Friday, October 31, 2008

Family Gathering.. Quality Time..

Last Sunday was my 2nd cousin, Tura's wedding. The family is staying the opposite block to us. Just like how I predicted, my mom's cousin come over to visit Tok who is just next door to us. We were at the wedding venue since Saturday. Even though there was not much 'rewang' to do, but the presence of the extended family gathering was already happening. I had to forgo the open house invitation by Julyani that same Sunday because I was more concern about the relative coming over to our place..

On Monday - Divali PH, I have made prior plans with Y to bring the kids out. I also suggested going to the Zoo during the school holidays. Didnt know that Y told the kids that WE are all going to the Zoo on Monday. Naqiyah sms me asking, "aunty Noris, are we going to the Zoo on Monday?" Told her have to discuss it with Ayah as yet. The plan was, if we are going to the Zoo, I was going to ask Zaf to assist on free passes at least we can save some entrance tickets. Y spend almost $100 for 5 of us including the tramp ride.. "$92!" Mak datuk! Lemah lutut when I heard the cashier said the amount.

I knew very well that Y will never thought of food, I have it all plan before hand. Mak help me with Roti John and I fried some epok2 and fish nuggets for the kids. Dah nama nya budak, mesti lah cepat lapar kan.. I remind myself to buy drinks at Cheers or 7eleven. Dah agak mesti lupa, we had to make do with buying drink at the push cart at $2 for a bottle of coke. Lemah lagi aku.. Mahal. Duit abis macam air!

It was raining at almost 3pm. Alhamdulliah, Y bought the tickets with tramp ride or else we will have to walk in the rain.. Drove back home, on the way, Y stop at Masjid Tempatan Sembawang to sempurnakan the fee for his korban this year. My 1st time at the Mosque, it was rather remote, but it looks really kampung around the area. I met my cousin Isham who is attending to the drama shooting with the Local Artist. Y said, it was for Raya Haji drama..

I really enjoy the day, so were the kids. Nadiah and Naqiyah indeed enjoy themselves that day. So as Nabil..

Tomorrow, we will be gathering at Angah's place at Riverina View. They are having kenduri for their Departure for Haj and I clearly remembered its Haris and Angah's birthday tomorrow.. There will be more kenduri and more wedding in the coming weeks.. There will be Shariff cucu Tok Ngah's wedding on the 9th Nov. I hope I should be expecting a wedding invitation (that I've been waiting for) on the 16th Nov, Jumari will be getting married. He has sms me last week. I told him, I'll be coming with my Partner! haahaha..

My 2nd sister Norafida, will be departing for Haj this 3rd December Insya ALLAH. Please send some Doa for her, hope she is in good health and be back home save. She will be going alone, departing with the MUIS medical team. Alhamdulliah, she got selected a few months back after a few hundred of them attended the interview.. We will be having a kenduri for her at out place soon too, insya ALLAH..

I've been going thru some test in life. But I'm handling it well, Alhamdulliah. Thank you to those who give me logical feedback and comments. It really knock some sense onto me. Two (or more) heads is better than ONE!

Have a good weekend Ahead!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

silent annoucement..

If you dont get invited Noris, dont be dishearten. Its alright.. There must be a reason why you're not in the invitation list. Perhaps, it will make that 'luka lama berdarah kembali kot?" hehehe.. Ok I'm trying to console myself. I've people telling me that they got invited but I been telling them, No tak dapat pun...

Anyway, I've been bumping into old airport friend this days especially when I'm out with Mak or other friends. But so far when I'm out with Y, we didnt meet any of OUR old colleagues anywhere. Maybe, its was not time yet. ALLAH belum izinkan.. So when I meet this people, I will tell Y. The best part was, when he met this people at work, he will asked or talk about it. Most of them knew about us being together the last time. So when they heard about us getting back together NOW, they get very surprise about it. I'm glad that Y is ready to tell them about us 'patching back' thats what he always tell them. "Dia tunggu kau lah Y!" That was what they said to him. I didnt wait for him eh, I dont want people getting the wrong idea all together that I've remain single all this years and I'm like 'right here waiting'. Please eh, I move on after we broke up. I meet and date and got engaged before anyway. Well, I should give credit to Y for telling them about us.

I had an exchange sms with a close friend. Telling me that I SHOULD consider the feeling of Y's kids making sure that they agree with me being with their Ayah. So far things are going fine, but we are working things out. I remembered Y's sentence everytime we talk about things.. he always said to me, his children comes first and thats his priority. To me, anything that has to do with th children or his Abah I will hve no objection. If any plans has to be cancelled because of this people, I have no said about it. Oh yes and work to.. If work calls, I am the last on the list too.

Ok well said, I'm so in the mood to clear things up. Not TRYING to make people agree with me, but need people to understand me. I know not everyone agrees to my idea of having to accept someone new like Y who is a father of 3. But to me, as long as my parents agree, my dearest Atok likes Y, my family accepted it then I will go ahead with it. At the same time, the Doa's are most important in what ever you do. I will follow my heart and the sign that I get thru prayers, the rest just follows...

Nadiah just got her results, she sms her Ayah that she'll be in Sec 2 Normal Academic next year, Alhamdulliah. Congrats Darling.. You need to work harder next year..

Ok enough said.. Ciao!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Our visiting is almost done... I think! Actually right, Raya visiting will never never end. Trust me. Probably I suggest you guys continue them over Raya Haji instead heheh.. Its still Raya anyway.

Nya' Nurul & Me

Nya's husband, Mansor & kids Aqim and Syirah

Well, I had some guest over last Sunday. Nothing special, just some old friend gather for lunch. The reason for it was to get some old friend to meet up after so long. Nya' Nurul and family came over, at the same time I had Y came along with the kids. Nya' have not met Y ever since we last single and left our Airport days. So its gonna be the 1st time after 14years..

Myself, Raudha, Nadiah and Naqiyah

And they make friends, Nadiah, Naqiyah, my cousin Liyana and Jannah

3 more friends(& family) couldnt make it due to some last minute family situations. But its ok, there is always next time, Insya ALLAH.. Things are unavoidable.. My cousins Dier and Zaf came over as well. Kak Liza, Andak and the kids where there as well. I invited Chandra as well. Makasih for the cupcakes and the kerudung cantik itu Mbak heheh..

I'm just super lucky cause the PH seems to fall on my working days. I've went thru the calender, only Christmas falls on my off day. But its alright.. I'm asking Y to plan something for the Divali PH this monday. School holidays coming, I've already thinking on what to plan for the holidays.. Zoo visit will be great isn't it? Weddings are also lining up like 3-4 wedding invitation per week. We be having a relative's wedding this weekend and the live just opposite us. We can practically wave to each other across our blocks.. There's gonna be another family gathering again.. Trust me!

I heard another old friend of our getting married this weekend as well. Didnt know that He got divorce few year back or something.. I remembered this friend ever told Y back 15years ago why is he going out with me when he know that there was another suitors aftering me. hahaha.. Y told him, "well best man wins lah." And now the other suitor is getting married in a month time..

Thank you for all the concern by my last entry. Nothing serious actually, but that I was surprise to be the last to know. But its ok, I've manage to get it all under control, Alhamdulliah.

I have just purchase some dresses from Luuvely.. I'm excited to get it via my mailbox and wear it soon hahah.. Thanks!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was surprise to heard it, didnt expect it to come. But its a good news Alhamdulliah. I suddenly turn emotional.. The thought of being separated it sad. Suddenly I felt left out.. That was only when I got another shocking one as well.

I know I where I stand, I cant afford it. If I cant even manage myself, then I have every reason not to be included. So in which, I'm going do be all myself.

I never like to plan things, I just dont dare to imagine things anymore. If things happens, then it happens. I believe that if its meant to be, then it is. Even up to this day, I never like to hear promises. You can promise me the world, but I will only believe when the time comes.

SO now, what is going to happen next? I'm not to sure. Cause even a proper prepared event, can just called off just like that.. It all up to HIM.. Whatever will be, will be...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

anger management...

Flaming with anger, dissapointed for not telling the whole truth about things. Lie was created to save other but the blame gets into another. And you... you just kept quite without defending the whole truth. Dont fancy that style, its educating the youngesters to tell a lie. Dont blame them if they 'kelentong' you in the end cause you just show them how to do it. Dont know if you're fully ready to begin a new commitment. Or just to scared that the whole bomb shell will hurt the other..

Anyway, I was out with Nadia on Tuesday. We get to spend time just the two of us. So much things was shared until 'tak terkutip' all the stories that came to me. I know there were things that I was not told, and not forgetting those that I already knew all along. Overall, I just like this bubbly lady cause I see so much of me in her! I think that was how Za think of me when I tell her stories and she just let me continue telling them.. Well then, I met her at Tampines MRT, then we took the train to Bugis. Had our lunch at Banquet Raffles and later we headed to Bugis Street to jalan jalan. I was actually looking for a pair of shades, got them and at the same time bought a grey color shoe. Decided to continue the window shopping at Tampines Mall, she called the Ayah telling him that she want to get her ear pierce (and thats when she got into trouble for doing that, I'm sorry again, I'm responsible for it!). I just realise that she do not have any piercing at all. We scout for one at one of the jewellery store, but it was too expensive. Suddenly recall that they have such service at 77th Street, I asked the lady if its save and if the studs are sensitive free and all that stuff. Nadia got worried if it will hurt her badly.. But the lady manage to distract her and she didnt know that it was coming at all.. hahah..

We left after the piercing, I send her to Simei MRT, in which we say our goodbyes. I notice a familiar people, husband and wife, near that, to only realise it was Y and my ex colleagues from the Airport days. They notice that I was walking with this girl so seem familiar as well. And later I had to announce that I'm dating Y now and they said "Ohh... bagus lah.." I hope they dont tell 'the whole world' in the Airport!

I'm super enjoying the Ayam Penyet new branch at Raffles Place Banquet. The original branch at Marine Parade area, has been my favourite since it tried it some two years ago. Edy, the boss, was at the new branch yesterday. Guess he didnt recall me at all lah kan.. But dont care lah, ayam penyet kat sedap tu yg important! I'm craving for it again and again.. You will have to be there early to beat the lunch hour crowd.

I am glad that I get to be in touch with Shyreen back again. I'm glad that even when I lost her correct mobile number, she has manage to look for mine and sms me on 1st week of Raya. Alhamdulliah.. I'm so glad that I found her back..

Its already October, and in less than 3 mths we will be in the year 2009. Yet again, you'll hve to think back what have you accomplished for this year. What have you done, and what you have not do. Have you gain some or lose some. There is so much things in going thru my head.

Yes you can always say, "dah lah jangan fikir kan sangat.." Of course you will have to think about it. Things are bound to happen, its a matter of how you take and handle it.. I'm tired, seriously. I leave it all up to HIM, What ever will be, will be...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Its Raya..

It was Nabil's birthday just few days before Raya. I'm glad he likes the CupCake that I got from Chandra..

Alhamdulliah, Raya has been awesome. There was so much 'happening'...

It has been an emotional malam Raya. Eventhough, I probably will not feel the same way as other, it will definately be an emotional one. You can say or pujuk too much when someone's feeling very sad. The only thing you can say was, "jgn lupa doakan Dia."

Pagi Raya, started with Solat Aidilfitri at Masjid Hj Salleh. Later on, we headed home for a nice breakfast of Ketupat with Sambal Satay and Rendang. So much about loosing weight for the whole of Ramadhan then you had those oily stuff on Pagi Raya.. Gosh, my tummy just couldnt take it any longer. I had stomachache a few days after that. The tummy not use to it as yet.

Waited for the rest of the family to come over in the afternoon. Thats the best part of Raya. Attending to the guest, as usual ever since we shift next to Tok, we didnt get to jalan Raya at all.. I only get to go to Ayah Angah place the usual last house on 1st day Raya..

I was still off from work on 2nd day Raya. Decided to continue the Puasa. We only started our Raya back over the weekend.. Went to visit on the East area on Sunday, lucky we get to tumpang Bapak Rahim and Andak's car. Most of the time if i visited Bapak Rahim's place, its a ritual to singgah next door. Its been over 6 years since I last see him. It was a shocked.. I'm glad it actually tested how I felt about things. The only person on my mind was Y at that time. I have learn to let go of things, Alhamdulliah. I manage to face it and be cool about it. I called Y right after that, telling Y that I met him after so long. He asked what was on my mind and how do I feel about meeting him. I said, "dah takde feeling ah.."

Raya is the only time to meet people, which you've meet like once a year. And its probably the only time to seek forgiveness in any case you make any mistake intentional or not intentional. At the same time, you might never know if you'll meet the next Raya. But when your presence was not welcome, its only right that you get on you feel and 'belah' ah apa lagi.. Its sad that things happen that way. It was more than just that actually, but it was too malu to tell. I just pray that we'll become someone who dont bare grudges to other, be more forgiving and accept reality.. Amin..

I only get to meet Y on Friday, after his solat Jumaat, it was just for a while. I was on half day MC, like I said earlier, by tummy just cannot accept food at 3 meals a day. I should maintain my weight actually hehehe.. Its back to meeting like once or twice a week again. But I'm glad Ramadhan has been great for both of us.

I've ended my Puasa 6 just today. So at least, I'll get to lunch with my colleagues tmrw.. Someone is concious that people been saying the weight has increase. It was out of my mind to hear that someone is out to the gym! haahaha.. I cannot believe it. Actually I kind of envy, I wish I can go back to the gym for some work out. Jealouse seh!

Its another Jalan Raya over this weekend. I think everyone will start Jalan Raya this weekend as well, cause some Sec Sch children has ended their exams, so as those sitting for PSLE..

Till then..