Friday, February 25, 2005

Ayah TTSH Ward 8A... Posted by Hello

What a Hazy Week...

Its been week since I Blog...
Today then I manage to steal some time...

I was down wz Flu for a few days, but I went on MC for 2 days. Even so I was send an sms by my TL telling me that I have exceeded the number of MC per mth. What can I say, I just cant help it coz I was really sick. Furthermore the weather is so hot & hazy for the past weeks...

Just last Tues on 22, Ayah was admitted to hospital. He wasnt feeling anything on his leg. So he decided to call for an ambulance instead. Alhamdulliah everthing went well. Its was nothing serious, he is back home today...

Will continue my stories again.


TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mak&Ayah Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Home Sweet Home...

Alhamdulliah.. Mak & Ayah are back Home. They arrive SIN on 14 Feb 2004 @ 5.10am.
We left home @ 4am, fetch by Andak to the airport. Initially they shld arrive SIN @ 3.45am however there have been a slight delay which resulted to ALL the rest not being able to solat Subuh! Yes, becos they only manage to get their bags @ around 6am. After which we left airport close to 6.40am & by the time we reach home infact on the way its already almost 7am. Nak solat apa pagi hari dah terbit matahari... Anyway, tthey are doing well, just normal batuk. But On Top of All everything is good... Alhamdulliah... Every since they are back its been a dragging day at work. Calls was not so wonderful coz my heart & soul was just thinking of going back home fast.. Entah lah tak tahu kenapa...

Tmrw its the AMP2005. This is the 1st year we not attending the show, 1st of all @NZz is not here in Spore attending them neither is he Performing. So forget it then. Furthermore its showing live & all are at home wz the Presence of Mak & Ayah after arrival. Its just courtesy to be at home when they just back home right??? Hopefully its gonna be just nice & enjoyable to watch it at home then. I think its showing live in Spore, M'sia, Indon also...

Well see who will win tmrw.. Will @NZ be the best most popular Male Artist of 2005?? best part was.. I didnt do my voting.. heehehehe....


TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Abb@S... Posted by Hello

People from the PAST...

Its Holidays here for Chinese New Year on 9 & 10 Feb 2005

Today is also Tahun Baru Hijrah 1426H.

However I'm working.. Just can wait for another day tmrw on noon shift, then off I go on Long Weekend. And look forward to Monday on Mak & Ayah's arrival...

Its pretty sian here at work, but still just enjoy it while it last. Coz its been 11months of heavy call Q & now its the days to relax & just for calls to come in at least 30mins interval. Seronok kan.. hhhhhmmm : )

Its has came to a point that I just go blank on what food to prepare at home. Gosh now I noe how Mak feel when she just simply lost of ideas on what to cook. Tapi bila dah masak tak ada pulak yg makan. Bingit kan... So I just prepared Tuna Sandwich for myself, cucur manis/jagung for Adik2 wz jagung manis & bake beans. Petang nanti they can have prata wz the dish that MakCik Sapiah send us last 2 night. Tonight I will see what to buy for dinner then.. hai pening.. pening..

I was reading The New Paper this morning, even so there is no Berita Harian actually. And I saw someone 'from the past'.. heeheheh.. no lah not ex boyfriend lah, it was Abb@s S@@d.. its more to NuRuL's ex 'boyfriend'.. haahahahah.. nak gelak aku. Gosh, he look old.. Tapi still the same, I hardly reconized him from the photo coz of his botak head new look. But that really remind me of the past seh... NuRul, AtiE, ShYreeN, FaRaH, RoSe & Myself.. We Call ourselves the FRIMNAS.. ShYreeN will still remember that code name of ours... Hai kelakar, belum abis tulis aje dah nak ketawa, macam mana nak cerita ni... chendol lah.. haahahahahahha.... LOL.

K, we use to watch F@nDi(My IDOL), Abb@S S@@D on the field of JLN BeS@R StaDiuM. & infact, we started since we 'went after' N@zRi N@SiR & WiN AunG back then was our 'buddy'.. as if lah. So we watch them on their Football Training till the End & make friend wz them. Watch Malaysia Cup diligently withour fail. That was back in the years of 1980's.. How time flies... & now I lost track on the S League & Tiger Cup thingy.. All the new faces, tak kenal.

So back then, We as in really WE the bunnch of cheeky ladies going gugu gaga ovr the footballers. We went out wz N@zRi quiet a bit, not mentioning the time when we go HRC for Valentine Day celebration. Gosh apa merepek seh... & there was a time Nurul celebrated her Bday there too, N@zRi will comeby also, surprisingly he join us most of the time. I noe RoSe (my Cuzin) & myself, we were close back then, very close, we called N@z often. N@z rang me up a few times also..
DID I actually tell u that before Nyah??? entah tak ingat lah. If u r reading this, baca aje lah & imbas lah kembali masa zaman selengeh2 kita tu.. haahahahahah...
So ya N@z.. & I had some makan2 thing at home during Raya & the Gals came so as He...
I remembered some Days I called N@z for a Favour of my 'bestfriend' coz she is not well & wishes to see him if that possible.. HAAHAHAHAHHA... K I will not eleborate further lah. But I will always remember N@z ride on a Red Caciva Bike & he made wz an accident, a pretty bad one. Was admitted to Hospital, we, again the FRIMAS, the caring lovable GALs came to the hospital to visit him seh.. Hai touching Sot lah.
So Those were the days,
N@zRi N@SiR is happily married wz 2 SONs,
so were the FRIMNAS...
AtiE - Married, wz 2 Daughters,
FaRaH - entah lah wz BF i guess,
ShyReeN - married & dont noe what the status now, wz 2 kid - a Boy & A Girl
Rose - Married wz 2 Daughters now in Manchester
NuRuL - Married, wz a Son (& hopefully 1 more coming rightttt Upppp...)
& Noreez - Still Single & Available always... hhhhmmm...

Thats the FRIMNAS..

The idea of bringing up this topic was to HOPE that I will meet up wz the rest of them including N@z.. its been sometime since we met...


TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Beauty... Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Enjoy Life To The Fullest....

I've come to my senses.. heeheheh..
What I meant was, Its come to a point that I shld accept things the way it is, at the same time enjoy my life to the fullest. Appreciate things that has happen to me, accept it as a challenge.

Doakan kebahagian orang itu biarpun itu susah utk diterima, meskipun melukakan.
Berikan kemaafaan pada orang biarpun itu susah utk diterima, hakikat nya ini semua pemberian ALLAH pada orang yg mampu terima segala cubaan & dugaan dari nya.
Tengok lah... senang & mudah sungguh menulis & mengukir kata2 yg indah tu, tapi untuk melakukan nya tidak semudah penulisan nya...
Sesungguhnya, aku dah sedar semua nya yg terjadi tu Qadaq & Qadar ALLAH SWT... Terima lah seadanya, nescaya ada yg lebih baik yg akan datang kepada orang yg sabar & bersifat penyabar dgn apa yg menimpa nya.

All things this are due to the bigger responsibility that was given to me. That was to provide for my sisters while my parents are away, to be acceptance to my job & responsibility at work. I've learn to be more patience wz my sisters even though sometimes I'm just to exhausted when I've got to get things done at home after work. But I still accept things the way it is... I've was given a Thumbs up at work due to good call skills, well I've proof to people I can do things right.
Back home, Raudz has been very supportive when comes to cleaning. She's indeed responsibile, but I just still feel that I've got so much things not in common wz Fidz. Raudz & myself kept making fun of her thinking how will her future house gonna be, 'pasti berantakkan loh...' dia tak pandai kemas... ya ampun deh. But what ever it is, as long as she dont go out often, but still I dont really noe coz she's been back home late, doing project she said. I was on Noon shift most of the week.
We've been eating out on last sunday, will be having dinner at Hj Maimunah again tmrw evening.. Yummy yummy... sedap you.

Mak&Ayah will be back in abt 1 wk time Insya ALLAH... They called home almot everyday, I was concern abt the bill. But Ayah read my mind, he rqst to chk on the amt. I told him I've made some advance paymnt just to sure no distrubtion of line. Coz sometimes they concern on high usage on sudden mths, they will monitor or bar line incase the usage goes up to a few hundred of S$$. I have this feeling, its gonna be at least a few hundred $$ say max of $500.00. We shall we then.

So another week of cleaning up till the King & Queen comes home then...

TruLy NoreeZ