Monday, December 29, 2008

New Born Hero II

Went to visit Nya'.. It was very last minute. Left after maghrib to Thomson Medical Centre. Call Shyreen asking what time will she be there.. So didnt really 'janji', if jumpa then jumpa lah..

Fortunately, met her with Amy and the kids, Ash and Tira at the lift lobby.. She looks blur, puzzle and lost. She told me, she just lost her wallet. Reen, kau tak abis abis Reen, penyakit lama kau tak baik baik lagi.. Apa lagi yang kau hilang Reen?? hehehe...

Here are some pictures..

Well, its nice to hold new born baby. This is Nya's 1st born in S'pore.. And reuniting old friends, Shyreen, Nurul and Me after so long.. Too bad didnt get thru Atie much earlier.. At least I get to inform even if it was later..

Baby Muzaffar, ke Muharam ke, Muhaimin ke.. Let the parents decide..

New Born Hero

Nya' Nurul just gave birth to a baby boy this morning at Thomson Medical Centre. She was warded at Room Number 620B (6th Floor) since 5.45am when she sms me.

I have not gotten any details of this new born, but she mms me this..

Congrats to Nurul and Mansor on their new Born.. Nama apa eh. Muharam eh? heehehe..

Friday, December 26, 2008

counting days..

People in FaceBook and Multiply has seen this picture..

Let me Introduce My Man, Md Yazid to Blogspot reader.

The kids are having too much fun. School open in less than a week from now.. The Ayah are done with school books purchase last monday. He had all that done on his 1 week leave. Including the purchase of Madrasah's books, it does cost a huge bomb! Lucky thing, we get to take some books from Nurul Jannah last years P6 for Nurul Naqiyah, it does make a huge difference. Thanks to Kak Liza, we collected them last weekend. I bought them school bags and yesterday the Ayah went to buy other school needs like shoes and stuff. I remembered Mak even buy new personal stuff just for 1st day of school.. So I will try and do what Mak use to do that for us..

Yesterday, they brought me out for dinner. I asked Raudz to tag along.. her 1st time with them. I told her be prepared for the Kecoh-ness... I heard The Girls shouting, "ajak Kakak Raudha..." when The Ayah spoke to me to siap siap.. Ya, Si Aunty Raudha feeling Kakak! heeheh..

Yazid came to fetch us at 8.45pm, we all headed to Parkway Parade. As usual, the kids are 'busy' with playing games.. I brought Nadiah and Raudha shopping at Giant. We came back o the game spot after more than half hour and they still not done!

Drove to East Coast makan place, parking was packed as usual. Sat down and we settle for food. Kakak Raudha pun sifat keibuan feeding Nabil, and the Girls can get along with her.. Slightly disspointed, Yazid and my food was not 'happening' at all.. I went home having a stomach discomfort.. We reached home at 11pm.

Raudha's back from KL and she been talking and telling stories non stop since.. Was away for a week.. so much to tell, hers and mine! Stole a glimpse of A picture from her mobile. So who is that hunky Guy eh? heeheh...

I have a classmate wedding tomorrow at Toa Payoh. It seems that most of the guys are away on a holiday, and others forgotten that its on Saturday instead of Sunday. The rest may not come on the same time.. So I guess, will be attending it on seperate timing from the rest. I just sms Foaad, the groom that I'll be coming with Yazid in the late afternoon or otherwise after maghrib.

Looking forward for another holiday next week. But Yazid will be back to work from Monday onwards.. And its the sign that the 'honeymoon' be over soon.. Back to one or two week Once date! But its ok, endure and patience is the best medicine to test you faith and trust! hahaah...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Its been a Long Week...

The week has been awesome, yet tiring.. Its been a long week...

The MIL was away to KL over the weekend, brought along Naqiyah.. The Ayah took care of the Nadiah and Nabil all alone! Poor Ayah heehehe.. We made plans for the weekend, all line up for the weekend. Unfortunately, the didnt go as plan due to some changes made on Saturday. Right after attending Cik Romlah's son wedding at Pasir Ris, Yazid brought me to meet his cousin, Nani at Yishun. Spoken to Nani before over the phone, that was my 1st time meeting her and I get to meet his Mak Ngah as well. That evening, Nabil insist on bowling at ECP. I was already exhausted and waiting for our turn was a killer to me. The boy was so full of energy playing all the games, including the Ayah and mine! It seems that his skills are getting better, he got the hang on how to bowl well. I came home VERY late, a record breaker.

We attended an ex colleague's brothers wedding at Tampines on Sunday. Brought along Nabil, we met a few of our ex colleagues. Surprise with my presence, they must be wondering where did I come from after 15years they never hear from me.. And suddenly, coming with Yazid and his son! I feel all eyes were watching me feeding the boy, sifat keibuan! hahaha.. I was feeling pretty awkward being watched. Yazid just smile! Happy lah tu..

I was working on Monday, the Ayah was out the whole day to settle the children's school stuff. But he came by to have a surprise lunch with me at Raffles Place.. And the whole 'rakyat jelata' meet him in person that day..

I had to ask him to help me out going around the CD stores to do closing for year end. Its been sooooo long since I last went around doing the collections. At least I know I save on transport spending going from 1 place to another.. At least I get to settle 5 stores in 1 day, unlike other time, I do it for a week..

Today, we are given half day because of tmrw's Christmas holiday. I will have to get use working half day from mid January next year. Yes, my contract will be extended and this time I will be working Morning Half day for Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri And on Wed I will work full day. Getting ready for Motherhood lah haahah.. But for Yazid, he just receive news from work that He might have to come back to shift work. And that bother him a slightly bit. We will probably solve it together insya ALLAH. Like I told him, if its all solution are to the max tak boleh settle jugak issue ni, Kita Kahwin cepat Sudah Lah! Settle semua hahaha... He laugh, pandai aje selit daun eh.

I'm counting days for Hjh Norafida to come home on 1st Jan 2008. And now I'm trying to look back on what have I done for 2008. To me its a wonderful year, Probably its all because of the 8 for Luck! I'm indeed lucky I must say..

I still remember that today's Siti Shyreen Samad's Birthday.. Happy Birthday to you. Then comes Nurhidayati Ali's birthday on 26th December. Nya' Nurul will be due to give birth on C-Sect on 29th December.. Mudah-mudahan semua selamat Insya ALLAH.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All the years of my life.. I only have Andak Rafid's birthday to wish or celebrate for 15th Dec. However this year, for the 1st time.. there are 3 people celebrating the same occassion..

Happy Birthday to..

Andak Rafid's 40++ Birthday..

My dear Friend, Azlin Abbas (Left) 30th Birthday.. Who is now in HKG on Business Trip

And, Yazid's 38th Birthday celebration yesterday..

Nadiah and me had a celebration planned out since few weeks back. I had my working day swapped and Yazid took a day leave for all of us to spend some quality time together..

We started our day since 12noon, I got ready when he called as they were on their way to fetch me at 11am! Unfortunately, there was a masive jam at ECP in which I waited almost an hour before they arrived.. We went for lunch at Sakura - City Hall area, its Nadiah's favourite.. (mine too actually..).

After lunch, since the Ayah promise the boy that we gonna bowl, he kept insisting on it even when we having lunch.. Nabil was so moody since morning according to Nadiah.. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something.. heeheh..

I bought the movie tickets first, we were watching Bolt at Marina Square at 4.45pm.. We have lots of time to bowl since its just next door!

We had dinner at Simpang Bedok, after so much negotiation and merajuk's of Nadiah and the Ayah.. (oopps.. sorry!) It feels like having 4 children to take care off! Aduh! At least everyone end the day happy. Thats most important..

We all had too much enjoyment, end the day at almost 10pm. Everyone was tired, too tired.

We had the most occuppied day spend. Delighted! How I have to work 2 days straight.. Before my next off on Thursday.

Next, we'll have to settle the kids school stuff before the school re-open in less than 2 weeks. Am I like a On-The- Mother- Training or what? haahaha...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

down with flu

I guess the Flu has been waiting to 'attack' me when the whole family was down with it. Even more Yazid was on MC last week due to flu and cough. He end up passing it to Nabil and Nadiah instead..

I lost when the cough hit me badly, especially when I felt the bleed taste when I swallow.. Yucks! I had to visit the doctor. True enough, my throat was badly sore and inflamed. I was on 2nd half day MC yesterday.

At least I had another day to rest today. Feeling much better.. Yazid called me every hour to check if I'm ok. Thank You, you...

I had to cancel the outing with Nadiah and Naqiyah. I should get better for the Monday's outing instead..

Yesterday's Fida's Birthday and also her Wedding Anniversary with Juhari..

Got to Go..

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Home and Away..

The week has been occuppied with entertaining people. Attending to guest at home, busy spending time with family and love ones.

Last Friday, I was out with Yazid to Vivo. We've been going to Vivo this days, ever since Nadiah told him, "Ayah, Vivo is Aunty Noris's fav place tau!" I like when we both just sit down and talk about things, everything after spending time at dinner. It really helps to clear things if there are doubt not clarified. I'm beginning to learn and know Yazid even better now. Things that I never knew that happen in his life. We still talk about how I left without saying a word 15years back and all that...

Last weekend, we had a family makan session at Restu Tampines. Jojo has asked all of us out dinner with Fidz, Mak and Ayah, Raudz and Me. Jojo had asked Yazid and the kids along, however they had prior plan and so they couldnt make it. But we made video calls to each other..

So just last Wednesday, 3rd December 2008, Fidz departed for Haj trip together with the medical team. Doakan dia selamat and sihat menjalan kan tugas nya di sana, Amin.

We all send her to the airport that day. Jojo came slightly later because he had to attend course and sit for an exam the week after. Yazid came to the Terminal to send Fidz off as well. That was Yazid's 1st time meeting Mama, Mak Uda and Mak Adik. Cousin Mala and Azmi was here too, well they are no stranger to him because the 4 of us were working in the same roof more than 10 years back. Thanks for the kind words Mala, Doa for us, Insya ALLAH.

Everyone fall ill after sending Fidz to the airport.. Raudz and Ayah already lose their voices and start coughing. Later that night, Yazid lost his voice and the fever came back, followed by Tok down with Flu and cough. I was feeling uncomfortable already, get myself some Vitamin C and Panadol Flu Max! Sedia kan Payung sebelum hujan hahah... And last night, my cough gets harder. And so as Mak's.. Everyone is not well. I hope Fidz doing good there Insya ALLAH.. And hope Jojo's sihat too.. Kesian dia sorang sorang.

Nabil's down with fever too, yesterday I just heard Nadiah coughing as well.. Semua orang sakit lah.. macam mana nak Raya ni?? heehehe..

Today, we're invited to Safia's Savanah BBQ. I hope the kids are well so they can be there as well.. Insya ALLAH..

My swap off has been approve for 15 Dec, Monday. So as Yazid's AL..The girls has plan lined up. Let them plan it, and the Ayah drive us..

Its Raya on Monday.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha everyone.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Believe, Faith and Hope

I was in the situation where I am 'di dalam pertimbangan'. At one point, as there were too many voices telling me what I should do, I had to keep myself away from those voices because I was totally 'hilang pertimbangan'. I had to put myself together and start thinking for myself instead of other. I set my priorities right and get back on track...

Alhamdulliah, all that has been solve and rectified. I believe in faith.. No matter how you want it to be, if you faith is strong and you believe things happen for a reason, good or bad, it just happens.. At the end of the day, its all 'keputusan aku sendiri..' I hope everyone respect my decision just like how Mak believe in me.. Segala gerak kan datang dari naluri seorang ibu. She knows me better than any other person, Doa ibu itu di makbulkan ALLAH, insya ALLAH.. Amin.

The week has been wonderful and great. It really improve the whole situtation. I'm glad that we talk about it, clear the air and make it better. Communication is as important that any other thing. And I like it settle there and then and you will not have the grudge between each other..

I made a Video call to Y 2 days ago, its was so hilarious.. haahaha.. We both we so 'jakun', it was his 1st video call and we end up laughing non stop.. He said it was raining heavily in the east. I said, its so bright and sunny here at Kallang.. So I made the call, "hey you checking on me eh? haahaha..." It gets addictive followed by a few more V-calls, gosh! Oh I so Love the technology.. But not too much of video call, concern the charges and bill goes up the ceilling!

Its almost at the end of the year. How fast the time flies... Every year I will asked myself, what have I achieve for the year? What have you done, cause things in life, relationship, job.. ALL should gets better. Duniawi and Ukhawi.. All have to bertambah. I'm not a saint lah kan, but you should admit your mistake, cause you can ALWAYS lie to people, but you can lie to yourself. When its your fault, you should say, "Its MY mistake" but not "OUR mistake". There is NO OUR in this case.. Dont blame it on others..

Key words here are:

Rule 1: No Lie or even Excuses - We HAVE practice Honesty.. It hurts, but you just need to know the whole truth, nothing but the truth!

Rule 2. No Secret - We dont keep it from each other.. Even almost EVERYThing.. Yes again, it hurts, but Its for the best of everything..

Ok for now! Adios..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting Hitched

I've receive a wedding invitation from my sec sch classmate Foaad.. Congrats to him. We'll see you 27th December 2008.

I'm extremely shocked to receive an email from a best pal in KL. He's requesting for my address to send invitation card! I had to call him, I had to asked "you jangan main main eh? Betul ke tidak ni?" He is one of those guy friend who never BELIEVE in getting married... I think! sorry you bloody chendol! But I'm glad, extremely delighted to hear that coming from him. I bluntly said,"ya lah dulu aku nak kau, kau tak nak dgn aku..." hahaha... I dont know, if I can make it on the 20th December 2008 to KL.. Congrats Bro, Finally!

We had our kenduri at my place over the weekend. Alhamdulliah it turn out good. Its just a family gathering.. Doa for Fidz - Norafida bte Ismail that she's save departing to Mekah and arrive back home too.. Insya ALLAH.

Fourteen years back, I remembered this date. It was a Faithful Friday, back in 1994. I know pretty well what day it was, and what was going on that evening. I told Nya' I do not want to go home straight after work. That late afternoon, we sat down at Changi Beach instead. Watching the airplane passes by over our head. We start counting the flight and guess what airline it is.. As the plane passes by, it leaves a loud sound and I scream cause I bet no one can hear me.. That was the faithful date when Y had his Solemization.. The day he Nikah. I clearly remembered that.. But I never attend it, never want to be there watching you Dear!

Yet again, I still feel that its all about Jodoh. If its meant to be then it is.. Yes or No its still up to HIM to decide. We can plan it, but still its all up to HIM.. I can only hope for the best for me... Amin.

Racun itu pahit! Just hope I dont have to swallow it anymore.. Never!

lastly.. Happy Birthday Raudz!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Space for Changes

Alhamdulliah, ALLAH telah membuka jalan and memberi pertunjuk di atas semua kebenaran. Aku bersyukur kerana kuat menghadapi nya.

The space is there for all changes and amendments. I believe that things happends for a reason. And I will always be here for you.

Everyone makes mistakes, its a matter of how you want it amended.

I will still be here, but you need to give me the time...

My faith is with you, Always!

Monday, November 10, 2008

back track..

I've been in touch with my Sec School mates this days. Been viewing the old time pictures, seriously right, it looks so 'kental' hahaha.. I've been trying to peel of those pictures from my old paste album but I'm concern that I might tear it off.. That will be even worst.

I woke up this morning, feeling good about things. With so much positive vibes around me. Yesterday's conversation with a friend really makes me open my mind thru a lot of things. We talk about anything under the sun. I wasnt really close to this friend back in school. No doubt, we talk beside saying the usual Hi and Bye, but we didnt really share anything personal. People SHOULD change over the years, but if that person remain the same even after more than 10 years then something is not right some where.. Seriously! With all that everyone gone thru, you should change, either in looks.. most of the guys, after they got married, they either grow side ways or lost of hair hahah.. The ladies, after married, you either put on more after given birth or otherwise. If you remind the same, in appearance and also in thinking and character, then I am wondering why! So you either change for the better or opposite..

There were so much memories back in school. Not forgetting the crushes I had with this person and that person. There were also people who refuse to speak to me at all knowing I like them. They dont feeling flattered at all. Well I'm a clear cut 'selengeh' looking k heehehe.. How could anyone possibly be attracted to me, oh gosh. Its a laughing matter, thinking back, never feel kecik hati at all. But its a most wonderful memories that I can tell my children one day haahahaa..

Just like what my friend said, all this make one stronger. No doubt wiser, its all part of life. SO Grow up and MOVE ON! It not like we are living in the teens anymore. Its time to make decision and plan, whats best for you.

I am so into going back on memory lane..

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Anything but Anuar!

On impulsive act, I bought a the 2nd highest price tickets to Anuar Zain's Concert. Ayah suggested that Mak go along with me to enjoy the moment. The decision about going was only made on Thursday at 5pm. Went online, Ayah handed the his card and book them! And that evening, went to collect them.

Honestly, I knew it very very very well, that if I didnt get to go I will be at home thinking "must miss lagu itu and lagu ini." However, I'm sad that Nya' couldnt come with me. She miss ALL of those shows with Anuar. Takpe Nya' kalau ALLAH izinkan, sampai bila bila pun akan ada pertemuan nya.. Just remember the moment on the phone with him few years back Nya', that will make you feel real goooood...

So there I was with Mak, left home after Maghrib to Esplanade. Feeling excited, at the same time I know that I will meet people. There were some who claim that they will SURE meet me...

I sing along to ALL the songs, the opening of Keabadian Cinta, then somewhere in the middle was Permata and at the end were Teman Terulung. That really reminded me to Nazrah, I keep telling Mak, "ni lagu Naz, Mak."

PlayPause is responsible for all the Creative Flyers & souvenior Programme.. WELL DONE PlayPause! Syabas.

The crowd was a bit noise, I was expecting to 'tangkap feel' listening to the slow numbers just like how i listen to them over MP3 when you're feeling down.

The usual people are still as faithful as us, Diana, Gee, Tini and a few more of those from our previous Hang Out Raya Gang. I'm sure Zee and Wan will feel the warm that Anuar given when he meet the person, he will make you feel important. Then you will keep coming and coming..

Ok, enough of that. Today there are wedding and kenduri to attend.. On a different note, I'm feeling slightly better and calmer, Alhamdulliah..

Enjoy the reminding of a wonderful Sunday!

Through out the WHOLE show, my mind and heart was somewhere else. You never left my heart, trust me.. I'm sorry Abang. This is for you..

Hanya Milikmu

Aku tak salahkan hatimu,
Bila harap itu tak ada,
Tak relakan bila terjadi,
hanya waktu yang tentukan.

ku ingin kuatkan hatimu (setiamu),
Yakin ku hanyalah milikmu,
Besar cintaku tak berubah,
Walau kini rasa itu luluhkan hatimu.

Ku hanya milik mu,
Coba kau rasa yakinnya hatiku,
Meski kau tinggalkan,
Masih ku milikmu,
Mengertikah bila cinta ini,
Tak akan pernah sedikit pun pudar,
Selain untuk mu (untuk mu).

Ku harapkan hanya padamu,
Ketulusan ini nanti kan ku jalani,
Tetap ku milikmu,
Mengertikah bila cinta ini,
Memang tak pernah sedikit pun pudar,
Selain untuk mu


Thursday, November 06, 2008

pantai dah berubah..

Something has gone wrong... Test been more challenging. I'm going thru another test in life.

I am able to take it calmly, yet again, if its meant to be then its meant to be..

ALLAH menentukan segalanya, Hanya dia yang tahu apa yang kita Tidak ketahui. Kebenaran akan terbukit kelak Insya ALLAH. Setiap sesuatu itu terjadi ada hikmah nya. Aku Redha akan ketentuan nya. Segala nya datang dari NYA.

Doakan agar Aku lebih kuat menghadapi segala nya ini. Insya ALLAH.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

There are things in life that you know very well that you’re not willing to let go off. You still hold on to those things from the past and ponder over it wonder why this and why that.

Lately I had the time to myself, sitting down somewhere quiet and peaceful, re think about things and considering over matter if I’m at the right path. I use to do that a lot especially when I’m feeling confuse over things and time some time to myself. I did that on a lovely Saturday afternoon at Clarke Quay (near Moulana Mosque) spending more than an hour there.

I went all the way back 10years back, thinking what has happen to people from the past. Hope he is doing fine with his family, if he has another child already. His daughter must have already 5years old right now. Ya, he was my first love.. Was he? I was 26yrs old that time.. Then I recall back, the person I thought was my 1st love, actually he was not. It was someone else back when I was 21yrs old! It was Y..

I received THE wedding invitation last Saturday, sms the Groom thanking him for the invitation. I said, glad that you met your ‘jodoh’ not knowing that the person is so near to you all this while. He replied back, “she was the person who initiate and persuade me to get to know you when you 1st join us back then.”

That night, on the phone with Y. Before even I get to tell Y about it, he already sense it. He said to me last night, “I think He still thinks of you..” Alah, I baru nak story what he said to me, you already said that.. No lah, come on, he must be greatful that there is someone who appreciate him more not like I do. I know its not easy to forget whats in the past. I’m sorry, I’ve cause all the hurt. I will doakan the best for him, Insya ALLAH.. He will has a the new challenge, an instant Teenage Daughter..

I thought that I’ll be asked to attend a conference this Friday, to help out in the event. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t have to go, but then, I’ll be all alone in the office when all my ‘gangs’ going away half day. Then I will have to lunch alone… But I know I dont have to stay late and going home alone from the jauh venue the held it..

I just got a called, I've got people telling me things. But its alright, I do not wish to jump into conclusion. Back to what I said time and again, If it happens, then it happens lah.. Biarlah Takdir menentukan. HE know what the best for hamba2 nya. Its ok to listen to things, but open you mind and absorb it. Then you know how to act on it..

I love my off day..

Friday, October 31, 2008

Family Gathering.. Quality Time..

Last Sunday was my 2nd cousin, Tura's wedding. The family is staying the opposite block to us. Just like how I predicted, my mom's cousin come over to visit Tok who is just next door to us. We were at the wedding venue since Saturday. Even though there was not much 'rewang' to do, but the presence of the extended family gathering was already happening. I had to forgo the open house invitation by Julyani that same Sunday because I was more concern about the relative coming over to our place..

On Monday - Divali PH, I have made prior plans with Y to bring the kids out. I also suggested going to the Zoo during the school holidays. Didnt know that Y told the kids that WE are all going to the Zoo on Monday. Naqiyah sms me asking, "aunty Noris, are we going to the Zoo on Monday?" Told her have to discuss it with Ayah as yet. The plan was, if we are going to the Zoo, I was going to ask Zaf to assist on free passes at least we can save some entrance tickets. Y spend almost $100 for 5 of us including the tramp ride.. "$92!" Mak datuk! Lemah lutut when I heard the cashier said the amount.

I knew very well that Y will never thought of food, I have it all plan before hand. Mak help me with Roti John and I fried some epok2 and fish nuggets for the kids. Dah nama nya budak, mesti lah cepat lapar kan.. I remind myself to buy drinks at Cheers or 7eleven. Dah agak mesti lupa, we had to make do with buying drink at the push cart at $2 for a bottle of coke. Lemah lagi aku.. Mahal. Duit abis macam air!

It was raining at almost 3pm. Alhamdulliah, Y bought the tickets with tramp ride or else we will have to walk in the rain.. Drove back home, on the way, Y stop at Masjid Tempatan Sembawang to sempurnakan the fee for his korban this year. My 1st time at the Mosque, it was rather remote, but it looks really kampung around the area. I met my cousin Isham who is attending to the drama shooting with the Local Artist. Y said, it was for Raya Haji drama..

I really enjoy the day, so were the kids. Nadiah and Naqiyah indeed enjoy themselves that day. So as Nabil..

Tomorrow, we will be gathering at Angah's place at Riverina View. They are having kenduri for their Departure for Haj and I clearly remembered its Haris and Angah's birthday tomorrow.. There will be more kenduri and more wedding in the coming weeks.. There will be Shariff cucu Tok Ngah's wedding on the 9th Nov. I hope I should be expecting a wedding invitation (that I've been waiting for) on the 16th Nov, Jumari will be getting married. He has sms me last week. I told him, I'll be coming with my Partner! haahaha..

My 2nd sister Norafida, will be departing for Haj this 3rd December Insya ALLAH. Please send some Doa for her, hope she is in good health and be back home save. She will be going alone, departing with the MUIS medical team. Alhamdulliah, she got selected a few months back after a few hundred of them attended the interview.. We will be having a kenduri for her at out place soon too, insya ALLAH..

I've been going thru some test in life. But I'm handling it well, Alhamdulliah. Thank you to those who give me logical feedback and comments. It really knock some sense onto me. Two (or more) heads is better than ONE!

Have a good weekend Ahead!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

silent annoucement..

If you dont get invited Noris, dont be dishearten. Its alright.. There must be a reason why you're not in the invitation list. Perhaps, it will make that 'luka lama berdarah kembali kot?" hehehe.. Ok I'm trying to console myself. I've people telling me that they got invited but I been telling them, No tak dapat pun...

Anyway, I've been bumping into old airport friend this days especially when I'm out with Mak or other friends. But so far when I'm out with Y, we didnt meet any of OUR old colleagues anywhere. Maybe, its was not time yet. ALLAH belum izinkan.. So when I meet this people, I will tell Y. The best part was, when he met this people at work, he will asked or talk about it. Most of them knew about us being together the last time. So when they heard about us getting back together NOW, they get very surprise about it. I'm glad that Y is ready to tell them about us 'patching back' thats what he always tell them. "Dia tunggu kau lah Y!" That was what they said to him. I didnt wait for him eh, I dont want people getting the wrong idea all together that I've remain single all this years and I'm like 'right here waiting'. Please eh, I move on after we broke up. I meet and date and got engaged before anyway. Well, I should give credit to Y for telling them about us.

I had an exchange sms with a close friend. Telling me that I SHOULD consider the feeling of Y's kids making sure that they agree with me being with their Ayah. So far things are going fine, but we are working things out. I remembered Y's sentence everytime we talk about things.. he always said to me, his children comes first and thats his priority. To me, anything that has to do with th children or his Abah I will hve no objection. If any plans has to be cancelled because of this people, I have no said about it. Oh yes and work to.. If work calls, I am the last on the list too.

Ok well said, I'm so in the mood to clear things up. Not TRYING to make people agree with me, but need people to understand me. I know not everyone agrees to my idea of having to accept someone new like Y who is a father of 3. But to me, as long as my parents agree, my dearest Atok likes Y, my family accepted it then I will go ahead with it. At the same time, the Doa's are most important in what ever you do. I will follow my heart and the sign that I get thru prayers, the rest just follows...

Nadiah just got her results, she sms her Ayah that she'll be in Sec 2 Normal Academic next year, Alhamdulliah. Congrats Darling.. You need to work harder next year..

Ok enough said.. Ciao!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Our visiting is almost done... I think! Actually right, Raya visiting will never never end. Trust me. Probably I suggest you guys continue them over Raya Haji instead heheh.. Its still Raya anyway.

Nya' Nurul & Me

Nya's husband, Mansor & kids Aqim and Syirah

Well, I had some guest over last Sunday. Nothing special, just some old friend gather for lunch. The reason for it was to get some old friend to meet up after so long. Nya' Nurul and family came over, at the same time I had Y came along with the kids. Nya' have not met Y ever since we last single and left our Airport days. So its gonna be the 1st time after 14years..

Myself, Raudha, Nadiah and Naqiyah

And they make friends, Nadiah, Naqiyah, my cousin Liyana and Jannah

3 more friends(& family) couldnt make it due to some last minute family situations. But its ok, there is always next time, Insya ALLAH.. Things are unavoidable.. My cousins Dier and Zaf came over as well. Kak Liza, Andak and the kids where there as well. I invited Chandra as well. Makasih for the cupcakes and the kerudung cantik itu Mbak heheh..

I'm just super lucky cause the PH seems to fall on my working days. I've went thru the calender, only Christmas falls on my off day. But its alright.. I'm asking Y to plan something for the Divali PH this monday. School holidays coming, I've already thinking on what to plan for the holidays.. Zoo visit will be great isn't it? Weddings are also lining up like 3-4 wedding invitation per week. We be having a relative's wedding this weekend and the live just opposite us. We can practically wave to each other across our blocks.. There's gonna be another family gathering again.. Trust me!

I heard another old friend of our getting married this weekend as well. Didnt know that He got divorce few year back or something.. I remembered this friend ever told Y back 15years ago why is he going out with me when he know that there was another suitors aftering me. hahaha.. Y told him, "well best man wins lah." And now the other suitor is getting married in a month time..

Thank you for all the concern by my last entry. Nothing serious actually, but that I was surprise to be the last to know. But its ok, I've manage to get it all under control, Alhamdulliah.

I have just purchase some dresses from Luuvely.. I'm excited to get it via my mailbox and wear it soon hahah.. Thanks!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was surprise to heard it, didnt expect it to come. But its a good news Alhamdulliah. I suddenly turn emotional.. The thought of being separated it sad. Suddenly I felt left out.. That was only when I got another shocking one as well.

I know I where I stand, I cant afford it. If I cant even manage myself, then I have every reason not to be included. So in which, I'm going do be all myself.

I never like to plan things, I just dont dare to imagine things anymore. If things happens, then it happens. I believe that if its meant to be, then it is. Even up to this day, I never like to hear promises. You can promise me the world, but I will only believe when the time comes.

SO now, what is going to happen next? I'm not to sure. Cause even a proper prepared event, can just called off just like that.. It all up to HIM.. Whatever will be, will be...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

anger management...

Flaming with anger, dissapointed for not telling the whole truth about things. Lie was created to save other but the blame gets into another. And you... you just kept quite without defending the whole truth. Dont fancy that style, its educating the youngesters to tell a lie. Dont blame them if they 'kelentong' you in the end cause you just show them how to do it. Dont know if you're fully ready to begin a new commitment. Or just to scared that the whole bomb shell will hurt the other..

Anyway, I was out with Nadia on Tuesday. We get to spend time just the two of us. So much things was shared until 'tak terkutip' all the stories that came to me. I know there were things that I was not told, and not forgetting those that I already knew all along. Overall, I just like this bubbly lady cause I see so much of me in her! I think that was how Za think of me when I tell her stories and she just let me continue telling them.. Well then, I met her at Tampines MRT, then we took the train to Bugis. Had our lunch at Banquet Raffles and later we headed to Bugis Street to jalan jalan. I was actually looking for a pair of shades, got them and at the same time bought a grey color shoe. Decided to continue the window shopping at Tampines Mall, she called the Ayah telling him that she want to get her ear pierce (and thats when she got into trouble for doing that, I'm sorry again, I'm responsible for it!). I just realise that she do not have any piercing at all. We scout for one at one of the jewellery store, but it was too expensive. Suddenly recall that they have such service at 77th Street, I asked the lady if its save and if the studs are sensitive free and all that stuff. Nadia got worried if it will hurt her badly.. But the lady manage to distract her and she didnt know that it was coming at all.. hahah..

We left after the piercing, I send her to Simei MRT, in which we say our goodbyes. I notice a familiar people, husband and wife, near that, to only realise it was Y and my ex colleagues from the Airport days. They notice that I was walking with this girl so seem familiar as well. And later I had to announce that I'm dating Y now and they said "Ohh... bagus lah.." I hope they dont tell 'the whole world' in the Airport!

I'm super enjoying the Ayam Penyet new branch at Raffles Place Banquet. The original branch at Marine Parade area, has been my favourite since it tried it some two years ago. Edy, the boss, was at the new branch yesterday. Guess he didnt recall me at all lah kan.. But dont care lah, ayam penyet kat sedap tu yg important! I'm craving for it again and again.. You will have to be there early to beat the lunch hour crowd.

I am glad that I get to be in touch with Shyreen back again. I'm glad that even when I lost her correct mobile number, she has manage to look for mine and sms me on 1st week of Raya. Alhamdulliah.. I'm so glad that I found her back..

Its already October, and in less than 3 mths we will be in the year 2009. Yet again, you'll hve to think back what have you accomplished for this year. What have you done, and what you have not do. Have you gain some or lose some. There is so much things in going thru my head.

Yes you can always say, "dah lah jangan fikir kan sangat.." Of course you will have to think about it. Things are bound to happen, its a matter of how you take and handle it.. I'm tired, seriously. I leave it all up to HIM, What ever will be, will be...

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Its Raya..

It was Nabil's birthday just few days before Raya. I'm glad he likes the CupCake that I got from Chandra..

Alhamdulliah, Raya has been awesome. There was so much 'happening'...

It has been an emotional malam Raya. Eventhough, I probably will not feel the same way as other, it will definately be an emotional one. You can say or pujuk too much when someone's feeling very sad. The only thing you can say was, "jgn lupa doakan Dia."

Pagi Raya, started with Solat Aidilfitri at Masjid Hj Salleh. Later on, we headed home for a nice breakfast of Ketupat with Sambal Satay and Rendang. So much about loosing weight for the whole of Ramadhan then you had those oily stuff on Pagi Raya.. Gosh, my tummy just couldnt take it any longer. I had stomachache a few days after that. The tummy not use to it as yet.

Waited for the rest of the family to come over in the afternoon. Thats the best part of Raya. Attending to the guest, as usual ever since we shift next to Tok, we didnt get to jalan Raya at all.. I only get to go to Ayah Angah place the usual last house on 1st day Raya..

I was still off from work on 2nd day Raya. Decided to continue the Puasa. We only started our Raya back over the weekend.. Went to visit on the East area on Sunday, lucky we get to tumpang Bapak Rahim and Andak's car. Most of the time if i visited Bapak Rahim's place, its a ritual to singgah next door. Its been over 6 years since I last see him. It was a shocked.. I'm glad it actually tested how I felt about things. The only person on my mind was Y at that time. I have learn to let go of things, Alhamdulliah. I manage to face it and be cool about it. I called Y right after that, telling Y that I met him after so long. He asked what was on my mind and how do I feel about meeting him. I said, "dah takde feeling ah.."

Raya is the only time to meet people, which you've meet like once a year. And its probably the only time to seek forgiveness in any case you make any mistake intentional or not intentional. At the same time, you might never know if you'll meet the next Raya. But when your presence was not welcome, its only right that you get on you feel and 'belah' ah apa lagi.. Its sad that things happen that way. It was more than just that actually, but it was too malu to tell. I just pray that we'll become someone who dont bare grudges to other, be more forgiving and accept reality.. Amin..

I only get to meet Y on Friday, after his solat Jumaat, it was just for a while. I was on half day MC, like I said earlier, by tummy just cannot accept food at 3 meals a day. I should maintain my weight actually hehehe.. Its back to meeting like once or twice a week again. But I'm glad Ramadhan has been great for both of us.

I've ended my Puasa 6 just today. So at least, I'll get to lunch with my colleagues tmrw.. Someone is concious that people been saying the weight has increase. It was out of my mind to hear that someone is out to the gym! haahaha.. I cannot believe it. Actually I kind of envy, I wish I can go back to the gym for some work out. Jealouse seh!

Its another Jalan Raya over this weekend. I think everyone will start Jalan Raya this weekend as well, cause some Sec Sch children has ended their exams, so as those sitting for PSLE..

Till then..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Salam Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Ramadhan Berlalu, Syawal Menjelma..

Dengan Ingatan Tulus Ikhlas,

Dengan Kerendahan Diri,

Mohon Maaf Zahir & Batin,

Di atas setiap Kesalahan.

Salam Aidil Fitri

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Counting Days..

We are only a week away. Remember being excited when Raya's drew near. So much things to look forward to.. As you grew older, that feeling of excited grew lesser. Especially when the last 10 days of Puasa, you feel that its the time is gets shorter.

I had a splendid weekend. My Saturday has been the most meaningful thing that any other day. Eventhough time was limited, but it really worthwhile. I really miss the boy more since that day.

I still have not clear up my room heheeh.. I'll wait till the last minute perhaps.

I got a shocking news yesterday evening, my dear friend found out her husband chating on the net with some woman. According to her this is not her 1st or 2nd encounter. She had it, made a harsh move by asking him to get out of home. I told her dont act thru anger, think of the consequences. She choose to go on seperate ways for the mean time. I told her dont think of negativity, think of a solution to the problem. If there's a need to see a consultant, then she should.. I just hope for the best, my doa's with you..

Glad to hear my friend has given birth to a baby Boy, Congrats to you. Alhamdulliah, even after a week in the hospital and a long labour wait..

Got to Go..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ten Days more..

Didnt realise how fast the time flies, we are already on the 20th Day of Puasa.. I've not miss any day yet, Alhamdulliah. It has been a beautiful Ramadhan for me this year, Alhamdulliah and glad it brings happiness into someone's life and make it better.

I was off from work on Monday and Tuesday, had to work 3 days straight from Wednesday to Friday. I then realise how tiring it can be working 3 days in a row. Too much 'lemak' cause didnt get to work full time in a longest time. And too much 'lemak' for Y, MC for a week, he indeed enjoy having to be away from the usual hectic work week. Well back to work on Monday my dear. He's getting much much better, only the swelling on the knee makes him uncomfortable to bend.

I had my work review just last few days, it was not really something pleasant to hear. But I guess its all due to me losing focus when listening to instruction or getting those numbers right. So I just have to back up if I want to continue working. I mention being comfortable working 3 days a week. I'm hopng for the best cause its all up to me to decide what is best.

The Ayah read the blog, didnt clear the cache. The Daughter saw the link at the history, view and read it, know what is going on. All due to the Ayah's fault not clearing the history. And yesterday, the Daughter read the Ayah's sms when the phone msg alert was on. The Ayah's charging the phone, the Daughter giggle reading it. Nothing mushy was written, "I'm leaving for Masjid, walking with Mak and Ayah" except for the jargon the Ayah and SMS sending call each other. I think the Daughter told the Grandma, Ayah gets into trouble or not??? heehehe..

I didnt see my cousin's for the whole time Puasa was on. But earlier Kak Liza called saying they having Buka at our place today. Glad such a plan being decided, misses Nabilah anyway..

I just completed helping Ayah painted the wall at our hall Lime Green! This has been our 3rd year at our new place. So we should do some changes this year. We are kind of relax this year. Mak didnt really cook so much, we just eat anything simple for Buka or Sahur. We dont want the food goes to a waste. Most of the time, its just 1 lauk or Bubur Masjid, or Mee Hoon Goreng. And thats it. Kueh? I just went with Mak 2 Tuesdays ago and buy them at Raja Kueh. Only next week, Mak will probably be making Kueh Tart and Makmur just for us. We made Cornflakes and that it.

I seriously got to do a final kemas in my room. Tomorrow perhaps... Tengok lah hehehe... Just did a bilas of my baju kurung that I just bought few weeks back. Already plan on what to wear on 1st day or the other jalan raya outfits. And already got the tudung ready, cause thats important.. Other than that, dah.. its just as sederhana as any other Raya..

Whats important now is the last 10 days of Puasa, and I hope I will not have to miss Terawih for this few days. The only chance to panjat kan doa whatever that you wish for it to be. Insya ALLAH..

I just hope my dear friend who's been warded since Monday gets in labour soon, and everything is fine with her Insya ALLAH.

There is another weekend to go before Raya comes.. The time is so fast!

Monday, September 15, 2008


It was raining heavily in the morning. Monday, as usual, is my working day.. as usual, sms Y telling him I'm leaving for work. I said, "ride carefully, its raining.." that was 8.10am.

I didnt receive his reply, I thought maybe he's on the way to work. The MRT was supper crowded this morning, I had to let 3 train passes me. I end up taking the train at 8.25am. Reach Raffles place MRT, I just realise I had a call from Y. I was shocked to hear that he met with an accident on the way to work. Fortunately, he manage to speak to me. But we didnt get to talk for long. I decided to take the day off, told Bren, I will come back to work tmrw instead. Impulsive act, took the train all the way to Simei. But he's doing ok, back home injured his right knee and bruises on both hands.

Not long, I reach home, helping Mak with kueh cornflakes (sempat!). I got an sms from Teeba that my close friend Nur Aini's father's just passes on. Al-Fatihah to Md Yat.

I'm leaving to visit Aini at Bedok with Suzana..

Syukur Y's is save. I manage to make coffee for him yesterday when he requested me to make one after terawih!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two weeks to Puasa, Continue all those Doa's

I have not been meeting any of my cousins, CCK or SAV. Everyone's busy with Puasa as Terawih. We never plan any iftar meet up, because everyone wants the convenient of eating at home and solat at the nearest Masjid from home.

Y has been a faithful reader of my blog recently. He asked yesterday, "never update your blog?" I'm super lazy actually haahaha..

Is almost two weeks to Puasa. And its been almost 2 weeks since I see Y everyday during Terawih. Things has never been better, Alhamdulliah. Now, he has met the family - my parents, two sisters and BIL and Tok!

Oh, I've got news that travel from cargo that someone's getting married. Its about time for him, I hope he understand that there is someone who is willing to give that love to him. Because I can't do that.. And he know every well that I was so much into Y that he was being ignored 14years back! Only HE knows what is best for us and who ever know that J's going with SM and Y and me are back together. Itu semua kerja ALLAH kerana DIA yang menentukan semua nya.. And I'm here to Doakan yang terbaik for you, Amin.

Ok there's nothing much to update actually. Apart from going Geylang with Mak on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Work on alternate days. Still continue those exchange of sms with CT, we chat a bit just yesterday.. Ok its progressing much better, Alhamdulliah. And the boy just cant stop saying my name this few days. He instantly recognize upon seeing picture of me..

MC on Friday, because my eyes just refuse to shut and my brain continue working. I didnt sleep a wink last Friday, gosh.. was fully awake up till 4am! I got like 30mins nap, then the buzzer alarm for Sahur was all over the room.. I got up feeling heavy on my head. I do not want to risk going to work feeling the headache. I had some sleep after Subuh till almost 9.30am. Got up to the Clinic, came home sleep again till almost 1pm. Should be back to work on Monday..

So what cooking today? Got to Go!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Its a Blessing.

Wishing everyone Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa.. Hope you're all in the best of health, Insya ALLAH.

I have so much to blog, but just to lazy.. furthermore its like the story is so basi already hehehe.. Just when I was posting, I got a call from my SH friend, Ernie. She's asking me how to post something on Multiply. Told her coincidently, I am doing some posting. She mention meeting Gaya and Lea a few days ago or something. She told them that I'm seeing someone. They told her.. ya we know, read on her blog posting hahah...

The last Friday, just before Puasa, had plan lined up for the whole day. In the morning, Mak's work out makcik had the last makan2 session before Puasa.. Had mee siam that morning.

The same morning, I met Kak Liza at HarbourFront to collect our ferry ticket to Batam the next day. Concern that the ticket might run out, cause Dier and Zaf coming along. After collection, had breakfast (again) at Banquet Vivo. Later on, she drove me back home..

Made plans with Nya' to meet her for lunch. We only manage to meet at TKC at around 3pm. She get excited walking along TKC and Geylang. Reminded us of our younger Airport days where we use to Buka at Geylang after work and roaming around the Bazaar. She indeed misses that moment, and this year she get to Puasa back in Singapore..

We had a pretty late lunch, till almost 4.30pm at Hjh Maimunah, its her 1st time there.. Check out the stolen picture of her.

My office colleagues has made prior arrangement to have dinner at Straits Kitchen, Hyatt. That night, we had our makan sampai kenyang session there. My last round of food intake..

Azlin and Suzana


Garlic Nan and Butter Chicken

That evening, I randomly sms Y if he could fetch me from Hyatt. Just trying my luck.. He was at Woodlands, so cant promise if the time permits.. I didnt have like 5 rounds of food or what. But I guess because I had that Calamaci and Asam drink before food, I became bloated. Dont asked what happen to me that night, I had to leave home early hahaha..

Feeling bad that he didnt get to fetch me that evening, Y called, "what happen to you dear??" I said I'm feeling sick! All because of the drink..

The next morning, I left for Batam for a day with Kak Liza, Nana, Dier, Zaf and Chandra. I didnt intend to shop much, but I was really happy that I get to buy tudung, a blouse (kak I owe kak liza haha), a shirt for Y (that I have not gave him yet), some kerepek and most important is masker, lulur that I really wanted to buy there. I just spend less than $100 for all that..

I sleep over Kak Liza, Andak's place that night. Knowing that Sunday evening will be a Terawih night, they send me back home in the afternoon.. As usual, I had my terawih at Masjid Salleh. Y asked if I want to go to Masjid Kassim, told him the next time perhaps. Suddenly someone need company, I totally forgot that its his 1st Ramadhan without his better half. He misses her! There is nothing wrong with missing her, she has always been there for more than 10 years. My prayers is always with her..

It almost a week of Ramadhan today. Time passes so fast... Another weekend, and counting down to Raya. But the children's exams is coming very soon. Exchange of sms with CT just last weekend. That lady is doing fine. Today, she just reply to my sms after last few days I send it to her.. Exams are like 2 weeks from now. Hope she get to catch up on things. I dont blame her for losing focus, she just lost her Mama. Just like the Ayah, I'm sure she has that moment when she misses her by her side.

Ok got to go.. taking a short nap and gonna wake up when Asar comes.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Age that Matters..

My cousin Rose - Ita posted this, "so how is it like feeling a year older?" My answer is, "great.."

I know when a lady touches the age of over 30years, their age is a secret. To me it not a secret. It actually reflect on the level of your maturity, there is nothing to be ashame off. But sometimes, when you are among friends who are in their early twenties, and suddenly you're feeling young, jumping and moving to the groove while listening to some music or watching some kind of concert, you probably just have to keep you age a secret cause you're not showing a good example hahah..

Za send me this age calculator and I really love it. Because all about me is 90% so bloody true. Check this out!

Enter your DoB here =>19-Aug-73

Age in years 35.02
Age in months 420
Age in days 12782
Age in hours 306761
Age in minutes 18405636
Age in seconds 1104338141
Age in Milli seconds 110433814113
Age in weeks 89472
You born on Sunday

* Loves to joke
* Attractive
* Suave and caring
* Brave and fearless
* Firm and has leadership qualities
* Knows how to console others
* Too generous and egoistic
* Takes high pride of oneself
* Thirsty for praises
* Extraordinary spirit
* Easily angered
* Angry when provoked
* Easily jealous
* Observant
* Careful and cautious
* Thinks quickly
* Independent thoughts
* Loves to lead and to be led
* Loves to dream
* Talented in the arts, music and defense
* Sensitive but not petty
* Poo! r resistance against illnesses
* Loving and caring
* Loves to make friends


However, when I tried on Y's Age Calculator there are some points that were not accurate..

Enter your DoB here =>15-Dec-70

Age in years 37.70
Age in months 452
Age in days 13759
Age in hours 330217
Age in minutes 19812995
Age in seconds 1188779697
Age in Milli seconds 118877969678
Age in weeks 96313
You born on Tuesday

* Loyal and generous
* Patriotic ~ not sure
* Active in games and interactions
* Impatient and hasty ~ not true
* Ambitious
* Influential in organizations
* Fun to be with
* Loves to socialize
* Loves praises
* Loves attention
* Loves to be loved
* Honest and trustworthy
* Not pretending
* Short tempered ~ not true
* Changing personality ~ not true
* Not egoistic
* Takes high pride in oneself
* Hates restrictions
* Loves to joke
* Good sense of humor
* Logic

Last Saturday, we had a small tahlil at Andak, Kak Liza's place at CCK1. It was a small gathering with SAV family, CCK1 family, and BK family. CCK2 couldnt be there because both of them went for another honeymoon at Redang..

We are just a week away from the month of Ramadhan. This week will be fill up with lunch and dinner appointment before Puasa starts.. Today we had a department lunch for Foong Farwell. We had it at Swensen Plaza Singapura. I have already drew up a whole week schedule. Tomorrow will be out last class at Masjid, Wednesday and Thursday will be my working day because I want Friday to be off. Friday will be out last Stretching and Yoga class so we gonna have a small makan2 session that morning.. This Saturday, Kak Liza and me will be going on a day trip to Batam Centre with Chandra as well.. So how I will have to let Y decide when is he gonna slot in our meet up for the week hehehe..

Tomorrow is gonna be another off day. Another day out with Mak again..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting in touch, while away from Singapore..

I've manage to be in touch with my cousin Rose Aznita Mohd Heffron who's putting up in Liverpool via facebook. We email once in a blue moon, but its seldom that she gets to reply.. I always have my name in FULL for friends and family who's away to locate me. And I guess thats how she found me.. by my full name.

Ita, thats how we call her, and me grow up togather. From young, we will always be dress in similar dresses or baju's during Raya or any occassion. When he move to UK, got herself settle down there with her husband and family, we only get to be in touch most of the time via MSN. Recently, I've been constantly updating the Facebook as well as Multiply with pictures of the family and outings. So its seems that is how she get to see our family, her siblings and neices and nephew.. I'm glad if that helps..

Ok, today's Thursday, my off day. So most of the time on my Tuesday and Thursday off, its the time I go down with Mak for Stretching and Yoga.. Next Friday will be out last 'class' for the month before Puasa starts..

Beside being concious with the weight, its another way to stay health.. hehehe.. Well not getting any younger apa!

Yesterday, I had lunch with my colleagues in HAS, Suzana and Azlin. They gave a birthday treat at Fig and Olive Raffles Place. In the late afternoon, Mdm Liz sms if we should have dinner.. another treat at RamenTen our favourite place.. Semalam Hari Rezeki Sedunia! Alhamdulliah..

Its working day tomorrow.. But my Exec Bren will be on leave Friday and Monday. In which I will be doing things independently. Have already a line up of activities for the whole of next week. I will be working on Mon, Wed and Thurs, in which I had my Fri working day changed. All due to the Gathering with the Workout Makciks for last Exercise class.. Planning for dinner that same Friday with the HAS team at Straits Kitchen Hyatt. Following which, I'll be going on a trip to Batam with Kak Liza on Saturday 30th August.

That same Friday, 29th August, Y will be having a Teacher's Day performance at the kids Pri Sch. Since he has joined the parents group with the school, they had the parents performing for the Teachers. I CANNOT imagine how is it going to be.. hahaha.. I have asked outsiders are allow to watch, he insist its not.. Maybe he doesnt want me to come and watch hahaha..

Its going to be another week before Puasa starts on early September.. Stay Healthy people..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another year older..

I have never expect to remind single at the age of 35! I thought I would be married at the age of 26, have a family with kids and all. But well, what most important is, being happy and healthy..

Ok, last weekend was Rohana M's wedding at Tampines. Had planned with my classmates to come at the wedding before zohor so that we all can meet up. So Congrats to Rohana and Ardie..

Yes, I'm 35years old today. I exchange sms with Sani Hussin, we are both born on the same day same year.. I told him, "can you imagine, we'll be 40yrs old in 5 years time?" He said, "pe nak buat, asal kan kita sihat2 sudah.." Wishing him the best, The Bright Star!

Birthday came early since yesterday, Y called to meet up, nothing special. But most important is him being there and his birthday wish this morning.. At the same time, I gave him Nadiah's birthday cupcakes that I ordered from Chandra. Nadiah had her celebration last Saturday at her grandma's place. Y had bought another cake for the occassion so I thought, I should buy just for Nadiah and her siblings to eat.. I hope she likes it. That was what I heard from Y last night.. Thank you Chandra..

Mak and Ayah wish came as early as last night. At subuh, I wish Mak Happy Birthday too. You know, birthday is not only for the one who's born. The wishes should be given to you mother as well. So never forget your mom, when its YOUR birthday. Its her birthday too.. Remember that!

Thank you for the sms well wishes..

00:33 - Grace Yanzon

06:44 - Fidz

06:57 - Andak Raf

06:54 - Viky

06:55 - Ayie J

07:57 - Nya' Nurul

08:04 - Suzana Ary

08:36 - Kak Liza

09:03 - Nury Mahmod

09:10 - Zaleha

09:37 - Glenn Goo

09:59 - Julyani

10:02 - Feisal Dzulkiflee

11:00 - Norhaida

13:19 - Jannah

Saturday, August 16, 2008

back blogging..

Now then I'm back.. just need the right mood to start again.

The net was down for almost 2 weeks, its all due to the faulty modem. Had to get it changed, the phone line fixed and the modem installed back again..

Work get better and more challenging by the days. Not to bad anyway, cant thank HIM enough for having this job.

Life is getting challenging as well, the test and task are getting tougher. Patience being tested, priority given will always be last and felt I'm least important. Then I realise being battle and competing with MR. When suggestion made, been turn down for the same reason for more then 10x. Even how much it get recover, the same thing will happen again in the future. Trust me! When the time comes, then I will start my worry back again. For now, I will like go with the flow... Thanks to Za and Nya' for being there to listen.

We'll be attending Rohana Mahmud's wedding tomorrow noon. The USTS gangs are planning to come at the same time so we could meet up at least. Will take some pictures and post it soon, Insya ALLAH.

August has been the Longest Birthday list. Here are those :-

1st August - Mustaqim Mulyadi Ihsan ~ my anak buah

2nd August - Suratman Samadi ~ my sec sch mate

8th August - Nur Liyana Md Rafid and Rose Aznita Mohd Heffron ~ my cousins

13th August - Herman Sulaiman ~ my childhood best friend

14th August - Riah ~ my Hitachi colleague

15th August - Feisal Dzulkiflee ~ my close friend

16th August - Hestee Raisa ~ my cousin & Siti Nur Nadiah Mohd Yazid

18th August - Suzana Ary ~ my adik and SH team mate

19th August - Md Sani Hussin ~ my childhood friend

20th August - Hans Issac ~ my Idol hahah..

24th August - Meerra ~ my SH team mate

25th August - Zaleha Mohd ~ my USTS classmate

28th August - Nury Mahmood ~ my cousin

Hope I didnt miss out anyone..

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what to wear... what to wear..

Have you ever stand in front of the closet for more than 15mins thinking what to wear to work? I guess its pretty common for someone who dont wear uniform to work.

A few months ago, while unpacking some stuffs from our previous unopen boxes when we last move, Mak found some old baju of mine. There was this particular long sleeveless dress that I surprisingly can fit on it.. Its pink, I decided to have it go along with a new brown cardigan. This is my 2nd piece of clothing from 10years back that fits me. Proud or what eh? heeehhe..

Last Sunday morning, I was out walking with Ayah and Mak from home to Kallang Bahru for marketing. If you know how far is Upper Boon Keng Road to Kallang Bahru then you will know how far we walked going and coming back home. Its like 4 bus stops aways if you take 853 or 26 from our bus stop. It was a refreshing walk there.. At the same time, there is always time for quality talking with Mak. I'm making full use of the new track shoes that Ayah bought it apa...

Today, since its my off day, I was up the same timing like I'm going to work. And join Mak's aerobics class downstairs.. FOR THE FIRST TIME eh I join them. Gosh, I just realise how long I've not exercise even warm ups and stretching I felt so 'kejong' hahah.. At least I pull thru it. Mak and me went out to Kaki Kaki at noon, called to make an impormptu appointment. Lucky there were still available slot. My 1st time doing ear candling, surprisingly I didnt know that I had sinuous problem. Because you cant hide especially it shows from the burning residue. We had back massage as well, pamper or what. Especially so when I had that stiff neck and back a few days ago, that massage really helps..

We went to buy lunch at Joo Chait, Mak suggested we buy nasi ambeng at my Pri Sch friend Mimi - Nurbanisah Ghani's stall. Its been a while since I meet her. Mother of 3 kids now, hear from her that Riana Karim, another classmate of ours just gave birth to her 4th child. Hebat betul korang korang ni.. Mimi said, "kau ni bila nak kahwin Noris.. Kau nak tunggu sapa pulak. Datuk K dah kahwin pun... Datuk mana kau nak ni?" Mak bluntly reply, "Datuk Y lah.." I burst out laughing.. cause its coming from Mak!

I just hear from a friend that someone I know has breast cancer. I'm sorry to hear that.. I hope she is strong enough to take it. Just hope the operation goes well and may my prayers be with you, Insya ALLAH..

I'm glad to hear from Nya' that her husband, Dee will be moving to Singapore and join the family here some where soon. Alhamdulliah.. Its not easy for seperation from the wife and kids. Its not that I know how it is like, but living far away from someone you love is not easy right.

Y had a cancel/delay flight to attend yesterday. He reach home till almost 9pm. I am very sure that he's exhausted, especially when he had to watch the kids school work after that. Its not easy for him, I know that. But he's just pushing himself to handle it well. When he's being asked, how are you coping with situation? He said ok I can manage.The thing is, he HAS to cope with it no matter what. So last night, he called me at almost mid night. As usual, we normally catch up on whats happening in the day. And Guess what? He sleep talking! I dont know what he was mumbling.. He must have went to sleep while talking to me hahaha... Teruk betul.

Tomorrow is a working day for me. I may be meeting my old colleague in JAL Haslinda for lunch Insya ALLAH. Probably having another coffee with Za in the evening.. We'll see how. I am suppose to meet up with my old friends from CIAS LM this friday. But I'm not sure if its going to happen. On the other hand Saf is asking if we can go Badoque this Friday for dinner or something.. Y has yet to plan our date this week.. and that I dont know when, because this man will plan it at last minute.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BoyFriend meets BestFriend..

Ever since Y met Za at the in house course, he cant stop talking about this best friend of mine.. Wait till Y meet up with Nya' back again.. Y said, "ya eh Nurul lagi lama I tak jumpa.." I am telling you, they have been exchanging stories about me.. Gossiping non stop. Every day he's been telling me what they both talk about during break. Well I owe Za some Big Makan cause she's been putting good words about me Yo! Dear ZALEHA, Dinner on me. Nanti Pay Day ok. hahaha..

I had this stiff neck since last few days. It goes from the back of my right ear right down to my back.. Gosh, thats when I knew its the cause of all those heachache and fever I had last few days. I had to put koyok and hot old just to make it feel cooler. I had Ayah massage my back with hot oil. Baru lah boleh sleep better..

Ayah complaint that I've not been exercising. Ya right, Ayah pun sama jugak. Actually Y said to me the same thing. So much about telling Za, "Noris dulu besar tau.." ya lah that was 14years ago.. Now, according to him I'm smaller a bit. Well he has not seen the BIGGER side of me like 7 years ago when I had my Thyroid problem that time, so GEMUK aku.. He better not complaint that I'm fat or what ever eh. He better accept me the way I am hahahah... Anyway, today I went to have my medical check up at Raffles place. After which, Ayah asked me to meet him at Mustafa Centre because he insist that I Should get myself a proper sport shoe! "So jangan make excuses that boleh ikut mak exercise lagi sebab Ayah beli kan kasut baru hahaha.."

I had a short conversation with a 13year old girl. Agressive.. Its gonna be a challenge handling her. She sure need time and space for acceptance.

Ok cousins coming later.. Ciao.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Under the Weather..

Since Sunday, I've been under the weather. I was at Al-Iman mosque for the blood donation drive and supporting on their other activities. With Ayah being busy with the mosque activities, Mak & me were outside the tent watching the activities. The Sunday Morning Sun makes my head ache that late afternoon. I actually pleage to be part of the Blood Donation, unfortunately I was not eligable due to having fever the last few days. Surprisingly, I met Aden there with her 4PM mates voluntering.. Its been some time since we last meet.

That late afternoon, I stay in bed feeling so heavy in my head. Never felt that before. Y got so worried called me 7 times that day. He even suggested that I should not do the blood donation since I was not well. He know me too well... Anyway, Ayah picture with the PM is on BH today..

I started my 1st day of work yesterday. Still having the flu, I was so not in the mood. My head was spinning like crazy. I was not myself yesterday, my throat was sore and my taste bud not feeling anything.. Everything seem to be not right. I endure the whole day only after lunch I felt much better. People there are nice, work is not bad. Anyway I didnt do much yesterday. I still have tomorrow to start learning something new.

Za and Y are attending the same course for the past 3 days. They are so building rapport with each other. Both getting excited about meeting each other for the 1st time even after hearing stories of each other from me. Since Tuesday, this 2 people have become like best friend sharing stories and talking about common people and that ME! Today's their last day of training, they are so going to continue stories I bet you..

I just saw my mobile phone bill today. My Gosh, my incoming calls are 2200+mins! That was so much call I receive. Anyway, its nothing compared to 2000+ calls of Overseas calls the last time. At least its still local calls I'm making. Not to bad lah.. So much about lecturing the daughter, wonder how much is the Ayah's phone bill for this month hahah..

Oh I'm so feeling much better today, Alhamdulliah. Ready for work again tomorrow..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Got the Job!

I went for a job interview on Tuesday morning. I thought its a full time perm position, instead it was a Part Time job offer. When I wasn't looking for Part Time position, it came along and I wont want to miss it.

I got pretty excited telling Y over the phone. Honestly, I was hoping I get it. I was looking forwards for something else more that day actually..

So yesterday, the HR lady called asking me how comfortable was I with the job after the interview that I had. The interviewer seem happy with the conversation we had the other day. Alhamdulliah. Just before Zohor, she called me again. Offering me a good pay amount with medical benefits and medical leave entittlement. I will also be given Annual Leave and AWS offer. The pay is Alhamdulliah more than the previous temp job that I had. Could not ask for more than just feeling greatful with what is given to me...

Monday, I'll be signing the contract. Will start next week. Best part is, I'll be working only on day Mon, Wed & Fri... Interesting.

Hello to Good Vibes. I believe that good things are in store for me, Insya ALLAH. Its falling into place. Syukur, as long as I don't forget where its all coming from..

Anyway, I had coffee with Saf & Kak Liza last night. After our maghrib at Sultan, we headed to Bugis Junction to meet Saf. I was craving for J-CO again.. I'm addicted to it lah..

After having donut and coffee, with intense conversation about so many things, we decided to continue at Kampung Glam cafe. Saf was feeling hungry.. Andak came to fetch us back at 10am..

Now I'm having this sore in my throat. Went out to Paya Lebar for a while and the weather is sooo HOT! Felt this sudden headache.. Let me take a nap, hope the headache will go away..

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Weekend's Activity

The norm, I will be either at CCK1 or SAV for the weekend. Last weekend, CCK1 was occupied with visitors from Philippines in which I decided to stay home instead.

On Saturday evening, there was a Forum at Darul Aman Mosque organized by Md Salleh Mosque. So we stayed from Maghrib till the forum end at 11pm. This was one of the activities by Md Salleh Mosque to raise fund for the mosque. Didnt expect it to end that late, was being offered to fetch from the Mosque back home. The first impression and meet up! We went home happy..

I didnt really plan to come along to anak Encik Yusoff Nikah at Masjid Alkaff. Only after Mak asked then I thought why not. Then I get to meet the relatives.. We were there early, thinking that the nikah is before zohor. Instead we were the first few people to arrive.

Nikah was at 2.30pm, we get to zohor at masjid at least. But the whole kenduri started since 12noon. It was a simple wedding held at the mosque itself. At least its a small gathering yet meriah..

Meet mak's cousin, or rather my aunties. Left Ramlah and Right, her sister Asiah. They are my fellow USTS senior's back in school days. The groom are their nephew.

On the Right is Malek, Ramlah's husband. They have been couple since Sec School days..

Weeks back, Raihaniah - Mak's anak angkat had her daughter kenduri cukur rambut, but I didnt attend. Han, that's how we address her as, was taken care by Mak when she was in her primary school. I always remember her as 'makan semua nak bubuh kicap'. Now she's a mom of a lovely daughter. See how peaceful she sleeps..

I've got an interview tomorrow. Hoping for the best.. Insya ALLAH