Friday, July 28, 2006

Under the Weather...

I discover a lump on my neck just under my right ear. No pain, so i just ignored them. Only 3 nights ago, I had a terrible bodyache. I woke up at 4pm not able to move... It was so painful. I had to get up for subuh, pop in 2 tablets of bodyache pills. Back to sleep till 10am later on still feeling feverish. Mak insist that I go to the clinic, but actually I was feeling so malas to do that.

Still not being able to get over the news on Arwah Hani, not actually know him in person but I felt so sad on his departure. I'm such a stone hearted person but the heart breaking news makes me cried right after I read the news on bharian M'sia & everytime the news telecast the funeral. For Hani Karmila, she is too young to be facing such a big blow in her life. I hope she grow up to be a strong lady Insya ALLAH.

Anyway, I was suppose to go out & check out a few things, however with this weak body I had to stay in bed. From Wed & Thurs I was at home the whole day, sleep the whole day & go to bed early for 2 days. Like what Raudz said, we must have been overwork, over exhaust ourselve with walking & sleeping late till almost 2am for the past week to finish up our work. With the low dollars & cents in the pocket, we spend time walking when we are out for meeting or viewing the places. Well this is the start of a new beginning, I know its not gonna be easy on the first few years of the business. Insya ALLAH things will get better soon...

Tonight I really had to go out, even I'm still feeling unwell. We have to attend this seminar at the same time taking some oppurtunity to network with other business ladies...

I'm still feeling this heat inside my body. I can feel the sweat eveytime after every glass of water. I need some isotonic drink, was told that drinking 100plus will help to bring down the heart in the body. I shall have 1 later...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Berita Mutakhir from Berita Harian Malaysia

Hani Mohsin Hanafi Meninggal

KUALA LUMPUR: Hani Mohsin, pelakon dan hos program TV Roda Impian, meninggal dunia akibat diserang sakit jantung di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa KL di Sepang hari ini.
Hani, 41, jatuh di Terminal Penerbangan Tambang Murah pada 10 pagi ketika sedang menunggu untuk menaiki pesawat ke Alor Star dalam perjalanannya ke Langkawi, demikian menurut Yasin Hamid, penerbit eksekutif Imagine Pictures, syarikat penerbitan yang diusahakan oleh Allahyarham. Selepas terjatuh, beliau dibawa ke klinik di terminal itu tetapi disahkan meninggal dunia.


I cant get over it, Shocking. I actually cried..

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sambil Menyelam..

Its been a busy week.... Its good to be busy.We've been out the whole week, looking for venues, locations & meetings too. Hardly have time for myself. Been busy putting up proposal, liasing with people for our up coming events (insya ALLAH).

Aliza invited me to her Secret Dollhouse shop opening on 22 July at The Adelphi. I visited her shop on Friday afternoon. I'm glad that we left our Job & have our own dream to fullfill. Just like me, Aliza has been with SH for more than 6years but for her, she manage to get a Team Leader position on her 4th year. However we dont see ourselves going further than that so thats part of the reason why she left. At the same time her dream in business has been accomplished...

I remembered that this 'yahoo fan group' having a gathering in KL. About a week ago, I've voice out our intention to organize an event for this M'sian celebrity in Spore as well. After drafting up a proposal, email the fan club & before calling the manager for further discussion, I receive a call... I was surprise by the call, whom I dont know personally, only by name. The caller express some unhappiness of our intention on organizing something & many more.. I shall not explain more.

I'm pretty disspointed with my intention to get the fans to support the idea & presence. However instead, I was being 'accuse' of 'intruding' or taking over... Actually, as an event organizer by all means has the choice of having an event for the artist & advertise for audience presence & invite the media for coverage. Anyway, we have decided to discountinue the idea since all this happen. Maybe rezeki kita somewhere else...

We have place for this particular Celeb, then we got to know he will be in Town. Hans.Issac was in Spore since Friday, a football match at Jln Besar on Saturday afternoon. So we grab a chance to meet him. Fortunate we are, the fan crowd was not much. Get to chat with him & also infrom him of our intention. So it looks some how or rather great! But most important of all, we get to meet this 'hansem boy', that how Mak always describe him as. He's good look alright!

Ok back to work now...

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I got this photos from Feisal... Thanks Bro.

I've yet to email Khairul.. I'm so segan dah dijemput tapi tak dapat pegi. Belum sempat aku nak ask him for photos of the wedding, its already all over the net.. So cepat one!

Anyway Congrats to Khairul again.. Jaja is so pretty..

I've got to see them if I'll be in KL soon insya ALLAH.

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Ramai yg meluahkan reaksi yg berbeza beza setelah Penyanyi No1 Kita ini membuat pengumuman rasmi tentang perkahwinan nya dengan lelaki pilihannya itu.. Reaksi reaksi yg nyata nyata datang dari jejaka jejaka bujang & single, available memang sungguh memeranjatkan... ada yg marah, sedih, kecewa & sebagai nya lagi...

Nampak nampak nya ramai lah yang akan membanjiri KLCC akhir August ini.. Saya cadangkan buka lah stall jual tissue ke kat sekeliling KLCC tu bila perarakan akan di buat di hari persandingan Cik Siti. kita tu nanti... Pasti laku, sebab barang yg essential sekali pada hari tu, selain dari mengesat peluh, pasti ada yang mengesat air mata sedih...

Come to think of it kan..

Apa pulak reaksi gadis, cik kak cik kak, mak orang & yg sewaktu dengan nya bila Anuar.Zain buat pengumuman mengakhiri zaman bujang nya itu???

"aku tak relaaaaaa Nya'........"

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, July 17, 2006

Biarlah TAK Rahsia LAGI...

SITI.Nurhalizah & Datuk.Khalid...

Finally annoucement made today at 12.30pm at TheZon with the coverage on RTM1 as well as TV3 I think.. I manage to catch the annoucement made, di dahului dgn iringan Doa Selamat utk couple itu..

Terjawap lah sudah semua soal jawap pertanyaan & spekulasi & segala gala nya lah...

It seem that the wedding is gonna be in 28th Aug which is also Siti's Parents 38th Wedding Anniversary...

Kita Doakan lah yg terbaik Insya ALLAH..

~Biarlah Rahsia~

Truly NoreeZ



I'm still not over with the annoucement made by Siti.

As you know, I'm a die hard fan of the TV.. So I was watching Drama on TV1 at 11am. While watchng I saw the news flash reflected as "Lintas Langsung Pengumuman Perkahwinan Siti.Nurhalizah akan di siarkan pada jam 12tgh hari di TV1." Ternyata dgn pantas aku berteriak panggil mak. Mak dgn excited nya memekik memanggil Raudz yg berada di bilik air. Dia bagai kan ada emergency... Dgn kepo nya aku call Cik Nor di Jurong suruh tengok TV1 tentang annoucement Siti..

So finally it was 5mins to 12noon.. Aku yg kancong spider merinding bulu roma aku.. Eh seram pulak aku Cik Siti. nak buat pengumuman ni.. Sudah jelas dah terasa pengumuman nya pasti benar lah ramalan orang2 tentang Datuk.Khalid aka Dtk K tu. Tapi di hati kecil ku ini yg masih bersikap denial masih mengharapkan 'agaknya utk ANAK Dtk K kot?' Denial lah kata...

Jadi kami pun sama2 berhimpun di bilik ku ni dari 12noon sampai ke 12.40pm mcm tu baru lah siaran start. Mereka memulakan 'majlis' dgn bacaan Doa dahulu. Lalu Encik.Tajuddin bapa Siti. mengumumkan yg dia serta isteri telah merestui hubungan Siti.&Datuk.K.

Dari itu majlis mereka akan di adakan pada 28th Aug which is 38th Wedding Anniversary of Siti.'s Parents...

Sayangnya, 28th August tu hari Isnin & hari tu jugak lah kami akan balik dari KL ke Spura. Tak dapat lah kita nak tengok Wedding Siti hari Isnin tu Mak oi...

Ramai yg memberi kan reaksi yg berbeza beza.. Ada yg marah, meluat & sebagai nya. Macam Cik Nya' kita.. dgn lah emo... kecewa benar Cik Nya' kita... Relax lah Sister..

I believe its all berbalik pada jodoh lah kan, tapi memang benar jodoh pun kita yg cari jugak. Tapi memang susah nak imagine Siti. disamping Dtk K. tu coz bila you all watch the news you will see the couple sitting side by side each other at the annoucement venue tu memang mcm tak kena. Tapi apa nak di kata kan...

Tapi Lagu yg paling best untuk di ke udarakan bila ada orang nak comment2 pasal issue ini ialah..

"Yang Sudah tu Sudah....." heeeheheheeheeheh......

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Are You Sure???

The whole of last week was busy outdoor. I met Azreen, Nya's Colleague who came to Spore. I had to pass Imran.'s CD soonest before it get air play in M'sia. At least Nya' get to listen to it first... heeheheh...

I've must have been very clumsy, I sprain my angle on my way back from Centrepoint meeting Azreen. I guess it must be the veins after the sprain, I suddenly feel sweaty.. "gosh am I gonna faint?" Anyway, I headed home straight... We've been out looking for venue all around town. Walking whole day, a form of good exercise. I believe its been some time since I'm out taking a long walk. So it seems that the lemak has been very comfortable sitting & sleeping in my body so its time to get MOVING!

We spend 3/4 of our Wed at Nan's office, I made mee hoon goreng. We ate togather, had out meeting later after that. But most of the time was spend chating, listening to song, music & all that... Looks like we really need a proper place for discussion otherwise we will be diverted to something else instead of getting the work done completely again..

Thursday afternoon, Raudz receive an sms informing komedian Ishak Ahmat passes on. However we are too worried to fwd the news because concern if its just some fwded issues. But the sender is someone reliable, someone from the industry. Obviously its somehow true. Later on I receive a few sms of the same news. It was a shocking news. We've lost someone very talented & he has been in the industry for so long. Semoga Roh-nya Dicucuri Rahmat. Al-Fatheha..

I must have been very tired & I've push myself too hard, at least I was down with flu. No reason why I should go to see the doctor, its not that I need the MC. So I just took panadol regularly & drink lots of water Alhamdulliah it gets better by Friday. I cant cancel the appoitment with Kak Sue coz I've already rejected them the previous Friday.

I met Mazlan & Kak Zul at Tampines Interchange. We headed to Kak Sue's place at 7pm, had out maghrib there & dinner at her place. Catch up on old times, talking about those are, was & getting married from the airport days...

I felt so bad that I felt so helpless this time, I'm in difficult position myself. Later that night I receive another shocking news that affected me tremendously. Tak boleh angkat Langsung seh, Doakan yg terbaik aje lah.. To make matter worst, I'm being posted with a very sensative subject since I've been working from home. Its not easy explaining issues like this.. That makes me even smaller. But nothing beats the tak boleh angkat news, aiyoh!!

Too many shocking news for the week. Back to work, so much to be done..

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Its Hot!

I receive an invitation from Khairul.Hasannain. Unfortunately I'm not able to attend it because it was held at Pahang which I'm not very familiar unless its in KL. However I was touch by the guesture for extending the invitation to me & Raudz.

Khairul was 1 of the contestant from Mencari.CintaTV3 with Elly. I got to know him when I stated email while he was eliminated from the programe. From then on became friends, at the same time I got to know Elly too. After receiving the invitation, I've contacted Elly asking if she's coming as well. Elly couldnt make it as well. Nya' not able to go as well since she's been working late for the past weeks & of course Sunday has to be a family day. We'll definately have to meet Khairul if I'm in KL.

So, To Khairul & Jaja, Selamat Pengantin Baru.. Semoga kekal hingga ke Akhir hayat Insya ALLAH, Amin...

Mak suggested to take up a baking course a few weeks back. So yesterday she asked me along. We attended this baking lesson from a Lady who has a home base cooking classes held at her own home in Potong Pasir. I was expecting a few makcik2, as expected 70% are kakak2 & makcik2. However just beside me there were this 2 ladies of my age, but both of them are married - Aida & Ida. At least I have some from my generation...

Ok, Imran.Ajmain is everywhere now.. He's on Persada Seni, he's on Manja, he's on BMinggu today.. Like how Nad, Sue, Zee use to teriak "Imran. You Hot!!" Ya Imran. is HOT now.. He was on Warna last week as well. Listening to him on air gives me goose pimple, dont ask me coz I dont know why myself. Reading the papers about him today also give me the same feeling. haahaha.. feel so kelakar. Ya, feeling proud a bit.

This is just a friend, what if someone from the family becomes part of this entertaiment industry? Guess the impact is even more & different. Even more, what if say my sister is some artist fiancee or girlfriend. Wow! I'm not too sure how do we place ourselves into other people conversation. Should we be saying, 'eh penyanyi you cakap tu my sepupu punya kawan punya boyfriend tau..' Entah susah jugak lah...

At the baking class, the makcik2 sempat gossip abt Mawi. as well as Siti. Sempat makcik2 ni.. They start saying things like Mawi. change & why is Siti. aftering this man & all that. I felt like mencelah however who am I to say things. Well there are things we need to look at. In the aspect of an artist partner, fiancee or wife. Its not gonna be easy, like pepatah mengatakan 'kalau takut di pukul ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai..' So there are risk to take if you're gonna a celeb's better half.

Looking at Ina & Mawi. reminded me of my past. Persistance is the cause of all break ups. Sometimes when man start saying things about giving them space or they need some air or we need to slow down on topics like marriage thats when the sign is up. Thats what I learn the most from my past relationships. Thats only part of normal relationship of a normal person. In celeb aspect its even hot, its not only warm its HOTTER! Raudz & myself were in JB, surprise to find out the cover of a local magazine has Ina on the cover. 'Eh dah jadi mcm artist pulak eh?' But I can really feel that KIAN is really what he is trying to explain.. It explains all. Its on the TOP Heats in RIA this weeek! Check it out!

I know the fact that being an attached or engaged lady now in this world is not as simple as just waiting for the man to bring the subject out again on when the big day is gonna be. Its not about being a 'perigi cari timba'... The world is challenging now, its how individual handles it. I know how Ina feels but I think things are getting a bit to far when she get media involve not once but many times already. When her appearance on the cover of the magazine has really change things tremandously... Yet again, who am I so say things. Cause we dont really know what exactlly happen between them. I really hope matter will rest, but when FenomenaSeni came up with the topic as part of the TV progamme its not making things better... It get worst!

We just need to look at other male artist who are married. Do we really see their wifes all over the place when the artist is performaing somewhere? Or do we really see them appearing on the magazine or newpapers making statements? So thats why its not easy. Nya' & me had a chat just last week. I told her thats why I do not wish to be ANZ's girl cause its not gonna be easy. Nya' I know If you hear people starts talking about me behind my back, you're not be able to take it. So thats why when he asked me.. I said, 'Sorry I cant!' waaakakakakaaka.... gelak guling guling...

Someone just asked me a question yesterday via chat. Asking if I'm still single, I said yes I am. She said how do i survive being single still. I said its like that lah, you work & that feels up your time. I have many people trying their best to yet again match me with this person & that person. I think its almost enough of that matching game again lah. If people is gonna ask if its serik or whatsoever. Its not really that, its just not the right time or has yet to meet someone right. I can survive whenever I'm still single. Even if I was, It has always been a long distance relationship. Its just as good as not attached jugak actually. I dont fancy going on date every week or meet everyday kind of thing. Lemas aku!

Its really hot this few days, Its raining heavily however the weather is really hot this days...

We dont have visitors this week, only next Tuesdays I'm having my ex SH Friends over for dinner or something.. Hope to see them.

Will be out tomorrow, I Hope! Cause I've been at home for the past few days. Getting really tired being a home all days. Except for my normal duties at home.. watching the TV series & programme lah apa lagi..

TruLy Noreez

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kian. - Mawi.

My recent favourite.. hayati!

Kian jauh
Kian hilang
Kasih antara kita

Nampak tenang
Pada zahirnya
Tapi batin terseksa

Yang terguris tak nampak dimata
Yang terhiris terluka

Sesekali terbit air mata
Tahan sebak didada

Ke manakah..nak dibawa
Resah kian melanda

Di manakah
Hendak ku khabar
Pilu di dalam dada

Bila kasih di hujungnya nyawa
Rasa ingin dimanja

Perasaan pun kian tersentuh
Bila rindu ini berlabuh

Apakah yang dikejar dalam hidupmu
Berkali ku kata padamu
Kita singgah di dunia yang sementara
Penuh tipu daya

Yang kekal
Biarlah..kita bersama

Hanyut terus terlena
Kerana dunia

Pada aku masih ada
Kasih belum terhakis
Sebenarnya..sudah lama
Ku sungguh berkecil hati

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Think again...
Get Married, Continue with my own Job, maybe not out of the country.. hhhhmm..

I had my ex team gathering 2 weeks back. It was suppose to be a belated farewell for me. I was given a Parker Pen & namecard purse as the team gift..
Team gathering...

Prior to this gather, I met up with Teeba, Moniq, Shanti, Lea & Phyllis as well for hi-tea.

I've got my pay cheq HOWEVER they are $100 short! benci seh..
I was infrom that 1 of the top mgr in SH just resign, surprisingly other 2 mgr from oth dept tender in as well. something must be wrong somewhere...

I finally get to infrm the rest of the family that I'm working on my own now. Cause it seems that they are surprise to see that I'm at home most of the time. I guess they are curious, so I had to tell that I left SH & now working from home instead.. Finally.

I'm telling you... I'm so bloody hooked to this TV programme.. I made a good choice by not having cable in my room or else I will miss all the nice malay & korean drame at TV2..

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy or Sad..

Bulan Julai adalah bulan bahasa.. Saja untuk pengetahuan anda aje.

Anyway, I've been so malas to blog. Has so much things to tell but tu lah bila nak type tu lemau aje..

Last Saturday, 1st July 2006 was Imran.Ajmain - Sudah tu Sudah Single Launch at Art House. Its was the most wonderful event, even though its was not organized by us however it was still the best.

Watching Imran. perform & having his single launch was something unbelieveable. Speechless... I has Imran sign on Nya' single album cover. The touching part that Imran wrote was..
"To Nurul! thank you for being a part of my youth where i shared my dreams! it came true!
Nya' remember our hang out days at simei starbucks when he use to sing some songs & we sang along.. waaakaakakakak... kelakar.

So dapat kan Single - Sudah tu Sudah by Imran.Ajmain at any CD stores. Muzika Records is also available @ $12 (if i tak salah lah harganya...). Dont miss it..

That night, i sms Nya' telling her what was written.. Nya' reply me with an sms saying that there are some bad news back in KL... Bapak Mawi meninggal!

Cian Mawi... Apa nak di kata, ajal nya dah sampai.

The weeks passes by very slowly.. We still have visitors over the weekend. Mak & Ayah has arrange for a meet up session for Ayah's siblings. Its seem that they are in some kind of a misunderstanding or something. Unfortunately most of them didnt turn up. Mak has mee hoon goreng & also kari ayam.. In the morning only Long Aziz & wife came, later on Mak, Ayah & myself just sat down in front of the TV till we were feeling so sleepy with the breeze of wind from the marina..

At around 4pm, Ayah Chik & wife came over. Later on Nan, Nadra, Zee & Wan came along at around 5pm... At least we have company in the late afternoon. Good thing was the makan all abis.. Thats what Mak like very much. Later towards the evening, Mak & Pak Andak came. Andak Rafid & famili came by since Andak just back from Switzerland.. Other guest follow on..

Another week ahead...

TruLy NoreeZ