Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No Big Bucks!

Its so depressing, gosh I cant express & explain how depressing it feel like.

Actually it was 'announce' by a few people not to expect big buck for end of march if your points are lower than 100. So I was hoping it's not true. However when the time comes, I heard from a few people of the same boat they say its "Not Bad lah". So I thought, how not bad is Not Bad lah kan...

So after 'hurray hurray...' over the weekend and before that had a awesome time at APM on Friday evening (pls note, our seat are just 6 rows away from the big stage... Tapi jgn mimpi nak grab ANZ or MarCeLL ke ELLo ke ya.. walaupun dekat lah kan..) I almost forgotten abt the bonus issue...

The weekend was also packed with meeting & other things to settle. Oh Yes, we got the key to our new house last Thursday. Looks like we gonna be moving estimated mid of May or something.. this is just my prediction aje lah.

So Tuesdays came, I was back to work then. The part where I hate most was when I was being called by No5 since she's the exec now. I hate the fact that she called me to see her at the conference room. She is so "step Bossy" giler menyampah. As if I owe her the LIVING!!! Please... Anyway, the bottomline is I didnt get the Big Fat one.. Expected coz I has my tonsil last 2005 with my operations & all the exhausted all my MC back then...

Arrrrrr.... I'm so frustrated man. But what more can I say right..

Actually I was pretty dissapointed coz I (or rather WE) was not being notice by some1 lah.. I was so sedih, coz we were being shadow by other. So I was not being notice, despite waving at Him, he didnt see me. Then somemore I almost fell down on a Wet Sunday.. I cant believe it that I was feeling sedih, Raudz laugh at me..

Anyway, we hve a lot of things to do. More things to think about. Now it seem so many things are happening 1 by 1.. We cant afford to do things 1 at a time, we need to multi-tasking...

Truly Noreez

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Moving On...

I wish I can go.
Maybe not now.

I shall wait.. AGAIN wait..
How long more should I wait??
Soon maybe..

What if I fail??
Who's the piller for support?

But its abt time, I shall leave...

Anyway, why more should I wait.
I've been here for 6 years.. infact this mth is my 6th year. What hve I achieve since I'm here?
What have I gain ever since I'm here.
Was I being appreciated?? hhhmmm???

Earlier in the afternoon, we had a meeting. Later that evening, I was told by my TL that The BOSS mention I've been here for so long & new job need to be assisgn to me. The looking into u know what lah.. promotion ke apa ke. But now my heart is not here. Its a risk that I'm taking but I'll willing to give it a go.

I hope to get a FAT bonus, at least I can decide what step to take next..

There are things in life that need changes. There are too many oppurtunities that I've forgo.
There too many time this heart kena broken.. I've tired already lah.

Anyway, I'm glad that we had a talk ystdy with someTWO who understand us...
Understand out journey that we hve to go thru. Well, the Leave & OFF Days going out whole day really pays off.

When I met Jen & Liz was at the Santai Event. So ystdy was our 1st time chatting with them apart from biz talk. We went to their Cafe at RELC has the sinful most sedap Brownie & Raudz has the Stawberry Cheesecake. Then, I saw someone familiar.. Someone from my Sec Sch days..
"You know that guy?? That guy is my husband..." I look at Jen!! Your Husband, Alamak...
"Thats my Teacher when I was in Sec Sch!!!"

How can I forget, Taufik's my PE Trainee Teacher back then when I was in Sec 4. Surprisingly he can recall my FULL NAME. Thats really something.. heehehe.. ya & now, I'm a friend of his wife!!! waaakaaakakaakaaaa... I told him that all the rest of the ladies (there was a bunch of 6 malay girl in my class. I remember we all went out to east coast beach with Taufik & Hasnan. They were planning to reunite us togather coz we were all not in talking terms. Tak ingat lah gaduh pasal apa

Just few days ago, I receive a msg from Friendster from an old friend. Actually I cant recall her coz she's a mother of 3 now. She really looks different. She said that she heard my name on Air when the annoucement of Santai. Then she found me at Friendster... Thats really nice. Indrawati's my Pri 6 classmate.

OK Life is full of ups & down. I must mature very fast, furthermore I start working at a young age of 20 yrs old. Mixed with mature adults, going thru life the hard way. I remembered back then I basic pay was only $500+. How did I manage to survive eh?? I recall getting to know people, from all over. Lain orang Lain Ragam.. Regret?? Not a All..

Today I've some time to spare, coz the calls is not too bad. Maybe tmrw when the bills are out.

I've another 28mins more to balik time.. gosh I just HATE afternoon shift. But I didnt get any sympathy from anyone today. Seems the muka kesian tak menjadi lah..

Looks like I've got to work noon till SAT man.. Sat keje Petang?? Gosh so BORING seh.. What can I say man.

Truly NoreeZ

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Its not a Holiday, Its Work!!

I've drank 2 cup of PowerRoot kacip kopi this morning. Gosh I'm still feeling so sleepy & tired this morning...

The KL trip is too short, but its worth. Not expecting it to be a holiday trip at all so I didnt infrm anyone on our arrival becoz I know I will not be able to meet up with anyone..

Raudz & myself left Spore at 8am on Aeroline 5hrs trip. Arrive at 1pm, check-in at SuiteStay(its The Zon now) immediately, fortunate enuf they manage to give us the room before 2pm usual check-in time. Just aft Zohor, we left. Anyway The Zon has upgrade the whole place & the room its so beautiful love it very much. Unfortunately, as much as we wanted to stay for more than 1 nite on a nice room like this, we cant.. next time perhaps, we shall stay fr a wk then.

Coming to KL was for the Launch of Hazam1 Fun Club & Website, Check out Hazz's performing at KLCC this afternoon - I so gonna miss that man.. What a waste..

The launch at REDBox SOGO was interesting. With all the media's covering the event was really something. The event started at 3pm, however it was being stretch till almost 6pm when Shawn & the Members of the fan club & Safri - Haz's friend (& Naz's friend too) cum Choir Conductor occupied the time with some activities for the fan. Dah agak, kita dua pun mesti kena sabo jugak.. We also got to know Fazli (M'sian Idol 1), in the process of recording his 1st album soon. He got songs from Hazam1 for his album...

Raudz menang sorak from the crowd for being the Sporting Fan Club Member... The loudest sorak comes from the Choir boys.. hhhmmm.... Of all people, they pull me out to Sing Hazam1's song. Ok nak sporting punya pasal kuar jugak. Tapi dah lah suara mcm katak, tak sajak betul. I was trying to distract myself coz I was so embarrased facing the crowd.. me Singing! So cannot make it man & so the forget the liriks lah hello!!. I was hoping, "jgn lah vote aku meang.. malu nya aku.." Lucky thing the Choir boys (Soul D Niro & other underground group.. power seh) sang louder so at least it 'override' my katak voice lah eeeee...

They celebrated his bday (again??) entah berapa kali celebrate bday. We left at around 6pm, headed to KLCC for Haz Rehearsal for today's show. Its nice listening to Sonata Musim Salju - the melody of the saxophone & the band, its beautiful..

Its already almost 11pm, I tot ok we shall go back to the hotel instead. Haz has another practice with LJ at Ampang, sebenarnya paiseh lah asik nak menempel aje membontot & ikut aje. He knows that we were not able to spend more time if we balik right now. He told us to join him instead so at least we can chat & spend sometime. We dont mind since we dont have any agenda, cuma paiseh lah nak ikut aje kan..

The dance practise is for the nxt week upcoming event. LJ dance studio has nice color painting & also cooling.. mcm boleh tido. Raudz got vry comfortable with the sofa & the breeze of the air-con. Just nice to fall asleep, however I was actually very hungry. Sakit kepala jap..

Haz finishes his practise at almost midnight. We decided to have supper all togather somewhere at Ampang area, I dont really know where the place is exactly. Saw a few artist there.. there were Aznil later on saw Erma Fatimah. This must be popular hang out makan place among them. Saw that TV3 newsreader also... cant rememeber his name lah.

The food is good, lapar punya pasal kan. We makan till around 1am, left venue for him till almost 2am. Bid farwell to the rest, being send back to our hotel. I know that we had to wake up early to get home the SAME morning, Raudz rqsted not to have the buffet breakfast at the hotel... We continue sleeping instead, dont feel like getting up.. malas nya.

I woke up at 7.45am, had my subuh at 6.30am. Its not helping at all for sleeping another hr, pening kepala lagi ada. I like the bathroom so much, unfortunately its a glassdoor so Raudz disallow me to passby the glassdoor when she's inside.. waaakaaakakaka... tak privacy langsung. Tapi cantik.. mcm mana tu eh!

We check out at 9.30am, the front desk give us the package left by Nyah. Thanks vry much. U shldnt hve..

We arrive SIN at almost 4pm, actually we suppose to arrive at 3pm. however there was a delay at the Immigration due to 1 of the pax has overstay in Msia.

For the 1st time I didnt get to do any shopping, except for my Kopi Kacip PowerRoot aje 4 packet. I only spend RM50 aje.. sungguh menjimatkan.

I'm still so tired, just had to take AL on Mon. Feel like 'sakit' only tmrw... hhhmmm.. but I need to save my MC for 'rainy days instead. Who knows lah kan, Emergency ke.

Anyway, I'm feeling very sebal coz Ms A khabar nya got promoted its either to Senior post or an Upgrade of the Grade (& More $$ lah of course). Perhaps I didnt 'por' enuf kot thats why I didnt get to be part of the promotions. I know she's waiting for me to ask her coz the other day I saw her passing by with this Smile on her face saying like, "tak nak tanya ke kenapa happy ni...." She gave hugs to her TL D, I know coz I smell something not right. I dont care I dont event bother to ask. But its ok. I just hve to stay positive..

Another sad news was, I just fail my Test Call on 75point. Reason for failing was becoz of the changes on SLA that I'm not aware off. It use to be say 3wrkg days for reconnection of line, now its 3 days only. So they fail me due to the incorrect answer given. I take things forgranted coz for the past 6yrs I've been telling Customer the Old SLA. Yet again, takpe.. stay positive till Bonus comes.

But now I heard anyone who gets less than 100 points (over 150) for the appraisal will not be rewarded with the Bonus.. new policy.. Yet again, Sabor lah aje...

Ok Its time to Go Home.. while at work now they hve installed the Cable TV at our office which means we can watch. I've reqsted to On the MTV channel now coz mana lah tahu the Event will be telecast.. Infact, Kata was the 1st video klip that apprear just now..

Truly Noreez

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just Cant Get Enuf...

With monthly of Planning, & heartache, dilema, dissapointment & happy moments came. Now its been a week since the Event by heARTwork. How fast time flies.

Yes, I know I'm so behind time when comes to blogging this time. I've been very occuppied till I dont hve time to sit down to blog, lost 2 kg, didnt had proper lunch nor good sleep. I felt since the last CNY holiday I've been so bloody busy with things...

Right after that, the short trip to KL for JL 20 was really something. We manage to get seats from Mi's Mgr, lucky we must say - Alhamdulliah lah kira. We really hope Abg Mi will come home with something & at the same time we can also promo him for our (at that time) upcoming events...

We went to watch the Full Dress Rehearsal on Sat on the day of our arrival. We just get to see Abg Mi just say 30mins before the Rehearsal. Tu pun just salam aje then we were rushing to PWTC before the show starts. Nasib lah stay at Pan Pac Putra... We know that we will never get to meet our friends, the stay was short & we didnt even get to discuss anything abt the Spore event... Anyway, we didnt get a good seat on the Rehearsal.. But I was telling Raudz takpe esok masih ada.. heehehehheeheee...

The nxt day, the days we've been waiting for. That evening we got ready early. We come 'prepared not bring camera along'. Rupanya its so the very the different from Spore event or show or concerts. Tahu Raudz sebal sangat coz we were practically standing in front of the Red Carpet... But this time Alhamdulliah we got the BEST seat I must say...

The whole event felt like a Gala Night. Alah tak yah lah cerita panjang coz mcm dah basi gitu. Apa pun, we were so excited when announce the winning of Abg Mi. Both of Us was like a bunch of crazy ladies shouting, at the other corner we are glad that His Mgr actually saw us coz he was jumping himself when Abg Mi was announce the winner. That night we know its not easy meeting up with Abg Mi, konon nya banyak lah plan nya... Hambar..

But the morning call at 1am to our room phone was a surprise. So nice of Abg Mi to call... Anyway we will meet up again in Spore..

The Event last week was really something that I've always dream of doing. Alhamdulliah again.. Its something that I feel that I must do it.. So the day came, unfortunately Mak & Ayah left for Holiday in Sarawak. If they were here with us its like a Family joint venture event management lah konon nya.. heeheheh...

We arrive early to fetch them. Arrive just during lunch.. The event went well.. Glad & bersyukur.

At the end of the day sending them off to the airport is sad coz the whole thing happend too fast till I cant catch up with it. Lucky thing the nxt day was still my off day. or else I will definately felt lazy coming to work.

The days passes by, I felt really lost like as if I'm in LOVE. Not with someone lah.. its with Something that I really wanted to do & achieve. Maybe the time has come, for me to do something different apart from my daily job... Insya ALLAH.

I would really love to do more to this. So much abt going after & chasing artist & stars. Now its for real, no chasing but this time being part of organizing an event...

TruLy NoreeZ