Sunday, April 27, 2008

Attention Please

For those who was part of the Co-Operative Society back in School Day, they are looking for us. Escpecially, Julyani, Norhaidah, Emilda. Please check out this Website.

They are requesting us to Claim Monies from the Government due to the contribution to the school we have made.

(I was googling for my own name & found this website. Internet can really do Wonders Man!)

Click Here :

Please contact this following people for enquiries :-

Contact Officer(s):
Co-op Liquidation Proceeds
Name :Akidah Bte Muhammad Yusof
Designation :Assistant Registrar of Co-operatives Societies
Tel :63548182
Fax :62567250
For inquiries on unclaimed monies, please contact
Name :Pauline Tan
Designation :Assistant Director
Tel :63548092
Fax :62590149
For inquiries on unclaimed monies, please contact
Name :Philomena Pilatu
Designation :SFO/PP
Tel :63548202
Fax :62590149

New Office, New Environment...

Yesterday, CH requested us to come over to the new office for 'site visit'. Had to start early on a Saturday morning at 9am! I thought I could pay back some sleep unfortunately, we were asked to meet at 10am at the new office.

I thought, I should come 'sempoi' with tee, jeans & sandals. I have this different feeling after i slip on my sandals. But I continue moving. Not until I reach Kallang MRT, the whole thing came off. Jam, thinking where can I go and buy slippers at that hour. I called Mak, she offered to send my shoes at the MRT. Imagine If I'm already in the train & the thing came off!

So I time the journey from Kallang to Buona Vista, surprisingly it take only 25mins. Unfortunately it takes 15mins for the feder bus 91 to come, eventhough the journey from Buona Vista MRT to Fusionopolis is only 3 stops away. Met Ros at the bus stop, we took the feder togather. Arriving at the Fusionopolis stop, Cecilia was there waiting for us with Amy, Noelle and of course CH.

Take a look at the new office.

My desk

The view from 21st Floor is amazing. Reminded me of the view from my old block in which I can see every where..

Y called, I feel that he is still the same person even after 14years. Honestly, I'm comfortable talking to him. And its dangerously!

I was at Far East plaza yesterday, shopping alone. Felt like buying a pair of shoes that I was aiming the day before. Saf & Kak Liza, we all went out for dinner at Remen Ten on Friday evening. Then later Dier & Zaf came to fetch us for coffee. Went Boat Quay it was crowded like mad as usual. Abg Adi & Andak came right after that. I suggested to go to One Fullerton StarBucks. They close at 12.30mid night actually. Its always the best place to hang out!

So anyway, I shop for shoes. Saw someone famous. 'Pak Rizal' - Iqbal Pakula of Hikmah. He was shopping with a lady (gf kot!). I said Hi and told him I'm a Hikmah Fan, eventhough I always curse and swear that story!... Friendly man. He must be surprise.

Got to go.. I have to work on 1st May PH seh!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Today is a super busy day. The office moving in less than a week.

I had to lunch in, with CH who wants to join. He has asked me to buy lunch for him for the 1st time. "Kita nak biasa eh?" Biasa apa, kita belum biasa lah... Finished my lunch early, seat down to continue my packing.

Its 1319hrs when my hp rang. "Siapa ni call tengahari buta?" The number looks like its coming from a kantor bandara. Oh no! I picked up the call, a familiar voice came. Still sounded the same, address me the same way just like 14years ago. Then the flash back start playing in my head....

I was trying to recall how it all started. We went out, just the two of us. I cant remember how I agreed to the 'date'. We went Parkway Parade, just right after office hours. I know he was attached actually. But only know that it was just months to his wedding from others. Felt cheated, my feeling was lead on.. Someone close did tell me, "you ingat dia nak call off the wedding just because he's now having the things with you? Jangan harap lah.." I hate that, I felt so berdosa. He called home, mak spoke to him saying that he should stop calling since he's getting married soon.

The wedding was on, I didnt attend. Less than a year, right on my birthday week he announced the arrival of his 1st baby. A girl was born just days before (or after) my birthday. He says, "now I will remember your birthday since its the same as my daughter."

After 14years, I emailed him, I didnt wipe my signature when my contact number is clearly reflected. Stupidity! Surprise to get the call actually. But I actually know he's brave enough to do it. I can bet on it, he will call.

He asked, "are you married?" I said no. "But I thought you were engaged kan?" I asked how do you know? I can sensed it. Betul ke?

You think he will call again? I bet he will.. If he is asking me out, I think its not a right time. The lost is still new.. But you think I should agree to things, even after all this years? I think I have to sit down & decide. Not think twice, but more than that.

Why all this Three guys came at the same time at the same sequence just like 14years ago eh? How I wish that I was 14years younger, then I change things and make it better.. On second thought.. I better NOT!

Things has got to change. A job, a life then the rest will fall back nicely. I should be able to take things better at this age.

Actually kan, I miss Pumpkin.. My cousin's cat. She's such a 'qui' cat, playful. I'm afraid of cats actually. But not too the extreme. But Pumpkin is different. She sit on my leg when I was in bed that night at Savanah. I felt that she sat right beside me at around 3am. I realise it already past subuh, I turn my head felt some one was watching me. Pumpkin! Kau dok mengadap muka aku tido? Ya ampun, its only 7am... I want to pay back some sleep please, she wants to play. Now I miss her..

Monday, April 14, 2008

Free Passes to FYI Program

A new up and coming lifestyle-magazine series is coming soon in Suria TV12 by the name of FYI, and since it will be the first, a Test Pilot will be held on 16 April. Guess who will be the guest for this one?

IMRAN AJMAIN will The test pilot will not be telecasted but you’ll get to catch a preview of what you’ll be expecting in this new programme.

Programme : FYI (Test Pilot)
Time : To be seated by 7.45pm sharp

Start: Wednesday, Apr 16, '08
Location: Studio 1, Mediacorp TV, Caldecott Hill

Please email your details in this order if you’d like to have free passes and be among the first to catch this one before it gets on air, LIVE on 2nd May.

Email to with your
Name :
Tel :
No of Tickets :

Please make sure you list down the exact number of tickets you need and we’ll not entertain any last minute requests, to be fair with everyone! And please do check your emails regularly and pick up our phone calls!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

I should get out today, I thought…

Went to Joo Chait, collect some money from the sales. Then headed to Tampines, aimlessly.. No particular appointment, no particular plan. Check with Aden thought she’s at home, probably I should get the document from her since I should need it for closing of account. She’s at a wedding.. So can’t get them. SMS Zaleha, probably she’s available. She replied, saying “sorry, I’m at my in law’s place.” It's been some time since I last went to Malls, so many changes. Went a few rounds, then finally settle myself to BK, grab a bite and read my book. Enjoy my bus ride and reach home at 5pm.

This morning, Ayah insist that I should see the doctor. There is this strain on my neck that is bothering me. Its not very painful or anything. But yesterday I had this headache. So went to Dr Koh at 10am, have it checked. Concern over my Thyroid since I've history of them. I had my Tonsil remove a few years back. I thought it cant be that again. Surprisingly, It IS MY TONSIL. But I didnt have any discomfort in my throat. How can it be tonsil pulak? Since its been remove so the pain attack my neck, its the nerves. I'm on MC actually tomorrow. But I'm not feeling sick, for the 1st time Alhamdulliah. Its just disturbing when I turn my head thats all. Guess how much is the medical bill? $49.00! mak kau, its all because of Augmentine Antibiotic. Because my throat is so manja that other normal antibiotic wont work any more. So I had to take the higher dose, which is $2/per tablet.

A few days ago, while having a discussion over being single I was totally surprise that a close friend share the same sentiment as me. Probably because so use to being doing things independently, cant imagine being question on what you doing, where you’re going and such. Just like not being able to work under someone after working on your own. Its different actually, can’t take it being instructed to do things other people’s way.

It’s been quiet this few weeks. It’s been silent from ‘make my day’ morning or evening greetings. It’s even further and lost touch. Sad I must say, I miss!

They are moving to the west end of the month. I don’t intend to stay till next month. It’s too far and the incoming is ‘ciput’ not enough to pay back my wake up time, traveling time & transport fair. Urgently need a replacement soon… It's not easy getting a perm, like I have to ‘beg’ for it.

There were 5, then 4, soon there will be three probably in the next few years… and I’m not the one! Pathetic…

At least this month, I can be proud of myself. Pay my own bills, pay the load slightly more than the agreed installment. Get to buy the essentials that every woman needs. Way to Go!

Just a thought, for investment sake I should get myself a property. Since the CPF has been left untouched, I was thinking I should apply for one. I’ll be eligible by my birthday month this year anyway…

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Its been raining so heavily this week and its always towards late afternoon. And today, its raining again. You have every reason to stay indoor actually. The heavy rain is just an excuse.

I have not mention about the zoo trip. Its been a week already. It was fun fun fun.. Tired still but Fun FUn FUn... I guess it the good company and the sporting Imtiaz. It was not really tired, it more to letih and exhausted because of the long walk.

There were 40 orphanges from the home, 35 fellow Imitaz, including the Man himself and us. Food glorious food, Thanks to Aden's Mak for the nasi lemak yg sungguh sedap chili pedas giler terangkat tu. Mana nak pegi cari itu Nasi lemak power tu Aden?? Akak nak pi beli ah..

We all left at 2.30pm or so, arrive home at 3pm. Since I was very exhausted, I thought I shall take a nap or something. I end up sleeping till 6.15pm as though its Night! Pengsan abis. Best!

Its been busy in the office, in which to me its GOOD. Otherwise, I'm bored till I can fall asleep on my table. In which I've been drinking coffee 4 x a day, unlike any other normal days I will only have them in the morning and some times late afternoon. We are assign to prepare 200 goodie bag for an overseas show. And the day that the new folder come for delivery, I was surprise to find out that the baju kurung I was wearing was the same color as the folder! Mak Ai, dont you think I will look sedondon with the file & outfit if I had to attend the booth show? hahaha..

Anyway, a fellow temp staff had his last day yesterday. Clement was a temp, few weeks earlier than me. He's going back to school soon. The other day, I saw him blogging on his blogspot when I passes by him. (I blog discretely myself too actually!) So yesterday, I pass him my link and I totally forgotten to ask for his! Blur me.. Anyway Clement Chua, all the best to you..

On Wed night, I dreamt that Rohana M, Surinah, Yati & me were out in our school uniform going around some shopping centre that I could not figure out where was it. We were back to our Sec Sch days, with long hair, tie up in dark blue ribbon same color as our uniform skirt. Woke up, it was already subuh! I had to sms them, telling them what I dreamt. hahha.. That evening, I asked Rohana if she is free for tea tarik. It was unplanned, we meet after maghrib at Kampung Glam Cafe. Had dinner, chit chat for a while & left around 9.30pm. I like impromptu meeting. It goes with the flow.

The weather is making me lazy.. Shall I take a nap after zohor? hehehe.. tempting.

Monday, April 07, 2008

I just receive a shocking new from Zaleha, my sec sch mate. She called me twice I believe it must be something serious...

About a month ago after being inform by Jumari that Yazid Osman, our fellow friend in CIAS are now working in UPS.

So I called Zaleha back during lunch time, She said that her Operation dept friend infrom that Yazid Osman's wife Passes Away this morning! I got a shock of my life, I remembered his wife Salinah, I've seen her before. They are staying at Simie. Back then I was only 21 yrs old, Yazid was i think 25 or something, and wife was 20+yrs old. I remembered...Well Ju will have more things to say when I said I remembered Yazid & wife and all of the above.. thats for me to know, not for others to find out!

The world is so small, the info obtain is from a Sec Sch mate, I confirm it with Ju. He sms me back saying, "Ya I got the news already, from Yazid directly. Thanks." I told him, I'm not giving out the Info, I want to be sure if we are talking about the same person now. He confirm it.

I had to call Nya'. When I asked her remembered Yazid she said ya of course,"mataair lama kau!" She was surprise when I told her.. I sms my cousin Normala, cause we use to be collegues with husband Azmi back in CIAS days..

I just had to email Yazid, heard they have 3 daughters. They must be in their Pri Sch or something..

Al-Fatihah to Salinah. (i hope I could get her Full Name.)

Takziah to M Yazid Osman & Family..

Thursday, April 03, 2008

On BH Classified Ads

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