Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Kepada Rakan serta Sahabat Handai ku di M'sia...

Selamat Hari Merdeka yg ke 48....

TruLy NoreeZ

Going Down Memory Lane...

I receive a notification of Friendster via my email, a msg receive from NOOR. I was wondering who could it be.
To my surprise, a msg from my primary school mate NOOR, or rather i call him R... (another R.. berapa banyak R dah..).

NooR R is my primary schoolmate from BKPS from Pri 1 to Pri 6. As far as i can rememeber, we are the tallest kid in class & he was my line up partner since. We seat near by each other during exam coz our index number is always side by side since our name starts with alphabet "N".. I rememebered NooR R as a boy who do weird things, he always flip his thumb & bend it backwards.. I really cant explain how he did it lah.. beyond imagination. I also recall that he played at the longkang near the zebra crossing in from of the school gate, unfortunately he fall & broke his arm. I rememeber he was carried by 1 of the teachers back to the school, he was send to the hospital immediately aft that. He was on MC for mths or something like that... I think that was when we were at the lower primary level.

So I immediately send an email to NooR R ystdy, but there is no reply yet. He still looks the same, but only fatter.. heeheheh.. I'm surprise he can recognize me, coz I thought I look like some selengeh girl with big glasses & long skirt & short hair. Maybe he recognize me by my name I think...

See I'm going down memory lane again..

Last night, RauDz asked a friend who come over for Mak Wedding Anniversary gift. RauDz suggested to give Mak a Henna on her hands since Mak like to pakai Inai so much. Normally I will be the one who will help me pakai inai on her anniversary years, here I come with my plastic gloves & siap tooth pick so that its not go 'sememeh' on my fingers... So last night, RauDz rqsted JeweL, Ms M to come by for Henna. We thought we wanna do it for Mak only, end up we were all tempted to have henna on us as well. I really like Mak's inai, its so beautiful. She really love it when it turn our really red today. I love my Inai too coz it really looks lebar & dark orange... RauDz will be downloading some photos. will post it out soon...

I'm truly piss today. I was not feeling very good today, maybe it was since ystdy lah. I dont like being asked why I'm on MC. Of course I'm not well, u think I just want to go on MC for no reason. I dont like being told that I'm always eating this & drinking that for some health or weight lost reason. As long as I'm happy with it, its my body, my mouth, my throat, my stomach why you bother... Then comes another issue.. I receive email from people who never read instruction. Pointing at me as if I didnt do my job. I hate when I receive email or cases while I'm on long leave or on MC.. They just dont give you peace. Anyway I'm feeling better now. It must be the stress ball Pauline gave me just now... *Thanks Pauline*

Tmrw I'll be off, cant wait for another off day. Will be going our for Dinner with CK, FK & Idi Insya ALLAH...

Truly NoReeZ

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Picnic @ Botanical Gardens

I'm so bersyukur that NyAh gets better, she sms me ystdy telling me she could be admitted to the hospital. Coz the doctor told her on Friday evening that she was suspected dengue, so she was on MC & couldnt meet Rose for lunch as plan.

So this morning she sms me saying that she get better, her blood plateletts goes up & she does not require to stay in the hospital. Alhamdulliah...

Today is the day, where I was supose to be the organizer for the picnic with Naz & Fam, CK & Fam, RauDz & Myself. Naz has already sms me @ 8am that she might bring AnwR (her husband) friend NizM since Uja cannot come with us instead. Apa2 aje lah Naz tak kisah aje, coz I think I may get the food ready for say 8 people macam tu.

As said by CK, I'm always precise with blogging. Ok so I had my sandwich & sotongball/sausage ready by 12noon. So after that, RauDz & myself got ready to leave by 2pm.. Ayah kept asking, ada apa occassion ni? nak gi mana ni??? I said, "Picnic." "Kat mana?" Ayah, tanya lagi.. "Botanical Gardens." AyAh pun terkejut... Hah??!! Botanical Gardens. Actually ya, its been years since the last time I've been there..

We have to get a Cake for the picnic. Coz we've plan for a surprise Anniversary Celebration... Sapa punya? Will tell you later.. We sampai at 3pm, Naz has sms earlier saying she's on the way. I called CK, they were still at Home!! Surprisingly later abt 15mins later, Naz & CK sekeluarga arrived..

For RauDz, this is her 1st time meeting them.. not forgetting cute YasMin & the talkative Aishah was there too.... CK & Myself were shocked to see each other, we had a good laugh at one another. Guess What? we wore the same tee shirt from Esprit haahahah.. The best part its of the same color also. I actually bought it when we were togather, but I paid it earlier before she came. CK bought it just not long ago.. So kelakar. Mcm uniform, sedondon lak.. haahaha....

We walked to look for a good spot to spread our mat & so sit comfortably at some place shaddy... FK suggested a spot just infront of the pond instead. Initially we thought of another place but we will hve to walk further. So we finally settle in front of the pond. However the kids cant play ball there or it will fell into the pond full of teratai tu... see left.

We started with the food, Naz made nasi empet (spell??) with sambal bali(her mom style). It really looks so tempting man. CK brought the Fresh Fruits. I just realise we have so much bottle of drinks. My tuna sandwich was laku gak heehehe... I eat Naz cooking, its so sedap, tapi Pedas babe.. Fuyoo, melilih air mata & siap peluh podas giler tu heehehe.. sebab Naz letak cilli padi. Tapi ok lah, still boleh manage lagi.

Oh ya, earlier we have started to exchange our gifts. RauDz gave her made bracelet to YasMin & Aishah. And also to Naz, then all of us pass around our gifts to each other. Mcm 'krismas exchnge gift lak'.. eh, tak lah. cuma kita ni jenis orang yg suka menberi beri each time we meet. Especially CK, she will not buy for herself instead she buy for us. Look at the bracelet she bought for me. I was overwhelmed with the gift she gave until I stunned. My mind was thinking "eh i didnt buy her something lah.." Anyway, she bought the same pieces for RauDz & Naz too, with our Name 'engraved' on the bracelet.... *Thanks CK... *

Naz gave me the belated bday gift, eee.. malu ah. Dah abis bday I pun. *Thanks Naz..* I sayang nak use it, will keep it for 'future use' since there's a PAIR of mug.. heehehe.. Tak kan I minum sorang kat mug tu kot, musti ada partner nya utk pakai.. heeheheh... kidding lah.

WE ladies really had quality time spend chit chatting abt ourselves. WE really really enjoy ourselves. The Daddies & cute girls went looking at flowers & fishes & all lah.. Aishah is so chatty, YasMin feel uneasy coz of the insects around... But she's ok till the end of it.

Ok we finally had our Anniversary Celebration for CK & FK... Its their Anniversary on 2th Sept, so since we all are meeting, we shall have a small celebration for them instead... At least we have cake cutting thingy... I'm glad that CK & FK like the cake.

We started packing at almost 6pm. Kita berbagi2 makanan yg di bawa tu. Ber-exchange2 pulak.. Aishah doent seems ready to leave yet. She must have been feeling 'selesa & sesuai' with us I guess. kesian Aishah...

We walked back to the Visitor's Centre slowly. Its really nice to brisk walk actually. I really like the feeling of walking with the nice green scenary. Its just breath taking I feel its refreshing. I wish I can do that often, unlike the 30mins of walking back from the office to Raffles Place sometime during morning shift after work. Coz I walked passing by the traffic & the air pollution of the running vehicles. But its really nice walking at the Garden..

I really am so glad that it turn out well today. I'm glad the group is small, I think its good this way then we have time to interact & talk to each other. But if Uja, Idi & NizM were to be there it will be nice too.. Too bad then, Insya ALLAH the nxt time perhaps..

Ok at least I'm on noon shift tmrw, so I get to sleep & wake up slightly later...

Now we are watching MenToR Finals, who is gonna Win?? PiJa Or NaBiL???

Thanks for the nice & wonderful Afternoon Guys.... Its really GREAT.

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Its a Small World After ALL...

Ok 1st of All, I've for to THANK RAUDZ for the nice picture & those creative mind of yours posted on my side bar.. *Thanks Many Many RaudZ*

This morning I woke up from sleep grining... heehehe... Coz something happend this early morning.

At the same time, I was excited to work in the morning shift so that I got to wear something nice to work. So here is it, the shirt that CK gave me for my Bday & the blue scarft I bought it ystdy..

Image hosted by

Ok today early morning, I had a Strange encounter. I receive an sms @ 1.30am, the name appearing on the msg receipient comes from my friend from Penang RdzMn. So definately it will be a msg from him dont you think.. However, the surprising part was the msg contact said this, "Apo kabo cik Noreez, I dnga dah tunang and bila nak naik pelamin... raSoL cias/klm"
Apa cerita ni, mobile id is RdzMn's msg from RaSoL... fening fening..

RdzMn is my friend from Penang KLM that I know him 8 years ago. We were intro by NizM, when at the point RdzMn is still bujang. We became great friends, email & sms each other. Each time he comes over to SIN for conference or courses with Spore KLM we will meet up for dinner or coffee or even just a chat at airport departure... RdzMn is married & just got a Son Ahmad Farish just a day after my Bday, 20 Aug 2005.

RaSoL is my ex colleagues from my Airport Days, in Spore of Course, we know each other when I was only 21yrs old then. We use to date.. heehehe.. we went to KL/Genting before in a group with NyAh & (arwah) Remy & MaLa (my cuzin) & Azmi (MaLa husband back then they we just mataair aje). That was like 10 years back, zaman 'jahiliah'.. He is married as far as i rememeber lah tapi tak tahu anak berapa lagi ni.

So now How does the 2 guys link now, I'm totally confuse.. I sms Rasol back asking him what the hell is he doing in Penang. He reply saying, he is now working for KLM Spore its been 5 years. He is now covering RadZmn who is on leave for 2 wks. So this morning, RdzMn called to Rasol asking him to chk on my number on his office mobile phone. So RdzMn said, "kau tolong cari kan nombor kawan aku kat hp tu, nama dia Noreez Ismail. Dia budak Spore lah..."
So RaSoL said, i know of a friend of mine of that same name. So RdzMn finally start describing how I actually look like so they finally conclude that they are talking abt the same Noreez Ismail. The best part is from this morning at 6am after my solat subuh I've been repling to RaSoL sms till now at 10pm.. kita 1 negeri but we only manage to found back after more than 5 years while he is in Penang.. aduh! gelak gelak...

The world is indeed Small isnt it??

Now he is asking weird question line, "bleh tanya apa ciri-ciri u cari pada seorang lelaki yg bleh di jadikan suami?? Astarafirullah halazim, apa ke benda soalan dari sorang mamat yg aku pernah pegi dating dgn dia 10 tahun lalu. Tak boleh ku terima.. ish ish.. Anway he is now a father of 3 boys. Boleh tahan jugak mamat ni.

Anyway, I release some tension today afternoon aft a long talk. It really helps coz I've bottle that up for some time. So It really helps... To whom it may concern, thanks for listening to me today.. I hope I didnt 'send the wrong signal' for bringing the story up this afternoon coz its to your benefit & also someone else close to me too coz I just do not want anyone get hurt.

Ok, this Sunday picnic by Botanical Garden is ON it will be at 3pm. So will get more updates with picture picture & more pictures..

My mom suggested a place to hve good food for Idi, CK & FK. Coz Idi has been talking abt lauk singgang aje. So my mom said why not bring them makan at HjH MaiMunaH Restraunt at Joo Chiat Road. So I sms CK, told her abt lauk Lemak Nangka with Ikan bakar wz kicap & ulam2 semua.. sedap tu. I've told Idi the same thing he goes, 'huuu.. sedap tu.'
Jgn melilih air liur awak tu CK... sabor aje lah...

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Getting Older, Feeling Young...

I've not been blogging coz still feeling feeling birthday girl still heehee...

I just had too much to eat for the past few days. I indeed I've gain a bit of weight, ok just got to diet again this week.

I've just receive a call from some advertisting company & now she has spoilt my mood to blog becoz of this ladies rudeness. She mention abt giving away $1000 holiday voucher for me to purchase a holiday tour on a discount. I told her I'm not interested she said "you sure you dont want to get this voucher???" eeee... geram.

Blog again soon...

@ 16:12H

Oh I shall continue, anyway the Advertising Firm who call me up earlier said will call me back. So indeed she called back, giving me details on how to go abt getting the Voucher & what so ever thing lah. At last she asked me, "so MDM Noreez are you married or engaged?"
So I said, "NO, I'm indeed Single.." she said, Oh sorry then you're not eligable for the Voucher miss... Chendol kan, 1st you waste my time, then you're sound very unfriendly, then you WASTE my bloody time & spoilt my mood.. fedup kan.

The night of my bday, Tok came over but I was not home yet. So I was asking to call back to Tok coz he wanted to wish me hapi bday lor.. So I called Tok's house say abt almost 9pm or so. Later that night at abt 12.35pm, we receive a phone call from Tok. By then all of us was already in bed. Tok complaint of chest pain & wants Mak, AyAh & Fidz to be at his place immediately coz he was concern when the pain comes. Luckly he only stays a block away from us & best part FidZ not having at classes the nxt day. When all this happen, we just cant wait to pindah rumah baru when our unit will only be side by side with Tok. Lagi senang access kan. Poor Mak had to sleep over at Tok house to temankan Nenek alone.

Tok was send to the hospital with ambulance coz FidZ was concern if incase she was not able to handle it well without any equipment or necessary things required. Its not always Tok complaint of feeling sick or apa2 pun, but at his age, he is 86yrs old. He is still strong, walk to Masjid Hj Md Salleh at Geylang Road at 4am every morning coz he will be the imam there. And he will never reject when orang jemput to baca tahlil or baca doa selamat is concern. He just cant say no when orang minta tolong jadi wakil for their children nikah or tunang. That Tok, sometimes he just over used his energy & at the end will fall sick easily. But He know what else can he do & that the only thing that he is good at & happy abt doing when mingle with people is concern... Now Tok is discharge from hospital ystdy but he is at Mak Long's house at Pasir Ris to rest. Its not that he will not be able to rest at Home, its just that he knows that people are bound to come & visit him & he will hve little rest. So he decided to stay away for a while...

Ok, I didnt do much this few days. Was only busy shopping.. heehehe.. bukan selalu apa shopping in. I'm now planning on a picnic outing with CK, Naz & a few other friends for this Sunday. We'll pot luck so its really gonna be fun...

On top of that, I'll be going to KL on the 8th Sept. Now I can finally mention that coz I just book my bus ticket just a while ago. Looks like our MCKK gangs are intending to meet up for some makan treat or something. Guess NyAh & myself will be playing host this time. NyAh's planning for a BBQ over the weekend when I arrive for the gangs. Still hoping that CK&FK will be able to come along so that 'the family' will be complete if there around. I'm intending to invite say 2-3 other friends along since this is the only chance to meet up, insya ALLAH..

I'll be in the morning shift tmrw.. glad to be back to morning shift.

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, August 19, 2005

Its My Birthday Today 19 Aug 2005..

1st of all, THANKS many many for the well wishes from ALL. Thanks to CK for posting my Bday in her Blog.. *mwah.. Tks a lot CK*

Ok I had a Hell of Good Time today, Alhamdulliah...

As usual, my morning (in fact at 0001H) was greeted by my Mom & RauDz. Infact my friend VickY has greeted me much much earlier on the 18th. She got the date salah, but its ok. I told her... My earlier morning sms was jammed (ceh wah mcm lah hot gitu) with greeting by my colleagues. Happy that they rememeber it coz the sms comes from colleagues that are just colleagues.. Naz called me in the morning, *Tks Naz...* so sweet of her despite having fever anak beranak, she said she only called me just to wish me.. Touching kan tu..

I woke up earlier, was hoping I could wake up slightly later. However I was woken up at 8.30am by.. by.. apa eh?? Entah just woke up mcm tu.. I left home at 11.30am with Mak to pasar to collect the noodles & some food stuff I catered for the treat I had for my colleagues. I took a cab to office eventhough I was off today. Since they will be having the 1st lunch at 12.30pm I will try to be there early. My Colleague A came down to help me carry the food stuff. So I lay the table of food for my team to hve lunch with..

The said the food is nice, the chicken is tasty & the desert is good.. (makan free ya tak?? heehehe...) Anyway, my colleagues gave big the gift, a bday card & a BIG ANG PAO. I was super surprise that the amount of person contributed to the gift is 34 people. So normally, we collected $10 per person. So can u imagine how much i got??? My, I was so touched & shocked. I myself, have not collected that much for other colleagues bday. I guess it because I'm friendly with all, so I dont acutally filter who I want to be friend with in the Team.. *Thanks A MILLION My SH TEAM... *

Later I went for my body massage, was surpise (again) when I reach there the lady Pat greeted me with a bday wish. So sweet, of course lah since they have records of my particulars..

I manage to end the massage at 3pm. I left Arab St & sms CK to inform her I will be on my way to Orchard to meet her. I arrive at Mandarin Espirit walk a little shop for a Tee. Happy with it, waited for CK coz she sms saying that she's at Burlington Sq & Y is complaining of sakit kaki. So she had to buy a new sandals for Y.. kesian.. so its ok, I walk another round at Espirit.. they must be wondering, "this lady ni berapa kali lalu sibuk dgn bunga kat tangan dia" heehehe.. Actually I forgot to mention, the Exec (who gave to sign the complaint letter of that customer early Aug tu...) gave me a bouquet of flowers.. :p

Actually I felt so janggal dgn flowers sebenarnya. Honestly speaking ex bf ke, ex tunang pun tak pernah beri so tak tahu mcm mana nak handle bunga ni.. kekoh betui. So I just pretend that I am holding a plastic bag or what so ever.. eee Paiseh Giler. I told CK in my sms to her that I look silly with the flower in my hand so I felt concious.. heeheheh..

Finally met CK, we shop again. I bought another pair of Shirt this time. CK bought Y some clothes, she bought for herself as well. We bought some make up or two. & again the he/she at Espirit doll me up with some test of this & that. There I had my make over again. This time, ya it look different..

We finally left to HarbourFront. I had to sms Naz to ask for direction of Walking Cuture again, sorry eh, ganggu lak. She gave direction, we finally found it.. So like it instantly when I walk into the shop. There are branches all over, in KL & the rest.. No Bad.

This is what CK bought for herself. Its in expensive actually.. Nice Slip On..

This is what I bought?? No lah, I tot I wanted to buy this Unless there's a Ball to attend to with Cinderalla.. haahaha..

I bid farewell to CK, Y & F.. We had a bite at Breeks. But I got to rush coz AyAh dah call nak dinner togather gather.. Sorry AyAh, lambat. Ada private session dgn CK sampai tak perasan time..

I was back home late, I had to sms & call AyAh saying sorry I was late. When I get home, they were all waiting for me. Tok has left coz I was too late. Sorry Tok.. They bought Cake & Pizza coz mom's not cooking. heehehe..

Ish, sinful sinful.. but dont care lah today aje.

Yummy kan. Kenyang sangat ni..

Anyway, I was talking to NyAh while I type this. She is not well, poor thing. As per her sms, she had wanted the 'lead singer' to sing a bday song for me however the hansem boy has knocked himself to the wall while playing hide & seek with the clever AnA (her maid).. awat lah!!! So he has a bumb on his head & has gone to sleep after crying out loud.. Kesian kan.

So here are what I bought/given today using the Ang Pao $ that was given to me.. Thanks to All my 34 bunch of colleagues. I still have half of it left, will do another round of shopping this weekend.. heehehe..

Flower/Lilies by PauLine..

The shoe that I bought. I've never had this type of shoes, coz I always wear something cover all & seldom heels. So here's from a 32yr old lady so trying to be act mature & kakak2.. heehehe..

Card made by RauDz.. (my home name is IntaN.. incase people wondering nama sapa kat Card tu pulak kot..)

This are all what I buy... I love them ALL.

What a Day. Tmrw is another day, back to work...

PS : Following are card from CK & Y wrote it, brooch from RaDiaH, Card from SH BT & the Red Packet...

TruLy NoReeZ

Number Code is Two

I'm writing this blog via my HP. I do not want the story to get stale, so since it was still fresh in my mind. I had to type it via MMS instead..

Anyway, Happy Birthday To My Dear ChildHood Friend Sani Husain today.. May you be a father soon,heeheheh insya ALLAH.

Image hosted by

Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 01:12:57 +0800 (SGT)
Subject: Multimedia message

Beside having to drink 2 fav coffee for the sake of 2 celebrity promoting the brand name. I have 2 friend who had asthma attack ystdy. On top of that, I just turn 32yrs today(happy birthday to me hee3). I also just make 2 guys who wants to get to know me 2 months ago happy.. How about that man?

Here is the story.. I date Mr R the mat rock in june, but i decided i cant go on with it cause he is too quiet & we simply cant connect. Thats how i feel. At the same time, Nyah sis in law wants to intro me to Mr K.. He sms me but it was i bad timing i was not in the mood to have conversation wz him. So i just receive an email from nyah saying that Mr K
comment something abt me not responding further to his sms. So i just gave it a shot & sms him today. He reply back with a request on a dinner date wz me. Ni yg lemau ni, i just got weak knee when i date is requested when i m at the peak to just get to know. I will only do that wen i m comfortable wz that person. Later during my break i called mr k instead so we talk for 15mins he still insist on a date with me. I say k lah i see how.

Suprisingly i receive a miss call from Mr R after the last call about a mth ago. I told him i cant talk long.. Guess what? Despite not feeling comfy wz him, i actually return the miss call to him. My conversation was casual. I asked was the any new dates wz ijl he said yes 2 more dates after wz me. Wow! But it seems he cant seems to have conversation wz
them, the fact is he's just not good when comes to talking coz wz me i was the one who did a lot of talking duh! He asked abt my new date, i told him abt my date wz Mr H i told him it was great but nothing happen. So i end the call politely(coz it getting bored), he was happy that we had a good talk.. And i made another Man's day..

I felt good about myself giving others a chance rather than being selfish thinking of my feelings only. Well done NoreeZ *pat on the shoulder*.

I m treating my colleagues for lunch today, cater food for them later on will be going for massage. And at 4pm will be meeting ck and y shopping at harbour front.. Heehe..

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jom Minum Kopi...

I'm a coffee drinker.. And this are the two coffee products (plus the two man of my fav.. heeheheh) that I usually drank.

ANZ, spokeperson of Power Root Ali Cafe. (I like the coffee & the spokeperson)

I've drank Power Root coffee just abt a mth back. After knowing the fact that 'you know who' is the spokeperson, at the same time "Hoping but not Getting" the chance to win the trip to Gold Coast with the ANZ. So I decided to buy almost dozens of it when I was in KL & JB.

So ystdy I've come to the decision to get RauDz to send an email on behalf of me to Power Root if I can be any 'help' to be a dealer or something for Power Root in Spore. FYI, there is no product of Power Root here eventhough the factor is not far from here. Its in Plentong...

I must say that Pearl Coffee help to boost my energy & someone in the office notice that I was so witty compared to the days when I work on Noon & the nxt day on Morning.. So it actually helps A Lot... At RM15.00 per packet, its really in expensive..

I love the taste, so as my sisters. So today I've sms ZaNa to help me buy 2 more packets of Pearl Coffee(coz the last 2 pkt I bought 2 wks ago dah abis SheRyL...)

Try It..

ArAsH Md ambassador of Red Guara.

Mak & Raudz has been waiting for me to get up this morning to ask if I bought the coffee for Ayah due to what reason. I said, its because the Red Guara coffee help to reduce the appetite to eat & at the same time helps to lose weight for just S$10.80

I've tried the coffee last night & it actually taste good. Doesnt taste like some diet coffee & its affordable. I've given to 2 friend to try & they like it. Has called AyAh to ask for feedback, now its seems that he's giving his friend to try. Orang beli kan dia, dia bagi kat orang pulak... ish..

Mak kata,"oh ingat ada sebab sebab tertentu..." Mak tanya, if I'm fully aware there is someone on the plastic bag Ainun (the stokist) gave has someone photo on it.

Oh My GOsh!!! I dont even know. Thats drives me to the the Stokist for Red Guara even more.. waaaakaakakaka...

So minum jgn tak minum...

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Days of MY Life...

This days, I've been looking into life. What have I achieve for the past years & what have I accomplish.

For the past 3 years, life has been monotonous for me. I still felt the grudge over my ex, eventhough I kept saying I've accepted the fact that its over. But I cant lie to myself coz deep down inside me I still feel hurt.

I been doing some soul searching lately, especially during my Tonsil operation days. I guess I was paranoid that I've never been admitted to hospital, especially in the operation theater you might never know what can happen there.

Later on during my recovery days, since I cant talk I did lot of thinking instead. That when I feel that I am fully ready to let go. Yes, it takes me years to do that, better late then Never...

I recall the years that I had with NyAh, we been pal & working colleague for donkey years.. So many encounter we have went thru, its like a laughing matter. I had 1 day out with NyAh that when I started to think abt most silliest things we did. I've always had this feeling of inferior when comes to guys. I always envy NyAh coz of her wittiness, guys will always come to her 1st... & at time we always have this love & hate thing when it comes to guys. But most of the time I appreciate her thought of coming close to those guys for the sake of 'passing' it to me.. I remember a guy A, way back in our AirPort days. A, always buy breakfast & lunch at Blk C bldg. Mr A is cute.. anyway, the point is, NyAh has got Mr A number, called him & actually told him that "my friend likes you...." I was glad that Mr A is positive abt the compliment given to him for having an admirer. He still see me & say hi & bye eventhough he had told NyAh that he is attached. At least he is gentleman enuf to still ackno me despite the fact that I like him.. I do know of some guys who become an enemy to me after being told or realise that I had this liking for them. Dont you think you shld be feeling great that someone likes you, instead making me feel its a punishment for liking someone??? All this was way 10years back or so.. I still feel young at that time.

If all this things will happened again, I think I will be a bit to old for such things. In general, I'm not someone who is open when comes to feeling. I will not tell that person that I like him & I will not express my feeling when I'm unhappy with someone. I would like bottle it up or swallow it literally for the benefit of other rather than mine. Thats me.. I know I will be at the losing end, sometimes its ok, but sometimes ya.. I just hve to accept it this way then. Well, I've been thru alot what is it compared to this minor issues??

Life is such that, if its Yours then its yours.
Its better be yourself than trying hard to impress.
Life must go on, cause you'll not want to get stuck in the cave... waaaakaakakak..

Now I know how to accept things to what it has become, I'm positive in thinking, I'm willing to give in for the benefit of others but later feel sore over it, at the later period laughed over the most silliest things that I've done..

My colleague A told me, I'm in so high spirit today. And the way I dress up today is different... waaaaakakakkaka... Oh that becoz I've lost some weight & trying to flaunt it a bit. Or yes, and Thats the secret to Happiness & more laughter over stupid thing I did..

Thats it, I'm done. Phew.. so relieve over the things that I've bottle up. Now I feel much much much better....

Oh Ya, *Happy Birthday Feisal & Happy Belated Birthday Adi...*

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Goodbye's or We shall meet again???

I thought I was not going to make it to meet them again, however SheRyL has decided to stay & to go back later in the evening instead.. So sampai lah hajat nak jumpa lagi today..

Right after zohor, I left home, has called NyAh 1st telling him I'll be meeting her in the late afternoon just before she left for KL again. Insya ALLAH I will make it in time to see her at the same time see the rest of the gangs..

So I sms them letting them know that I'll be going to CT Hall 1st, otherwise if the had other place to meet then we can arrange on that. I took MRT all the way to CT Hall coz SheRyL said we are going CentrePoint instead. Later on I rcv sms from SheRyL again saying we going Bugis instead.. Alamak dah terlepas, dah sampai kat CT Hall pun. So I had to take the train backwards to Bugis again..

When I reach there, I've already had plan to buy something for "someone who's going back US in Sept tu"... I just head straight as what I've plan & buy it. I sms CK saying that I'm already there. We meet up at 1st floor of Bugis Parco & went to buy "something for someone going back to US tu jugak lah...." Hope that person likes our gifts.. all coming from the same shop & brand haahahah....

Oh before that, the 3 of us bought a new pair of shades & its 3 for $45.. Tengok lah gaya sakan dgn shades baru ku...

Oh we meet Idi after that, before that I've sms him saying we meeting again.. nak join ke?? FK & Y is not with us coz Y has to attend her Art class till 3pm. We shld be meeting them again later in the afternoon..

Ok this is not a best shot of me coz I really looks so tembam, but I just like the view of 'someone' behind tu on my left.. sapa tu eh???

We went to StarBucks for coffee for a while. I left them(& FK with Y arrive) there so that I can meet up with my darling AQiM & NyAh at the bus station.. Its ok NyAh we gonna meet again soon Insya ALLAH... NyAh had a slight unhappiness with the Korean family sitting on the 1st deck of the bus. Coz AQiM wants to be free to move around when the Korean family wants to 'cop' the place as if the seat on the 2nd deck is not as comfortable... She later called me saying that the Korean kid end up going upstairs becoz of the TV that they want to watch.. gatal, dah naik pulak after being angry with NyAh for taking her kids seat.

I got a lift from Cik Mimah & Encik Ripin (NyAh's parents), they drop me off at Bugis Village instead. I'm lucky that Ck & the rest has not left Bugis coz they were just on the way to Wellock a few mins before I leave. Nasib baik..

We went to Marks&Spencer, view on some clothes. CK has been asking me to try on a few blouses since we were at Bugis earlier. She spoted this shirt cum tee which looks more office wear. I tried it on, looks nice & I like it & CK bought for me.. So paiseh, tried it on & she paid for it.. ~Thanks CK... *Hugz*~

Oh ya, SheRyL bought a braclet for me too.. Nice one, ~Thanks SheRyL~

Idi meet us again later at IseTan, ya dia begitu cekap sekali telah dapat melarikan diri sebentar & balik ke hotel for his to place his stuff earlier & come back to meet us to have dinner.. sungguh pantas. heehehehe... Idi also gave me something for my birthday.. sungguh ke terasa tua ~Thanks Idi~

Ok, we went to have dinner at SaKuRa Far East.. The table is complete with all of us seated. Including little Y..~ cute cute cute, geram *kiss kiss kissssss*~

After dinner, I left 1st to take the train.. said good bye to everyone. Then I start to remember a few things that I've miss out. I've forgotten to buy food for people at Home!!! Abis aku, so I called SaKuRa to make order, told them I will be there in 15mins.. So I head to Capitol SaKuRa, the said I didnt have any order!!!??? Mcm mana ni, then I realise I actually called SaKuRa Far East to order bukan Capitol. Apa mamai sangat aku ni.. mengarut kan. ish Sabor lah aje..

So when will I see you guys again?? Its not a goodbye lah kan..

I shall see you when I see you lah... Insya ALLAH

Ok tmrw is another day... Back to work *yawnnnn*

TruLy NoreeZ

Nasi Dagang & Late Night Out...

Image hosted by

I've manage to leave early from work, My TL gave approval for me to leave an hour early (coz i told him my friends from Msia is here & I've got to 'fetch' them.. waaaakaaakakakak... So I've got to pay back my time off 1hr on Monday then.

I took a cab from work to CK's place at 5.35pm, I hope I'm in time coz SheRyL shld be there already I guess. CK sms earlier saying that AmiR & SheRyL still hasnt arrive, they shld be there by 4pm or something. SheRyL said FeiSaL plan to come to Spore as well however he cancel the plan coz his car brokedown.. hhhhmmmm.. miss lah, weak betui.

I sms IdI asking if he's on the way.. he left already but before that he ask me, "Noreez, how old is Y??" huh???!!! Oh, I think he wants to buy something for Y.. heeheheh.. Baik eh Uncle IdI, ada sifat2 ke-bapa-an heehehehe... Bagus bagus. Kalau ada sapa2 (sapa eh???) yg interested kat IdI tu cepat2 lah sound eh, jgn tunggu2 nanti terlepas menyesalllllll..... Boleh jamin lah budak baik.. waaaakakakakakak... promo jgn tak promo kau..

So I reached CK's place at 6pm just nice... Rupanya IdI is alone of course beside the host CK & FK lah. SheRyL is still not here yet.. Lah tak mai lagi, lambat nya. Anyway, I enjoy when I'm CK place coz I can 'buat mcm rumah sendiri' (eh tak malu...) masuk dapur, buat tu, scope ice cream buat tu ini.. *thanks eh... tapi i tak mess up your kitchen kan..* heehehe..

Only later at almost 5pm or so then SheRyL came with AmiR. We had our nasi dagang.. yummy, kata CK only baby tongkol aje yg ada, mak bapak ikan tongkol dah abis.. kesian. Tapi ok lah tu jugak.. tak kisah lah.

We left at 8.30pm, SheRyL wants to buy shoes (again!) at Charles & Keith. So we headed to PS (when they are almost closing...), kesian Y tido. Later we stop by Fort Canning to see the WarNa&RiA show for a while but it was coming to the end of the show pun..
We later when to ArAb St for coffee at KaKi5. I meet DaL & ShAf there, they hang out there often rupanya. Saw a couple of celeb or two. FK & IdI came by after the ManU match at home.. heehehe.. (ManU menang??? I LivPoL fan apa..) We hang out till midnight, it was great..

I reach home at 12.30am, too tired. Terus lepak.. ngantuk..

But it was GREAT... dah lama tak keluar mcm tu kan?

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, August 13, 2005

More birthday's & MR H...

Today's my childhood friend, HeRMaN birthday... I sms him in the morning to wish him already. I never fail to sms him evey year. Man & me grow up togather, he was born 6days ahead of me its like we've been friends since we were born I shld say.. heeheeh.. Our mom's are like 'blood sisters.. heehehehe..." We were classmates in pre-school, we stay on the same block - he's on the 11th floor & mine's on the 12th. We were in the same secondary school, & thats when we become great buddies. Call each other often, share a lot of things togather. Till one days he told me he'e leaving to UK to further his studies. I was pretty sad, but on the other hand feel glad that he make it there. We keep sending letters to each other very often..

Anyway, along the line of our strong friendship Herman told me that he has ever intended to have me as his girlfriend.. haahahah.. kelakar. Tapi no lah, he ended up with 1 of our schoolmate. But we're still the best of friends. I then I came to realise boy & girl cannot be GOOD FRIENDS... coz feeling does develope.. waaakakaakakaaaaakaa...

One day, I saw him again going to work (eventhough we stay a floor away, I didnt meet him often aft he came back from UK) we talk. Its been so long since we had a good talk. Then he finally told me he met someone new & they are getting married. With surprise, I told him "good for you, congrats.." I say good bye, took the train on the opposite direction of him & I.... Criedddd....., ya i did cry. Ya it was selfish of me to cry coz I felt my best friend is taken, or could it be I had some feeling for him at that time??? hhhmm.... Anyway that feeling has gone long after that. He is now a father of 2 wonderful kids. And we still stay 1 floor away from each other.

So My best buddy in the world, Herman Happy 32nd Birthday. He sms me back this morning & said, "Thanks Chuck (he called me Chuck Noreez), you're is soooonnn..."

Tmrw will be Adi's birthday, then followed by FeiSal Dzlkfli & then HesTee's.. & the list doesnt stop there.. *phew*

Ok for the benefit of CK & CraZyCorpse, thanks for your concern.. heeheheh... Regards to my Hot Date here are the updates... Actually its more to NO UPdates lah, so CK has posted 2 few question to me. Actually CrazyCorpse asked me the same question on last night sms. Here are my answers to you (u seems to read my mind CK)

So 2 questions:

(1) He does or does not like woman with tudung? I don't quite understand the "high expectation" bit, hehe. Bengap I ni!
Q1 - Ya lah CK, I think he do not like wanita tudung, mungkin di anggap kuno kot.. He looks like someone who wants high flyer lady kot. I pun tak faham... But like what i told CrazyCorpse on my sms, we were having fun... hhhmm...

(2) Did he reply your sms? Or you did NOT sms him??? Jawab, jangan tak jawab, haha..
Q2 - YES, Kak Long CK, as per your advise, I did sms him on a casual note. But malang nya tak ada reply lah. I have to say I'm sligghttllly... disssapointed. But like we discuss the day before, how bad can it gets? worst come to worst pun, he do not reply my sms I aje lah. Tak luak & tak rugi pun lah..

Anyway, I hope Mr H do not get me wrong. Even if nothing will happen after the date of our, I thought I can get make more new friends or something. I think I shld be fair to all, just like the Mr R previously no doubt he has to fast in action. He called & sms me immediately the nxt morning after we met. Maybe I freek Mr H after he receive my sms waaakakaakaka...

Mr H, I didnt get to say Thank You properly. It was a rush Thank You before I get down the cab. So I had a nice evening. Thanks Again.

I just receive an sms from Sheryl... She got into the Finals for Most Beautiful M'sian... *hurraaayyyy.... weeee weeeetttt....* Congrats Babe.

Tonight, SheRyL will be coming to Spore. Was told that CK will be cooking Nasi Dagang again. Kesian dia masak lagi, so chances is I'll be going to CK place this evening after work. I'm trying to ask for an hr time off if possible.. heehehe.. buat muka kesian sikit lah. CraZyCorpse coming too (but sorry bro maybe RauDz cant make it today.. jgn marah.. heeheheh...) Naz can make it this time, its ok Naz there's always other time insya ALLAH...

Till I blog again...

Friday, August 12, 2005

Early Birthday...

Dont you think the cake looks tempting?? yummy... its melted chocolate allll.. overrrr.. it... *surp..*

Anyway, my dept had an early birthday celebration for the 3 August Babes. Nxt Thurs will be ZaNa's, followed by mine & then cames TaTa's bday on 25th.

Gosh the cake is sooooo sinful. I only had a small slice.. eee... tak boleh tempting tempting.

Today I took leave, my colleague wants my off day today so that she can do OT. Since hve promise NyAh I'll be meeting & spending time with her today I decided to take leave instead. On top of that, SheRyL sms me ystdy that she is coming over Spore this weekend. So looks like I really need the sunday off.

I met NyAh at CT Hall, I was at GioDaNo buying a gift voucher for PaUL's belated bday. I spotted a Mickey Mouse Tee, reminded me of 'someone' who wore it sometime back.. heehehe.. I called RauDz, she told me she wants it too.. So guess who's tee does it looks like heeheheh... I will post the picture tmrw when I wore it. You all will see the resemblance of the 2 picture I will post soooonn.

Later on NyAh & me has ice cream & we went for a hair cut after that. Its been some time since we had our day out just the 2 of us.. those were the days lah..

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hot Date

Today I check out of Swissotel at 11am. Went to Arab street but before that I manage to do a little shopping at Bugis.. Manage to buy bday gifts for AQiM & TeGuH.

I was walking towards Arab Street, I actually notice someone familar at the new California Fitness branch. ArMaN... he was my Personal Trainer way back 4 1/2 years ago. Years then I was bigger in size but ArMan help me alot to shread weight. Despite the 2 pengsan incident with him, nevertherless I manage to lost almost 10kg in 3mths.. I'll never forget him. I selamba aje told him, "Anyway I'm still singlee......" coz I know he's a father of 1. He told me, I pun single apa... I said, ah get lost lah. Later he told me, "acutually I dah cerai lah.." oh my god, wrong usage of word man. I shldnt have said it. So he gave me his number, he asked me to join California Fitness again... Tengok lah.

I head home after jalan at Arab Street. I know I must have enuf rest coz I have a hot date tonight.. heeheheh..

For CK, here is it... (nak update lah ni, baru sampai rumah.. heeheheh..)
I left home after maghrib, took a cab to Fort Canning at 8pm. I hope I'm not late. The meeting place is at HiBiKi Japanese Restraunt. So its still up to us to have our dinner there or not.. At the entrance, the waitress mention my name. So here I am meeting my Date, Mr H. Gosh, I was surprise.. Ok Wait up.
1st impression.. hhmmmm.. not bad, hansem jugak eh. Eventhough he didnt stood up to ackno me, he has this smile, at least he mention "have a seat..." ok boleh bagi plus point.
2ndly, He is thoughtful coz he was concern abt the food. He suggested we go somewhere else coz its a Japanese Restraunt. So he paid for the drinks there, then he called for a cab. We took the cab to Robertson Walk, and again He paid for the cab.
We make out way to the Turkish Restraunt. We order food, actually I dont intent to eat. But ok lah makan aje...
We talk abt everything. Everything under the sun, from his sister's ex, to his job, then food, then abt mat rock, then job again, abt foreigners, to siblings, then comes the topic of our ex's, my ex.. heehehe.. Tapi ok lah kira we can talk almost abt everything..
3rdly, he is such a gentlemen. He send me home... oh yes I forget he open the cab door for me.. heeheheh.. We talk somemore. I felt that we still hve more to talk abt, but the time is limited.
Lastly, I think we not going anything far. So I think its just a DATE... nothing more then that.. I think.. I dont noe, maybe, I dont noe lah...

So here is my hote date, Tks for CK, FK, NyAh & Idi.. heeheheh... you guys have been waiting for this update..

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Happy 40th National Day....

@ 8th August 2005, Monday

I was working on mid shift. Its was raining heavily in the afternoon. Its good that it rains today, as long as it dont rain on National Day itself, poor thing for people at the Padang. And the fireworks will not be nice on a raining evening..

I was dress in my red & white tee. Its not a National Day tee, I bought it at KL years back anyway it was ZaNa who bought for me when we were in KLCC. Everyone start saying, "eh pre national day mood ke?" I said yes lah.. heehehe.. So much abt feeling patriotic..

I took train to work, at CT Hall MRT I heard a china man asking the direction to Kranji with another Chinese Local man. He asked how to go about getting his way there (In chinese). The Local Man told him he has to alight at Dhby Ghbt & chnge train. I just notice on my left the sign board/directory shows that the train to Kranji is direct no chnges is require. So I interepted the Local man before the China man got himself lost. The local Man look at me in shock, thinking that I can understand him in Mandarin... Then he later told the China man.. oh no need.. Being slightly confuse with the Local Man explaination, the China man asked again, "Yao huan ser mah?? (so I hve to chnge is it??)" So, i interepted again, "Pu yong.." (No need) he look at me & smile.. his expression looks "Wah can speak chinese hah??" but he didnt say anything... So Friends dont mess with me... I CAN SPEAK CHINESE OK.. heehehe.. ya I learn mandarin years back & I actually put it into practise till now... But I cant read & write in chinese anymore..

I receive an sms from Idi, asking me if I'm going party tonight.. PARTY??? Idi, I'm to old for PARTY lah.. heehehe.. So he tot that I'm checking in Swissotel Stamform tonight. I told him no its tmrw afternoon.. Ya can wait for tmrw afternoon in Stamform Hotel.. its gonna be great..

@ 9th August 2005, Tuesday

I got up early, got to do some packing. Today afternoon we will be checking in Swissotel Stamford Hotel to watch the Parade (if possible) from the hotel view.

We reach hotel at almost 2pm. Upon arriving at the check in counter, I was approach by the (cute) staff in the reception assising me on check in. Later was told by the front desk, I've got to check in at the 60th floor. So again, the (cute) reception/CS staff assisted us on check in. He assorted us to the Executive Floor check in. Oh.. I later check out his name Ivan Tay.. (Comei lah.. eeee....) When I went to collect my bags, I already heard someone saying "Helllooooo...." to Ivan with that so cheerfully smile I can hear from the voice.. Ya RauDz!! I know its her, I'm sure she gonna say.. "eh comei nya dia ni..." dah agak dah.. heeheheh.. ~lari dari RauDz...~

So Ivan brought us up to the 60th floor. I tot earlier he say 16th floor. When I heard 60th!! gosh that gonna be very high. I cannot imagine.. So He brought us to the Executive Lounge, we check in there but we gotta wait for the key for another 1hr. So we just relax ourselves at the lounge & that where we saw the nice view from the top.. So BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLL.. never been to the top..

I took some picture at the Exec Lounge, we spend alot of time there. Its something that you'll never be given a chance on our Own Country, in Swissotel Stamford. You'll not get a chance to go to Compass Ross so this is the highest we can go.. heehehe...

Check out Mak, Ayah & RauDz viewing at the balcony of the 60th floor... Terjengok jengok - tengok lah tu.. heeheheh..

We got our room at 3pm, meanwhile I called AnDak & told him we are at the 60th floor. "Oi Mak Datuk, tingginya.. Tak ada tinggi lagi ke??" heehehe.. AnDak & family is coming over. We have plan this some weeks back. We're celebrating LiYaNa's birthday (& so call mine also lah.. advance) in the hotel. So can wait to see NaBiLaH the kepo.. cute cutteee....

AyAh resting... "siok nya bantal & the view mcm holiday pulak.."We got our room, its on the 59th floor instead.. Unfortunately the padang is on our Left instead. If we were to get the next door room its gonna be a better view. But ok lah, for a 1st timer watching the parade from the hotel we know what to do the next time then... The room is big, with 2 Queen bed.. What more can I ask for..

AnDak & family arrived, I fetch them downstairts coz the would need a key to slot it in to our floor. NaBiLaH muka step, engine belum panas lagi. Tengok lah later, dia lah yg tak boleh duduk diam..

Parade was on, we just stood at the balcony. AnDaK manage to catch some pictures of the Padang. We kept going in & out of the balcony. But the best part was when the airplane passes by just on top of us. Scary but interesting..

RauDz & me when down to watch the Fireworks coz our room is blocked. The rest do not want to go down (coz LiYaNa want to watch TauFiK lah...), the dont mind missing the fireworks.

The fireworks was great. CT Hall was so crowded with people waiting to watch the fireworks..

We headed up later after that, AnDak & family left home till almost 10pm coz it was so crowded at the MRT. Jam packed with people..

Ok tmrw is another day. will be checking out tmrw noon. Mak said she will balik earlier with Ayah going to work & FiDz off to school... I will hve to go home after that coz I need plenty or rest before I go out after Maghrib..

I'm going OUT tmrw rememeber??? heeheheh..


TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, August 08, 2005

What Does LOVE mean?

An Article send by Feisal Dzulkiflee

A question was posed to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, "What does love mean?"
The answers got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. Read on..

"When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love."

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth."

"Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."

"Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs."

"Love is what makes you smile when you're tired."

"Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK."

"Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more. My Mommy and Daddy are like that."

"Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen."

"If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate,"

"Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday."

"Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well."

"During my piano recital, I was on a stage and I was scared. I looked at all the people watching me and saw my daddy waving and smiling. He was the only one doing that. I wasn't scared anymore."

"My mommy loves me more than anybody You don't see anyone else kissing me to sleep at night."

"Love is when Mommy gives Daddy the best piece of chicken."

"Love is when Mommy sees Daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he is handsomer than Robert Redford."

"Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day."

"I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones."

"When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you." (what an imagination)

"You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget."

And the final one -- A four year old child whose next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife. Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman's yard, climbed onto his lap, andjust sat there. When his Mother asked what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy said, "Nothing, I just helped him cry"

Sunday, August 07, 2005

From JuRonG To HouGanG

After watching M'sian Idol & MeloDi as usual, we are start to get reach to attend my cousin wedding at Jurong East. Was told ystdy non of my father's other sibling attended the Nikah. The were having some siblings rival, so we just dont want to get ourselves involve.

I'm close with both of my parents sbiling or rather cousins. To me there is no difference with either sides. All to me is equally important, Mak side or Ayah's. However my cousin F who's wedding we attending today is ok. He respect me, will salam each time we met on the street or something. Will ackno me, "Kak Milda" thats what I'm always being address on my father's side. (Anyway my mom side will call me Intan instead coz thats my home name given to me by Tok). So no issue with F, on the other hand, his elder sister M has some attitude. She never comes by during Raya, I too cant recall how many kids her have now & how her husband looks like. Past years she never visisted us on Raya. AyAh is the 3rd eldest frm the boy's siblings but among the other uncles AyAh is the most garang & sturn. So the respected him like an elder among the uncles. I dont know lah why, but Mak insisted that we all go to the wedding coz that how we were being brought up. For me, I'll make sure I attended any gathering or wedding or be sure Raya will visit them even though with my busy shift schedule. Coz kalau setahun tak sekali jumpa so will make sure will make some time for them kan..

So since the wedding is in Jurong East, I recall that I've been here last week. Betul pun, my aunt block is just opposite CK's apartment. I sms CK, she alone coz FK & Y attended the baking class... Kesian CK, hope you'll be better aft Naz's advise to eat burn toast with honey & cinnamon eh??? heehehe.. Mcm doctor lak si Naz ni.. Anyway CK, today I was wearing pink so I put on the brooch you gave me.. Nice tak??

The wedding a bit bored, coz didnt see any familiar faces. Added on with the makcik & pakcik singer on karaoke yg sedikit sumbang, if its M'sian Idol its gonna be hell.. errrr... Food not to interesting so weak sikit nak makan.. We were there for abt an hour or so. Later on we flag a cab, hop on it sekali... alamak Andak & family baru sampai. miss lah nak jumpa NaBiLah & the rest.. Takpe next week on NaTioNaL DaY will be meeting them insya ALLAH.

Sheryl sms me saying that the Q was long at the audition. Told her to try her best & hope that she will get in.. GOoD LucK Lady..

So I requested to alight at KaLLanG BaHru instead so that I can get a cab to HouGanG instead. Arrive there abt 30mins after that to meet NyAh. She just arrive at abt 1pm today, with her maid Ana & MusTaQim.

Lah I miss the cake cutting for AQiM & TeGuH birthday celebration lah.. Get to see Yati & Ami new born...

Check out AQiM & his usual active mode...

I was there till 6pm & left for home right after that.

Tomorrow is another day.. Wait till Tues come where I'll on AL & off day on Wed too..

TruLy NoreeZ