Sunday, July 31, 2005

Blogger Day Out...

It was a Wonderful Sunday Day Out...

I started my morning at 7.45am. Got up early, MaK called from pasar telling me she will help to buy the Big Breakfast for me to bring to JuRonG today. Why JuRonG?? K I will explain later...

So I left home at 9.15am, took a train to Chinese Garden to meet CK & Sheryl.. JuRonG is where CK lives & Sheryl is there. So we had a line up of plan for today, the blogger day out. I arrive at 10.20am, FeiSaL, CK husband direct me where to head to their Plan. So complicated anyway the man from the guardhouse was not friendly at all. Anyway I dont care lah, as long as I get to CK place correctly without getting lost thats most important at this point. Coz I was already berpeluh walking heeehehe... When I came up, there was where I met Sheryl for the 1st time. YasMin was up already... she is so cute lah. see her picture.. she's 'advertising' her new bag I bought for her... heehehe..
Didnt know we are expecting some more guest. Wah Cik CK play host for today lah. Ramai gang2 blog nak mai Spore gi umah dia... Just about 5mins after I arrive, Sheryl blog friend Idi (actually its more to Lissa Friend) arrive. He is from KeLanTan but working in States came to Spore for a few weeks on a work assisgnment or project something like that lah.. So instead of meeting Sheryl for the 1st time, then now I got another blogger friend also.. best kan?? I rqsted RauDz to make 2 bracelet for me so that I can give it to CK & Sheryl.. I hope you guys like it.. Its hand made by my sis yo...

CK masak Nasi Dagang like she mention.. Sedap tu, siap dgn gulai Ikan tongkol tu. Oh ini dia nasi dagang, tak pernah umur aku merasa sebenarnya.. heehehe.. I bought kuih muih & nasi lemak for YaSmiN tapi CK yg makan kot??

Later on, I was watching M'sian Idol as usual lah kan.. So its Idi's 1st time watching it coz he was away in States all this years. Dia siap dok tanya ni sapa, tu sapa kat judges tu.. heehehe.. So who is malaysian now?? Him or ME... gelak giler.. Idi, nice guy.. Shld check out his blog.. hhmm... Anyway, we manage to click jugak, at least can talk & listen to your stories..

YaSmiN had to go to the baking class with FeiSaL which starts at 1.30pm so they left earlier & Idi has to go back office at AMK. CK, Sheryl & myself later left at about 1pm, we took a cab to SunTec CiTy. The cab ride was terrible, felt like vomitting coz of the diesel smell. So I got to distract myself with talking & all, finally I cant take it so got to ask for the uncle driver permission to open the window instead.. Tak suka lah feeling mcm tu. errrr...

We arrive at SunTec CiTy, our dear Sheryl started shopping for shoes. We went to buy some 'personal apparel' coz its irresistible.. heehehe.. We left SunTech to RaFFleS CiTy MaLL to meet FeiSaL & YasMiN, we had coffee there...

LaTer CK arrange another blogger to meet up there too. NaZ, she's a M'sian married to a S'porean husband, she came with her daughter AiShAh. Wonderful.. another blogger friend now. NaZ mention abt a song she sang with AzLn A.B.H, posted in her blog. so I chck out her blog right after i get back... tak sabar lagi, wow.. I LOVE the song, even more I too like AzLn ABH (my friendster) songs... My sis RauDz just told me, NaZ could be the song writter for ANZ kot?? I sms NaZ, but she hasnt reply me with the puzzle solving that RauDz & me had now.. heeheh..

We head to FoRuM coz FeiSaL & CK's friend, KJ from KL is here staying at HilTon HtL. We had (so call) dinner (for me) at SweeT SeCreT FoRuM with KJ.. I only order Banana chocolate cake.. eeee... sinful. But its Ok, today its a non diet day.. heeheheh... Idi came as well for dinner with us. We had chat & all till almost 8pm. Forgotten that SheRyL had to leave & go back to JB tonight. We bid farewell with Idi, then went to the taxi stand. CK & family with SheRyL left on the 1st cab. Then I took the other, says good bye to KJ. It was a short meeting with KJ actually.. So I headed home. Oh Ya, Thanks Idi for the (my so call) Dinneerrr...

We all started sendg Thank You sms to each other.. Ya we really had fun, all of us actually. Even NaZ sms saying she enjoy & also enjoy the Nasi Dagang CK bekal kan for her.. heeheheh.. I called Sheryl, she already driving back home from KoTaRaYa.. SheRyL, jgn lupa 'post' gambo kita tu.. heeheheh..

Gosh I really had lots of fun, its been so long since I meet & make new friends.. I must say eversince NyAh left for KL, I didnt mix with anyone not that much. Expect for office mates, well they are just office mates.. Whatever it is NyAh you still my buddy dunia & akhirat heeheehehe... Sorry NyAh I reply your sms late.. heheheh..

I'll be meeting CK nxt week for another 'project' make over!!! huh??? heeheheh...

Wonderful Day Indeed..

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hari Hujan.... Tapi, kena kerja jugak..

It was raining soooo heavily in the afternoon. The 'best' part was, I've on noon shift today : (

I actually tried to swap or took half day leave or something for today, unfortunately chances was slim. I tot I could get some chances with TeeBa, too bad she had already got her shift change but was not updated in the attendance sheet.. borrrinnnggg... So I've no choice rather than getting an MC for a raining day. What a waste...

Sherly is coming to Spore today afternoon. I tot I can join her & CK today eventhough I've told them that my chances of getting a day off is not there. No harm trying.. Sorry Sherly & CK, I would really LOVEEEeee.. to join you guys for shopping. "sob.. sob.. sob..." Anyway Enjoyyyyy shoppppinnggggg Ladiesss.....

Tomorrow morning, I will be going to CK's place for Breakfast, she going to masak Nasi Dagang tmrw. Anyway CK sms me last night telling me "Ikan tongkol takde kat Supermarket. Chances are takde ikan for the next few days. Alamat tak dapat lah merasa Nasi Dagang on Sunday. So kena lah you beli nasi lemak lebih sikit... "

This morning she sms me saying that she manage to get Ikan Tongkol (Tuna) at the wet market.. yeeeee.... Best lah macam tu, boleh lah kita makan. Seumur hidup aku tak pernah merasa Nasi Dagang tu.. Nak kena nanyi lagu Rose Maria from the year 1980..

"beras pulut dah beras biasa..
Campur santan kelapa & herba,
bawang hiris & juga halia.. enak rasa....
Nasi Dagang itu lah nama nya,
dah terkenal merata negara..
Di pantai timur tempat asal ku istimewa..." ceh wah.. nanyi pulak....

So tmrw, I'll be buying breakfast - dah order dgn RaDiah to reserve some of the kueh for me & Nasi Lemak for Yasmin. Will come to collect at 9.30am so that I'll be time say around 10am for breakfast with them. Later we'll be going out shopping again since Sheryl barring for shopping has been uplifted for this weekend only heehehhe... Poor Feisal had to bring Yasmin for baking class tmrw afternoon for the sake of Mommy CK, Aunty Sheryl & Aunty Noreez to jalan2 & "chit chat azwan" panjang2..

I think CK friend is coming to Spore also in the afternnon. Trying to get if RafHaH can make it for this meeting as well. She must have been busy coz she didnt reply CK's email last few days...

NyAh is coming back Spore for the National Day holiday.. She called me ystdy evening, telling me that she will be here on 6th till 12th ke 13th ke.. gitu lah. So she'll be celebrating MusTaQiM & TeGuH's birthday sama2 sekali... Thats good. Most likely she can comeby Swissotel in the evening of 9th August... Tengok lah how nanti...

Ok I've got to get back to work... With the lost of voice still, I'm still doing paper work instead. Just stealing some time to blog.. heeheheh... Curi Tulang jap lor...

@ 20:43pm

I called CK earlier at 5pm during my dinner break. She said that Sheryl just arrive with Lissa (Cik Sheryl manja, tuan puteri pucuk kelombang nak kena Cik Lissa hantar dia mai S'pore).

gosh, its making me yawn doing paper work on Sat evening. I just got to divert myself to blogging to blog hopping or I head will just drop on my desk.. Feel like drinking coffee but with the cough that I'm having better not. I've already got a few passing remarks from CheR & ChriS & LeA for eating ice cream just now.. heehehe.. & the bosses gave us ice cream ystdy, today TiNa the manager also start passing some chocolates to us.. Whats Up man??? Tak dia kasi Ubat tu bukan apa.. heehehe..

I receive a Msg frm NiZm just a while ago. Telling Me.. "NoReeZ aku kat Bahrin, datang sini lah - NiZm" apa kena pulak mamat ni, suruh aku datang bahrin. mabuk ke sibuk dia ni... I reply him back, kau buat kelakar ke apa... He replied to me saying that he has left KLM on 24hrs notice & left for Bahrin on a good job offer... What an abrubt decision making. I dont think I can do that, I would nid proper planning before any big decision to come by..

I SMS him back, "cari kan aku arab yg many many $$!!!" He said, "kan kau ada aku, joke aje!!" demam ke apa mamat ni.. heeheheh... pantang di layan..

TruLy NoReeZ

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I Lost My Voiceeee...

This is what the doctor said, doesnt mean you remove your tonsil you'll not get sore throat still. Now I noe & understand what Dr Koh mean...

Now I TOTALLY lost my voice. If I can attached an audio here, I will but dont want lah. My voice has change into some 'bapok' sounded like.. haahahah.. so buruk. I'm for sure, for sure cant answer calls today. Coz the customer might run... 'lari cepat...' heeheheh...

BT has BBQ & Chalet last night. So came by to help, not help a BIT but HELP ALOT... chendol betui lah. I came over to Tekka when TeeBa & ErNiE were marketing. We has lunch at Tekka instead.

So later went to ErNiE house at AMK to marinate the chicken, sotong, udang & all. Honestly speaking, I dont ALWAYS to this stuff at home, cause my mom territory is the kitchen. So I didnt get the chance. Its noot an excuse but really... I not getting the CHANCE... so semlm betui punya jadi makcik siput, with all the marketing at Tekka & the finishing touch of the stingray, siang udang & sotong. Potong bawang & halia. TeeBa boleh tahan gak, she is good with housework untung lah sapa dapat depa tu.. heeheheh... ErNie kelakar, orng cari bawang kecik she kept pointing to bawang putih. Apa lah minah ni.. Ingat aku yg lost, dia lagi weak.. heeheheh.. Orng cari lettuce, dia tengok daun sop & daun bawang.. Anak dara sorang ni, hancur...

MoniQ, Aini & Myself..
We arrive at the Chalet at 3pm.. With all the gotong royong, actually not much of a gotong royong.. It was a 'one way traffic' cekik darah. So much abt me not in the committee anymore & it seems that as if I am!!!

So now after bakar satay, I had a few 'accident' in my hands. Jari melecur, lengan also. I also cut myself, my skin peels off a bit. Saham Hantaran turun ooiiiii.....

Anyway I left at 11.45pm with ZaNa. It was just fun. Thats all just fun & food nothing more. MoniQ came so as MeeRa eventhough they have left the company... & guess what the rest of them are doing???...
Playing mahjong.. "boring....."

More Photos soooonnnn...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The (coughing) Music Filled the Air..

I didnt get to watch the WiLd Card Results, but Thanks to CK who gave the updates that AzAm is finally in the 11 finalist.. YAHHHHOOOOO...... best best best!!!!

I'm still having trouble with my router. The signal like "sekejap ada, sekejap takde".. dont sure if its the router fault of the USB. Need to get advise from expertise lah. I called up EuGeNe for help, he only manage to give me some advise... But I just got SriouslyCold who just posted some info in the Forum answering to my queiry. I shall follow his advise, will try again tonight. Like what I told Kichi, i'm lost when it comes to technical jargon, coz I'm a compute idiot. If you talk to me abt Mobile Phone, I'll be most helpful & happy to answer the question on that.. heeheheh..

Eveyone is sick at home, the rhythm of coughing can be compose into a song already. One by One & turn by turn AyAh, MaK, RauDz & myself started the 'music'... Today, I had to request for paper work instead of answering calls. My coughing is disturbing I dont think I can manage with the calls...

Last night I took a call home with ZaNa, its was raining so heavily. She going to the hospital to visit her mom, instead I came along with her since TTSH is not far from home. Was there will 7.30pm. So ZaNa swap shift with me for today coz her mom is gonna be discharge this afternoon. So which means I'll be off tmrw instead... There will be a BBQ cum Chalet for the Billing Team outing mid year project. So I decided to help them out on my off day. Eventhough I was Asked to step down from the committee, giving a fresh blood to experience the M&M activities. I tot I shld just came to give helping hand instead. No harm right. since its my off day so why not...

Till then.. I shall Blog Again,

TruLy NoReeZ

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Accept Things the Way It Is...

If its not for RoWen who swap my Monday off for Sunday, I'll be working on today. You'll not be lucky all the time to get a Sunday off unless they butter trade with a good substitute day...

Sunday morning as usual, 11.30am on TV3 with M'sian Idol. I pretty glad that AzAm is in for the Wild Card.. And I must say I'm proud that he sang a Spore Singer & Writer Song.. Kau Lah Segala Nya.. Mak senyum aje, suka lah tu he sang a local singer's song. And he sang it very well not the same as HazRuL, he's own style.. Good!! I hope he gets in.. Go AzAm!!

Isnt he cute :P

Anyway, AdAm is also a good singer but I'm slightttly disspointed with his selection of song today. He was very good the last time cuma tak menang votes..
I miss out on watching MeLoDi coz I went out with Ayah to buy the router at SimLim Sq. It was a rainy day.. I almost fell just now at the traffic light while crossing he road.. Clumsy lah.

Watching MenToR now.. Dont quiet fansy YaNiE lah, tak tahu nak explain why. Just feel that its not my taste when come to her style of singing. NaBiL is ok lah.. But I've always like PiJA better. Alamak YaNiE is singing EzLYnn song, sounded so kelakar lah.. heheheh...

Tomorrow is another morning shift. Then will back to noon again on Wed...Next Thrus will be our Billing Team Chalet & BBQ. Its the 1st project by them eversince I was asked to 'step down' from the committee...

Eversince this year I was not given any project by the TL. My TL called me in for 1to1 talk, we have it every month anyway. So this time I grab the chance to ask for a few things. He commented that I'm still not capable to be nominated for the nxt Senior post. I know he is gonna to fire me with remarks that I'm still not cool when handling calls with difficult cust. He said that I'll always share my stories with the gang next to me after every call. I said that the only way to express the frustration. We do not bang it with customer. So we share it with the person next to you.. He say that not the way, coz by spending time to talk to the nxt person beside you, you can always answer the next call & save the time. What the hack is he talking about.

I'm so fedup & slightly dissapointed man! I know he is gonna say something abt me when I mention about the promotion that he 6months ago. Then later I told him is not that I really want the promotion, its just that Someone junior mention abt the offer that was gonna be given to her. So just a nature of me, being ego that someone junior gets it 1st before me so I shld be asking where do I stand... I told him, I will probably leave only nxt year since its already past 6mths from 2005. I would rather wait for end of the year & then no harm waiting for another 3-4mths for the Big Bonus. But I know how do I face my fellow junior especially someone who you 'gang' with when they lead you instead.. Tak boleh angkat..

Oh No, si YaNiE ni lagi nanyi dangdut dgn IwAn?? mampus lagi tak boleh angkat.. hahhahaha...

TruLy NoreeR

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Which DH Character Are You Most Likely?

Quiz Results!

We’ve analyzed your answers and have come up with the DH character you are most like financially. The comments below should be a pretty good description of how you deal with various aspects of your finances, but some of our observations may not be as accurate as others. If you want the most accurate description and financial advice, read your Overall Score and your score for the five sub-categories:

Risk Tolerance:

"Which DH Character Are You Most Like Financially?"

You are most like LYNETTE

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You are most like SUSAN. You have HIGH TRUST.

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You’ve struck a good balance between risk and reward. Keep up the good work.Summary Good if your investments are appropriate for your age, goals, and time horizon.

TruLy NoreeZ

D&D Friday Night Fever!!

Friday night was the SH Dinner & Dance at Swissotel Westin. Its a yearly event organised by the company. Over 2000 staff attended all over from Shops staff to Call Centre, Network Dept, Cable & Internet... Well this is the time to-check-out on.. hmm.. you-noe-what lah...

I arrived early, met RaLLeeah at CT Hall MRT. Infact met ZaNa 1st but he got to meet up with Sue & HaliMah at Raffles Htl coz they had doll themselves up right after work... hmm.. so vain heeheheh... So RaLL & myself arrive at the ballroom 6.45pm, meet up & mingle with the rest from other departments.

Was told they have some Henna thingy given for free, so RaLL, Sa'adiah (another friend from the general team) & myself went to Q to get it done..

I really like the design, even Sa'adiah loves it. She wanted to get it done on her wedding day last May but she get a chance too.. So she like balas dendam to have it even her Henna is still there on the fingers & toes.

We went in to the ballroom at around 7pm. We were seated on the left of the stage.. The theme this year was RetRo but I dont care lah, just dress up something simple & comfortable. Malas lah nak doll up & all..

The table was not occuppied, only RaLL & myself was there will almost 8.30pm then the rest came by. Heard there was a bad traffic jam at CT Hall..
ZaNa was sooo... late, infact she was piss wz the 2 makciks coz they took up so much time to siap. She already get herself ready much earlier but the Sue & HaL was still taking their time.

ErNie sms asking where were we seated, we didnt get to seat next to each other's table coz her name was registered by CoCo instead. So we intend to meet up later. hmm... we shall see whats up with her hair aft she had it done at 1 of the salon.. hhhm... I told ErNie that ZaNa is not here yet. She said bad choice of meeting the other 2 at the room... Ya really bad choice.

Zana only came at around 8.30pm when the show has started & she actually miss the part where our CEO T Cz came with Harley & typical Mat Rock outfit.. haahahah.. hilarious man.

ZaNa.. relax Dik, we are here already, say Cheese...

We only there for the food & also the lucky draw. Anyway, we didnt get to win the top 10 prizes anyway.. I especially like the 2nd prize lah, 2 econ tkt to Paris & $500 spending $$. Power lah... I dont mind having that. But who shall I bring along if I won that eh???...

We left at 11.45pm. There was no more MRT available. Got to catch at taxi then.. Gosh such a long Q man.

Reach home at 12mid night. Got to get sleep, tmrw working morning shift.. Another busy night & late nights.. Its been 3 night I slept after mid night. Better not get my eye bags or dark rings noticeable man.. Must Sleep sleep sleeppp.....

Check out the turn out aft the Henna peels off.. Nice right?? "wink wink"

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, July 22, 2005

Reunion after 10 years..

So now is the time to start updating my blog...

Two days ago i receive a call from an old friend which i got to know 11years ago. KaK ZuL, I did temping at her office when she was going on maternity leave of her 2nd child.. Its been years since we met.. I not longer had her contact number coz they all got retrenched & was send to other department to work for instead. I called her almost immediately & we talked.. There seem to be sooo much things to talked about. But of course, her daughter is already 11 years old & that was how long I know her. We decided to go out for dinner to reunited the rest of our ex collegues. She gave me KaK SuTiMah's number & I called her too... Its seems that stories are overflowing, so I told her save some for the dinner meeting...

So we started sending out email & decided Thursdays night at East Point Simei to meet up.. We decided to have dinner at SaKuRa instead..

We met up after Maghrib. I thought that I will be late cause they are all from the airport & Me at town. End up I was early, so I had to wait for them instead... So I sitted at the bawah pokok facing this building & thats how I got this picture.... heeheheh..

They finally arrive almost 8pm.. By then I was already hungry.. errr.... We had so much things to talk about, it was like competing to talk.. We spend a lot of time at SaKuRa until the waitress had to come to us to pay for the bill cause they are closing the shop already.. haahahahh..

We just had to continue our stories. We went up to BeDoK CorNer instead. With Teh Tarik each we just had to continue the stories.

While I was there, I saw a fellow sec sch mate, WaHiD. Surprisingly Mazlan notice and remembered this guy cause we ever saw him in the Airport some years back... I didnt ackno himm insisting NOT to acknoledge him... Anyway I emailed him last year after we met at ANZ Father's Day concert. He didnt replied at all.. Infact, that was my 2nd time I initiating & acknoledge him. Before that was during our Airport Days in the bus with NyAh. We exchange number & all... So this time he notice me according to mazlan but i just ignored him totally. Anyway, what is wrong with an email reply or something. If you're attached or engaged, just say so, What is so bloody wrong with that.. What narrow minded this guys have. Then you can always invite me on your wedding right?? so kuno lah.. Ya, he was with a lady accordingly to MazLan again, cause he was facing them infact. So what is wrong with you coming to me & say 'excuse me, Noreez right... Ya & bla bla bla..." So boring lah malas nak cakap...

Mazlan send up home, he actually send all of us back.. heeheheh.. Actually, he is always like that. Even during his 'single' days.. heeheeh... We always watch football togather, will insist on send me back home. The last time we went out was last year. So ystdy night again we had a good talk, he is like a brother to me.. He is a good friend of mine, we share a lot of things and he understands me... Glad that he's now happy with his family. Good for him. He actually brought up something yesterday. He was actually concern over me not getting hooked. haahaha.. I mean, he was sad that things didnt turn out well for me & all those stuff...

We talked about NaSiR.. MazLan mention he should be 48yrs old this year already coz he's 3 yrs MazLan senior!!! oh gosh.. Anyways, I reach home at 15min before midnight... Another busy night.

Tonight is gonna be my D&D.. another late night.. oh no.. This time I have to go cause they will be a fine of $50 for not attending the D&D when you have submitted your name to go... So got to go...

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, July 21, 2005

S1T1 NuRH4LiZ4H CoNC3rt In SpOr3 20 JuLy 2005

RauDz & MaK

Me & MaK


Some slow numbers..

Finally I got to Post this..... Check it Out man.

S1T1 wore 3 set of outfits on the whole show. The came out with the best songs from her... Honestly I'm not a crazy fan of her, but this time its something not to be miss cause its a chance not to be miss...

There was TauFik & his mom came to watch, I saw NaJiB as well a couple or two local celebrities. I met some old schoolmates(seniors) too.... My childhood friend JuLee was sitted at the almost front row. She always knew I'm a fan of ANZ, she was surprise to see us there.. heeheheh... A couple of cute guys around also.. haahaha.. RoSLaN Az1z is the floor manager for the evening, we were seated just infront of him.

S1T1 is awesome... Eventhough I didnt get to see her closer compared to the $300 seats, but already as just good... I really enjoy when we all were called to stand up to sing along. That the only chance to get your body shaking & all.. heehehe... Actually the most excited people are the man actually. I saw a fews guys who actually hafal all the song of S1t1. Not forgetting the guys who shouted "s1t1.. I Love Youuu....." Dah tu S1t1 sambut pulak "I Love You Too...." cair giler lah mamat2 tu.. haahaha..

We left at around 11.30pm. She finish up with 2 more added songs when 1/4 of the people left already coz the start thanking people for coming & the musicians left the stage leaving all of us waiting wanting for more.. S1t1 came back & thats when she sang a couple more before everybody really leave the indoor stadium.

Dah janji dgn KaK LiZa that we meet at the exit coz AnDaK coming to fetch her & the kid back home. They gave us a ride back home... Reach home at midnight... phew... wonderful night.

TruLy NoreeZ

S1T1 NuRH4LiZ4H CoNC3rt In SpOr3 20 JuLy 2005

I have to say I was very already excited when the day comes closer.

I noe its gonna be a most spectacular Concert by Cik CT which will not be telecast on TV. I have to say that I really enjoying myself last night.... Tapi mengantuk giler ni pegi kerja...

Will post more details sooon....

Monday, July 18, 2005

Mencari Cinta Foreign???? Continuation

So I continue...

The black guy who handed me his name card. Infact I was still on the line with NyAh, he was actually waiting for me to hang up the line to actually speak to me or something. But I just ignored him. He just didnt give up.. I let him took the train & I let the train passes me.. I was already stunned. I told NyAh & she laughed at me.. haahahaha.. Anyway, He's some Director or what so ever in a believe not local company. There was his email add & hp number.. guess what? I dump the card in the bin.. haahahah... eeeee... so 'panggit' :P

Anyway, for me maybe because of 'life experience' - the man of 'my life' left me for a foreign lady & there's this guys, who name is also Bin Ismail in the office, never had any interest with Malay girls, I just anti them. I've always 'hated' the fact that this guys are weird.. weird coz their taste are different. Macam tak cukup gadis melayu lak.. Padahal woman are are dominating the population & still remain unmarried.

I meet an Old friend in the train. The last time we met was say 10 years ago when I was still working in the Airport, infact we were being matched for lunch. Believe it or not I was only 20 years old at that time.. haahahah.. He was 35yrs old or something.. I ackno me, he didnt recall me until I intro. NaSiR.. thats his name, nothing happend after that but he's a nice chap. I rememebered he was dating a Chinese girl after that, this girl JeN from the same department as him. Till now they were still dating.. HOWEVER.. JeN just refuse to convert to Islam(this news is from NyAh coz her Aunt in KL is NaSiR's aunt too... small world). Base on NyAh or rather Cik AsMaH's story, his mom is concern over the relationship that they had coz its going no where...
Anyway, in the train we talked.. we have common friends so at least we have something to talk about... I believe he is now in mid 40's now... He's still the same nice chap i met last time.. hhmm...

I told NyAh immediately after that & she asked me if there was 'something' resulted to the meeting.... heeheheh.. I dont think so...

TruLy NoreeZ

Mencari Cinta Foreign????

Ysterday I saw an old pri sch friend in the bus when Mak & me were on the way back from the masjid... We just say Hi on our way down anyway he is still staying at the same place... Mak told me is married to an Indon (kurang ke gadis melayu kat Spore ni?)..

Last Sunday the 10th July Berita Harian has brought up some topics abt S'pore Malay man married or looking for VietNam ladies to be their wives.. According to them, vietnamess are more polite or what so ever lah.. I didnt read the article actually coz I was feel that its nonsense.

Yesterday Berita Harian mention abt S'pore Malay Ladies are looking for or aftering South African or Middle East man... haahahah.. What is going on with the world or rather with MY country!!! Actually I notice a few woman here who are 'dating' african guys... Actually I have to say that it look so "panggit"...

I encounter an incident a few months back. I was at Dhby Ghbt MRT going back home. Was on an IDD call to NyAh at that time, that was almost 7pm. I notice someone was looking at me, so I tot I ni 'perasan lah kira'. so I just ignore him, so i decided to move to another enterance gate since NyAh & myself was talking on some hot topic... The train arrive, not intant to rush I waited for the pax to walk out before I come in. Surprisingly I was approve by that same Black guy, he said hello... I just look at him in puzzle, he hand me his name card... I stood frozen wanting to laugh. On the other hand feel like cursing him, what the hell man.. Actually there was something abt him that turns me off!!!! He stinks.. haahahah.. I told NyAH. Mak kau bau dia 'mekung' siak... Tak mandi kot?? haahahah...

To Be Continue......

Sunday, July 17, 2005

What's on TV Today??

As Usual, Sunday Morning Time Table will always started wz M'sian Idol @ 11.30am. But today, I miss out quiet abit coz I went out with MaK. Oh Yes, I watched TGIF @ 10am on SuRiA channel this morning coz I miss it on Friday... Nothing much lah just those usual things aje.

This week group I'm only interested with that Lady, was it Tricia?? I think she's good. The rest tu tak interesting sangat aje lah rasanya...

So later in the afternoon, I realise there's no 3rd Watch telecast this week.

Tonight will be MenTor semi finals or something.. So hoping not to miss it.
I like PiJa, she's good... I dont understand why Yanie is in, I tot Protege HaTTan & LiZa Hanim is good as well. Just by luck or by chance lah I guess. Voting make a great difference actually. So they will hve to wait for the viewers to judge them to be able to step into the next level...

TruLy NoReeZ

I had to Lie... : (

I totally forgotten abt JiP SaN invitation on his daughter 1st mth today.

I happily went our with MaK this morning, we went to collect the Briyani Amal At Masjid Khalid... Then I reach home at almost 12noon, my mind is already thinking that I've miss the whole lot of M'sian Idol.. mesti boring lah ni... I receive a call from MicHelle when I just reach my door step. I was tying to figure out why did she call me. Until she asked me, "Norezz... Are you going or not????"
Oh gosh, shit I totally forgotten abt it.. Gosh I'm really sorry, I truly forgot lah...

So both of us decided that we are not going... We had to plan that we got to call him & say that we wont be attending today due to some reasons. MicHelle will sms him at 12.05pm, so I will follow up wz my sms about 1hr later.. So I really had to lie, jahat aku menipu. Terpaksa.. 1st of all its becoz his place is so jauh at Bukit Panjang & then I'm the only team member who'll be attending. No kaki gerek one lah, so sian right...

Anyway, I've manage to Log In to MCKK already.. heeheheh.. Yahoooo!!!!!!!! I'm in now.

There was a situation at home earlier. ToK called home & spoke to FiDz, I noe that its not gonna be an easy thing to do when talking to ToK. Its different how we are brought up into. We keep to our promise so when someone just take things forgranted its just not easy to explain & also Uneasy to keep asking people to keep to the promise given to us. I just had to voice it out coz I noe FiDz will not come to me & say, "I'm having trouble blah blah blah... " so I just had to come forward instead.

I told her, just dont spoilt your day & most important of all just keep it aside for awhile. Just ignore ToK for awhile, I'll think of something to bring it across to him instead. Now its not the time to keep it slow & steady anymore. I may just need to tell talk straight & firm & will have to come straight to "Ampang Point". I just dont want things to happen just like how it happend to me. As much as I dont like to be pushed & pressured neither am I gonna let my sister face the same music. So I just had to think of something instead...

Later tonight, we'll be going out to watch WiCkeD AuRa at Marine Parade. Its been sometime since I went Parkway... Not intending to shop but just to watch their performance there.

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Family Night Out..

We left home after maghrib, AyAh suggested to leave home earlier. But I told him its not convenient to have our prayers at the chalet coz its gonna be crowded wz the family & the place is small. We we finally left home at abt 7.40pm, took a cab to Pasir Ris Down Town East & reach there abt 8.05pm.

Coincidentally, while we were reach the gate to pay the entrance charge we met the rest. AyAh Ngah & family, then later came Mak & Pak Long, Abg Dee & family... Wah the whole family came at the same time... Macam janji lak..

AyAh buat apa tu?? Check out what else to eat I guess...

Abang Dee & Saf feeling shiok eating...
RauDz (green) also enjoying her food tu.
Cik pun lagi shiok, siap duduk atas bangku dgn kaki kat atas...

Cik Ijah & Mak...Cousin HaFiZ & his ehemmmm to be, Nilam... RauDz building rapport wz Nilam... Nothing much actually, but it was good coz its been so long since we didnt had any family outing...

The difference was AnDak & family was not around or else it will be more kecoh actually. Its already, there's always next time then...

TruLy NoReeZ

Friday, July 15, 2005

Too Full leads to Nightmare or Weird Dreams...

Its either I was too full cause of the curry mak brought from d mosque that I ate, Or it could be due the story I have told to CK yesterday abt me ex or rather our ex's heeheheh... I actually had a dream, or was it a nightmare??? Dreamt of Wak!!... Hhmm.. of all people. I dream he was driving, he drove us to..?? I have no idea man.. But what I could remember was he told me he is feeling sleepy because of the long ride we had. So I offer to kept him company by not sleeping & instead continue talking during our journey. Weird dream.. What does this lead to?? It leads to nowhere expect for think of him.. So boring! heeeheheh...

Tomorrow my weekend off starts. Yesterday night Cik called inviting us to Down Town East where he had his chalet booked for the weekend. Most likely we should be going on Sat evening.. At least the weekend it occupied.

Today I lunch in Again.. I left office at 6.30pm. It was raining, still thinking should i or should i not? So i decided to go ahead since the other 2 ladies cancel at the last min.. So i went to AlFalah mosque for solat maghrib, listen to the talk on hadith. It seem to be that the class has been on for some time for sure cause i was lost! But its ok i just listen to gain something from it. Had my solat Ishak and it was almost 9pm already. Gosh my stomach is giving me sign.. So hungry man! Actually I've alredy left hungry before solat Ishak, but I just have to distract myself by munching some sweets instead. I went ahead to Old Chung Ke just to grab a bite of Curry Puff. At least it was something..

While I was typing this email/MMS from my N3230, I was actually waiting for a train back home. It didnt took me long for the train to come & I reach home by 9.30pm...

Anyway, CK intro me to MCKK.. she has invited me to log in to the page. Unfortunately I had myself register & log into the page, but I didnt manage to get thru. It kept prompting some messages that my password is wrong. But when I click on the forget password, I was directed to my email add. They appear that the email add has been use by other - of course.. that was me lah right.. Now I'm stuck, can Log in or post anything yet... Soon maybe...

TruLy NoReeZ

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Chit Chat...

Ok Someone has requested for the FONTS to be slightly bigger... Is this big enuf?? heeheheh..

I was on half day leave today. Had to get my tooth fixed after it was half broken last weekend. I always had problems with going to see a dentist, because of my bad experience when I was 5years old has left me with fear after 30years. Or even forever.. That nurse who wanted to tie me & send my mom outside if I continue crying. I was told by KaK RoZie (who's like a sister to me.. another staff Nurse in the dental hospital) that same nurse is still with the hospital now.. I will never forget her... FOREVER!!! heeheheh..

I had a chit chat over coffee @ Swensen PS with CK today.. and also the cute Yasmin came along. That girl is so bijak, luckily she manage to get herself occupied with the drawing & all when her Mom & me were busy.. busy talking lah... Anyway Thanks CK, for the nice day out (& the beautiful brooch!)... We will have more of that again Insya ALLAH. This time, we shall fit into Rafthah schedule hopefully she can make it this time...

Ok I've 1 more day to work & just cant wait for the next weekend off. On top of that, next week schedule is tight too.. ehhh.. Kalah kan Artist.

The SN Concert is next week on the 20th, 21st was supose to be DyG show at Planet Hollywood KL but we decided not to go.. Save budget lah, coz overspend SN Concert - S$130 you noe.. Then 22nd is the D&D @ Swisotel Westin City Hall... Quiet a busy week actually...

Ok, will blog more soon...

Truly Noreez

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

BatMan Begin..On Free Ticket

I only realise on Sunday evening that my 4 free movie ticket will expire on 11 july 2005!!! Which means my intention to bring WiT, AiNi & S@ry to the movies on Tues 12 July will not be possibile... oh no!!! I sms them that night however the last min changes is definately not possible. I just had to think of alternative, so I sms Cko instead... Luckly she's on morning shift tmrw as well, so can aske her along. I tried oth of my team mates, chances is no. For sure, everyone has made plans by Sunday evening. I've wasted 2 other tickets. Dispite jotting down the date to look out for the expire, I still miss the date... hmmm.. fikiran kot!

I had to hve heavy breakfast so that I can skip lunch & go to CiNeLeiSuRe to collect my tickets in exchange of my voucher. I actually walk from office to Orchard, it took me 15mins to reach there. There I go, skip lunch & exercise for 30mins. Not a bad idea actually. Manage to reach office on time for 1hr lunch break, still I get to shop for a belt & buy some food from 7-11. That was fast isnt it??
On my way back from CiNeLeiSuRe to office, I saw a familiar face. I rememeber this guy, surprisingly he actully smile at me back. hey, I remembered, he's my schoolmate. I stop him, ackno asking "eh u from USTS right???" he said yes.. "You're Yew Pang right?" he said yes, sorry I forgot your name man?" see.. how amazing my memory was. Not bad Noreez.. He was not from my Class but I rememebr him coz we were from the Prefectorial Board... Not much difference in him so that why I could reconized him actully. Surprisingly he can rememeber me. Coz during my sec sch day, I look nerdy man.. with my Big Glasses, long skirt lepas lutut, kurus kering kerempeng.. heehehe.. bottomline is I look different compared to 10 years ago, now more jambu sikit.. haahahah...

Ok I manage to leave office at 6.30 wz Cko.. oh ya, we watched BatMan BeGin.. heeheheh.. I didnt get to buy dinner, so we just bought nuggets from BK & popcorn chicken frm KFC to just munch on.. While we get out ticket checked, I was approached by the staff there. She said that outside food is not allowed, she will hve to take it & can only be collected aft the movie finished.. I was fedup, but instead I give her a cynical laugh... "hahahhaha.... " ya very plastic buah buahan my laughter.. Mind u the lady is a malay, so as the Manager - a Malay Guy... The reason why I was unhappy was becoz the staff of there are all malay. HOWEVER, I'm truly concern over the chicken, hotdog serve there.. Why?? I will tell u later.. I didnt expect the show to last for almost 2.5hrs. But I enjoy it actually, only that I got slightly lost coz there was no intro of the show, was trying to figure out if I'm actually at the right theater... Till toward the middle of the show.. hah then I saw BatMan appear.. Cko was still telling me that she was thinking of out nuggets & chicken pop corn, we were hungry actually. And Ya its making me mad even more.

At the end of the show, I was hoping that the Malay Mgr is still at the doorway. I'm glad he was still there. I requested to take back my food.. then I post him this question. "May I ask you something, is your food here HALAL??"
He said, "NO!"...
So I told him, "exactly.. that my point!!!"
He said, "oh ok now I get your point!!"
So you see, you do not allow outside food inside the theathe & the food serve & sold there are not HALAL. & the best part of all, ALL, I'm saying ALL coz from the ticket selling till the food counter & the ticket front line customer service or whatever you call it are all MALAY... I think I shall write at the forum page.. heehehe...

I receive an email from CK, was reading it in the train from my mobile.. heehehe.. So nice to hear from you CK... I just dont want to delay so I manage to reply CK email from my mobile too. Wah, I'm so mobile... I shall do that more, furthermore I got free GEE usage why not make full use of it.

Ahhh!!!! So boring, I'm gonna be lunching alone. Coz today lunch break is at 1.30pm. WiT, AiNi & S@ry going at 12.30pm. I've got no one to swap for an earlier lunch break.. Looks like I'm gonna be lunching in instead...

I'll be bloggin again later in the evening...

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Healthy Living...

Its Sunday again..

Thats how fast the time flies. With that, there's no point leaving my present job coz in the next few month here comes another bonus. Its a waste if I leave & forgo the hard earn $$ that I've work for.

Anyway, I had a wonderful lunch prepared on my own. I've been having salad for lunch for the past 2 days.. So far I'm enjoying it, something simple & yet healthy.. Diet?? heehehe.. sort of lah. Rojak Salad & Roti Sardin.. Yummy.. MeeRRa told me ystdy that she cant bring herself to eating salad coz it feel like eating grass!!! This is better than grass ok, this is high class grass - salad wz tomato & eggs & chilli sos...

I've been following up MobileMoM blog since she's away in Sydney. If I'm not wrong, she'll be back to KL tonight. I really wish her well & with her high spirit & strong will power Insya ALLAH she'll be able to go thru it.

I had a broken tooth ystdy evening. Gosh! its painful. It all started when I had my dinner last evening. I bite a hard thing while chewing my salad. Not knowing its part of my tooth.. oh Gosh. Now I've got to call my dentist to set up an appointment soon. Coz the its killing me already, I felt the pain each time I drank or guggle when I brush my teeth...

I love being alone at home, its just giving me some peace. So now I can start working with some $$ for saving & expenditure till end of the year. I've got to set aside this & that, taking into consideration spending for Nov 04 RaYa & moving out in Jan 06.

I had a talk wz AiNi ystdy evening over something disturbing. Coming to think of it, its partly my fault too. So I just had to accept that I've given to much but not accepting in which ever its suppose to be. I only manage to sms NyAh ystdy didnt get to speak to her. Actually NyAh will noe & understand me best compare to anybody else. Not saying that I'm not accepting AiNi suggestion, actually what she said is true. And she too mention "your friend will tell you what u Need to know, eventhough you know that its not easy accepting it!!" coz that absolutely true. I'm sure NyAh will tell me the same thing.... Now I've come to terms with things, I'm not going to give in more than I can afford. Not expecting something in return but at least some appreciation when in time of need... hhhmmm...

Oh yes, my prediction on M'SiAn IdoL was almost correct expect for the Mat Rock is in instead of FaiSaL.. alamak wasted lah. However today's contestants are pretty disspointing again. I wonder why their capabilities just went down when now its the time to get back into track & start putting up the I'm gonna win spirit??? ceh, aku cakap mcm pro nyanyi aje kot.. acah aje.

So this week prediction will be NiTa, AdAm.. very un-sangkar-able lah his voice good & I think only this 2 shows that they can make it... Or maybe AzAm, he OK Ok only lah. The rest hancur lah.. I wonder if I can still vote using my Maxis while I'm so call roaming in Spo're eh??

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Reality vs Dream

"Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own." — Oprah Winfrey

I had to work noon shift today. Its such a hot afternoon... making me feel 'lemau' to go to work.. I left home early at 1225noon when I shift start at 1.30pm so that I can steal sometime blogging & checking my emails, but it had so be discreet or I'll be marked.

I'm planning to buy a router so that I can easily surf over my laptop instead. Insya ALLAH I will hve to go purchase one soon. But on technical ground, I'm so alien over it. Got to ask my collegue BaLa or EuGeNe my ex collegue for assistance. They hve always been the gadget & tech expert, always ask them for help.. Tks man guys...

My thought abt moving on so 'menebal'. I really looking into getting a new job, if possible in KL instead.. With that then I shall move into doing the plan Biz wz NyAh. At least I will get my permit 1st, then I can look into application of something else in M'sia. I'm really in need to progress. Otherwise, I will just hold on till Dec or maybe in Mar 06 till I get my big Bonus. I will just remain working in my present job or if I get to work elsewhere I will just grap the chance or gain experience elsewhere. I will still put in my share to support AyAh wz the bill of here & there, also some pocket cash for MaK Insya ALLAH. Its not that she really need it since AyAh is still working. But just being responsible being a children, we just need to give some isnt it. I still have to spare a bit of cash for the New House early next year. Its not fair for AyAh to bare all the expenses alone. And also ToK, since we moving just side by side, I shall chip in some Insya ALLAH.

Seriously I wasnt in the correct state of mind just before I headed to work. So now I've made up my mind, my responsibility to my parents will still be mine! However I really wish that at my current age, I have made something out of my 10 years working experience. I shall not talk abt those personal things that's done & cannot be undone.. So I rather think abt something that can benefit me instead for the future. I remember Tok mention before that Its good to 'hijrah' coz you'll learn something new. I have plans but this time I dont want to say too much or I will get comments of people saying "eh so how your biz? so why you still working here? So what happend the biz tak jadi ke??" Whatever lah, they think its just as simple as campak duit & walah.. zam zam alakazah.. there goes the biz operation.. There are so many thing that need to put into consideration, the risk that I'll be taking & all that... So you can say whatever you all feel like saying. Coz everybody is free to say & has every right to talk..

I'm now trying to save up again after spending so much on entertainment not realising it that its coming to a few Thousand.. Errr.. thats scary, look at how much I've spend. Money is just like water.. You work so hard, save so much & spending on something that you cannot see!!!

Ok I had a dream last night.. I was force to Nikah by MaK wz my ex Bf way back in my airport days... Alamak, what a dream man, it was almost real. The Nikah was at the man's side - his sister's place, why the hell was it held at the man side & not my home. Then I was dress in baju kurung cream or off white & selendang or what so ever lah. I was watching TV wz Siti N & MisHa O on some variety show. The solemnization was in the room instead where I was in the Hall... Apa ke benda lah. The room was fill with guests of course, I didnt get to see the groom. Then my mom called me to sarung the cincin, I saw the ring.. so beautiful its white gold - 2 rows 1 wz a rows of diamonds & the one is plain... Now I got to think why was MaK putting the ring on me instead of the groom?? Mushkil, mushkil... However the bubble of my dream was burst, woken up by my Alarm clock at 5.50am for subuh... Hhhmmm...what a dream.

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, July 07, 2005

All has Stories to Tell...

I only watch Nip&Tuck half way, lost of mood after receiving the call. I tried to get some sleep but fail. It must be Pearl PowerRoot coffee that keeps me awake I guess... heeheheh.. Semangat PowerRoot & ANZ. Actually I was hoping to strike on the Australia Trip in Sept 05 each time I open the can... heeheheh.. I will keep trying. Looks like I may need a few more trip to JB, coz no supply in Spore... haahahah...

My thought was at MobileMoM, was just reading her blog last night before watching TV. She's already on her flight to Sydney by then. I hope she is doing well. Will strength be with her always Insya ALLAH... I hope there are some positive reply from the specialist in Sydney. MM, my Doa's with you, Amin.

I read Ashley, Baby Lisette Blog too. I was shocked to hear that there was a small fire in her kitchen when she was boiling her baby bottles.. Phew, thank god everything is fine. I manage to call her, but only get to leave a VM. She sms me back telling me 'sorry I was sleeping when you call...' so shiok lah this woman. Eversince she left the same company we work for, she got pregnant & now she's a TaiTai relax at home & 'jaga' her baby Lisette. Lucky Lady...

NyAh has posted her baby scan photo - At Last you blog NyAh.. heehhhee.. I just hope you can be just like Ashley, become TaiTai & be at home to take care of Aqim & your soon new born. heehehe.. dream on eh!!

I chk Camus blog, I think Chech & Camus are back from their HoneyMoon already. They left for Australia since last week i think. Chech, dont forget to post pictures k?? heehehe...

I sign CK guessbook, I receive a msg from her just today. Its nice to hear from you CK. Your girl Yasmin is very cute lah..

I also hope TT is back to his senses & in the correct state of mind. Really hope he makes wise decision for the sake of himself & his kid... hmmmm... I love to view his blog especially when he posted his kid picture. Beautiful children especially his Son, will grow up to be a hansem teen soon.. heeheheh...

Tonight is gonna be another stressful night watching DiA. Every thurs night is a day not to be miss at 9.30pm on SuRiA channel. Geram tu geram jugak, tapi tetap nak watch. Apa ke benda lah eh.. Ok its gonna start soon... I got to RUN...

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Identity of the Mystery Caller...

Ok NyAh & RdZ, you guys won! The mystery guy has called me!!!

I felt soo bad, Mr XRmDX has called.. Ahhhh!!!! He called at 22.41h today. I was't sure who was d caller was when I picked it up cause I didnt program his number... I seriously felt very bad cause I lie that I cant talk to him due to my morning shift. It was super crab coming out from me actually, when I was infront of the TV doing nothing. There you see, like I expected he was happy with the last date we had.. I didnt manage to use d tactic that NyAh gave me weeks ago.. Haahah..

Oh no what am I suppose to do man.. I think I should give it a rest for a while. I shall just get some sleep later after Nip&Tuck then... I shall think abt it again tmrw...

TruLy NoreeZ

Amazingly Unbelieveable..

It was so unbelieveable.. I'm super dupper Surprise man!!!
It was so happen, great mind thinks alike. NyAh email me just in time when my mind was running wild!!! I'm not shocked coz we always read each other's mind.. heeheheh... It was dissapointing but hilarious indeed. heeheheh.. Only NyAh & RdZ will noe what the hell we are talking abt.. heehehe.. I just simply cant stop laughing but on the same time suprise... Kelakar lah. So dont judge the book by its cover.

I remembered I had wild thought over GL Goo. I heard alot of things abt him but I dont care, coz I noe our friendship is genuine. Despite his act, he noe's what & where to hide it. The only think I cant help be angry & laugh is we always check out the same Man. Fedup... haahahah.. With him, I learn how to 'view' them, it seem my anthena good wonders. I've pass the test of 'judging' them. hhhmm.. not bad actually. But I'm sad that my anthena fails me this time. Maybe coz its was not jugding 1to1 so the network or signal wasnt that strong.. hhhmmm... Actually I sense it, but it just becoz I was blinded by the Good Looks.. What a waste, & what a waste of time.. haahahah... Hai Tipah Tertipu beb, Tipah Tertipu...

I've no problem with this group of people. Some even are just as sensitive as other. So I've got no say. But when comes to religion wise... there's alot to say. I'm not a saint, but its just contradicting if you do its vise verse...

Whatever it is, there are so many other things to think abt. There poor people, there're people who has no shelter, there others who just live by day, other are fighting & batteling wz sickness like cancer or what so ever. There other things to ponder & make you feel that the world is coming to an end. So we really need to repent, not just doing something silly, cry over something stupid. My journey of life wz all the test that comes are just minor compared to other that I've mention. My worry when I had my tonsil operation was just a small thing compared to people who fighthing strength wz cancer & sickness...

We need to be thankful, thankful that you're a place to stay, food in fact.. good food to eat, a job to live.. What more do you want?? Dont get disspointed over small little things, at least you're still standing & walking & still living...

I dont noe what has come to me. But this is just what I feel..

So enjoy life while you can. Life is short, do the RIGHT things, dont try something silly & regret the rest of your life. Do something worthwhile but dont induldge in something that is against ALLAH. Insya ALLAH we will be just fine...

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday Evening...

We left home after maghrib to d airport.. Receive info that DyG leaving on d evening 2300H flight to KL. So Raudz & me decided to give it a shot. Its not that I go chasing artist or singer, mostly becoz I will accompany my sister. Other than that, ya.. just want to meet them. Especially at my age now.. heeheheh.. so tua to go chasing compared to my younger days..

RauDz & her naughty act again.... *haiya*
We had a drink at CoffeeBean and we didnt hve to wait that long. Only later we saw someone familiar walking thur the door.. True enough it was DyG & her PR. This time we get to chat alone cause there was no crowd.

DyG at Planet Hollywood KL on 21 July 9pm.

We took a MRT back passesby KemBangan station, heard SpiEeR on stage singing "Buat Sang Puteri", it was so loud, so we dash out following d music instead. Initially I didnt want to stop by to watch cause was thinking I will be working at 11am tmrw.. Anyway it was a good move, no regrets. We manage to catch SpiDeR's last 3 songs & d crowd was not at all rowdy like I expected... Didn't know that they were we last performer.

Picture not so clear, as long as you can see TaM there on stage.. heehehe...

So now I back home tug in my bed typing this blog of mine via my N3230 phone.. Not bad right?? Ok now its time for bed, tmrw is another day. Back to work babe..

TruLy NoreeZ

BeautiFul SUNDAY..

Every time I woke up on Sunday morning (when its my off day of course) the next thing that came to mind is... breakfast at home, must be mee siam from Long Noh, or prata from Din, or Thosai from dont to sure.. But I'm very sure AyAh & MaK will come back from pasar wz those good food which I will not be able enjoy if I'm at work..

Next will be of course the TV, 11am will be M'siaN IdoL & MeLoDi @ TV3. After zohor will probably be watching AXN for CSI my fav. Didnt catch 3rd WaTcH @ Channel 5 last week coz I was in KL. This week they have the AVIVA badminton whatever till 6pm which means will be missing CoBy BeLL again this week of 3rd WaTcH... boring seh.

Anyway, today's M'siaN IdoL is a bit dissapointing from those few potentials I tot might get thru. But I was hoping that FaiZaL, AtiLLia & XeRRa will get thru at least.. That mamat rock I dont fancy, too much of that typical mamat tak boleh angkat.
Today's MeLodi brought up the BoB Azroy & ANZ story. I like both their reply of question, very pro & very matang. ANZ reply on what AbG LaN said abt it was fwded to me by NuRuL last few days ago. Expected that kind of answer will coming from ANZ, caya lah..

Watch RanDom HeaRts last night at HBO or something. I just enjoy that movie anyway nothing else to watch also, so why not. Furthermore TV3 was having the AnuGeRaH ScrEEn thingy & they ulangtayang that drama. Eventhough my Fav Actor ARaSH MoHD is there but I've watch is already, really hilarious but watch already what... Ya lah, I watch too much of TV3 programme. But Spore Malay channel also got so much of the UlangTayang lagi boring...

Anyway, I just recalled the journey back home from KL on JL flight last sunday evening. My sister has been teasing me over the Dunkin Donut that I dont get to enjoy it on flight. I bought Dunkin Donut coz we dont have it anymore in Spore, so I was already imagining me enjoying the double chocolate donut on the flight after they serve the drink. Unfortunately the flight stewardess requested me to place my handbag, FiDz bag on the top bag compartment. I actually neglected the fact that I worked wz the AirLines previously & how could I just be so inconsiderate knowing the safety part & be just like some other uncooperative passanger.. I must be out of my mind for a while. So I relectantly place the bags on top, including my handbag which I have my sweets in it. Not forgetting my donut that I dont get to eat.. I was so sad, rubbing it on the Japanese stewardess (the tua one lah dont jambu at all) kept saying "Thank you for your cooperation..." Dia ni pun sama jugak suka UlangTayang.. 2-3x she mention that, fedup.. In my hearts says, 'my donut'.. actually my expression shows how dissapointed I m wz my donut that I dont get to eat.. My 2 sister was just laughing at me.. Kesian aku... heeheheh..

DyG NurFaiZah is in Spore today for some show @ KeMbaNGan area. Was thinking of dropping by for awhile. But sometimes Free Show what I just cant stand is the rowdy crowds.. But see how lah later...

TruLy NoreeZ