menyaksikan 'Konsert 3 Diva' secara eksklusif boleh menghubungi ejen jualan pakej tersebut di Singapura, Workheart, di talian 8169-3022.

Pakej rombongan termasuk penginapan hotel, pengangkutan serta tiket bagi menyaksikan 'Konsert 3 Diva' di Stadium Bukit Jalil. - Oleh FREDA HASSAN

Monday, March 12, 2007

SLEEQ @ Kelab Obor

We left home early, had to meet Shai at MediaCorp Radio.
We dont wish to delay the cheq issue any further eventhough the closing date has been extended.. I tink lah kan.

Almost forgotten that the sound check is at 10am, We reach SPH Auditorium at 11.15am about that. Imran doing the sound check, Sleeq & Rauzan did that later...

After nasi lemak breakfast provided by them, we just relax for awhile before the crowd starts coming around 1.30pm. Glad to have meet Farid, Haryani, Norman, Nazri & Suriyani.. Nice understanding people.

Students starts coming into the auditorium at 1.45pm. The screaming starts when Rauzan, Sleeq & Imran starts performing. I thought the younger generation are easier to handle. Sangkaan ku meleset seh... heeheh..

Anyway, we love the crowd, Thanks to all the supporters...

We finally had to bring them out by the back door... Apa tak nya PR dia yg 2 orang ni yg berpeluh peluh 'berlawan' dgn crowd..

Truly NoreeZ

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Siarra - Higher n Deeper

Meet Siarra on Mosaic Esplanade...
They are really GOOOD....

Friday, March 09, 2007

Esplanade tonight & URTV Issue

Imran's in URTV Issue for this week (cover picture of Fara Fauzana).
Got get them at local magz stores, lagi senang pegi aje Geylang or Joo Chait complex stores...

Come to Mosaic Music Festival tonight, its free anyway..
Dont miss it. Its goona be Fun!

See You.

TruLy NoreeZ

Feel like shit siak. I'm going mad seh.
If I have the whole lots of money and the ability to do everything on my own, then I dont hve to ask for help. Then I dont have to feel like I owe people their money or a living.
People complaint for not having a good job, when I have to run & look for job to earn a living.
Not being appreciated is one, gain respect not anymore.
Frust Rabak!
TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

MOSAIC Music Festival, 9th March 2007

Urban Method / Siarra/ Dina/ Imran Ajmain
Malaysia & Singapore
9 Mar (Fri)Nokia Powerhouse
10pm (60mins)

Come join the party as a fusion between famous names and aspiring talents from Singapore and Malaysia takes place, to celebrate the opening of Mosaic Music Festival 2007!
Singing songs ranging from R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Acapella and some Old School Flava, the groups’ R&B and Acapella persona gladly cater to the adults whilst their Pop and Hip-Hop side easily satisfies the youth. It will be a night of non-stop hits!
9 Mar (Fri) • Nokia Powerhouse • FREE (first-come-first served)

TruLy NoreeZ

Konsert 3 Diva, 25th March 2007, Stadium Bukit Jalil

Keep March 25 free for Konsert 3 Diva, a performance by three Indonesian artistes.

Titi DJ, 41, Ruth Sahanaya, 40, and Kris Dayanti, 32, were certainly a sight to behold as they talked about their upcoming Konsert 3 Diva to be held on March 25 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur at 8pm.

Anyone Interested on the Konsert?

WorkheART got Coach+Hotel+Tickets deal...
Call 81693022 (or my number if you have) or email for more enquires...

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, March 05, 2007

Truth Hurts..

Busy is good, means we have work to do.

Why when we know something true, it hurts most eh? Segala nya ku terima lah...

Was away in KL for just 1 night. Have arrange for meeting in KL, guess its due to the timing we didnt get to have a proper meeting.

Imran had his performance with Suria FM in Berjaya Time Square in KL. It was wonderful.. We met Azmi Sempoi, or now he's Air name is A.Z.. At least we see alot of familiar faces. There were Wahedah, Anuar Zain, Ning, Mawi, Amy Mastura and many more. The day when we arrive in KL, he had his Radio interview with with DJ Adi & Nazirah.

Only get to meet Nya's & Aqim for a short while, at least we get to eat the nasi lemak at the bus station just before we leave spore. We receive sms from CK regards to Naz mom when we were getting ready for breakfast. Right after that we had to check out & leave for the show. We reach Spore at 1am on Sunday.

Just yesterday, Imran had another performace with LFI Charity Event.

So today, we're back to business. Cant delay any longer. Will blog more soon when time permits..

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Takziah, Al-Fatihah

Takziah to Nazrahayu & Family.


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