Saturday, September 27, 2008

Salam Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Ramadhan Berlalu, Syawal Menjelma..

Dengan Ingatan Tulus Ikhlas,

Dengan Kerendahan Diri,

Mohon Maaf Zahir & Batin,

Di atas setiap Kesalahan.

Salam Aidil Fitri

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Counting Days..

We are only a week away. Remember being excited when Raya's drew near. So much things to look forward to.. As you grew older, that feeling of excited grew lesser. Especially when the last 10 days of Puasa, you feel that its the time is gets shorter.

I had a splendid weekend. My Saturday has been the most meaningful thing that any other day. Eventhough time was limited, but it really worthwhile. I really miss the boy more since that day.

I still have not clear up my room heheeh.. I'll wait till the last minute perhaps.

I got a shocking news yesterday evening, my dear friend found out her husband chating on the net with some woman. According to her this is not her 1st or 2nd encounter. She had it, made a harsh move by asking him to get out of home. I told her dont act thru anger, think of the consequences. She choose to go on seperate ways for the mean time. I told her dont think of negativity, think of a solution to the problem. If there's a need to see a consultant, then she should.. I just hope for the best, my doa's with you..

Glad to hear my friend has given birth to a baby Boy, Congrats to you. Alhamdulliah, even after a week in the hospital and a long labour wait..

Got to Go..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ten Days more..

Didnt realise how fast the time flies, we are already on the 20th Day of Puasa.. I've not miss any day yet, Alhamdulliah. It has been a beautiful Ramadhan for me this year, Alhamdulliah and glad it brings happiness into someone's life and make it better.

I was off from work on Monday and Tuesday, had to work 3 days straight from Wednesday to Friday. I then realise how tiring it can be working 3 days in a row. Too much 'lemak' cause didnt get to work full time in a longest time. And too much 'lemak' for Y, MC for a week, he indeed enjoy having to be away from the usual hectic work week. Well back to work on Monday my dear. He's getting much much better, only the swelling on the knee makes him uncomfortable to bend.

I had my work review just last few days, it was not really something pleasant to hear. But I guess its all due to me losing focus when listening to instruction or getting those numbers right. So I just have to back up if I want to continue working. I mention being comfortable working 3 days a week. I'm hopng for the best cause its all up to me to decide what is best.

The Ayah read the blog, didnt clear the cache. The Daughter saw the link at the history, view and read it, know what is going on. All due to the Ayah's fault not clearing the history. And yesterday, the Daughter read the Ayah's sms when the phone msg alert was on. The Ayah's charging the phone, the Daughter giggle reading it. Nothing mushy was written, "I'm leaving for Masjid, walking with Mak and Ayah" except for the jargon the Ayah and SMS sending call each other. I think the Daughter told the Grandma, Ayah gets into trouble or not??? heehehe..

I didnt see my cousin's for the whole time Puasa was on. But earlier Kak Liza called saying they having Buka at our place today. Glad such a plan being decided, misses Nabilah anyway..

I just completed helping Ayah painted the wall at our hall Lime Green! This has been our 3rd year at our new place. So we should do some changes this year. We are kind of relax this year. Mak didnt really cook so much, we just eat anything simple for Buka or Sahur. We dont want the food goes to a waste. Most of the time, its just 1 lauk or Bubur Masjid, or Mee Hoon Goreng. And thats it. Kueh? I just went with Mak 2 Tuesdays ago and buy them at Raja Kueh. Only next week, Mak will probably be making Kueh Tart and Makmur just for us. We made Cornflakes and that it.

I seriously got to do a final kemas in my room. Tomorrow perhaps... Tengok lah hehehe... Just did a bilas of my baju kurung that I just bought few weeks back. Already plan on what to wear on 1st day or the other jalan raya outfits. And already got the tudung ready, cause thats important.. Other than that, dah.. its just as sederhana as any other Raya..

Whats important now is the last 10 days of Puasa, and I hope I will not have to miss Terawih for this few days. The only chance to panjat kan doa whatever that you wish for it to be. Insya ALLAH..

I just hope my dear friend who's been warded since Monday gets in labour soon, and everything is fine with her Insya ALLAH.

There is another weekend to go before Raya comes.. The time is so fast!

Monday, September 15, 2008


It was raining heavily in the morning. Monday, as usual, is my working day.. as usual, sms Y telling him I'm leaving for work. I said, "ride carefully, its raining.." that was 8.10am.

I didnt receive his reply, I thought maybe he's on the way to work. The MRT was supper crowded this morning, I had to let 3 train passes me. I end up taking the train at 8.25am. Reach Raffles place MRT, I just realise I had a call from Y. I was shocked to hear that he met with an accident on the way to work. Fortunately, he manage to speak to me. But we didnt get to talk for long. I decided to take the day off, told Bren, I will come back to work tmrw instead. Impulsive act, took the train all the way to Simei. But he's doing ok, back home injured his right knee and bruises on both hands.

Not long, I reach home, helping Mak with kueh cornflakes (sempat!). I got an sms from Teeba that my close friend Nur Aini's father's just passes on. Al-Fatihah to Md Yat.

I'm leaving to visit Aini at Bedok with Suzana..

Syukur Y's is save. I manage to make coffee for him yesterday when he requested me to make one after terawih!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two weeks to Puasa, Continue all those Doa's

I have not been meeting any of my cousins, CCK or SAV. Everyone's busy with Puasa as Terawih. We never plan any iftar meet up, because everyone wants the convenient of eating at home and solat at the nearest Masjid from home.

Y has been a faithful reader of my blog recently. He asked yesterday, "never update your blog?" I'm super lazy actually haahaha..

Is almost two weeks to Puasa. And its been almost 2 weeks since I see Y everyday during Terawih. Things has never been better, Alhamdulliah. Now, he has met the family - my parents, two sisters and BIL and Tok!

Oh, I've got news that travel from cargo that someone's getting married. Its about time for him, I hope he understand that there is someone who is willing to give that love to him. Because I can't do that.. And he know every well that I was so much into Y that he was being ignored 14years back! Only HE knows what is best for us and who ever know that J's going with SM and Y and me are back together. Itu semua kerja ALLAH kerana DIA yang menentukan semua nya.. And I'm here to Doakan yang terbaik for you, Amin.

Ok there's nothing much to update actually. Apart from going Geylang with Mak on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Work on alternate days. Still continue those exchange of sms with CT, we chat a bit just yesterday.. Ok its progressing much better, Alhamdulliah. And the boy just cant stop saying my name this few days. He instantly recognize upon seeing picture of me..

MC on Friday, because my eyes just refuse to shut and my brain continue working. I didnt sleep a wink last Friday, gosh.. was fully awake up till 4am! I got like 30mins nap, then the buzzer alarm for Sahur was all over the room.. I got up feeling heavy on my head. I do not want to risk going to work feeling the headache. I had some sleep after Subuh till almost 9.30am. Got up to the Clinic, came home sleep again till almost 1pm. Should be back to work on Monday..

So what cooking today? Got to Go!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Its a Blessing.

Wishing everyone Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa.. Hope you're all in the best of health, Insya ALLAH.

I have so much to blog, but just to lazy.. furthermore its like the story is so basi already hehehe.. Just when I was posting, I got a call from my SH friend, Ernie. She's asking me how to post something on Multiply. Told her coincidently, I am doing some posting. She mention meeting Gaya and Lea a few days ago or something. She told them that I'm seeing someone. They told her.. ya we know, read on her blog posting hahah...

The last Friday, just before Puasa, had plan lined up for the whole day. In the morning, Mak's work out makcik had the last makan2 session before Puasa.. Had mee siam that morning.

The same morning, I met Kak Liza at HarbourFront to collect our ferry ticket to Batam the next day. Concern that the ticket might run out, cause Dier and Zaf coming along. After collection, had breakfast (again) at Banquet Vivo. Later on, she drove me back home..

Made plans with Nya' to meet her for lunch. We only manage to meet at TKC at around 3pm. She get excited walking along TKC and Geylang. Reminded us of our younger Airport days where we use to Buka at Geylang after work and roaming around the Bazaar. She indeed misses that moment, and this year she get to Puasa back in Singapore..

We had a pretty late lunch, till almost 4.30pm at Hjh Maimunah, its her 1st time there.. Check out the stolen picture of her.

My office colleagues has made prior arrangement to have dinner at Straits Kitchen, Hyatt. That night, we had our makan sampai kenyang session there. My last round of food intake..

Azlin and Suzana


Garlic Nan and Butter Chicken

That evening, I randomly sms Y if he could fetch me from Hyatt. Just trying my luck.. He was at Woodlands, so cant promise if the time permits.. I didnt have like 5 rounds of food or what. But I guess because I had that Calamaci and Asam drink before food, I became bloated. Dont asked what happen to me that night, I had to leave home early hahaha..

Feeling bad that he didnt get to fetch me that evening, Y called, "what happen to you dear??" I said I'm feeling sick! All because of the drink..

The next morning, I left for Batam for a day with Kak Liza, Nana, Dier, Zaf and Chandra. I didnt intend to shop much, but I was really happy that I get to buy tudung, a blouse (kak I owe kak liza haha), a shirt for Y (that I have not gave him yet), some kerepek and most important is masker, lulur that I really wanted to buy there. I just spend less than $100 for all that..

I sleep over Kak Liza, Andak's place that night. Knowing that Sunday evening will be a Terawih night, they send me back home in the afternoon.. As usual, I had my terawih at Masjid Salleh. Y asked if I want to go to Masjid Kassim, told him the next time perhaps. Suddenly someone need company, I totally forgot that its his 1st Ramadhan without his better half. He misses her! There is nothing wrong with missing her, she has always been there for more than 10 years. My prayers is always with her..

It almost a week of Ramadhan today. Time passes so fast... Another weekend, and counting down to Raya. But the children's exams is coming very soon. Exchange of sms with CT just last weekend. That lady is doing fine. Today, she just reply to my sms after last few days I send it to her.. Exams are like 2 weeks from now. Hope she get to catch up on things. I dont blame her for losing focus, she just lost her Mama. Just like the Ayah, I'm sure she has that moment when she misses her by her side.

Ok got to go.. taking a short nap and gonna wake up when Asar comes.