Monday, May 30, 2005

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CoBy BeLL 3rd W@TcH

CoBy BeLL - 3rd W@TcH
Born 11 May 1975
New York City

He's my Fav... heeheheh....

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Its already been A Week...

Its already a week.
The pain occur today infact since last night, I still feel that there is something missing behind my tongue. funny isnt it??
I remembered last week at this time I'm still weak & motionless... The throw up thing, gosh terrible. Glad I'm back to Life man.. haahaahaha...
My HPL is extended till 8th June, on the 9th is my off day so which means will only be back to work on 10th June.. haahahah.. I still have more time to rest now. Its the heeling period now just got to bare wz it now.
I've been having thoughts since I saw the wedding picture of SomeOne, I think its really bad to think that way. But who cares. Just cant help thinking & thinking.. I remember speaking to Lynn a few weeks ago. She asked me, is it really hard looking for a Malay man in Spore. I told her YES of course. Now expectation is different wz Malay guys. Their choice are now on Chinese Girls, Ang Mo or now as i can see Pinoy Girl. I told Lynn that I ex married off a Pinoy after left me. She just laugh at hearing it.. What a joke she said.
Nurul & Me are still in the mist of nego & further disccusion on our Child Care biz. Hopefully it will come to a conclusion soon. However I just hve to start saving back after having to use up my saving for something good I must say... Insya ALLAH...
I bought a book by Sheila O Flanagan last 22 May - Tittle is Anyone But Him. Reminded me of a Movie tittle or something. Anyway I'm already at page 345 out of 600 pages now. I just cant stop reading it now.. heheheheh...
Till Then...

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Carrie Underwoods Crowned American Idol 05

Carrie Underwood WON!!! I really like it, I was watching it since 8am today. Surprisingly Raudz woke up at 8am today just to watch it, otherwise she will only leave her bed at 11 am the latest.. heeheheh...

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Bo & Carrie.. I still Like Bo, He's Different - He Rocks!! Posted by Hello

Carrie Underwood crowned 'American Idol' Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Day 5... Medical Check Up

I had a doctor appointment this morning at TTSH. Alhamdulliah everything went well. However my MC is being extended for another week till 9th June. I told doctor I've got to answer calls when I'm back to work. I cant be talking like this, sluring it sounded so funny...

Anyway, this is the only chance to lose some kilos, in fact I've lost 4kg already. You noe what i miss most?? Morning coffee.. so shiok right. What else, Curry Ikan on prata, or Ayam masak merah.. fuyoo power tu. Jangan mimpi lah dik.. I just had corn & mushroom soup this noon, not to bad after all.

I saw His wedding pictures yesterday, gosh. I was extremely mad. But I just cool down not long after that. Now I felt like browsing thru the photo again.. heehehe.. Dah tua2 tah sedor diri den tu, nak bergambar mcm orang muda.. Gayak lah tu.. haahaha... Gasak den lah..

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Day 3... After Operation

Today's the 3rd day of my HPL. Ok still not to bad. But there are too many tempting stuff at home, food I', talking abt. The other night Ayah bought tulang & mee hoon goreng for dinner. Gosh Sabar aje tengok food.
Food is getting slightly boring i must say. Morning I has quaker oats which is of course a healthy food, noon I had mash potato for lunch, dinner i had porridge instead. I purposely put it in such a way or else it will get very boring.
Food on the table like fruit cakes, today Mak Long came bought kueh sambosa & popiah. Aduh!!... Then Mak & Ayah bought fish & chips for Fidz & Raudz.. Sabar lagi. Dinner they has Nasi Ayam... : ( haahaahh.... sabar noris, Sabar aje...
OK see shall we how the rest of the days goes. The pain is not as bad at all. But something still felt that there is something got stuck on the throat when I eat. Got to wash away wz water, cold water...
I've forgotten how my voice was coz I've not been talking for 3 days... Knowing me who likes to talk alot, story alot.. wow this is be very tough for being quiet man... haahahah...
K will update more soon..

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Friday, May 20, 2005

My Tonsil Posted by Hello

The Day I'm in the Hospital Posted by Hello

My Tonsil is Gone...

I was down wz flu & sore throat very frequently for the past 5mths. Until then i tot i shld just get my tonsil checked. Indeed it was bad, swallon & big. So I got to get some referal letter from Doctor Ko since I've been seeing him for the past mths he shld noe better. I have exhausted my Medical claim of $300 per year imagine, it was not even 1/2 a year. My medical leave was 3/4 used up till i got a counsling form form my TL.

2 weeks ago I went to TTSH for a doctor/Speciallist appointment & he has suggested to hve my tonsil removed. So yesterday was the day of my Day Surgery

I came to the Day Surgery @ 8am, was told to be there 1 hr early for the operation is to be at 9am. I was scared, God noe how scared I was. I only manage to just say prayers & zikir the minute I step into the Day Surgery Registration Desk.

Finally my name was called, So salam mak & ayah. still scared but just hve to be calm. The Staff Nurse weigh me, 67kg.. biar benar, just a day before that I weigh 75kg.. maybe becoz i hve to fast the day before from 12mid night till the day of the surgery... So i went into the hospital bed, they gave me my gown to chnge. Then I just lie down on the bed, & there was where my zikir starts. At abt 8.45am they wheeled me to the operation theather, then they start asking repeated question like my name, my ic no & if the signature on the form is mine & all that stuff. Doctor only came at 9.05am then they insert the needle on my left arm they start talking & I answer then put the oxygen mask on me & then suddenly.........
I woke up I was already at the holding bay.. they call me name I just nood my head. I'm still giddy... I felt like vomitting.. then later it was ok. so they wheeled me to the Day Surgery ward. I was fully concious then, but still dizzy & now i really felt like throwing up.. Coz i didnt manage to ring the call bell for the nurse to come. It was already all over my bed.. gosh disgusting, it was all brown in color.. eeeee.... terrible man..
Gosh after that i felt better, no more dizzy. I asked the Pinoy staff "Oras?" she said 12noon... I was asking for the time coz i cant see what!!! Oh then they took my spec for me so that i can see. Later ayah came then he collect the medication for me. Then I went back to sleep. The lady beside me had her family all come to fetch her. so noisy lah, i cannot go back to sleep. Finally she left wz the family. A new lady came beside my bed... i heard something abt she want to see the doctor, insist on seeing the doctor. she want to noe how big was the things or what so ever that was operated on her or something.. Alamak another noisy lady, she told her Staff all the life story already.. Then i feel like wee wee, call the staff she came to the toilet wz me.. so paiseh, dont care alh.
Its already almost 4pm. I heard ayah's voice then I saw mak & raudz. Nurse say I'm having fever so will hve to wait a little bit. I was telling myself its better that way just incase i fall sick at home its even more worst. So at 4.20pm Nurse took my Temp again, its 37.9c. earlier it was 37.6c. I was given panadol, amazing i manage to swallow then wz out having much prob, Alhamdulliah...
Nurse asked me to change I can go home now. Temp was 38.2c but doctor say its ok just continue taking the panadol everything shld be just fine...
Head home, it was raining so we took cab back. Ayah left his bike at the office we all took cab home.. I went home, get some more sleep. Woke up at abt 7pm. Mak make me blended porridge. gosh its teribble taste. I took the antibiotic - Augmentine that big one.. ish ish ish... took panadol too. drink the jelly gamat, was told its good for luka2.. makan lah if its untuk kebaikan right??
later at abt 8pm while watching news, I just felt like vomitting again. So I spare the plastic bag, alamak again, I didnt manage my timing right lah. I throw out before I manage to place the plastic bag in front of me. Poor Mak had to clean it up. Told Mak sorry.. kesian mak.. Then I realise that I had yogurt earlier, I shld hve coz my tummy was empty. It was even worst taking yogurt. Well I just hve to sms my sister & friends, or simply hand signal wz my family or write note on papers that I've already standby.. haahahah... I manage to sleep early, miss watching Dia & other stuff also.. But sleep was more important then.

Today Alhamdulliah I'm feeling much better, eat porridge - real porridge in the moring. Had mash potato for lunch, Ribena for my cold drink.. not to bad though...
So I will be on Hospitalisation till 2June 05... good luck man..

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nice.... Posted by Hello

Its been Sooooo Long Since.....

Gosh its been almost a mth since i blog.
I was down wz fever & sore throat for so many month. Finally I've got to have my tonsil remove!!! Actually I'm pretty scared wz the whole thing but I just hve to stay strong... haahahah.. sounded as if I've to go thru some major operation. Well of course!!! I've never been admitted to a hospital & best part of all I was never even born in a hospital what!!! Ya, my mom gave birth to me at home coz she was so concern abt giving birth 1st time so she dont want to be admitted to a hospital.. hahahaahh.. so u can see why I m so worried abt the operation!! I'm already thinking abt hving a long string of zikir when I will be wheel into the operation theater then.

Ok, office is getting empty. 5 people resign last April aft the big bonus. And a few more will leave this month. Heard some will be tendering resgination towards aft the pay day. Its gonna be tough, I was actually so emotional till I cried when Sharon & Mary's last day. I was feeling so demoralised with the emptiness of the senior staff leaving in Billing. Work is getting heavy & system is getting sensative & people or rather the Superior are getting more not human. I dont noe, maybe I will not understand.. Till now I still refuse to understand why when you're up there, you just simple forget to look down & be humble a bit... I simple dont understand.

Been planning for a holiday hopefully the end of June family vacation will turn out good. We will be going to Sarawak for holiday... Insya ALLAH.

NuRuL was here for 3 wks since her maid was back home for holiday. So manage to spend some quality time wz her, its been some time... worth it though... She is back home now. But I will sure see her again soon.. maybe end of this mth hopefully...

Last Sat 7th May,I bought MaK a FootSpa for Mother's Day. At the same time I dont noe why I was actually thinking of Mak & KaK RoZie, coz the last mother's day I bought MaK Pasir Ris a selendang, that was when Arwah Bapak was still around. Time was so fast that Bapak 'departure' is close to a year this June...
So I ordered a bouquet of flowers wz Sharon's help on her new job at the florist & have it send to Pasir Ris for mother's day gift for Mak Pasir Ris & KaK RoZie. I wasnt thinking of anything that was realated to you noe Who!!! But I was just thinking that in Life we just nid to appreciate on people when they can still rememeber us. Not untill one day you say that you regret not being able to be there for that person just before they 'go'... something like that. Life is short so we just nid to appreciative with people presence...

Ok got to Go.. more posting when I'm on MC sooonnnn...... haahahah...

TruLy NoreeZ