Monday, March 31, 2008

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31st March 2008, Monday

Dari “Erti Hidu Marcell”

Dia ditemui pada sidang akhbar Makan Tengah Hari Minggu Setiausaha Ekstravaganza 2008 yang bakal dijayakan olehnya di Grand Nirwana Ballroom, Hotel Crowne Plaza pada 24 April depan bermula pukul 12 tengah hari.

Uniknya persembahan ini juga, ia menggabungkan dua bintang dari Malaysia dan Singapura yang juga rakan baik kepada Marcell iaitu Dayang Nurfaizah dan Imran Ajmain.

Jelas Marcell atau nama sebenarnya, Marcellius Kirana Hamonangan Siahaan, keretakan hubungan kekeluargaan yang dialaminya sewaktu kecil menjadikannya lebih matang untuk menghargai hidup.

Disebabkan itu juga, album ketiganya diberi judul Hidup kerana bagi Marcell, setelah kepahitan yang dilaluinya sebelum ini, dia mahu berkongsi dengan peminatnya menerusi karya-karya yang ditampilkan dalam buah tangan terbarunya itu.


Album Hidup yang mula menjengah pasaran di negara kelahirannya hampir sebulan yang lalu sudah pun mendapat sambutan yang cukup hebat dari peminat setianya.

Cerita Marcell, album ketiganya itu masih lagi menampilkan konsep yang dibawakannya sebelum ini dan single pertama dari album tersebut, Candu Asmara juga sudah meraih perhatian yang cukup meluas di tanah bekas jajahan Belanda itu.

“Saya lebih bereksperimentasi dengan muziknya di mana saya cuba gabungkan muzik yang saya tampilkan dalam album pertama dan kedua saya untuk dijadikan satu kelainan dalam album ketiga saya ini.

“Diharapkan peminat saya akan dapat menerima album ini nanti apabila ia dipasarkan di Malaysia tidak berapa lama lagi,” terang Marcell yang mencuri perhatian peminat muzik Melayu Nusantara lewat lagu Hanya Memuji yang dinyanyikan bersama teman seperjuangannya, Shanty.

Marcell yang sebelum ini pernah menghasilkan dua buah album, Marcell (2003) dan Denganmu (2004) serta sebuah album bungkusan semula, Marcell Repackaged, memberitahu, lagu Bukan Lagu Cinta yang dinyanyikannya bersama Karen Theresia Pooroe (bekas finalis Indonesian Idol musim pertama) dianggapnya terlalu istimewa kerana ia merupakan hasil nukilan isterinya sendiri.

Bercerita tentang persembahannya untuk minggu setiausaha kelak, pemuja lagu-lagu M.Nasir ini memberitahu, dia akan tampil dengan pemuzik iringannya dengan barisan lagunya yang popular dan lagu-lagu dendangan penyanyi lain selama 90 minit.

“Di Indonesia, suasananya menyambut minggu setiausaha cukup berbeza kerana ia tidak semeriah di Malaysia. Disebabkan itu, saya menjanjikan satu persembahan yang menarik dan saya akan pastikan mereka yang hadir nanti akan pulang dengan seribu kepuasan,” katanya yang kini selesa dengan imej botak setelah tampil dengan imej afro dan dreadlock sebelum ini.

Harga-harga untuk menyaksikan Makan Tengah Hari Minggu Setiausaha Ekstravaganza 2008 anjuran Technolis Corporation Sdn. Bhd. dengan kerjasama Click a Child, Rafflesia Pearl Centre dan Hotel Crowne Plaza Mutiara ini sudah mula dijual dengan harga RM315, RM368 dan RM420.

Untuk sebarang tempahan dan pembelian tiket, bolehlah menghubungi 013-2054191 (Zira), 012-2654565 (Nadya) atau 016-6838444 (Aszuad).

For Singapore fan, feel free to drop an email to Raudha at We attend to Tickets Purchase Only too. But of course, going with us as a grop will be more Fun!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm not into politics, but there is something that interest me the most about this man, Barack Obama...

This background is so intresting. His mom is white, his father is African. The parents divorce, the mom later married an Indonesian. He stay in Indonesia since he was around 6yrs old or so, with an Indonesian half sister he learn alot of things during this early childhood in an Asian country. I am not surprise if he speaks Bahasa well. He learn about Islam back then too, minimum but still...

"Barry Obama decided that he didn't like his nickname. A few of his friends at Occidental College had already begun to call him Barack (his formal name), and he'd come to prefer that. The way his half sister, Maya, remembers it, Obama returned home at Christmas in 1980, and there he told his mother and grandparents: no more Barry. Obama recalls it slightly differently, but in the same basic time frame. He believes he told his mom he wanted to be called Barack when she visited him in New York the following summer. By both accounts, it seemed that the elder relatives were reluctant to embrace the change. Maya recalls that Obama's maternal grandparents, who had played a big role in raising him, continued long after that to call him by an affectionate nickname, "Bar." "Not just them, but my mom, too," says Obama.

Why did Obama make the conscious decision to take on his formal African name? His father was also Barack, and also Barry: he chose the nickname when he came to America from Kenya on a scholarship in 1959. His was a typical immigrant transition. Just as a Dutch woman named Hanneke might become Johanna, or a German named Matthias becomes Matt, the elder Barack wanted to fit in. America was a melting pot, and it was expected then that you melt—or at least smooth some of your more foreign edges.

But Obama, after years of trying to fit in himself, decided to reverse that process. The choice is part of his almost lifelong quest for identity and belonging—to figure out who he is, and how he fits into the larger American tapestry. Part black, part white, raised in Hawaii and Indonesia, with family of different religious and spiritual backgrounds—seen by others in ways he didn't see himself—the young Barry was looking for solid ground. At Occidental, he was feeling as if he was at a "dead end," he tells NEWSWEEK, "that somehow I needed to connect with something bigger than myself." The name Barack tied him more firmly to his black African father, who had left him and his white mother at a young age and later returned home to Kenya. But that wasn't the primary motivation."

Read more here... its a long article and yet Interesting!

When Barry Became Barack

It didn't happen overnight. But in college, the young Barry took to being called by his formal name. What this evolution tells us about him.

Its will make a difference if he's the New Leader in the US. Better not say more...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To KL with Imran Ajmain, Dayang Nurfaizah & Marcell

Kuala Lumpur - Secretaries Week will be featuring a brand new ambience as three stars from 3 different countries make its way in Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur this year.

Marcell from Indonesia, Dayang Nurfaizah from Malaysia and the arising star, Imran Ajmain from Singapore is expected to perform for fulfilling 3 hours.

We’re inviting a whole load of you to join us in our KL tour because its fun that way. Let’s sing in the bus and make new friends while we are at it. We have 5 hours along the journey!

Someone’s birthday is coming, and its one day after the show. He doesn’t fancy surprises, I’m sorry I can’t coordinate with you on that one. Go with the flow, loves.

Whether you are an Imtiaz or not, you’re still invited. There’s nothing like committee or registration in Imtiaz. If you love Marcell or Dayang, you’re still very much welcome!

2D 1N Package prices for Singaporeans inclusive of the following :

Date : 24 April 2008 – 25 April 2008
+ Coach to and fro SG - KL+ 2D 1N at KL International Hotel (inclusive of Breakfast)
+ 1 seat to Secretaries Week with Imran Ajmain, Marcell & Dyg Nurfaizah (includes Buffet Lunch) 12:00noon at Grand Nirwana Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel, KL.
+ BIG Breakfast with Imran Ajmain!
+ Free & Easy Tour

Please email within to for enquiries for package prices.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Goodbye Negative Vibes

After an emotional morning, I kept some thoughts to do something that probably could make things better...

I called the partner in crime, but there was no answer. I dont want to sms, words can sound different compared to talking. I want to be confident and admit that I made the mistake. I shall try again later I thought.

Part of the situation has been solved, we had small talk. The rest I will still leave it to Takdir untuk menentukan segala nya.. Insya ALLAH.

I tried calling again in the afternoon, no answer still. Last choice, sms to all the 4 numbers.. which ever is answer then I might hit the jack pot. Indeed.. the sms was answered. It was not a good idea to say sorry via sms again.. I just want to get rid of the negativities fast.

At the same time, I sms another person in which I should apologize too.. I dont want to have to wait for another 10 years looking for him & said sorry again. Unfortunately, there was no reply.

"J, I'm sorry again, I've hurt you too many times. You know me too well, I cant accept it you caught me off guard knowing so much. You said it All Right! I'm too ego to accept it."

I have another mission.. I want to make this call and let it be the last one & put it rest. When the call is made, but I dont have to say sorry. Just want to make sure he's fine but do further contact after that. No exchanging of number or any follow up calls. Insya ALLAH. Ya ALLAH berikan lah aku kekuatan untuk melaksanakan tugasan ini.

Ok I'm counting days & weeks.. I've submitted more than 10 job application yesterday & today. Hope there will be some Hasil! Insya ALLAH.. Amin.


Its been 3 days in a row that I can sleep peacefully. I'm still trying to solve the puzzle.. Its 7am now. How early is that...

Right after subuh, I cant get back to sleep. Thought of paying back some sleeping time since its Sunday. But my mind just start going around till my heart beats so fast. There is big lump on my heart that its making it sooo sarat with thoughts & things in which I dont understand it at all. I tried to back track what is going on, maybe I'm just not letting it go.

There were a few things that goes into my head. One of it was not wanting someone that I so comfortable with to get hurt by someone I love so much all thru my life. In which both I love so much. Hope ALLAH give the sign & things will get better and I can rest the case. Then I realise that I'm not ready to let her go & in which its not like as if he's asking for her hand! Apa Aje aku! But thats what it is... I'm just being jealous, jealous for being the 3rd person now. Not long ago it was, always been You, me & another person. Now they have my name on the 3rd place.. Jealous nampak, jealous nampak!

I enjoy the company, excited over it & waiting for the time. But before we all meet, my heart will start pounding like hell. Its making me breadthless, feel like fainting. "What the hell ni?" So even waiting makes me feel angry. From the start, I was the one who want this to happen. I'm happy, so happy about it that things could work out the way I want it to be. But why this feeling seh! Two is a company, Three is a crowd. But when we all started talking, it will never end. There were so far no secret, everything is so clear, crystal clear. I know both side of the stories, earlier request is for me to keep to myself. At the end of the day, they shared it among them. Its alright by me. Its their life anyway. I'm very glad that 'keikhlasan itu ada'. Thank you for having me in the loop.

"Mengapa bila kita bertiga ku jadi cemburu, Rasa di curi oh hak milik ku, Kau tak perlu tahu isi hati ku, Jika ‘tu penting ini alasan ku..."

When there were 3, I will ask "sure I'm included?". But when there were only 2, my mind goes hay wire, it goes wild with negativities. I'm Overprotective, for both. Susah betul jadi orang tua ni!

Whatever it is, I'm just glad it happends. My prayers has been answered, I want her to be in someone's good hands. I'm still praying & it will not just stop there. I'm glad to have a talk with Mak. She always understands us and we are open to discussion no matter what. Before anyone else says anythings, we will make sure Mak knows it first. And I will be very kecik hati if I'm agreeable to whatever decision, so as Mak then someone else yg tak ada kena mengena nak jadi penasihat. Sorry I cannot accept that comment or nasihat of yours. I'm the moderator here, Hello!

I'm sorry for being like that and acting that way. Because I LOVE you both, Pearl & Permata. You all seems 'serasi bersama'. I'm still here and open for discussion, secrets are still with me (even though some are already bocoh!). I wish that I'm not as strong as I am, because I cant cry it out even though I tried so hard to do that. Listening to Seribu Tahun doesnt help, surprisingly.

I just need a Big Hug! I think I need a HUSBAND!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Its a Good Friday!

How good is the Friday? Its been great for me... A fruitful one.

My 1st time Solat Jumaat today. Our masjid hold a Maulidur Rasul celebration right after the afternoon solat today. Spend almost half the day at Masjid & just reach home.

With the test that has been going on, it gets me think even more. Eventhough the test was not directed to me, it has created a big impact in my life. From yesterday my heart was racing so fast till I get very distracted & affected by it. That night I cant stop thinking & my eyes just refuse to sleep, my mind dont obey to rest. Till this morning when I get up, I just cant wait to express my thoughts. Till now I'm still nervous & confuse over the whole situation in which I hope will be settle & sign will show soon Insya ALLAH.

In which I began to learn that it makes a difference between feeling & presences. All my life with all my long distance relationship, I refuse to understand why both of them decided to forget the promise that they made to stay faithful to One & began to go ahead with relationship near them. I have always felt helpless because when I cant be anywhere near & someone's presence just heal the loneliness.

Dont mind my ambiguous entry.. OK i shall not continue, a sudden 'sebak' rushing thru my heart!


Wanna Come to the Zoo, Its an outing with Imran

Date : 6th April 2008, Sunday

Time : 8am - 2pm

Please email to for bookings with Subject Heading "Zoo Outing". Also include details as follows: Name, Tel, Amt of people going.

Shall we do a picnic again, Imtiaz??

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cik AKak Paling Emosi!

Its 11am.. this office is so quiet, even typing on the keyboard can be heard by the whole office! I thought of doing this discreetly, type the entry from the email for multiply posting. As its saver this way, so I don’t have to open the site via explorer.

I’m seriously emotional... Even Husna aka A-Na who know me for just a day can tell how affected I am when situation been told to me. My facial expression will tell how angry I am even though it not concerning me, but by just sharing the story to me make me want to burst out! “Eh jangan story kat Kak Noris, tengok muka dia dah marah tu…” She learn fast.

I saw my ex’s close friend at Kampong Glam cafĂ©. And that’s when the flash back started to playing.. Even more, I was telling the story to Wa-Wan and Aden it makes me even wonder how the hell it all happen. To hell it it lah. Have been listening to the Dayang old song on repeat mode. Now its playing on my head! I had a Great weekend.. I rather not spoil it.

Back in 2000, while I was dating Rizal, I got to know this guy from the SH office. It all started with mass email then we started exchanging email frequently. Fazly was two years my junior, in comparison with Rizal, he’s 4 years younger. That doesn’t matter actually. We decided to meet up, that was after we had a few conversation via phone. I agreed on the date. I’m fully conscious & remembered that I’m with Rizal, it was just over coffee anyway. We started to get comfortable with each other. I don’t deny the feeling do develop. I told Mak about this new friend of mine. She told me not to lead him on. I thought, just friends what! Don’t know what makes me decide not to continue the relationship, trying to be faithful. In the end, things don’t even work out for me & Rizal. Years after that, I just send a random email to Fazly. He was
still in the same department (and still there now.) He meet someone new, got engaged and now married. Happy for him.

If there was an instance that I continue the friendship with him & didn’t work out with Rizal, would I still be close with Fazly till now? Semua tu kuasa ALLAH, diluar kawalan kita. I don’t blame anybody, it was all because of the situation. AND in life, we just have to experience somethings. Going through ups & down makes you a better person. Its part of learning, so there was no regrets.

Finally get to finish this entry at 1pm. I just had my lunch, made myself a potato & tuna salad, all courtesy of AFC website… Since I have no idea on what to do, might as well made them. Even more the food from the Food Court are expensive giler! Had rice with sambal fish, vege & sambal kacang/ikan bilis cost me $4.50! Not another time lah. Maybe I will make spaghetti for lunch tomorrow.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last Wednesday, we pay a visit to Salim's new restaurant at Simpang Bedok. It was pure random. Right after work and the meeting at City Hall, Wa-Wan came by to meet us. Izzati was there as well. We decided to hang out a little while longer & we all went to Bedok. Wa-Wan, Raudz & me continued the catching up session at Kampong Glam Cafe after that. Back home at midnight.

The place is nice, the food too. But that day, tak puas makan. Will have to go again probably end of the month or something. Wa-Wan said, the deserts are so sedap cause he went again the next day with his mom & sister..

On Friday, we have already plan to hang out. Right after work, meet up the sis Raudz & 'youngest bro' Wa-Wan down at Suntec City for dinner. Our 2 assistance are having dinner at Meritus Mandarin. We wasted some time after dinner at Kampong Glam cafe Again, 2x in a week. At 10pm, we meet the Izzati, Aden & Husna. Went to Simpang Bedok again, had tea tarik again.. Surprise to see so many familiar faces. Raudz get to meet Nina & Baini there too. Fauzie & Tengku Adil was there as well..

Yesterday, Raudz & me went to Haig Road & Tanjong Katong Road. It been some time since we went to Parkway Parade. I've mention few days back about having Ayam Penyet Eddy at Marine Parade. So we went yesterday..

Tomorrow, I'll be having a meeting after work with the Agent. Hope we could finalize the trip soon. Insya ALLAH!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Changes over the years

There are things is life that makes a difference over the years as we grow along. They way we think & decision making differ with age & gender.

Since I just started going back to working, there are a few things that I take into consideration like the job scope, the distance travel & all those stuff. But when I think back again, probably 15 years ago those things are major in decision making.

Job scope - At 21 yrs old : Its important especially the designation of job eg. Reservation OFFICER, Clerical OFFICER, Customer Care Consultant..

At 35yrs old : Tak kisah lah Nyah, Receptionist ke, Admin ke.. Asal kan kerja.

Location - At 21 : Jauh lagi best kan, jadi ada alasan nak balik lewat sebab nak merayap dgn kawan. Or distance jauh sikit so boleh cuci mata sikit..

At 35 : tak nak travel jauh jauh lah.. Jurong, AMK.. Tambang lebih, nak kena keluar pagi pagi, balik nanti sampai rumah lambat. Yang dekat sudah lah, bugis ke, city hall ke.. tambang minimum aje kan.

Dressing - At 21 : Kerja office nak kena style sikit, especially kerja kat town. Kena kakak office dressing, so if you jumpa friends can always say you're working at so-so place office lah.

At 35 : Pakai aje apa yg ada. Jeans everyday pun tak kisah lah. Boss tak kisah asalkan pakai or tak menjolok mata. Oh yes, pakai sopan sikit, nanti nak solat senang sikit..

Salary - At 21 : Gaji kena setimpal, nanti nak shopping nak beli new clothing nak pakai cantik cantik ni kata kerja office apa... CPF Contribution? tak ada pun tak kisah.. belum nak beli rumah lagi apa.

At 35 : Gaji eh? tak boleh ask to much for expecting salary, nanti susah pulak nak di terima kerja. Shopping? tak important sangat, ada lebih Alhamdulliah ah. Tapi CPF, Penting tu. Nanti nak beli rumah ke apa.. Ni dah $90 Thousand, nak kena add sikit ah, dah 35yrs old dah boleh beli rumah sendiri apa walaupun single no need another name.

Upgrade - At 21 : This job is for experience, so if I want to upgrade my job then I can say I have 2 years customer service & 2 years of admin experience. Then I can change new job next time and be a Senior or Executive staff..

At 35 : Alah kalau kerja ni dah dekat and people around are ok ok.. Gaji pun orite, stay aje lah tak payah nak tukar kerja ah.. Kerja sampai pencen pun orite ah. Malas ah nak cari kerja baru, nak kena apply lagi, then interview yang sakit hati. Nanti cuti tak naik to 21days. Tukar kerja cuti back to 14 days aje.. Susah ah..

This are just a few things.. There are more that other can think about, I can bet you.

However with all this things listed, I on the other hand told my self. I DO NOT WANT TO WORK FOR PEOPLE FOREVER! There are things in my head that tell me that I would want to continue working for my own company. And the Law of Attaction is to earn $30 thousand and have that much in the company account by the end of the year! Amacam Raudha & Imran! Law of Attraction...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

an unplanned meet up!

I seriously have to blog about today's impromptu meet up.

We were suppose to go for a meeting today, unfortunately its cancel because they do not want the weekend to be disturbed... We were so bored at home, check multiply, saw Aden replying to all the comments.. I told Raudha, "call Aden, tanya buat apa apa tak nari..."

Fortunately, she replied the sms we plan to meet up in an hour. Got ready, it was raining! We finally meet up with Aden & Husna at 4.30pm at City Hall. Craving for J-Co, the last time I had it was in KL. The Q was not so crazy, join the Q bought a dozen of everything. Thought of watching a movie the Sister Sister walk to Plaza Singapura. The stroll was nice, we get to talk about so many things. Reach PS at almost 6pm. The movies was not so interesting, I suggested to talk talk instead, and makan at McD sebab dah lama tak makan fast food lor.

Wan Bombz decided to join us if we are watching movie. Cant wait to taste the donut... Saw Aunty Rieta & Uncle Ani shopping at PS, happening nya berdua. Wan arrive later on, spend another 1/2hr at McD and had dinner there. Dont know where else to go, we just walk to Bencoolen Street. Though we just sit down for tea tarik.. As usual, Raudha & me had Tea, Husna ordered Holicks. She said it was too sweet, I asked to hot water to tambah so she can drink. We were all busy talking about event organizing, budget and so on.. Husna complaint of sakit perut, angin she said.. Then she said, "macam nak muntah ah!" She walk away, throw up at the grass.. So concern, Raudha took out her big bottle of Vicks they started laughing at her. Husna looks OK, she was laughing too. It was almost 10pm, we walked to Bugis since we are all going to the East. Told Husna to hold on the Minyak Kapak... You might never know when you need them. Aden can still joke about taking pictures, Husna look ok still.

We arrive at Bugis Junction, Husna feel like going to the ladies told her to rub some Minyak Kapak at the tummy.. She was in the toilet for more than 10 mins, I got worried. Then she finally came out. We all walk back to catch the train, Husna turn pale.. She wants to throw up again.. She cant control, muntah near the lift.. Aden panic, not knowing what to do.. Husna need to go to the ladies again.. Rub some Vicks & Minyak Kapak. Dont think she can stand the Train. They decided to take the Cab.. THERE was a LONG Q! Mak ai! Tried calling, all lines are busy for All Cab Company, I cant believe it man. Husna really look sick, Wan went to 7-11 for a bottle of 100+ for Husna. Finally it was their turn for the cab after more than 20mins of waiting.. Said goodbye. Hope she is doing fine now.

What a Weekend to end it with, Wan said. Took the train back home. Arrive home at 11.15pm. Nice Weekend though, for an unplanned meet up. Should do it again next time.

Husna, Pegi Doctor, MC suah! Gastric tu.. Aden, you should know what to do next time eh.. hehehe... muka Aden, priceless!

Back to work tomorrow.. I'm going to bring lunch from home. Not going to spend another $6, for lunch Expensive Giler!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Long night at Pesta3...

I'm back, working temp for AFC Network till May 2008. Started on Thursday, I totally forgotten about my application late last year thru the job fair at Suntec. When they called, I was not required to come for any interview. In which I was delighted because I always have this issue about interviews... They want me to start soonest since the interns are going back to school. Job is interested, thanks to my best friend, the TV for watching all sorts of programme including the cooking shows. At least I didnt find the tittle of those programme weird or tak kenal... From Asmah Laili to Chef Skuter, Chef Celebriti to Chef Wan and Jamie Oliver (Raudz Fav), Hell's Kitchen & many more. I remembered Farina telling us about watching S'pore Celeb on that tv channel.. And its her fav Channel indeed. So as my aunt, Kak Liza..

at Esplanade

The night on 1st day of work, Raudz wants to lepak at 1 Fullerton Starbucks.. We sat there for some discussion, Izzati join us, meet up at City Hall had dinner & then took a stroll to 1 Fullerton. We left late, it was almost 11pm. However I was slightly distracted & disturb after a phone call. Its unavoidable lah, salah judgement more concern on the impression. Hope it will never ever happen again, mudah mudahan di murahkan rezeki Insya ALLAH, Amin.

Ok last night was Pesta3.. The Imtiaz banner was with me, since Fatin couldnt make it yesterday. It was passed to me. So semangat like a Fan, hoping to reach Mediacorp earlier actually. Plan to meet & go together with Wan Bombz, fortunately he gets to drive his friends car instead. SMS Wan PlayPause if he wants to join since he's office is near mine. Leave at 6.30pm from City Hall, the jam was slightly teruk we seems to be stopping at EVERY traffic light.. So tak payah cakap banyak lah kan dah berapa punya bagus tu ada orang offer to get a lift. Thanks Wan Bombz..

The Imtiaz were all there in the Q already, padahal their tickets are with Me! heehehe.. join their Q (selit actually!). The Assistant for the day Aden arrive slightly before me. Neng was there much earlier! (KS minah ni). So as the other ladies. They open the gate at about 7.30pm or so. Manage to get seats at Level 1 of the Auditorium. Sitting position was not so gerek. It doesnt matter to me, as long as the Imtiaz Banner is seen. They got us to move to the front, again the view is not sempurna. Poor Aden, she got the corner seat.. just like me Tak Nampak Langsung!

Then the time comes for Imran's category to be out, the most kecoh person with the banner was PlayPause & WorkHeart Instead of the Imtiaz! Haahaha.. Yg pegang banner was Zee, Wan & Me! haahaha.. I feel so kelakar.. Yg penting, angkat banner nak jerit muka cover dulu.. I thought I was going to lose my voice today, Alhamdulliah tak,, So Imran Won the Penyanyi Paling Jiwang. It was a bonus when the Viewers at home get to catch the Seribu Tahun Videoclip right after the show.. lagi lagi after winning the Jiwang tittle for the song!

Thank You Aden for the SunFlower!

I saw this at Suntec road show.. Had to mms cousin Zafeera immediately. Now, I know what Aunty Rieta means when she said "eh macam nama kereta!" when Hidier intro on last raya.

Today is a malas day. Weather seems to be mendung, if it rains its a BONUS...

Parents have left for Holiday in Terengganu last night. They will be back on Monday.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

away from the net!

its a part good news, part sad news to me.

Goodbye to my weekdays morning TV, goodbye to the weekdays chat & multiply replies, goodbye to late weekdays morning...

I will be 'away' from tmrw onwards till May 08, I will still be around, only away on a 'mission' till the month of May! heeheh..

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Up early to get Tickets!

The Man & his Big DSX Poster

I get to pay back some sleep after getting up VERY early yesterday to get tickets for Pesta Pesta Pesta. Together with Fatin & Izzati who both are Not able to make it on Friday, they help us to get some ticket for the fans who are at work & in school. There was another 2 ladies who are suppose to be in school at 10am for exam, came joining us for ticket Q. Even the Manager has to help to Q!

We were as early as 7.30am! My previous experience getting free tickets, always come back with dissapointment at 9am when the tickets are all given away. So yesterday, we make sure we get to grab them. We were the 1st few on the Q heeheh.. Mak said "kiasu nya!"

So we spend some time yesterday with discussion on future & upcoming Imtiaz & Imran's events. Had roti prata at Telok Ayer hawker centre, sit at 1 Fullerton for lepak lepak. It was raining in the afternoon. Fatin & Me went to Moulana walking in the rain, all drenched!

Join us before the exams at ITE Simei

Izzati & Fatin, the 1st in line

Went home at 5pm...

So see you again on Friday Pesta Pesta Pesta!