Thursday, March 05, 2009

Family Bonding..

Its the Month of March now. The time is moving pretty fast I felt. I remembered chatting with Fadzil, my colleague, somewhere Ramadhan of 2008, that he planned to get married in 2010, "lama lagi lah" he said. Just last Tuesday, I asked him about his planned, he told me its March 2010.. means its just a year away from now. Age is catching up man!

I was out last Sunday, the almost usual place of Bowling at East Coast and dinner at Banquet Parkway Parade. And I've not seen the kids for so long.

The Ayah and Daughter just back from their Bonding session at Malacca just days before that. It seem Nadiah enjoy herself there, so does the Ayah. Its like a break that he really needed for the longest time.. The best part was... He didnt take pictures of Nadiah at ALL! He was enjoying taking picture of the places and scenery instead.. The only picture with Nadiah on it is this one.

Nadiah planned to meet her Mak Busu, Yazid's youngest sister, on Monday. He suggested that I should go along and meet Siti Nuraini since we've not meet at all. So I told myself that I should give it a Go. So Monday, after work at noon, I went to meet them at Tampines MRT. I've seem Siti on pictures so when I saw someone at the MRT Station, I was unsure if that her or not.. Nadiah arrived and we were formally introduced then. She is sooo young, still in her teens and can pass out as Yazid's daughter actually. She look younger in person anyway. We went lunch and shopping and thats when we got comfortable with one another. The 3 of us spend almost half the day together. We finally settle down at Simei Starbucks at the end of the day. I'm really glad to finally meet her..

I was out with Kak Suz and Riah yesterday after work to Joo Chait complex. I have in mind to buy some material. So we went straight to what we have planned for and they finally got my idea of what I want to purchase. They are good at bargain, I manage to get it at $10 per suit and I bought 4 pieces. Going to wear it for Nizam's wedding, insya ALLAH..

Weekend's coming. There's 3 wedding going on this Sunday and all are 2nd cousin. Last Sunday was Intan's anak Cik Faridah's wedding. Raudha and me attended the Dinner as well as the Sunday jemputan. Amazingly, I met my Primary 1 classmate Azlindah. She look the same but mature. She was shocked to believe that I still remember her clearly. Its so nice to see old friends back again. Her mom asked, "anak awak berapa?" Nak aje ku cakap 3.. Instead, I said, "belum kahwin lagi." Ah tipu lah belum kahwin lagi, eh makcik I wish I dont have to tipu.. I wish that I'm already married and my daughter is already 14years old Makcik.. If I were to come with Nadiah, she can say I tipu belum kahwin right? heheeeehe..