Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dengan Secara Langsung With Imran Ajmain

Couldn’t sleep well on Tuesday night. My job was almost done, expect for a few more things to do on Wednesday morning. Raudz insist on finishing and completing all the work that night, so that we can get ready, pack & go on Wednesday afternoon without much delay.

By Wednesday morning, ALL the tickets are SOLD OUT! Despite receiving emails for ticket booking, we’re not able to accommodate to those request. We’ll have to make sure that audience are comfortable with the seats since the place can only occupy 120 people. Unfortunately, we have a few cancellation at the eleventh hour right at the reception table. We could have earn the $114.00 if we have sold them to others who really need them!

At 2pm, the Pulut Kuning by Kak Hanim came at our place. Thanks to Kak Hanim, Kak Nor & Cik Mimah, Mak Esah for the Pulut Kuning & substituting the Orginal Makcik Pulut from Hougang Ave 8. Its worth it anyway, everyone said it was so Sedap! There were more than enough Pulut for everyone in the audience. And of course the Special Pulut Kuning is for Imran Alone!

By 3.30pm, we’ve got ourselves ready. Raudz was asking me on How both of us are going to bring all the 6 bags of stuff, load them to the cab & carrying them to the venue?? Ok, most of the time I will always think that I can do everything, like everything all on my own because I want it done fast without sounding pathetic asking for help. What more can I say, a day before the event, 3 of the helpers back out. So we’re only left with 5 people, so much about early planning. I had to sms Ayah, asking him what time will he be back because we need some helping hands.

4.45pm, left home has to collect the food we ordered from Radiah for crew members. Additionals bags tau, imagine! Call for cab, Hafiz & Imran already at Arts House. Glad we have more guys for helping hands. By 5.30pm, Hidier & Zafeera arrive. Brief them on what to do, set up the Reception table. Nani arrives, Baini came later on. At 6.30pm we already have guests arriving, but we’re not fully ready yet. I’m fully incharge of the Crews, Reception, Payment & Tickets. Raudz was the floor manager of the whole event. We started opening the door at 7.25pm, we couldn’t do it earlier because of the Suria Segar interview had with Imran. Saw a couple of familiar faces. I approach Ayu whom I stumble upon her blog, she has manage to save some and get tickets. Ani @ blogger Kebayachic & sis, Mun was there as well. My 1st time meeting Ani, happy to see you! I saw Aini & Adi from afar. I know I had to meet her, its been months since I see her. I get emotional, benci!

It was raining Heavily, Mak & Ayah hasn’t arrive yet. It must be difficult to get cabs at this weather. Liz & Kak Jen came after that with the 2 big box of cakes. Thanks Kak Jen & Liz from GoldChocs for their kind Sponsors. Everyone gets the Pulut Kuning doorgift surprise. We started the show on schedule, still have a few more audience coming in. By 8.10pm, we had to close the Reception table.

I miss the 1st 10mins of the show infact I miss many more. The whole show goes with the flow. The stage is all Imran’s anyway its his night. We were slightly over the time & I hope everyone is enjoying it & wasn’t thinking about what time its ending. I can’t believe that the day that we’ve planned flew so fast. I recall a year back, we celebrated Imran’s birthday at his office. Raudz & me planned with Nadra for a surprise when he actually don’t fancy surprises. I made lontong goreng & we bought a small birthday cake. Zee & Wan bought drinks & it was a blast. And this year all of those people involved just a year back were all there again. But this time Salim is back in spore when last year we were thinking & laughing at his ‘sambal goreng pengantin tua’ since he was away…

So much details to talk about & so little time… Anyway, we ended the whole show rather late. It was almost 10.30pm when all the whole autograph session finishes. Manage to see some people before they left… We pack our stuff, we’re over time with the venue hall. Gosh Imran’s gifts were like bundles of them!

We hang around Arts House with all the crew, having out pulut, mee hoon until the place closes for the day. Its almost midnight. Thanks to Hidier, Zafeera & Nazeer for all the help. Had to call for a cab, Hafiz left with Imran including the box of cake & bags & bags of gifts… We walk out of the place with Zee & Wan, shared the cab back home…

That night, I receive this msg :-
Dear Noreez, kudos to both of you indeed it was a great show. Please accept my apologies for leaving without saying goodbye. We had to leave immediately cos Hidayah keeps calling. Please also send my regards to your parents and apologies too for not meeting them. My dear, I am so very proud of you both, believe that both Adi and me really enjoyed it very much. Please also tell that very talented Imran, to please continue to do this. Else there is no song to hear and no album to buy. He can be sure that we are so going to support him coz he is simply captivating. Kudos to all of You. Take Care dear.
Sender : Aini
Sent : 23:24:42

I have a few people to thank,
Thanks to Aida – our official photographer
Thanks to Abg Awie from Designer Guy for Imran’s hairdo
Thanks to Irfan & NAFA group gangs – our offical Videographer
Thanks to Fad & Suria Segar for the coverage
Thanks to my Crew, Hidier, Zafeera, Nazeer, Nani, Baini,
Also to Zee, Wan of Play Pause, Hafiz kecik of BS.
Thanks again to our Sponsor, Kak Jen & Liz Anuar of GoldChocs
Thanks to Fiza O & Nitty from RIA for coming,
Thanks to ALL THE FAN for being there…

Happy Birthday to Ayah (24th April)
Happy Birthday to Cik Rashid (25th April)

Happy Birthday Imran!

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, April 23, 2007

There are still few more things to prepare, settle, collect & clear before the BIG day come.
We did the selection of clothing from our Sponsor for Sleeq photo shoot on Friday. It has been a long Friday, headed back home that evening feeling exhausted. I thought could to stay indoor on Saturday & get to do the final budget layout & calculation. Had to pass the poster to Fad, Raudz friend from previous Jalan episode, for a short while at CT Hall & later spend the whole day at home.
Started our day early on Sunday, woke up really early just to catch the new Suria Segar. It pays off passing the DSL poster the day before, was told there were a few callers asking about the event. Viewer will only 'believe' that the event is ON when they see it on TV or Newspaper advertisement or heard in over the Radio... So thanks to Fad for the advertisement on Suria Segar morning..
Right after zohor, we left home to Arts House. Packed enough bottle drinks(I hope!) & some kueh in case all of us got hungry (true enough!). We started later than expected, was HOPING we could finish on time at 5pm. What if we didnt finish on time? Guess we have to leave early then. At least my job was done and manage to bring back half of the clothing so that we can return earlier than the date given to us.
I hope hope hope we can reach airport before 6pm. Naz & Aishah are leaving to KL on JAL 7.50pm flight & then they will be heading to Dubai on Wed past mid night via KL. Mak & Ayah have already reach airport much earlier. I should think CK & family are already there...
I never believe in saying goodbye, never never.. To me its always a, "have a save trip, see you again soon, insya ALLAH." Maybe I had too much of sending people off so I dont practise goodbyes(I hate it actually). I was still in control when we did the cheek to cheek with Naz. I really felt that I've missed out on alot of things since the business started moving further. I've forgo the outings, coffee & makan ever since things gets busy (& pocket gets kosong). No point regreting all that, but I'm happy that we're there to see them off. Aishah was still running & playing, not until we all send them to the departure gate. She said her bye to everyone, then later....she cried.

Aishah cried.. My heart sank, I can't fight my tears, believe it or not! She cover her face, tears flowing her cheek. Naz gave her tissue, then she wipe her tears... Gosh, I just cant control it. She start waving at us over her head, without looking back anymore. She's too sad to look back anymore... Aishah, Aishah.. I'm going to miss you BOTH, Nazrah & Aishah.

The outing that I miss out!

Today is another early morning. There are a few more printing to do, send it out & manage to get it ready by tmrw, GREAT! However I had to go slightly over budget because, 1. The usual Poster+Board at $8 each has run out, so I had to go ahead with the $10 board. But I'm sure it will turn out better, 2. Poster Connection run out of A3 Sticker. I totally went blank not knowing where else to send for printing because their stock will only come next week! You know, Poster Connection charge $1.80 each for 1 A3 white sticker printing. No wonder they run out of if faster than ever. I had to run to Peace Centre, went to 3 different shop who offer me at $6, $5 & Finally at $3 each. Can you imagine how much different it can be? I had to be happy with $3 per piece... but $6 is unbelieveable! Too Expensive!!

Reach home at 1.30pm, left again to Muzika Joo Chait. Had to collect part of the tickets for last minute friends order. So NOW, Muzika Joo Chait have 5 pieces & We have 4 pieces of DSL tickets left. So Please HURRY! Its 2 days more to GO!!!

I have another running to do tomorrow, collect the posters & get to Muzika again for the last time before the event. No wonder I had people saying I lost some weight, could be due to the long walks to the SMU to Sunshine Plaza & back again.. I have do more of that walking haaahaha...

Ok I hope I can get some good night sleep. Not too sure why I couldnt shut my eyes the whole night. I recall looking at the watch at 2am, then 4.30am then later when I almost doze off the alarm for subuh went on.

I must get some sleep after Desperate Housewives... I hope. Will blog more after DSL showcase.

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Left home very early in the morning to collect our new namecard from the printing place... Has inform them that I MUST have the card ready by today morning no matter what. Lucky I've made friend with the guys in Poster Connection, at Sunshine Plaza so they get it ready on time. They always do a great job & good price. Go there for all types of printing.. You name it, they've got it. I promo them a bit lah, they are really good.

We had a very important event today afternoon. Very excited about it actually! So left home (again) right after zohor. Reach Mediacorp reception at 2.30pm & meet up with Rif, Alyph & Imran. While exchanging our IC for the pass, was being approached by someone familiar. My mind didnt register who the person was, until after 3 seconds "OH My Gosh!"....

I was from USTS, now known as USSS however the school building is still there but no longer in use. My years in Sec Sch was such a wonderful experience. I remembered spotted this guy from my orientation for Sec 1 & he's cute. Then I know he will be my classmate, even more excited. I was not alone, from the 1st day of school, there was many other girl from my batch was over this guy. Alah, fedup coz I knew I will stand out from the rest because I look so 'selengeh' with my big light blue specs. Binggit ah.. Ni nak sekolah ke nak gatal eh.. 1st day of school dah check out guys.. Tak faham lah, what was I thinking back then haahaha..

Anyway, this guy, I'll tell you the name later at the end of the post... So this guy we were classmate from Sec 1 & Sec 2. To shy to speak to him, coz he's the hottest guy from my batch. I knew if I open my mouth to speak I will sure talk merepek, it will not make sense. I do not want to make a fool of myself, will fumble, mumble.. So I would rather shut up & just view him from far. I overheard a few girls from my class has asked him out on a date or something, Whatever lah. There were a few girl who know I had a huge crush on him purposely show me picture of her with him & telling stories out loud just to make sure I heard them, she went going out with him. Suka hati lah..

So until Sec 3, I was in the prefectorial board, realise he was in as well. By then we were already from seperate class because of different subject we took. Until, we were being assign some group task from the board, my 1st time seriously talking to him. To my surprise we manage to work togather well. From that day on, we because buddy. We work togather alot, talk to each other often. By then those bitchy ladies who proclaim went out with him were no longer in the school because they didnt make it to O levels. And guess what, those stories those girl made about dating or couple with him it was not True at all! haahaha... By then, I'm no longer had that crush on him, because I set my eyes on another senior guy. He, too, show less interest in me.. Doesnt matter though.

In Sec 5, we were back on the same class. The whole of Sec 5 merge, was enough to fit into 1 class of 35 students. That day on, we could not be seperated, sit side by side, share notes, projects... Pokoknya best friend abis lah.. He's our teachers pet, Ms Kaur favourite student. Sometimes she send him home from school with her car! I believe such thing dont happen anymore lah, if lady teacher are very close with male student I'm sure its a No No!

Years passesby, I've no longer know how to get in touch with him. Left Sec School in1991. After 16 years, we were reunited... TODAY!!! Of all places, it was at MediaCorp Reception. I was really surprise, because just lately I've been thinking about him, like how many kids he has now & all that... I heard he got married years back. My Class Buddy, Anis Bin Md Ismail. I'm so happy to see him, I was sweating all over, breathing so loud I could hear it, my spec turn blur I think people could see the excitement on my face.. Too bad couldnt take pictures.. haahaha..

Anis has got 2 girls & 1 boy now. I remember his elder sister & younger one because both of them are from USTS too. Anis didnt change a bit, I guess I didnt change much because he could recognize me. He was very talk as I can recall, but today I felt he's not that tall after all haahaha.. I told him, "I'm still single Anis.." He said, "Ah, boleh lah?"
"Boleh apa seh kau?"
"Boleh lah dengan aku No2.."
"Otak kau ah.. haahahah..."
I told him, infront of Raudz, Dulu aku nak dia, dia tak nak aku.. haahah..
Those were the day, I asked him, kau ingat zaman bodoh kita dulu. Ingat lah, he said.
Sometimes those selengeh days are alwasy the best, because those are the only thing you can laugh it out. I was really nice to have met him. Nice is not enough actually, it was Wonderful!

Not over with all that happening earlier, the nomination for APM 2007 was another happiness. Imran Ajmain got 7 nomination into APM 2007!!!! I'm so happy for him... APM will be on 8th June 2007 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. We were practically having a celebration feast at AMK Mall for dinner today. Cant believe we spend that much for a dinner of 5.

Since he has got 7 nomination, do come to his Birthday Concert next week 25th April because we're gonna have a so call double celebration.. We still have ticket at Muzika Records, got straight there!

Let me absorb into today's excitement. Its too much to handle haahah...

What a fruitful Day! Its all about Excitement man!

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, April 16, 2007

Just after I send emails to some friends for Imran's showcase, I receive a call from an unfarmiliar number. I wasnt sure who the caller was actually. Until she finally said, "Ni Faizah lah!"

Faizah is my friend was during my airport days, Nya' and me was in JAL. While Izah was working for CX. Our offices was just a few doors away. We often went out for lunch togather, our dinner out are almost regular. Often when we it comes to Festive season, we'll have them over to our office for some feast, like wise we went over to their office for Makan when we are invited lah... Pokoknya when it comes to makan, its something not to be miss! heehehe...

Faizah, her trip to Greece

The last time I met Izah was when I was still in SH, that was almost 5 years ago. Nya' was already married & working in KL back then. I recalled had to kirim Izah some food & packages to Dubai for Wak when Izah had training in Dubai. She often travel there since she's working for EX.

Izah has a pair of kids, a Boy & a Girl, surprisingly both of them are so big now! Hakim is already in Sec 1 & the Girl (alamak I forget her name) is already in Pri 5. Thats how time flies... We know each other family anyway Jamal, Izah's hubby is working for SQ.
Izah brought up a few things that SHOULDNT be reminded off haaahah.. So kelakar. There is another friend from the gang, Abg Ayie. He's the abang amoung us. Well anyway, I like him LOTS. Until the day he got married, I finally told him that I have this strong liking for him which he didnt realise it at all. Anyway, Izah & Nya' use to tease me with him but he took it as just kacau2 aje. He's the nicest dude I know in my life working in my airport days. Why it didnt work eh? Cant recall, its almost 10 years ago. Well Abg Ayie got married to someone that his family matched him with. Heard he's been promoted to Manager now, he's been working at the same place for donkey years man.. I know almost 15 years or so kot?

Just a few days ago when I was at the bank, I spotted an old Sec schoolmate too. I cant remember his name. This chinese guy, dulu he look so blur. Actually memang blur lah, tapi maths, physics & chemistry dia pandai giler. He didnt change much, still having that blur look on his face heehehe... Jahat aku! I seriously cant recall his name, wonder what is he working as now.

Its really nice meeting old friends, it brings back memories. Lots, Lots & Lots of memories actually. Infact with Izah there are bunch of memories(+secrets too), Only We knows man... ya, only we knows (the secrets I mean..)
Last Friday was the event performance for Imran at Orchid Country Club. Tiring day anyway, we reach home almost midnight. On Saturday morning, Mak made plans to bring her aerobik group to East Coast Park beach. I had book 2 mini buses 2 weeks earlier to accomodate 26 makciks aerobik for their 1st beach trip in group. It makes no difference handling 40 8-12yrs old kids in comparison to 26 adults. Like wise 12 teenages.. Its all the same... So, after the aerobics in front of the beautiful breeze from the beach the ALL including me, had a big feast! Aerobics is so healthy but the food are unbelieveable... heeeheh.. Cik Maria brought nasi ayam, Cik Midah got for everyone mee siam goreng, then Cik Piah with her speciality roti 'jenekit', Cik salmah lopez with her mee goreng... Was that a picnic or what! heeehehe.. Anyway that was fun lah. Arrive home by noon, with the nice breeze of the beach makes me sleepy.. Slept for 2 hours at noon, something that I didnt had for a long time. Cant believe that I can sleep some more at night.

Anyways, Tickets for Dengan Secara Langsung, Birthday Concert with Imran Ajmain is still available. A few more left. Details as follow:-

Date : 25th April 2007, Wednesday
Time : its at 7.30pm
Venue : Play Den, Arts House, Old Parliment Lane
Ticket Price : $19 ONLY!
Booking still open, email to If you wanna book via email then do transfer fund to our account, we'll mail the tickets to you - postage charge are included with the Ticket Price.

Or just come down to Muzika Records to purchase directly. Its Free Seating, Only available for 100 fan.

You may not want to miss this, you get to meet him up close & personal at the same time celebrating his birthday with him!

TruLy Noreez

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imran Ajmain will be on MTV Jus!
Its tomorrow Thursday, 12 April 2007 @ 5pm on Channel 20 Cable TV.
Check out MTV website..
Dont forget to catch it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vote : APM[space]S10[space]IC No.[space]Name[space]Reason for choosing this song

Send to 72346

APM will be in June 2007, in Singapore.. Voting valid till May 2007.

Its been almost a year since I left my previous job. And thats how much I've NOT created sinful curse & swear those customer who irritates & driving me nuts with not paid bill & scolding me 4 letter words.. Terlepas dosa aku, Alhamdulliah. And that how old Workheart has been, We've turn 1 year.

Is it so difficult to stay or/and work in Spore? Different people has different thoughts or perspective when that question was being posted. Glenn, my pinoy friend left SH somewhere after I left. He has difficulties getting a job of his choice after leaving SH. I just hope he gets one maybe here since he already a PR. However now he's trying his luck New York if any better offers arrives. Not only Glenn, Zana left 2 other jobs after leaving SH same time as me. Now she's still out of job, staying home wife.. heehehe.. and I hope she gets one soon Insya ALLAH.

I know, or rather read, of someone previously works out of Spore for years, then came back got married to someone, non Sporean. Then now goes back to the country that previously work for after being here for what, less than 2 years! So is it so difficult here? I guess for this person I mention it could be due to the wife's citizenship here or something. Not easy getting PR or something. So its a matter on how you want it to be or rather if the salary is sufficient enough to cover whatever you need. If you've work else where for like S$9K then back in Spore for just S$3K its so much difference right?

I went for a job interview, as a receptionist! The job tittle already makes me feel small, but I need the money more than whatever the job is lah actually. So after more than 10 years of Customer Service experience I thought ok lah, receptionist still pick up calls what. The pay is for sure so much lesser than what I use to get. So when I attended the interview, I was expecting question like, why do you want to take this job coz its lesser than the previous salary you obtain? or, Why receptionist when you have 10 years experience in CS? or, Do you think you're over qualified for this job?

Guess what the interviewer asked me...

Why a temp job not a perm?
Logic question but I just want to do temping because I still want to do event kan...

Are you considering Receptionist as a Career?
Career as a receptionist? merepek dia ni, I'm doing temp.. And Hell, I have a career now lah.

So you are still considering doing your event job even when you're working here?
Ya dah musti, kan I am doing temp.. because its a temp position.. apa dia ni tanya eh..

Dont you want to further your studies because you cant be working as receptionist all your life?
Futher studies? at my age now? 34yrs old.. a bit to late for studies after left school for 10 years? OF Course I will not be doing receptionist all my LIFE!

Eh I got turn off by this guy who interview me lah. Actually he is good looking tau, well dressed. But his question make me fell like he look down on me. He make me feel so small, with all the working experience I have with an airlines & tele communication company he question me like as if I just left school.. So I hope to get an admin job at least, no receptionist offer anymore lah.

Anyway, decision making is tough. Actually I'm comfortable & happy with my current work right now, seriously. I dont get paid as wonderful as what I used to receive, but I gain at other areas. My time at home, my family around me, my solat, my kurang dosa sumpah seranah customer.. haahah... seriously. Making money is also not easy, got to REALLY work hard like work-heart.. Sometime you've got to take the risk, but not everytime. So not working with SH lead me to pay my own Mobile, Internet & Cable bill thats where the whole bulk of usage comes from. Use to pay ciput like 20% from ALL the bills. Imagine now you have to pay for the huge expenses comes from. You cant go without any of them tau, Mobile is a must if not how to receive or make calls kan, Internet is top priorities when work is concern... So really got to struggle. ALLAH know more then any other.

Not sure if jealousy strikes me again or its just the usual monthly thingy.. Cant stand some irritating people who just simply trying to just attract attention or just bitching is in the blood. Time and again, geta pretty irritated with the same situation. Not sure what this person's up to. If you're attached then make it public or something, like wise you're sending wrong signal to some man. Not once, many times. Can still ask, "bila nak date lagi?" Dasar.. ish! Other woman will find its so menyampah, while man will make it as though, takde apa apa lah.. Binggit aku!

Imran Ajmain's Showcase, Dengan Secara Langsung's Tickets only are finally available at Muzika Records for purchase & collection for those who made orders. You can still make reservation at or call 81693022, we can still mail you the Tickets after fund transfer being made. So dont forget, its Wed 25th April at 7.30pm. Tickets are at $19 Only! Its at Arts House, PlayDen, Old Parliment Lane (near to Supreme Court). So Bring Gifts, its Imran's Birthday yo!

Book NOW!! Any see you guys there... you'll get to eat his birthday cake heeheh...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Imran Ajmain Showcase

Imran Ajmain - Dengan Secara Langsung Concert.
Date : Wednesday, 25 April 2007 (Evening)
Venue : Playden, The Arts House, Old Parliment House.
Cost : $19.00
Ticket enquiries, email or

Limited seats, Meant ONLY for 100 people!

Book NOW! Anyway, its Imran's Birthday!
TruLy NoReeZ