Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Santai Bersama Hans Isaac - 25th Nov 2006.. Hurry!

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Do join us for Santai Hans at Orchid Country Club.
Truly Noreez

Raya Rumah Baru..

I believe everyone has already started working. Today's already been a week of Raya.

This years Raya is our 1st at our new place. As expected & as we planned to change our ritual visiting with Andak, Angah, Cik & Abg Adi on 1st & 2nd Day of Raya.

This time we stayed at home expecting visitors. Things just got to change. Just like past years, rumah Tok & Nenek will be flooded with guest non stop. Even more, we're at our new place so many of them would like to come over. Raudz was mentioning if any of our distance relative didnt know about our new place, I wonder?

Entertaining guest are just as exhausted as visiting. Tak kering tangan because we're all so busy in the kitchen. I'm glad to see our cousins, 2nd cousins which we didnt realise how much they have grown & even didnt know they have kids which is already 2 or even 3 yrs old..

The night before on malam Raya, Ayah mengadu feeling feverish. The next day, Tok pulak demam followed by Mak. For the past month of Ramadhan, Alhamdulliah everyone's healthy & completed our Puasa. Unfortunately, it could be due to the haze as well, everyone was down with fever. Just last weekend, I felt the sore in my throat not sure if its due to the cold drink I consume on 1st & 2nd Day of Raya.. Luckily, we have Imah, Andak's maid come over to help us with serving the guest.

On the 2nd Day of Raya, CK, FK & Y with Naz & Aishah came over in the evening. Havent meet them for sometime since we've been busy & dot dot dot... Glad we could spend some time togather & the best part was when they arrive our guest left & we were left alone without disturbance.. heehehe...

Nya Nurul & family came on Friday evening... Syirah looks fine, mudah2an bertambah tambah sihat. My ex BT mate, Aini came with her family as well.. Its been some time since I last meet her in May. She's 6mths pregnant with her 3rd child now.. Eh wait! I left in May, she's not pregnant yet. Gosh! its been 6 months since I left SH..

We started our jalan Raya on Saturday & Sunday, Ayah have already made prior booking to rent the day for 2 days. We had to make full use of it. Beside visiting for raya, we had to distribute Fidz wedding invitation cards since its abt 1month plus away..

Since yesterday, I've started 'operation' of my office since 'we close' for the holidays. Had made a few calls to Muzika, Fig & O CPF - Melor as well as Secret Dollhouse-Aliza. We have cathing up & updates to do for the Santai Hans event. Basically this are our sponsors for the event.

I've follow up with the videographer, sound system & Orchid Country Club planner.. I have to make a visit to OCC next week to update them on the menu, the function room setting etc...

I would like to post some raya photos in here.. but later then.

PS : Aku mimpi Wak keje jadi security guard.. haahaha.. it must be the raya visit to akak & mak's place that makes me dream of him.

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Salam Aidilfitri

I guess everyone has started the long holiday over the weekend, dah balik kampung...

Dari Saya Untuk Semua..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Maaf Zahir Batin...


Would love to share this fav song by fav singer or mine...

Selamat Bercuti, Drive carefully...

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, October 20, 2006

Its the Holidays Soon...

Nya's baby Girl, Insyirah has been discharge from hospital this afternoon. Alhamdulliah, I can hear her laughter when I was speaking to Nya' this evening.

I met up with Shyreen last week, its been some time since we last met. She sms me a few days before we meet, told me that she has an intention to sell the house. Unfortunately, it was being 'geledah' by the bank due to Gaffa's debts for his not too sure how many credit card that he hold. The banks has been calling Reen & I'm sure the fear when each time the phone rang & all that its scary. I told Reen that she shall meet at Paya Lebar MRT for a while later on Fidz & myself will head to Geylang. Reen brought along her son, Ashraf who is now 7yrs old. A grown up boy now & he look So much like the father, saling tak tumpah...

Later after that, Fidz & me went to shop, AGAIN, at Geylang Bazaar for the 3rd time this Ramadhan. Its not that we really went spending & shop till you drop kind of thing. We bought some cushion cover, selendang & food for buka & the rest are just jalan jalan... That night I was really tired, flat. I really felt almost doze off during terawih & that really teruk! Will not do that again... not another time... heeheehehehe..

I recall last few year at work during Ramadhan, Zana & myself will change all our shift to morning so that we can break fast at home. Then during lunch time, we will take turn doing our zohor & later after that, we'll take a stroll to PS to window shop. It was a different routine 8 years ago when I was working with Nya' in JAL. We do our zohor in the meeting room & later take a nap at our desk. In the evening, we'll break fast togather because its never on time to do it at home with the family. Its either we break fast at Tampines or Geylang Bazaar or Joo Chait Nasi Ayam... Those were the days man. But this year is different, its just different beyong explaination....

Today I has my massage, just some relaxation one. They had my weight check & all that. To my Surprise I found out something that I really cant believe my eyes & ears. So hear it is : -
Weight : 73kg (biar betul eh, ish!) Ideal weight : 59kg (Hah! gila ke, kerempeng nya?)
Liquid contain : 489kcal (Kurang air)
Sugar Level : 1175kcal Ideal Sugar Level : 700kcal (Sweet tooth lah!)
Protein : 294 kcal Ideal Protein Level : 400 kcal

So now they have start asking if I would like to sign up with their slimming program. It will cost me a bomb! I still have other obtion to decide on.
1) Slimming Programm - cost $3500 for 20 session

2) Slimming Medication - cost RM$200 per box/month.
Ayah was recommended by Yus, my childhood friend who's now staying in Seremban. This particular medication call ZinTop or something. Ayah bought it & has consume it for about 1month. It seem that he has lost about 4kg before puasa. I hope with Ramadhan maybe he might have lost a total of say 7kg ke macam tu... This is just obtion number 2 aje.

3) Exercise, Less sugar intake & increase drinking of water & bring up the protein intake - cost $0.00. Or maybe $50 for a pair of new sport shoes that is already 'koyah' for so long... Since the new park has been furnish with some exercising equipment, I'm inspired to exercise. HOWEVER.. there is always however.. Ok its not fully really now. But that is not an excuse right? I can always plan something out lah kan...

Raya is just a few days away... We have a few things to do this last few more days..

Well, To my Hindu Friends.. Meerra P, Shanti(ma), Teeba Ganesan, Moniq Ratna Rajoo..
Happy Deepavali...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nya' mms me earlier today at 12.56noon with this message...

"Syirah kena nebulized to cairkan kahak dia"

Cian Syirah, hope she will be discharge soon so she can Raya at home...

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Doakan Baby Insyirah Cepat Sembuh

Last night Nya' sms asking me to surf on some disease for kid or something like that. I've already ask Fidz to assist her instead. I told her not to be so paranoid over Syirah fever that come & go. Its always normal for baby to fall sick since its part of growing...
Told Nya' "alah mudah2an tak ada apa apa ah, kau jangan lah worry sangat sampai macam tu.."

However I receive an sms just now at around 1pm. Nya' said that Syirah was admitted today after being refered by the clinic for further check up. So I made a call to Nya', I can tell she sound worried. I just told her hope Syirah just had to be in the hospital for today only. According to Nya' the doctor mention about dada dia lendir, so suspected of Asthma...

Doakan Syirah yg cute ni sihat ya!

So I really hope Naura Insyirah Embun get well soon so she can Raya in Spore & see Aunty Noreez eh.

Yesterday Ayah Ngah & family came berbuka at Tok & Nenek's place. Then today, Andak called to infrom us that he's coming with his family pulak. I'm sure Abang Adi & family will come over as well. Today Mak & Ayah out to JB with Mak Long & Pak Long to buy some kueh for Tok house because he is expected a lot of guess at the new place ni.. So Mak Long & Pak Long will be here to buka puasa as well. Ni dah ramai datang, with all the juadah that will fill up the table.. Hai dugaan..

Most of the time, we only have a simple meal for buka. Its either nasi with just 2 or 3 jenis lauk pauk. Or sometimes Mak will just goreng mee hoon, then will have bubur lambuk from the masjid. With either Tea Tarik or sometimes Kopi Kacip if its a long day & maybe 1 kueh, that all... Lagi pun cepat sikit makan & cepat kemas boleh be at the masjid earlier. If there are too many people, we'll have to wait for your turn to go & wash up & then will take turn to solat as well that will takes time kan.. Tu lah, kadang orang tak faham why kita jarang join in buka ramai2... susah nak explain..

Today's Berita Minggu Singapore has a very interesting article about adap berkunjung ke pusara di Pagi Raya. Its really GOOD, cause most of the time we just take things forgranted aje..

TruLy NoreeZ

Bersabarlah Sayang

Been waiting for this song to be aired.

Finally, its on Ria Spore...

I'm so in the mood to post YouTube this days.. And I believe there are so many people all over searching for Raya song from either audio or video.

Enjoy this lovely song by my most Fav Artist, ANZ..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Siti Nurhaliza ++ Anugerah Aidilfitri

Mengimbas Kenangan Setahun Lalu

Its been sometime since i posted any picture here...

Reminded me of this particular pictures that was never posted due to some reasons lah.. Mak bought a magazine when she was in JB, then I saw a familiar model. Eh Elly Zakaria Mencari Cinta dress in tudung so cantik. Well, time flies I recall only last year Nya' & myself had this berbuka puasa at Mdm Kwan KLCC with Elly & Khairul. This was a year ago.

Now Khairul is married, Elly as per the last chat on YM with her, she gonna further her studies in the UK or something. Well she's still single tau, we end up thing to make ourselves feel better abt being single... heeheh..

Macam makan dlm back out pulak gambar ni...
Nya' & Elly
Ni lepas berbuka muka ceria dah kenyang...
I remember while we berbuka, I saw Hans passes by with his mom shopping kot. And soon after a year I'll be meeting Hans again Insya ALLAH in Spore..
I was out after buka yestereday to meet someone regards to a prof videographer for the event. So its almost settle & the deal was on. Had earl grey at Baladi, mcm siot sangat dapat tea panas power... Tapi segan jugak coz duduk depan masjid sultan dengar orang lagi solat terawih buat rasa salah apa aku buat meeting kat sini. So I actually singgah di Bazaar paling Glam kat Bugis tu expecting to see something and buy some interesting stuff kot. Hambar, takde benda pun. I only walk in less than 10min & was out without being excited over anything at all... Kecewa.
On my way back it was almost 10pm, walk to Bugis MRT. While waiting for the train saw someone very familiar... Imran ke tu? Ish! Imran dah lost lots of weight. Dari jauh dah nampak dia senyum. He really lost alot of weight especially his face, so use to see his chubby look kan of course lah nampak dia lost weight. Berkat orang puasa kot...
Ok got to GO....
Raudz nak buat chocolate chip cookies now..

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

~Berita Terkini dari TV1 jam 12 tengahari~

Bekas penyanyi Freedom Seha, atau nama sebenar Norsehah Abu Bakar, yang menghidap penyakit kanser paru-paru meninggal dunia pagi tadi.

Semoga Roh nya di cucuri Rahmat Amin.


TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, October 09, 2006

Lagu Raya

~ Nazam Lebaran ~ Siti
Lagu Raya, yahoooo....


TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two Weeks Puasa & Lagu Raya Is Out Already!

14 hari berpuasa…. Cepat tu!

The weather is getting hazy day by day.. I heard the PSI index is 116 today morning, Gosh! I’m starting to get slight cough since yesterday. I wish it will rain at least it will wash away the heavy hazy. It reaches the unhealthy level, so they encourage people to stay indoor then going out. So jangan lah nak berjalan kat geylang ke kampong glam ke apa ya… heehehe..

I was out with Fidz yesterday to Geylang! Believe it or not? Yes, pegi Geylang yesterday. We walk around the bazaar from 1pm it was hot at least the shelter from the khemah protect us from the hot afternoon sun. Ok at least we got what we’ve looking for, matching selendang for Raya. Arrive home at 2.30pm, right after solat I tried to take a nap. The sudden pain on my left head feel like ‘tangkap’ to my left eye… Alamak ni yg tak best ni, then it came down to my neck. Migraine ke? Never experience it actually not too sure if it’s the correct term for sakit kepala ni. Ok I thought by taking a short nap tu boleh kurang kan sakit kepala ni. End up I could get the sleep because its warm & at the same time sniffing the burning smell of the hazy make me cough… Until berbuka the headache is still there, I thought again, after makan tu it get better.. It doesn’t at All! The rest left for Terawih, I had to stay. Pop in 2 tab of panadol, ok maybe I should sleep… Banyak punya tido, sakit nya sampai ke mata ni. I think I should put some koyok.. nasib ada lagi sekeping aje tinggal.. Put the big patch on my left neck, the balance cut into small pieces I place it at my left kepala. Feel like nenek2 seh. I remember when I was young either nenek use to have those small pieces of koyok, I was trying to figure out where do they buy those small ones. Because I know it comes in big keeping.. Rupanya depa potong ler bagi kecik.. haiyah..

At around 9.30pm then I felt the sakit kepala kurang sikit.. its either cause by the panadol or the koyok or maybe both. Raudz & Fidz came back from terawih knocking on the door, when I open it they start laughing at me. Hoi korang tak tahu betapa lah sakit nya kepala aku ni makcik.. I only had Zana sms me when I was all alone at home to accompany me.. heehehehe…

Oh Yes, I totally forgotten. Happy 4th Anniversary to Nyah & Mansor (4th October)… I actually wore the baju kurung that I wore on Nyah wedding day to terawih a few days ago just to remind myself of their anniversary.. And that was 4 years ago ke? Ush.. lama tu, cepat nya masa.. lagi pun sampai now pun aku tak nampak pun gambo copy utk aku masa wedding kamu tu beb. Zaman slim aku tu beb.. susah nak dapat gamba aku slim mcm tu oi.. mahal tak boleh diedar kan lah kata.. ish.

As you can see, we have a new event coming up, Santai Bersama Hans Isaac, so we are pretty busy sorting out this & that especially the selling of tickets. We do booking via website or email as well Or you can call 81693022 (or my personal mobile number if you guys have them) to book… Tickets are Limited!

Anyway, its not easy asking for help or rather I wanted to say about sponsorship. If we asked once no reply, then I would not ask again. Same goes to people who HAS help or sponsor us, its not fair to ASK them again... & Again & again.. Its either you get a disspointing answer OR.. you don’t get an answer anymore.. So faham faham aje lah..

A few days ago, mak wake me when she said she’ll be going to JB that morning with Mak Long because Pak Unggal’s daughter passes away! I was just thinking of them a few days ago because I believe they will all come on Raya because they always do furthermore they have not been to our new place. Furthermore Raudz was talking about them just the night before. I got a shocked, Kak Mini was in her late 30’s I tink, married with 6 kids (I thought was 4 kot) passes on after having high fever for 2 days. That was the 1st hand news we receive. Mak left at around 10am with Mak Long. By 4pm Tok get worried on what we should eat for buka that night.
Almost 5pm mak came back with all kinds of lauk pauk from JB. Cant wait to hear the stories from Mak, we kept asking her this & that. According to Mak, Arwah nya was not well for the past week, until last few days she complain of bodyaching. She suddenly pass away that morning at 7.30am. Was told that her mother in law who visited her in the hospital few days ago, was too sad having to watch the daughter in law ill passes on the same day but just 1 hr earlier. Arwah husband receive call about his mom’s passes away, on the way to see his mom, he receive call from hospital about his wife’s news. Imagine how devastated that someone be, losing his Mom & his Wife on the same day… His kids are all between 15yrs old to 1yr old, the schooling one has left earlier in the morning already. The eldest who’s having her exams was excuse for a few hour to see her mom’s kebumian. Then she goes back to school for the exams. How heart breaking can all this be. Semoga Roh nya di Cucuri Rahmat (Kepada kak Marini), Alfatihah.

That night we had lemak nangka cili api, ikan sambal (catfish kot!) then asam pedas for sahur esok nya all from JB bazaar Ramadhan. Mak Oi, mintak ampun sedap giler oi… ish ish.. Bila Mak nak gi JB lagi beli Kueh eh Mak??

Ok lagu lagu raya dah bermula di Ria & Warna hari ni… nikmatilah..

TruLy NoreeZ