Wednesday, December 13, 2006

1st Wedding in the Family

I wasnt ready to blog actually, however I feel that its about time to express what is inside me.

Finally, Fidz & Ju wedding was on last weekend. The day that we've been waiting for finally passes by us so quickly. Just last week I asked Fidz how is she feeling when the days drew near, she said "takde feeling lagi pun".

Visitor starts since Thursday. We had people calling asking if we need any extra hands, Alhamdulliah we were rather relax because in this modern world everything comes in a package. What you really need most are BIG BUCKS! Sedia kan duit aje ribu riban & things will be ready for you right to your doorsteps. That night, Jewel M came over to Inai Fidz, from after Maghrib till almost 11pm she had the hands & feet done for her. Kita pun join the party, had 1 hand henna from Jewel.. The bedroom decor was done on Wed, so Fidz & me had to sleep outside so as not to mess up the beautiful decor on our bed..

Friday, Mak's best of Friends since kampung days, Cik Eton, Cik Limah came over because they had promised Mak that they will Sponsor bunga rampai & wajik for the Nikah. Alhamdulliah, we just help to hiris bunga rampai & packed the wajik at the bunga pahar aje. Basically its was quality time with the relatives that Friday. They started talking about kampung days & start recall the names of the budak2 kampung which has nama gelaran, it was so kelakar. Fidz was asked not to do anything but I am very sure she felt awkward not giving a helping hand. I'm glad we all spend some time togather.

On Saturday, we woke up really early. Tok starts knocking at our door since 7.30am. Adoi, pagi nya. The cousin starts coming around noon furthermore we have infrom them that we are not so busy with things actually. Hafiz, Hazlam, Cik Rashid & Andak help lots for the whole preparation. Thanks alot to them..

By after zohor, we were getting ready for the nikah. The aunties, uncles, cousins as well as grandaunties & granduncles are presence to witness the nikah. I was more nervous for the Dinner since it was fully WorkheART's plans. So for the 2 days, I was incharge of coordination & liasing with the man side on their arrival.

At 4.30pm, all the guest has arrive. The uncles are getting resah because the groom has not arrive yet. Just 5mins to 5pm, Bapak start calling me coz they are not here yet. I had to make the 3rd call to the groom sister, actually quite paiseh. Ju father picked up the phone saying they are reaching soon, anyway the Kadi has not arrive yet also.

That's my Bro In Law. Juhari

They finally arrived about 10mins later. (only to know that they baju melayu yg Ju wore koyak after he put it on, so they had to hunt for a white baju 'loan' from a friend.) The nikah was very brief but precise, they kadi handle it quite well.

Check out Mak Long, in brown, folding the tissue wiping the tears

Just after Ju lafaz nikah the person that I saw crying was Mak Long! heehehe.. Fidz's was ok, I was trying to tahan I guess so as Raudz.

Not long after that we had to get ready for the dinner reception. Raudz was the emcee for the evening. I was rather concern if all 250 guest came because the place has a bit of space problem. Luckily the earlier table setup that I suggested, enough to fill up the 120 guest space in order to have a good view of the bride & groom at the Dias or Pelamin.

one for the album

Raudz had all the song line up for the evening, we had Qrios - Izar & Irwan to assist us sound system. We actually had a surprise for Fidz for the evening since its her bday also. She only found out that morning when she view the show rundown for the evening. Thanks Imran for the wonderful Seribu Tahun song that Fidz love so much. Oh yes, Thanks to our cousin, Hider (cousin's of Imran too) for fetching Imran to the venue after his Lime event.

Thanks to those who came for the dinner, sorry I didnt get to layan anyone.. too busy coordinating the dinner.

That night, the 3 of us slept at Raudz room. Quality time bachelor night heehehe.. We slept soundly, so penat.

The next day, the whole family came in Baju Kurung & Baju Melayu as early as 9am in the morning. Just few hours before Imah, the mak andam came, the 3 of us had few more hours of chit chatting before Fidz gets ready for Sanding. Quality time again..

The groom came at 1pm, the whole day we were all tooooo Busy sambut tetamu. Jumpa macam macam orang. All the relative that we meet like once a year or once in the blue moon. Had few old neighbours came also. Not forgetting those who thought that I was the bride actually... haahah.. I met a few of my schoolmates, Rahman also came with his famili - my 1st time meeting his wife. Nice guy, glad to have meet him again. Sani & Ita came, So as Abg TG with baby Irfan, so cute. Brader Bo & famili came same time as Abg arrive. Oh yes, Taufik Batisah mom & Hady Mirza mom came too. They are all Mak's orang kampung. They mom's glamor jugak tau, people notice & identify them too...

From 10.30am, guest starts arriving non stop till 5pm. There were times when the guest had to Q for the buffet. Alhamdulliah, everything went smoothly...

That's One Big Family

Its been a few days now, Fidz staying at Toa Payoh. Now I wish that they could stay here instead. Perhaps if I was married earlier & move out 1st, she would be here. I dont know..

I still felt empty sleeping here, always leave the space for Fidz beside. I sleep on Fidz towel that she normally place it on her pillow. Not intending to wash them, at least I wont feel lost she's not here. That night when she went away with Ju, she kiss cheek to cheek, Raudz just cant stop her tears from falling. Now we feel like seeing each other everyday. I cant imagine if its Raudz turn next, I will be lost X2!

Ok things are getting pretty hard for me. I have to do something to manage myself, financially. I'm hoping for the best, insya ALLAH. But I'm just glad the wedding went well, Alhamdulliah.

Thanks to Abg Madi for the photo contribution..

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, December 01, 2006

Facts of LIFE!

Last week Raudz & myself was so tied up & busy giler. We did the final process of the event, tie the ribbons to the doorgift. The 3 of us did it in the hotel room from 5.30pm to almost 9pm.

Then that night, we reached home still not settle with the job. Had to send final sms for buyers of the balance seats that some people cancelled. Got angry with one another, unspoken. I wish I dont have to do it on Someone's birthday, man. Its not so easy & YES, its not easy even we had the WHOLE event planned out, discussed over meetings & long distances calls, market, advertise & promo it & all that stuff for more than 4 months but still it was not as simple even though we have This HANSome guy as our main artist... NOT EASY ok! so dont say you're his fan but you cant make it OR "buat meet the fan with him again lah!" haahaha... Jgn buat aku GELAK!

Now then I'm ready to talk to people, Now then I'm ready to meet up, Now then I'm ready to explain by email or YM or over coffee & Now then I'm ready to blog or say something about it.

I just dont get it lah, I just receive an sms not long ago about something that annoy me the MOST. Yang kelakarnya Santai event is the oppurtunity to network or meet new people but some are not making use of it instead action jambu macam star tapi bukan. Even Hans mention it to the audience that this is the chance to get to know people around especially your seats or table next to you are basically strangers. You might never know when you might need help or chance for business oppurtunity or something lah kan is from this stranger seated next to you. Almost 80% of the guest that day are individuals either purchase from Muzika or from the Hans Fanmails. Even my crew members meet for the first time that day & best of all they manage to 'ngam' Alhamdulliah.. There you see, by creating conversation then they got to know that Zana, Hestee, Nani are born in the month of August, just like Hans & Myself. So malu bertanya sesat lah jalan... I'm extremely mad over that sms, still am. Whatever lah kan! Not another chance for YOU lah.

The photos of the event turn of good from Ayah, Raudz camera & contribution from Izan - Melor's neice. We also had 2 videocam coverage - 1 of them was really good incomparison to the other.. We didnt have a professional Videographer or Photographer that day but we make do with whatever we have. I shouldn't ask for more then just BerSyukur with things that ALLAH has given, Alhamdulliah. I'm waiting for Persada Seni coverage to be on air & Manja interview to be featured on next month issue. To me that will be the best rewards lah kira.

Ok now, its exactly A WEEK before Fidz wedding. Starting next week, I'll be on this bed of mine alone cause Fidz will be moving to Toa Payoh.. There goes my sleeping partner cum room mate.. heehehe.. Tomorrow my aunt, uncles & cuzins will be here for a meeting cum makan2 treat. Then starting Monday, Fidz will start her off days & leave soon after that. We'll start doing the Hantaran thingy by then. Will have a few meeting next week too. But on Wed, I have to remember that I'm meeting my Airport friends for coffee to meet Mazlan because he's leaving for Haj this 24th Dec. Will not want to miss it or terlupa, mati aku kena hentam dgn all of them for forgetting.

We are offering companies who wish to organize Christmas parties for department or something, we plan such event as well. We can also work out something for your End of the year party, will be glad to give you good rates. Do give workheART event management a call or an email...

Ok more events to come, Doa kan rezeki kami Insya ALLAH...

Will be busy most likely within the next few days.. May not be able to blog often.


TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanks a Bunch, Hans!

Shukur Alhamdulliah..

Everything on Santai Bersama Hans Isaac on 25th November went well, I’m so glad, happy, touched.. However, I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone yes YET! ALLAH saja yang tahu gelora nya..

I will like to Thank A FEW people,

The Artists & Managers,
- Hans & Lynette Isaac for your understanding, faith in which no other had & lots more! Thanks, thanks, thanks.
- Sleeq, Roze, you guys are the coolest bunch
- Sue & Nadra, of Beats Society thanks, thanks, thanks… suka korang starstruck eh heehehe..
- Imran Ajmain, wish you were there Imran, but your guys rock!

My Crew Gang.. Thanks for Raudz Surprise Birthday
- Netty, thanks for all the help that we need.
- dik Zana & Fairul for being part of the crew, for being there at the time I’m in need & nice video shots.
- cuzin Hestee for the décor even though we don’t have enough stuff for complete décor & also for the listening ear.
- Nanie, Halimah, thanks for helping
- Ayah for the photo taking,
- Izan for being the photographer

- Haslindah for the helping hand eventhough we didn’t get the rooms, Latiff for the coverage & the concern.
- Hafeez for the interviews

- Mama Fai, Perfect Frosting - for the Hans cupcakes, he loves it!
- Nizar & Ardy, Skinny Munster for the shirt sponsorship
- Melor & Aliza, thanks for the kind sponsors
- Izar & Abg Irwan, thanks the soundsystem & thanks for faham our situation

THE GUESTS… (99% are ladies!)
- you guys sure enjoy Hans company so much… Thanks for the feedback & support to WorkheART.

Thanks for those who read my entry, email & sms that I send million of times for the tickets sale, but nobody replied.. Thanks eh! Semoga ALLAH membalas budi anda, Amin.
Thanks to those who posted an entry on the event, I REALLY appreciate you guys playing that part.
Thanks who book or say you're coming but cancel, thanks tau.
Thanks to those who show interest but keep it... Jangan bottle up lama2.
Thanks to people who proclaim Hans fans but not there.
Thanks to those who confident that Hans's going Esplanade.. Sorry, He's to busy entertaining his 67 guest at Orchid Country Club.
the list can go on...

Despite all the stress, depression & hardship that we went thru we manage to get things going. I have learn a lot of things, learn people, learn about situations, there are still room for improvements insya ALLAH.

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sorry, hven't been blogging about life. Been busy with Hans event this Saturday..


We have TWO (2) more tickets left for Santai Bersama Hans Isaac this Sat 25th Nov 06 at Orchid Country Club...

Out for grabs at SPECIAL PRICE!

Call me at my number or 81693022 or email me.. whatever.

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Santai Bersama Hans Isaac - Student Promo

6 Days to GO!

Here's something from WorkHeart!

Good news for students, read on! Spread the word to your families and friends and students you know okay?

If you are a student from the arts, entertainment, theatre, drama society,culture and anything related to those, read on! We are pleased to send you this note to furnish you details to invite youand your friends especially in the abovementioned because we know you lovearts. So do we!

For our upcoming event, we are inviting Malaysian actor,Hans Isaac – the recent Best Supporting Male Actor for Malaysian’s FilmFestival-19 for his first ever Meet the Fans session!Being in the entertainment scene for more than 10 years, Hans will also besharing his views and pointers in the Malay drama and film makingentertainment scene based on his vast experience being involved in filmsfrom Singapore and Malaysia. This is your opportunity to get up close andget great advices from an experienced star!

Roze & Sleeq local singing talents from Beats Society will also be part ofthe event!

Organised by Workheart with great support by Tall Order Production and Beats Society, this event will take place as follows :

Event : Santai Bersama Hans Isaac

Date : 25th Nov 2006

Time : 2pm

Venue : Orchid Country Club

We are seeing this as a perfect ground for entertainment lovers – both music and drama to come and join in the fun. Come rest and relax!

Here’s the good news:

Especially for students, Workheart is opening the Students Promo for only $60 (UP : $68. Public Promo : $65). Hurry as this promotion is valid for limited time only!

Please bring a copy of this email to us on the following dates to qualify for our $60 PROMO! Do show also your student’s concession card or any proof to show that you are student during purchase.If you would like us to set aside tickets for you, reply this email withyour name, contact details and quantity of tickets.

Tickets are STILL available, call 81693022 or visit for further details.

Terms & Conditions:

• This promotion is open to WorkHeart’s Friends – School Promotion, forstudents and their families.

•A copy of email is to be provided as proof of purchase

•Price is inclusive of buffet hi tea, interactive session, photograph &autograph session with Hans Isaac.

•This offer is not valid with $35 deposit as stated in WorkHeart’s website

TruLy NoreeZ

Pening... Buntu... Binggung... Confused... Lost... No other Ideas...


Got to go on, Got to stay strong, Got to have faith, Continue BerDOA...

Wish us Luck, Pray for us...

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm here to clarify the confusion.. Please do not further confuse yourself.

Hans Isaac MAY NOT be going to PGL...
Please take note.


Call me for ticket booking, or call 81693022. I will be happy to attend to your calls.

Thank You For Your Understanding..

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, November 10, 2006

Meet Hans Isaac In Singapore

Hans Isaac's Coming...

Tickets are still available.
Do call us for Booking.
Its 14days away...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I fall sick.. in the head

I didnt blog for almost a week...

I was down with flu last weekend. It was terrible, fever for 3 days then comes the cough & cold.. Ahh.. its horrible. On Thursday, we had to go out to jalan raya. I was hoping that its cancel, unfortunately it was not. That night, pop in 2 tablets & went to bed. I knew something is not right, for sure the fever will melarat. I couldn’t get up from bed since Friday morning, got up for medication & later when to bed again… I choose not to see or meet people when I fall sick furthermore I was too weak.

On Sunday, it was slightly better. Eventhough I still feel dizzy but I thought I should stay out of bed since I slept for 2 days. Then I receive an sms from someone who I hardly hear or meet. Married with kids, sms to ask me if they can come to raya at my place. I explain that I was down with flu, furthermore my parents are not at home. Well, we were close friends during secondary school days, but as time goes by, married with family we don’t actually meet each other anymore. Probably the last time we meet was like 3years back itu but masa raya jugak when they came over to my place… Anyway this people are those you meet once in a blue moon or once a year kind of friend. Insist on coming still even after I mention about me being alone & tak daya nak layan tamu. Macam mana nak cakap secara beralas yang I am sorry that I cant entertain guests.. betul betul tak larat.. “we are around the area aje, tak boleh ke kita datang?”
I had to say, “very sorry, lain hari boleh tak. I just woke up from sleep after my medication.”
I was really disappointed with this friend of mine.. Tak sangka sampai macam tu tak faham kita tak daya nak terima tetamu…

Today I felt much better, eventhough my cough is making me breathless… Nenek has not recover from Asthma this few days too. Most of the time after 1 pump of the inhaler, she gets better. But not this few days. Anyway, Insyairah is admitted in the hospital again. Its her 4th day today if I am not mistaken. Nya’ had to come back to work today, after her office suggested (suggestion not required, thank you!) that her mother should come to KL to take care of her baby so that she can come back to work because she have taken to much of urgent leave. Every mother want to be near her kids if they are admitted of course. Just because those people in the office are single so they don’t understand. Well I am single (& available!) too tapi tak lah sampai tak ada hati perut macam tu…

Ok I have a story to tell… I have this childhood friend who stay in the same (old) block as Tok. I use to stay with Tok until I was 12yrs old, We move to our own place which is the next block aje. So anyway, Tok live on the 8th floor, this childhood friend of mine on the 9th floor. I know his family of course, his mom & dad (now arwah), his brother & sisters all.. So I use to play or rather run around depan rumah dia & a few door away from his is another friend Isa… Reason why I use to sibuk at level 9 was because my friend, Lela from the 15th floor matair dgn Isa dulu.. So I will follow Lela when they date.. haahahah.. Well I was referring to this childhood friend, ok we call him Zack lah, his brother, Halim also about the same ‘generation’ as me. I also remember another Halim on the 10th floor, then Din on the 12th floor also Yus from the 14th floor. Anyway banyak lelaki dari perempuan lah kat block tu.. Ok back to the story lah… When we grow up, I still see Zack. If we see each other, we just steal glances aje. Sebab dah besar2 ni segan sikit lah smile or talk to each other. When I use to work with SH, when I’m on morning shift will always see him downstairs. Either he comes back from jogging ke or back from Flight. Oh yes, he’s a pilot from the local airlines here. So we will always look at each other sahaja without a word. I was too shy to say hi or something, but deep down inside me, I want to acknowledge him… So when we move here at the new place, I don’t meet him in the morning as usual anymore. But just last Saturday, I was crossing the road his just passes by me on his bike. I know he say me, in my heart say “eh, dia tinggal kat block baru mana eh?” Then just yesterday I got to know he’s in block 3D with his brother & sisters…

So just after Maghrib today, another neighbour came over Tok’s place. Tok was giving Fidz invitation to Cik Seri. She mention, “Deris nak kahwin kan adik dia jugak ni, minggu sebelum jemputan ni”
“Oh adik dia yg last sekali tu eh, yg pilot tu ke?” I said.. kepo aku.
“ah ya lah yg tinggal sorang aje tu… Si Zack tu punya majlis lah”
That’s It.. I knew it. He’s getting married the week before Fidz at the same venue as Fidz’s… AAHHHHHHHHH…………. Menyesal ke tak, tidak bertegur sapa dgn dia selama more than 5 years.. MENYESAL TAKKKKKK??????????
Ok yg sudah tu sudah lah..

Yesterday evening, my SH friends came over to my place for raya cum so very belated housewarming.. Ernie came with Teeba, Mandy & Ralleeah… I really miss them, miss their company Not THE COMPANY.. heeheheh.. The came at 8pm, too engrossed with so many story mories & ‘hot news’ they only left at almost 10pm. And Teeba left for KL right after leaving my place. I was surprise to find out something after its been 6 months since I left SH. And that explain my disappointment 6 months ago…

When everyone knows about me leaving the company, I got to know they started collecting funds from Billing Teams mates. It’s a ritual when its someone’s birthday or someone’s leaving or even for new born babies from the team. So when it was my last day, a few of them told me that the person collecting to buy the gift is down with chicken pox so they couldn’t give me the gift earlier. There are about 50 people in the team. So some of them gave me individual gift because they don’t want to wait for this Ms K lah.. So to cut the crap shot, Ms K came back aft 1 wk I left, they had dinner with me at Sakura. I had it on my previous May 2006 posting. So she said My TEAM (7 people only) have this gift for me.. Don’t ask me what it is lah.. Last night I got to know that they collection was definitely cost more than the gift she gave me. In another words… they suspected she pocketed the fund collection (maybe I estimated about $300plus, the gift could cost like $70). They realise that she volunteer to collect for 3 other person birthday & And.. listen to this, They 3 people didn’t even get they birthday gift in May 2006 tu… So she masuk pocket jugak! Rabak, bagus dia buat bisnes macam tu eh… Good Luck to her. And she file for hospitalization leave for the 4th time this year for Chicken Pox AGAIN! Mana ada orang kena chicken pox sampai 4 kali satu tahun? So The office better do something about it..

Ok, Listen…
We still have ticket for Santai Bersama Hans Isaac on Saturday 25th November 2006, 2pm at Orchid Country Club. FYI, Hans MAY NOT be going to PGL as per the trailer on TV. When he was being interviewed, what he was trying to say was if its gonna be in Spore, he will want to come & watch again.. something like that... Jangan mistaken for this statement that he will naik flight & tengok it in Spore.

SO.. Datang Santai bersama Hans & jumpa Hans personally. Its his 1st time meeting Spore fans, do support him cause He is Hot! You boleh chit chat dgn dia, boleh ambil gambar & mintak autograph Hans in person… If you’re in M’sia doesn’t mean you cant come. We have ticket purchase from a Lady in Perak & another one from Indonesia who’s coming to Spore for Santai Hans… Do call us for booking at no : 81693022

Ok, Take Care ALL…

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Santai Bersama Hans Isaac - 25th Nov 2006.. Hurry!

(Click image to Enlarge)
Do join us for Santai Hans at Orchid Country Club.
Truly Noreez

Raya Rumah Baru..

I believe everyone has already started working. Today's already been a week of Raya.

This years Raya is our 1st at our new place. As expected & as we planned to change our ritual visiting with Andak, Angah, Cik & Abg Adi on 1st & 2nd Day of Raya.

This time we stayed at home expecting visitors. Things just got to change. Just like past years, rumah Tok & Nenek will be flooded with guest non stop. Even more, we're at our new place so many of them would like to come over. Raudz was mentioning if any of our distance relative didnt know about our new place, I wonder?

Entertaining guest are just as exhausted as visiting. Tak kering tangan because we're all so busy in the kitchen. I'm glad to see our cousins, 2nd cousins which we didnt realise how much they have grown & even didnt know they have kids which is already 2 or even 3 yrs old..

The night before on malam Raya, Ayah mengadu feeling feverish. The next day, Tok pulak demam followed by Mak. For the past month of Ramadhan, Alhamdulliah everyone's healthy & completed our Puasa. Unfortunately, it could be due to the haze as well, everyone was down with fever. Just last weekend, I felt the sore in my throat not sure if its due to the cold drink I consume on 1st & 2nd Day of Raya.. Luckily, we have Imah, Andak's maid come over to help us with serving the guest.

On the 2nd Day of Raya, CK, FK & Y with Naz & Aishah came over in the evening. Havent meet them for sometime since we've been busy & dot dot dot... Glad we could spend some time togather & the best part was when they arrive our guest left & we were left alone without disturbance.. heehehe...

Nya Nurul & family came on Friday evening... Syirah looks fine, mudah2an bertambah tambah sihat. My ex BT mate, Aini came with her family as well.. Its been some time since I last meet her in May. She's 6mths pregnant with her 3rd child now.. Eh wait! I left in May, she's not pregnant yet. Gosh! its been 6 months since I left SH..

We started our jalan Raya on Saturday & Sunday, Ayah have already made prior booking to rent the day for 2 days. We had to make full use of it. Beside visiting for raya, we had to distribute Fidz wedding invitation cards since its abt 1month plus away..

Since yesterday, I've started 'operation' of my office since 'we close' for the holidays. Had made a few calls to Muzika, Fig & O CPF - Melor as well as Secret Dollhouse-Aliza. We have cathing up & updates to do for the Santai Hans event. Basically this are our sponsors for the event.

I've follow up with the videographer, sound system & Orchid Country Club planner.. I have to make a visit to OCC next week to update them on the menu, the function room setting etc...

I would like to post some raya photos in here.. but later then.

PS : Aku mimpi Wak keje jadi security guard.. haahaha.. it must be the raya visit to akak & mak's place that makes me dream of him.

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Salam Aidilfitri

I guess everyone has started the long holiday over the weekend, dah balik kampung...

Dari Saya Untuk Semua..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Maaf Zahir Batin...


Would love to share this fav song by fav singer or mine...

Selamat Bercuti, Drive carefully...

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, October 20, 2006

Its the Holidays Soon...

Nya's baby Girl, Insyirah has been discharge from hospital this afternoon. Alhamdulliah, I can hear her laughter when I was speaking to Nya' this evening.

I met up with Shyreen last week, its been some time since we last met. She sms me a few days before we meet, told me that she has an intention to sell the house. Unfortunately, it was being 'geledah' by the bank due to Gaffa's debts for his not too sure how many credit card that he hold. The banks has been calling Reen & I'm sure the fear when each time the phone rang & all that its scary. I told Reen that she shall meet at Paya Lebar MRT for a while later on Fidz & myself will head to Geylang. Reen brought along her son, Ashraf who is now 7yrs old. A grown up boy now & he look So much like the father, saling tak tumpah...

Later after that, Fidz & me went to shop, AGAIN, at Geylang Bazaar for the 3rd time this Ramadhan. Its not that we really went spending & shop till you drop kind of thing. We bought some cushion cover, selendang & food for buka & the rest are just jalan jalan... That night I was really tired, flat. I really felt almost doze off during terawih & that really teruk! Will not do that again... not another time... heeheehehehe..

I recall last few year at work during Ramadhan, Zana & myself will change all our shift to morning so that we can break fast at home. Then during lunch time, we will take turn doing our zohor & later after that, we'll take a stroll to PS to window shop. It was a different routine 8 years ago when I was working with Nya' in JAL. We do our zohor in the meeting room & later take a nap at our desk. In the evening, we'll break fast togather because its never on time to do it at home with the family. Its either we break fast at Tampines or Geylang Bazaar or Joo Chait Nasi Ayam... Those were the days man. But this year is different, its just different beyong explaination....

Today I has my massage, just some relaxation one. They had my weight check & all that. To my Surprise I found out something that I really cant believe my eyes & ears. So hear it is : -
Weight : 73kg (biar betul eh, ish!) Ideal weight : 59kg (Hah! gila ke, kerempeng nya?)
Liquid contain : 489kcal (Kurang air)
Sugar Level : 1175kcal Ideal Sugar Level : 700kcal (Sweet tooth lah!)
Protein : 294 kcal Ideal Protein Level : 400 kcal

So now they have start asking if I would like to sign up with their slimming program. It will cost me a bomb! I still have other obtion to decide on.
1) Slimming Programm - cost $3500 for 20 session

2) Slimming Medication - cost RM$200 per box/month.
Ayah was recommended by Yus, my childhood friend who's now staying in Seremban. This particular medication call ZinTop or something. Ayah bought it & has consume it for about 1month. It seem that he has lost about 4kg before puasa. I hope with Ramadhan maybe he might have lost a total of say 7kg ke macam tu... This is just obtion number 2 aje.

3) Exercise, Less sugar intake & increase drinking of water & bring up the protein intake - cost $0.00. Or maybe $50 for a pair of new sport shoes that is already 'koyah' for so long... Since the new park has been furnish with some exercising equipment, I'm inspired to exercise. HOWEVER.. there is always however.. Ok its not fully really now. But that is not an excuse right? I can always plan something out lah kan...

Raya is just a few days away... We have a few things to do this last few more days..

Well, To my Hindu Friends.. Meerra P, Shanti(ma), Teeba Ganesan, Moniq Ratna Rajoo..
Happy Deepavali...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nya' mms me earlier today at 12.56noon with this message...

"Syirah kena nebulized to cairkan kahak dia"

Cian Syirah, hope she will be discharge soon so she can Raya at home...

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Doakan Baby Insyirah Cepat Sembuh

Last night Nya' sms asking me to surf on some disease for kid or something like that. I've already ask Fidz to assist her instead. I told her not to be so paranoid over Syirah fever that come & go. Its always normal for baby to fall sick since its part of growing...
Told Nya' "alah mudah2an tak ada apa apa ah, kau jangan lah worry sangat sampai macam tu.."

However I receive an sms just now at around 1pm. Nya' said that Syirah was admitted today after being refered by the clinic for further check up. So I made a call to Nya', I can tell she sound worried. I just told her hope Syirah just had to be in the hospital for today only. According to Nya' the doctor mention about dada dia lendir, so suspected of Asthma...

Doakan Syirah yg cute ni sihat ya!

So I really hope Naura Insyirah Embun get well soon so she can Raya in Spore & see Aunty Noreez eh.

Yesterday Ayah Ngah & family came berbuka at Tok & Nenek's place. Then today, Andak called to infrom us that he's coming with his family pulak. I'm sure Abang Adi & family will come over as well. Today Mak & Ayah out to JB with Mak Long & Pak Long to buy some kueh for Tok house because he is expected a lot of guess at the new place ni.. So Mak Long & Pak Long will be here to buka puasa as well. Ni dah ramai datang, with all the juadah that will fill up the table.. Hai dugaan..

Most of the time, we only have a simple meal for buka. Its either nasi with just 2 or 3 jenis lauk pauk. Or sometimes Mak will just goreng mee hoon, then will have bubur lambuk from the masjid. With either Tea Tarik or sometimes Kopi Kacip if its a long day & maybe 1 kueh, that all... Lagi pun cepat sikit makan & cepat kemas boleh be at the masjid earlier. If there are too many people, we'll have to wait for your turn to go & wash up & then will take turn to solat as well that will takes time kan.. Tu lah, kadang orang tak faham why kita jarang join in buka ramai2... susah nak explain..

Today's Berita Minggu Singapore has a very interesting article about adap berkunjung ke pusara di Pagi Raya. Its really GOOD, cause most of the time we just take things forgranted aje..

TruLy NoreeZ

Bersabarlah Sayang

Been waiting for this song to be aired.

Finally, its on Ria Spore...

I'm so in the mood to post YouTube this days.. And I believe there are so many people all over searching for Raya song from either audio or video.

Enjoy this lovely song by my most Fav Artist, ANZ..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Siti Nurhaliza ++ Anugerah Aidilfitri

Mengimbas Kenangan Setahun Lalu

Its been sometime since i posted any picture here...

Reminded me of this particular pictures that was never posted due to some reasons lah.. Mak bought a magazine when she was in JB, then I saw a familiar model. Eh Elly Zakaria Mencari Cinta dress in tudung so cantik. Well, time flies I recall only last year Nya' & myself had this berbuka puasa at Mdm Kwan KLCC with Elly & Khairul. This was a year ago.

Now Khairul is married, Elly as per the last chat on YM with her, she gonna further her studies in the UK or something. Well she's still single tau, we end up thing to make ourselves feel better abt being single... heeheh..

Macam makan dlm back out pulak gambar ni...
Nya' & Elly
Ni lepas berbuka muka ceria dah kenyang...
I remember while we berbuka, I saw Hans passes by with his mom shopping kot. And soon after a year I'll be meeting Hans again Insya ALLAH in Spore..
I was out after buka yestereday to meet someone regards to a prof videographer for the event. So its almost settle & the deal was on. Had earl grey at Baladi, mcm siot sangat dapat tea panas power... Tapi segan jugak coz duduk depan masjid sultan dengar orang lagi solat terawih buat rasa salah apa aku buat meeting kat sini. So I actually singgah di Bazaar paling Glam kat Bugis tu expecting to see something and buy some interesting stuff kot. Hambar, takde benda pun. I only walk in less than 10min & was out without being excited over anything at all... Kecewa.
On my way back it was almost 10pm, walk to Bugis MRT. While waiting for the train saw someone very familiar... Imran ke tu? Ish! Imran dah lost lots of weight. Dari jauh dah nampak dia senyum. He really lost alot of weight especially his face, so use to see his chubby look kan of course lah nampak dia lost weight. Berkat orang puasa kot...
Ok got to GO....
Raudz nak buat chocolate chip cookies now..

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

~Berita Terkini dari TV1 jam 12 tengahari~

Bekas penyanyi Freedom Seha, atau nama sebenar Norsehah Abu Bakar, yang menghidap penyakit kanser paru-paru meninggal dunia pagi tadi.

Semoga Roh nya di cucuri Rahmat Amin.


TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, October 09, 2006

Lagu Raya

~ Nazam Lebaran ~ Siti
Lagu Raya, yahoooo....


TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two Weeks Puasa & Lagu Raya Is Out Already!

14 hari berpuasa…. Cepat tu!

The weather is getting hazy day by day.. I heard the PSI index is 116 today morning, Gosh! I’m starting to get slight cough since yesterday. I wish it will rain at least it will wash away the heavy hazy. It reaches the unhealthy level, so they encourage people to stay indoor then going out. So jangan lah nak berjalan kat geylang ke kampong glam ke apa ya… heehehe..

I was out with Fidz yesterday to Geylang! Believe it or not? Yes, pegi Geylang yesterday. We walk around the bazaar from 1pm it was hot at least the shelter from the khemah protect us from the hot afternoon sun. Ok at least we got what we’ve looking for, matching selendang for Raya. Arrive home at 2.30pm, right after solat I tried to take a nap. The sudden pain on my left head feel like ‘tangkap’ to my left eye… Alamak ni yg tak best ni, then it came down to my neck. Migraine ke? Never experience it actually not too sure if it’s the correct term for sakit kepala ni. Ok I thought by taking a short nap tu boleh kurang kan sakit kepala ni. End up I could get the sleep because its warm & at the same time sniffing the burning smell of the hazy make me cough… Until berbuka the headache is still there, I thought again, after makan tu it get better.. It doesn’t at All! The rest left for Terawih, I had to stay. Pop in 2 tab of panadol, ok maybe I should sleep… Banyak punya tido, sakit nya sampai ke mata ni. I think I should put some koyok.. nasib ada lagi sekeping aje tinggal.. Put the big patch on my left neck, the balance cut into small pieces I place it at my left kepala. Feel like nenek2 seh. I remember when I was young either nenek use to have those small pieces of koyok, I was trying to figure out where do they buy those small ones. Because I know it comes in big keeping.. Rupanya depa potong ler bagi kecik.. haiyah..

At around 9.30pm then I felt the sakit kepala kurang sikit.. its either cause by the panadol or the koyok or maybe both. Raudz & Fidz came back from terawih knocking on the door, when I open it they start laughing at me. Hoi korang tak tahu betapa lah sakit nya kepala aku ni makcik.. I only had Zana sms me when I was all alone at home to accompany me.. heehehehe…

Oh Yes, I totally forgotten. Happy 4th Anniversary to Nyah & Mansor (4th October)… I actually wore the baju kurung that I wore on Nyah wedding day to terawih a few days ago just to remind myself of their anniversary.. And that was 4 years ago ke? Ush.. lama tu, cepat nya masa.. lagi pun sampai now pun aku tak nampak pun gambo copy utk aku masa wedding kamu tu beb. Zaman slim aku tu beb.. susah nak dapat gamba aku slim mcm tu oi.. mahal tak boleh diedar kan lah kata.. ish.

As you can see, we have a new event coming up, Santai Bersama Hans Isaac, so we are pretty busy sorting out this & that especially the selling of tickets. We do booking via website or email as well Or you can call 81693022 (or my personal mobile number if you guys have them) to book… Tickets are Limited!

Anyway, its not easy asking for help or rather I wanted to say about sponsorship. If we asked once no reply, then I would not ask again. Same goes to people who HAS help or sponsor us, its not fair to ASK them again... & Again & again.. Its either you get a disspointing answer OR.. you don’t get an answer anymore.. So faham faham aje lah..

A few days ago, mak wake me when she said she’ll be going to JB that morning with Mak Long because Pak Unggal’s daughter passes away! I was just thinking of them a few days ago because I believe they will all come on Raya because they always do furthermore they have not been to our new place. Furthermore Raudz was talking about them just the night before. I got a shocked, Kak Mini was in her late 30’s I tink, married with 6 kids (I thought was 4 kot) passes on after having high fever for 2 days. That was the 1st hand news we receive. Mak left at around 10am with Mak Long. By 4pm Tok get worried on what we should eat for buka that night.
Almost 5pm mak came back with all kinds of lauk pauk from JB. Cant wait to hear the stories from Mak, we kept asking her this & that. According to Mak, Arwah nya was not well for the past week, until last few days she complain of bodyaching. She suddenly pass away that morning at 7.30am. Was told that her mother in law who visited her in the hospital few days ago, was too sad having to watch the daughter in law ill passes on the same day but just 1 hr earlier. Arwah husband receive call about his mom’s passes away, on the way to see his mom, he receive call from hospital about his wife’s news. Imagine how devastated that someone be, losing his Mom & his Wife on the same day… His kids are all between 15yrs old to 1yr old, the schooling one has left earlier in the morning already. The eldest who’s having her exams was excuse for a few hour to see her mom’s kebumian. Then she goes back to school for the exams. How heart breaking can all this be. Semoga Roh nya di Cucuri Rahmat (Kepada kak Marini), Alfatihah.

That night we had lemak nangka cili api, ikan sambal (catfish kot!) then asam pedas for sahur esok nya all from JB bazaar Ramadhan. Mak Oi, mintak ampun sedap giler oi… ish ish.. Bila Mak nak gi JB lagi beli Kueh eh Mak??

Ok lagu lagu raya dah bermula di Ria & Warna hari ni… nikmatilah..

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Santai Bersama Hans Isaac

Ya betul, Tak Salah tu...
~ Hans Isaac ~


TruLy NoreeZ

Puasa Ke?

cepat nya masa, dah 1wk kita berpuasa...

This is the 1st time after 6years I do NOT have to go around asking for swap of shift sempena bulan puasa ni. Or else, I will sound begging for swap because I dont wish to buka in the office with fast food sahaja.. ish boring nya. At the same time I do not wish to miss terawih if I had to work noon or even mid shift. Ish sedih nya macam nak nangis fikir kan tu.

Alhamdulliah for the 1st time, 'my boss' let me come into office at 10.30am. I get to leave early at 5pm so that I get to buka at home.. Boss I best sekali tau, oh not forgetting the afternoon nap after zohor.. kerja apa tu eh? heehehe.. macam tak keje aje.

Anyway, just before puasa starts I've been going out to town to pay bill & send for printing and all those stuff. So I've been alighting at Dhoby Ghaubt everyday & it reminded me when I'm going to work.

So I day, I left home at 12noon the same time if I had to work on noon shift. Imagine the panas terik matahari yg tegak kat atas kepala bila tengahari macam tu.. ish if puasa memang nak nangis bila nak kena gi keje time macam. Kat kepala otak ingat nak MC aje... So sampai at Dhoby Ghaubt I alighted, to go to Peace Centre I will hve to turn right to walk along Plaza Singapura. I suddenly felt the If I had to turn left to walk to Park Mall & to Haw Par Centre I will definately CRY! I dont wish to walk along that lane to go to work... Then I realise, 'eh i dont hve to turn left lah oi.. I dont hve to go to WORK!' suka nya hati aku..

I just heard 2 of my friend who left the same time as me facing problem adjusting to the new job. I know how it feels, coz we are too comfortable with our previous job for 6 1/5 years. Never felt short in financials, always feel safe working there & you will not likely get out of job or something.. So now, my 2 friends including me felt its not easy to sesuai diri at a new working enviroment. Now 1 had tender resignation, the other planning to. 1 had very unfriendly & unhelpful team mates & when you ask them how to do it they make it as though, 'bodoh nya budak ni'. The other was being called up by the HR boss saying that he's not performing well. Well he work like less than 2 months, 3wks of training & another 3weeks in call centre online. So how can u determine that he is not performing when he work less than 2months? I dont understand...

I remember bringing back home pay like $600 when I was working in the airport like 9yrs ago. I manage to survive... Now I think with almost x4 of that pay back then, you still feel that its not enough, kenapa eh?

So now I know what keserderhanaan means...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

History Repeat Itself Ke?

Winner is... Hady MirzA!!!

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, September 22, 2006

Spore Idol and Ramadhan

The Singapore Idol Finals is This Sunday...
Who's gonna Win, Is it Johnathan Or Hady Mirza??? Which One??
Both of them are GOOD, I mean it really good. Its a tough decision, not like you can predict clearly (like last year lah).
Whatever it is, ALL the best to Hardy Mirza & Johnathan...

Anyway, This Sunday too, is the start of Ramadhan. I've finally finishes all those things that I need to do by today. I hope that I do not have to go out during Ramadhan, apart from Terawih at night..
So to all, Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa. Semoga sempurna Ramadhan anda Amin...

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I am so way overdue with blogging...

So what have I been doing lately:-

1) I've been busy with upcoming november event.. Hope things goes as plan insya ALLAH, Amin. Glad to have Beat S. be part of this event. So our next event...

25th November 2006, Saturday - Hi Tea @ Orchid Country Club
Santai Bersama... dot dot dot... check it out Soon..

2) I've notice something about me ever since I left my stressful job. I've bee a sensetive soul until I didnt realise that I can easily cry. So merepek...
I'm so looking forward to see Imran perform at Rentak Singapura. So when he came out with Othman H, the minute the song Apa Salah Beta was out I can feel that my mulut dah 'jebek'..
It really look like the the icon : (
Aiyoh, tu pun nak nangis ke? Like what Raudz said, he always make song sound so touching...

3) We're doing preparation for Fidz wedding too. Went with her last week for her baju selection. Interesting... I shall not say further.. hhhmmmm...

4) Been going up & down Peace Centre for printing. Been up & down Muzika & CPF Robinson to meet Melor too. Been going to The Adelpi to see sponsors for the event. Mudah2an things goes accordingly..

5) I receive shocking news from Kak Zul that Kak Sutimah's husband past away in KL. It was just weeks before that Kak Sue so sibuk saying that her husband want to match me with this guy ke apa lah.. Kesian Kak Sue coz all her kids are in Australia & London, away from her. Now she is left alone in Spore. Even before when he husband works in KL, he will come back every weekend..

We're just few more days to Puasa...

So here's Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa to Everyone..

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, September 01, 2006

Kata Orang

Kata Orang
2nd September 2006, Saturday
The Arts House - Old Parliment Lane
Admission is FREE!

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Citra Cahaya Cinta...

Give it a rest..
She's happily married now..

Dia telah menentukannya
Kita bertemu dan cinta
Inilah oh takdirnya
Bukan kerana harta
Inilah citra cahaya cinta

Pintu hatiku telah kau buka
Tak mampu ku menafikannya
Kejujuran diberi kasih takkan berganti
Ini bahagia yang ku cari

Sayangi daku
Peluklah daku
Janji denganku
Semai cinta nan satu

Tuhan menguji
Takkan berhenti
Hanya ku pinta
Sama setia menjaga hingga ke alam syurga

Dia telah menentukannya
Kita bertemu dan bercinta
Inilah oh takdirnya
Bukan kerana harta
Inilah citra cahaya cinta

Ooh.....Sayangi daku
Peluklah daku
Janji denganku
Semai cinta nan satu

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Selamat Pengantin Baru Cik Siti...

Jambu the Princess

The Bride & Groom..

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gua dah 33 beb.. fuyooo....

I have lots of people to Thank.

Thanks to CK for the blog wishes for me... & for the gift, d Guess wallet so cantik.
To Naz, thanks for the green tea perfume tu, I like it alot..

To Zana who was the 1st person to sms at 00.31am, then Nya' at 00.47am... Ernie at 1.28am... Kita simpan sms tau... Also to Feisal, Grace, Meera, Andak, Mak Long, Teeba, Raihana & Chris Ho.. How can i simply forget Sani, my childhood friend, whom our mom's are kampung bestfriends happen to be born on the same day same year as me. Thanks for the thought everyone..

Much earlier, I told Raudz I dont wish to remember the day. That day, we had our discussion till almost mid night, then she mention "eh dah berapa hari bulan today eh? Hhhmmm..." Thanks Mak, Ayah, Fidz, Johari & Raudz for the card..

There are things in life that is more important now... I cant tink straight. So I would rather have the day be just like any other day this time. Things just dont come easy now, so insya ALLAH I really pray that things goes as schedule, as plan.. Amin.

I've never guess at this age, me at where I am right now.. But Alhamdulliah..

I forgotten a few more people's birthday..
TukangTaip birthday was 4th August - Happy Belated Birthday
Kak Anim (Nya's Sister) - 21st August
Mawi (heehehe...) - 25th August

Oh Yes, Happy Birthday to Hans today..

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Singapore's Celebration

I was so busy with lots of things till I have no time to blog.. Infact there was lots of things to talk about.

It started with the National Day holidays, all the aunties & uncles & cousins came over. Mak Long masak nasi lemak. Mak had lots of kueh & some goreng goreng stuffs. We all watch the parade on TV plus the (almost) clearview of the stadium from our Raudz bedroom... Not to bad lah. Later that evening just before fireworks, all the cousin went to the roof carpark to watch the beautiful fireworks...

On saturday, Mak & Ayah left for Seremban to Cik Maznah & Encik Alamdin's place. It was the Mak Mak's going down memory lane outing.. Mak are childhood friends with Cik Nah, Cik Sal, Cik Limah & Cik Eton since kampong days. Even we the kids are friends till now too...

Anyway in the afternoon, Raudz & myself went to Safiah & Abg Madi's simei condo for the housewarming. Lucky thing, Mak Long & Tok came with us. At least we met Uncle, Bibik & Hestee there as well. We were b usy talking about Sheila Majid concert that night. Finally Hestee decided to come with us, however she had a seperate seats with us.

So that night, Raudz & myself meet up with Hestee at CT Hall MRT. It was so crowded, the fireworks at Marina Bay will start in just 15mins more.. Everyone's rushing to Esplanade to watch it. When we finally reach Esplanade its already 9.05pm. Before that we saw Mama Fai & hubby, they gonna watch the concert as well. Anyway, it was the 1st time I see Esplanade became soooooo crowded, it seems that the whole sporean are at this part of Spore ONLY. As expected since it was so crowded, the mobile lines got jam because of that. People non stop coming in & out of the Esplanade Hall. Surprisingly, we say Naz & CK coming in the Hall. Its been some time since we meet. Ya, because we are so busy at the same time.. u know I'm broke.. anyway, Thanks very much to CK & Naz for the hmmm Present. Malu lah you all susah2 aje.. Anyway, I really Love the gift. THANK YOU..

Oh Yes, I had to thank Shireen AGAIN for the salah beli tiket you tu. We get to sit at Row B, & that is the 2nd row infront of the stage tau! MOST important is, THE SHEILA MAJID LEGENDA CONCERT WAS AWSOME!!!!! It started at 10pm, ended at almost 1.30AM! Lagu2 dia best giler, reminded me of old times in primary school when the Ali Setan days... So nice.. After the concert, we went to Lau Pa Sat for a drink with Hestee.. Met up with Sofie at Lau Pa Sat, later on we left at around 3am... What a Long Day.

Ok I'm all stressed up right now, infact since yesterday I was angry with things, with situation with surrounding & I dont know what should I do to myself now.

Today another call makes me feel so helpless... I have this loan that I took, anyway the point is.. they call us since I'm due for 2 months. But this customer service is so Apek! I said that I left my job right now. He asked me since when I'm not working.. Guess what he said!
"Then you better get yourself a job so you can pay the loan lor!"
My gosh I'm so angry, SO MAD! I said to him, you dont have to tell me what I must do lah, but what is the alternative. He said I dont know lah, if you dont pay they will take action. So that FINE! I hang up the phone... Idiot.

Anyway, I just want to wish a few people for the next few days & weeks.
Here's Happy Birthday to...
13th Aug - Herman
14th Aug - Adi Rahman
15th Aug - Feisal Dzulkiflee
16th Aug - Hestee Raisah
18th Aug - Suzana Ary, Suriani Kantin(My Pri Sch Mate..)
19th Aug - Sani Husin
20th Aug - Hans Isaac
23th Aug -Meerra P
24th Aug -Moniq
25th Aug - Grace Yanzon
28th Aug - Nuri Nurasnidah Ahmad
30th Aug - Coreen Tan
31th Aug - Isham Mohd
did i miss out anyone??
Thats sure a long list of Birthday for August.

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tough Time, Bad Days...

Wishing a HAPPY Birthday to my two Cousins Today 8th August, Rose Aznita Mohd in Liverpool & Nur Liyana Md Rafid...

This is the time of my life when I've been put to a test. Its a choice of either you can make it or you fail...

What I've assume could be all wrong, but I'm in no position to determine if its true or not coz I just feel it happen. I think its not new, its been there for someee timeee.. so its not new.

Things are rough, but we have to put ourselves togather & go thru it whatever it may be...

I had a talk with Nya' last night. Its been awhile since we had our chat, awhile means weeks or almost months. We've ben friends for donkey years & at the same time we know each other's 'tricks'. We have mutual agreement of a lot of things, for instant if we didnt call each other for a long time, means we know that we just need some space. We will call either one when we feel better & wish to talk about things. So if I didnt call or vise verse we will just wait till the time is right. Anyway, I was telling Nya' how tough things are now with me. No point explaining it lah...

We've been busy with Sept event, insya ALLAH. Other than that we've been out scouting for venues & dealing with things like food catering, decor & lots more. Mudah2an things get better. These are part of those test. At the same time I had to deal with surrounding people who dont understand my busy schedule & not sure on what exactly we are doing & working on. However I'm so glad that Ayah has been very very supportive & so understanding with what we do & the path we're going thru. At least he is giving us a chance & know what we do are something that we do best... Alhamdulliah.

Enough of those miserable stories, whats important is I'm just looking forward for tmrw public holiday where the family are coming over & watch the fireworks togather from our rooftop garden. Then we might go to some FREE show at esplanade or something tonight. And not forgetting,the HouseWarming at rumah Abg Madi & Safiah this Sat afternoon & the 'rezeki ALLAH' ticket discount $20 each yg Shireen - kakak blogger offer to us for Sheila Majid Concert on 12th August nanti. So much about wanting to go to the concert but we had to 'catu' our pocket. Dengan kuasa ALLAH Shireen sms Raudz saying that she wrongly purchase a $32.00 ticket where it was suppose to be the more expensive one ke apa gitu. So she sold us at $20 per ticket.

Anyway, I have a meeting to attend later late afternoon. So I'm sorry Doris, Joey & the rest of my classmates from my ITE days. Cant meet you guys... Not easy to explain & sure not easy to understand lah...

TruLy NoreeZ IsmaiL

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Its August...

Its August Again...

Dont really want to be reminded of getting old, especially when you pocket has a big hole!

Today's Mustaqim Mulyadi Ihsan bin Mansor 3rd Birthday!
Happy Birthday Aqim...

I'm still having this feverish feeling again, especially in the morning & at night. Ayah wants me to see the doctor again, but malas lah.. I see my mood later.

Anyway, you know the blocks of flats at this new place of ours is so close to each other. I for now, while typing this in my room can actually turn to my left & see people at the nxt block. Not only I can see them, now I'm actually looking at this lady scolding her daughter for the past 15mins. I wonder what is it all about.. heeheheh.. kepo pulak. I can actually hear their shouting voices, tapi now dah slow sikit suara dia orang tu.. I know this 'opposite 16th floor neighbour' will be out from early morning when the kids goes to school probably morning session, apasal today at kat umah pulak eh. Cuti sekolah ke? So that is how close this flats are. Anyway Mak's cousin is also our opposite neighbour at 17th floor, we can practically lambai each other.. feel so kelakar..

Ok I'm got tonnes of things to do.. I sure need an office, its too comfortable working from home...

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, July 28, 2006

Under the Weather...

I discover a lump on my neck just under my right ear. No pain, so i just ignored them. Only 3 nights ago, I had a terrible bodyache. I woke up at 4pm not able to move... It was so painful. I had to get up for subuh, pop in 2 tablets of bodyache pills. Back to sleep till 10am later on still feeling feverish. Mak insist that I go to the clinic, but actually I was feeling so malas to do that.

Still not being able to get over the news on Arwah Hani, not actually know him in person but I felt so sad on his departure. I'm such a stone hearted person but the heart breaking news makes me cried right after I read the news on bharian M'sia & everytime the news telecast the funeral. For Hani Karmila, she is too young to be facing such a big blow in her life. I hope she grow up to be a strong lady Insya ALLAH.

Anyway, I was suppose to go out & check out a few things, however with this weak body I had to stay in bed. From Wed & Thurs I was at home the whole day, sleep the whole day & go to bed early for 2 days. Like what Raudz said, we must have been overwork, over exhaust ourselve with walking & sleeping late till almost 2am for the past week to finish up our work. With the low dollars & cents in the pocket, we spend time walking when we are out for meeting or viewing the places. Well this is the start of a new beginning, I know its not gonna be easy on the first few years of the business. Insya ALLAH things will get better soon...

Tonight I really had to go out, even I'm still feeling unwell. We have to attend this seminar at the same time taking some oppurtunity to network with other business ladies...

I'm still feeling this heat inside my body. I can feel the sweat eveytime after every glass of water. I need some isotonic drink, was told that drinking 100plus will help to bring down the heart in the body. I shall have 1 later...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Berita Mutakhir from Berita Harian Malaysia

Hani Mohsin Hanafi Meninggal

KUALA LUMPUR: Hani Mohsin, pelakon dan hos program TV Roda Impian, meninggal dunia akibat diserang sakit jantung di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa KL di Sepang hari ini.
Hani, 41, jatuh di Terminal Penerbangan Tambang Murah pada 10 pagi ketika sedang menunggu untuk menaiki pesawat ke Alor Star dalam perjalanannya ke Langkawi, demikian menurut Yasin Hamid, penerbit eksekutif Imagine Pictures, syarikat penerbitan yang diusahakan oleh Allahyarham. Selepas terjatuh, beliau dibawa ke klinik di terminal itu tetapi disahkan meninggal dunia.


I cant get over it, Shocking. I actually cried..

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sambil Menyelam..

Its been a busy week.... Its good to be busy.We've been out the whole week, looking for venues, locations & meetings too. Hardly have time for myself. Been busy putting up proposal, liasing with people for our up coming events (insya ALLAH).

Aliza invited me to her Secret Dollhouse shop opening on 22 July at The Adelphi. I visited her shop on Friday afternoon. I'm glad that we left our Job & have our own dream to fullfill. Just like me, Aliza has been with SH for more than 6years but for her, she manage to get a Team Leader position on her 4th year. However we dont see ourselves going further than that so thats part of the reason why she left. At the same time her dream in business has been accomplished...

I remembered that this 'yahoo fan group' having a gathering in KL. About a week ago, I've voice out our intention to organize an event for this M'sian celebrity in Spore as well. After drafting up a proposal, email the fan club & before calling the manager for further discussion, I receive a call... I was surprise by the call, whom I dont know personally, only by name. The caller express some unhappiness of our intention on organizing something & many more.. I shall not explain more.

I'm pretty disspointed with my intention to get the fans to support the idea & presence. However instead, I was being 'accuse' of 'intruding' or taking over... Actually, as an event organizer by all means has the choice of having an event for the artist & advertise for audience presence & invite the media for coverage. Anyway, we have decided to discountinue the idea since all this happen. Maybe rezeki kita somewhere else...

We have place for this particular Celeb, then we got to know he will be in Town. Hans.Issac was in Spore since Friday, a football match at Jln Besar on Saturday afternoon. So we grab a chance to meet him. Fortunate we are, the fan crowd was not much. Get to chat with him & also infrom him of our intention. So it looks some how or rather great! But most important of all, we get to meet this 'hansem boy', that how Mak always describe him as. He's good look alright!

Ok back to work now...

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I got this photos from Feisal... Thanks Bro.

I've yet to email Khairul.. I'm so segan dah dijemput tapi tak dapat pegi. Belum sempat aku nak ask him for photos of the wedding, its already all over the net.. So cepat one!

Anyway Congrats to Khairul again.. Jaja is so pretty..

I've got to see them if I'll be in KL soon insya ALLAH.

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Ramai yg meluahkan reaksi yg berbeza beza setelah Penyanyi No1 Kita ini membuat pengumuman rasmi tentang perkahwinan nya dengan lelaki pilihannya itu.. Reaksi reaksi yg nyata nyata datang dari jejaka jejaka bujang & single, available memang sungguh memeranjatkan... ada yg marah, sedih, kecewa & sebagai nya lagi...

Nampak nampak nya ramai lah yang akan membanjiri KLCC akhir August ini.. Saya cadangkan buka lah stall jual tissue ke kat sekeliling KLCC tu bila perarakan akan di buat di hari persandingan Cik Siti. kita tu nanti... Pasti laku, sebab barang yg essential sekali pada hari tu, selain dari mengesat peluh, pasti ada yang mengesat air mata sedih...

Come to think of it kan..

Apa pulak reaksi gadis, cik kak cik kak, mak orang & yg sewaktu dengan nya bila Anuar.Zain buat pengumuman mengakhiri zaman bujang nya itu???

"aku tak relaaaaaa Nya'........"

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, July 17, 2006

Biarlah TAK Rahsia LAGI...

SITI.Nurhalizah & Datuk.Khalid...

Finally annoucement made today at 12.30pm at TheZon with the coverage on RTM1 as well as TV3 I think.. I manage to catch the annoucement made, di dahului dgn iringan Doa Selamat utk couple itu..

Terjawap lah sudah semua soal jawap pertanyaan & spekulasi & segala gala nya lah...

It seem that the wedding is gonna be in 28th Aug which is also Siti's Parents 38th Wedding Anniversary...

Kita Doakan lah yg terbaik Insya ALLAH..

~Biarlah Rahsia~

Truly NoreeZ



I'm still not over with the annoucement made by Siti.

As you know, I'm a die hard fan of the TV.. So I was watching Drama on TV1 at 11am. While watchng I saw the news flash reflected as "Lintas Langsung Pengumuman Perkahwinan Siti.Nurhalizah akan di siarkan pada jam 12tgh hari di TV1." Ternyata dgn pantas aku berteriak panggil mak. Mak dgn excited nya memekik memanggil Raudz yg berada di bilik air. Dia bagai kan ada emergency... Dgn kepo nya aku call Cik Nor di Jurong suruh tengok TV1 tentang annoucement Siti..

So finally it was 5mins to 12noon.. Aku yg kancong spider merinding bulu roma aku.. Eh seram pulak aku Cik Siti. nak buat pengumuman ni.. Sudah jelas dah terasa pengumuman nya pasti benar lah ramalan orang2 tentang Datuk.Khalid aka Dtk K tu. Tapi di hati kecil ku ini yg masih bersikap denial masih mengharapkan 'agaknya utk ANAK Dtk K kot?' Denial lah kata...

Jadi kami pun sama2 berhimpun di bilik ku ni dari 12noon sampai ke 12.40pm mcm tu baru lah siaran start. Mereka memulakan 'majlis' dgn bacaan Doa dahulu. Lalu Encik.Tajuddin bapa Siti. mengumumkan yg dia serta isteri telah merestui hubungan Siti.&Datuk.K.

Dari itu majlis mereka akan di adakan pada 28th Aug which is 38th Wedding Anniversary of Siti.'s Parents...

Sayangnya, 28th August tu hari Isnin & hari tu jugak lah kami akan balik dari KL ke Spura. Tak dapat lah kita nak tengok Wedding Siti hari Isnin tu Mak oi...

Ramai yg memberi kan reaksi yg berbeza beza.. Ada yg marah, meluat & sebagai nya. Macam Cik Nya' kita.. dgn lah emo... kecewa benar Cik Nya' kita... Relax lah Sister..

I believe its all berbalik pada jodoh lah kan, tapi memang benar jodoh pun kita yg cari jugak. Tapi memang susah nak imagine Siti. disamping Dtk K. tu coz bila you all watch the news you will see the couple sitting side by side each other at the annoucement venue tu memang mcm tak kena. Tapi apa nak di kata kan...

Tapi Lagu yg paling best untuk di ke udarakan bila ada orang nak comment2 pasal issue ini ialah..

"Yang Sudah tu Sudah....." heeeheheheeheeheh......

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Are You Sure???

The whole of last week was busy outdoor. I met Azreen, Nya's Colleague who came to Spore. I had to pass Imran.'s CD soonest before it get air play in M'sia. At least Nya' get to listen to it first... heeheheh...

I've must have been very clumsy, I sprain my angle on my way back from Centrepoint meeting Azreen. I guess it must be the veins after the sprain, I suddenly feel sweaty.. "gosh am I gonna faint?" Anyway, I headed home straight... We've been out looking for venue all around town. Walking whole day, a form of good exercise. I believe its been some time since I'm out taking a long walk. So it seems that the lemak has been very comfortable sitting & sleeping in my body so its time to get MOVING!

We spend 3/4 of our Wed at Nan's office, I made mee hoon goreng. We ate togather, had out meeting later after that. But most of the time was spend chating, listening to song, music & all that... Looks like we really need a proper place for discussion otherwise we will be diverted to something else instead of getting the work done completely again..

Thursday afternoon, Raudz receive an sms informing komedian Ishak Ahmat passes on. However we are too worried to fwd the news because concern if its just some fwded issues. But the sender is someone reliable, someone from the industry. Obviously its somehow true. Later on I receive a few sms of the same news. It was a shocking news. We've lost someone very talented & he has been in the industry for so long. Semoga Roh-nya Dicucuri Rahmat. Al-Fatheha..

I must have been very tired & I've push myself too hard, at least I was down with flu. No reason why I should go to see the doctor, its not that I need the MC. So I just took panadol regularly & drink lots of water Alhamdulliah it gets better by Friday. I cant cancel the appoitment with Kak Sue coz I've already rejected them the previous Friday.

I met Mazlan & Kak Zul at Tampines Interchange. We headed to Kak Sue's place at 7pm, had out maghrib there & dinner at her place. Catch up on old times, talking about those are, was & getting married from the airport days...

I felt so bad that I felt so helpless this time, I'm in difficult position myself. Later that night I receive another shocking news that affected me tremendously. Tak boleh angkat Langsung seh, Doakan yg terbaik aje lah.. To make matter worst, I'm being posted with a very sensative subject since I've been working from home. Its not easy explaining issues like this.. That makes me even smaller. But nothing beats the tak boleh angkat news, aiyoh!!

Too many shocking news for the week. Back to work, so much to be done..

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Its Hot!

I receive an invitation from Khairul.Hasannain. Unfortunately I'm not able to attend it because it was held at Pahang which I'm not very familiar unless its in KL. However I was touch by the guesture for extending the invitation to me & Raudz.

Khairul was 1 of the contestant from Mencari.CintaTV3 with Elly. I got to know him when I stated email while he was eliminated from the programe. From then on became friends, at the same time I got to know Elly too. After receiving the invitation, I've contacted Elly asking if she's coming as well. Elly couldnt make it as well. Nya' not able to go as well since she's been working late for the past weeks & of course Sunday has to be a family day. We'll definately have to meet Khairul if I'm in KL.

So, To Khairul & Jaja, Selamat Pengantin Baru.. Semoga kekal hingga ke Akhir hayat Insya ALLAH, Amin...

Mak suggested to take up a baking course a few weeks back. So yesterday she asked me along. We attended this baking lesson from a Lady who has a home base cooking classes held at her own home in Potong Pasir. I was expecting a few makcik2, as expected 70% are kakak2 & makcik2. However just beside me there were this 2 ladies of my age, but both of them are married - Aida & Ida. At least I have some from my generation...

Ok, Imran.Ajmain is everywhere now.. He's on Persada Seni, he's on Manja, he's on BMinggu today.. Like how Nad, Sue, Zee use to teriak "Imran. You Hot!!" Ya Imran. is HOT now.. He was on Warna last week as well. Listening to him on air gives me goose pimple, dont ask me coz I dont know why myself. Reading the papers about him today also give me the same feeling. haahaha.. feel so kelakar. Ya, feeling proud a bit.

This is just a friend, what if someone from the family becomes part of this entertaiment industry? Guess the impact is even more & different. Even more, what if say my sister is some artist fiancee or girlfriend. Wow! I'm not too sure how do we place ourselves into other people conversation. Should we be saying, 'eh penyanyi you cakap tu my sepupu punya kawan punya boyfriend tau..' Entah susah jugak lah...

At the baking class, the makcik2 sempat gossip abt Mawi. as well as Siti. Sempat makcik2 ni.. They start saying things like Mawi. change & why is Siti. aftering this man & all that. I felt like mencelah however who am I to say things. Well there are things we need to look at. In the aspect of an artist partner, fiancee or wife. Its not gonna be easy, like pepatah mengatakan 'kalau takut di pukul ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai..' So there are risk to take if you're gonna a celeb's better half.

Looking at Ina & Mawi. reminded me of my past. Persistance is the cause of all break ups. Sometimes when man start saying things about giving them space or they need some air or we need to slow down on topics like marriage thats when the sign is up. Thats what I learn the most from my past relationships. Thats only part of normal relationship of a normal person. In celeb aspect its even hot, its not only warm its HOTTER! Raudz & myself were in JB, surprise to find out the cover of a local magazine has Ina on the cover. 'Eh dah jadi mcm artist pulak eh?' But I can really feel that KIAN is really what he is trying to explain.. It explains all. Its on the TOP Heats in RIA this weeek! Check it out!

I know the fact that being an attached or engaged lady now in this world is not as simple as just waiting for the man to bring the subject out again on when the big day is gonna be. Its not about being a 'perigi cari timba'... The world is challenging now, its how individual handles it. I know how Ina feels but I think things are getting a bit to far when she get media involve not once but many times already. When her appearance on the cover of the magazine has really change things tremandously... Yet again, who am I so say things. Cause we dont really know what exactlly happen between them. I really hope matter will rest, but when FenomenaSeni came up with the topic as part of the TV progamme its not making things better... It get worst!

We just need to look at other male artist who are married. Do we really see their wifes all over the place when the artist is performaing somewhere? Or do we really see them appearing on the magazine or newpapers making statements? So thats why its not easy. Nya' & me had a chat just last week. I told her thats why I do not wish to be ANZ's girl cause its not gonna be easy. Nya' I know If you hear people starts talking about me behind my back, you're not be able to take it. So thats why when he asked me.. I said, 'Sorry I cant!' waaakakakakaaka.... gelak guling guling...

Someone just asked me a question yesterday via chat. Asking if I'm still single, I said yes I am. She said how do i survive being single still. I said its like that lah, you work & that feels up your time. I have many people trying their best to yet again match me with this person & that person. I think its almost enough of that matching game again lah. If people is gonna ask if its serik or whatsoever. Its not really that, its just not the right time or has yet to meet someone right. I can survive whenever I'm still single. Even if I was, It has always been a long distance relationship. Its just as good as not attached jugak actually. I dont fancy going on date every week or meet everyday kind of thing. Lemas aku!

Its really hot this few days, Its raining heavily however the weather is really hot this days...

We dont have visitors this week, only next Tuesdays I'm having my ex SH Friends over for dinner or something.. Hope to see them.

Will be out tomorrow, I Hope! Cause I've been at home for the past few days. Getting really tired being a home all days. Except for my normal duties at home.. watching the TV series & programme lah apa lagi..

TruLy Noreez

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kian. - Mawi.

My recent favourite.. hayati!

Kian jauh
Kian hilang
Kasih antara kita

Nampak tenang
Pada zahirnya
Tapi batin terseksa

Yang terguris tak nampak dimata
Yang terhiris terluka

Sesekali terbit air mata
Tahan sebak didada

Ke manakah..nak dibawa
Resah kian melanda

Di manakah
Hendak ku khabar
Pilu di dalam dada

Bila kasih di hujungnya nyawa
Rasa ingin dimanja

Perasaan pun kian tersentuh
Bila rindu ini berlabuh

Apakah yang dikejar dalam hidupmu
Berkali ku kata padamu
Kita singgah di dunia yang sementara
Penuh tipu daya

Yang kekal
Biarlah..kita bersama

Hanyut terus terlena
Kerana dunia

Pada aku masih ada
Kasih belum terhakis
Sebenarnya..sudah lama
Ku sungguh berkecil hati

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Think again...
Get Married, Continue with my own Job, maybe not out of the country.. hhhhmm..

I had my ex team gathering 2 weeks back. It was suppose to be a belated farewell for me. I was given a Parker Pen & namecard purse as the team gift..
Team gathering...

Prior to this gather, I met up with Teeba, Moniq, Shanti, Lea & Phyllis as well for hi-tea.

I've got my pay cheq HOWEVER they are $100 short! benci seh..
I was infrom that 1 of the top mgr in SH just resign, surprisingly other 2 mgr from oth dept tender in as well. something must be wrong somewhere...

I finally get to infrm the rest of the family that I'm working on my own now. Cause it seems that they are surprise to see that I'm at home most of the time. I guess they are curious, so I had to tell that I left SH & now working from home instead.. Finally.

I'm telling you... I'm so bloody hooked to this TV programme.. I made a good choice by not having cable in my room or else I will miss all the nice malay & korean drame at TV2..

TruLy NoreeZ