Friday, October 28, 2005

Kepada Semua...

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Cobaaannnnn..... Sabor lah aje...

I know that when you're fasting, patience is the key to everything when test of Ramadhan is concern. However how do you maintain that patience when someone just shouted at your ears? I had 2 cust back to back who just scream at me.

Cust 1 was due to paymnt insist on me activating the line before paymnt receive. Starts comparing me with the previous cust service person who attanded to him & activated the line. I insist not having to activate the line 1st, when i decline he start talking to the daughter saying that "well she is not so helpful like the other cust service.. bla bla bla..." Hey look here, if all the cust we handle we had to activate the line 1st before paymnt then what is gonna happen??

Cust 2, malay speaking. User is nephew, young guy for sure making use of this old woman to subscribe for a line. We insist on him to get the aunty to speak to us for the terminated of services & the chnge of address. Call was trnsfer to me for malay speaking however the cust/aunty do not know what is going on. She asked me back, "nak apa??" hah??
the call was put back to him, he started screaming that his aunty do not understand what i was saying. Eh Hello, I'm speaking in malay not Tamil or Tagalog that your Aunty do not understand. Its becoz you didnt explain to her what you want & what is to be done.. They you scream to me for nothing...

Ish memang menduga kesabaran aku. Sesungguhnya Aku Berpuasa...

It was my Off day ystdy, however there were things line up that need to be done. In the morning I was out at Arab Street. I manage to buy my Tudung for 1st day Raya slightly expensive but I like it very much. Its $40.00 but was given a discount of $35 instead. Not to bad, its green coz my baju kurung is green & orange...

I reach home just in time for Zohor, took a nap till 2.45pm. Reen called to make sure we are meeting. I went out at 4pm, I nid to go to SingPost before meeting Reen. Phew manage to get things settle. So now I got to run & meet Reen at Havelock Rd - Family Court. She mention that she had no choice but to file the rqst since he has gone missing with out any call to the kid & no
nafkah. I took a cab, saw her standing at the entrance of the Court. She saw me from where she is then she started crying. I told myself, no u got to be strong. I shall not cry in front of me. We hug, gosh I cant take it anymore.. Maintain2.. She said she do not want to go thru this but she has no choice, He's being issue with a Warrant. So if he is back in Spore say during Raya or something, sorry to say he will not be able to come into Spore. Selamat SasMan Lah Gaffa...

Later after meeing Reen, I head to Tanjong Pagar to meet F pulak. I had to hand over the stuff Rose gave to them, its been with me for almost a week already. Lucky think Naz cancel the meeting since her Uncle had to leave Spore soonest. Or else I will go 'flat' straight away. I took the train, walk back home it was almost 6pm. Gosh I am really exhausted. Has asked
Raudz to make Pearl Coffee for me, tak boleh tahan.. After Buka, took a shower so that I will remind fresh during Terawih...

It was raining heavily at the last raka'at of Terawih & Witir. Got to bare in mind it was Malam Jumaat last night & its raining so heavily.. hhhhmmm.... Mudah2an Bertemu Lailatul Qadar Insya ALLAH..

Ok Now are planning for the Perjumpaan Raya on 26 Nov, most likely its gonna be at Lanai Gurney at Keramat.. Its convenient & also the roof top seneary is beautiful. Thanks to Leen Ash Burn for the suggestion.. *wink*

Thursday, October 27, 2005

One More Week to AidilFitri

We're only a week away from AidilFitri, thats how fast the time goes by...

I was scheduled to attend a training today, Alhamdulliah less stress answer calls on Ramadhan actually. In fact this is not the 1st time I had to go to training on Fasting mth. Its good actually & the training is interesting & useful. However the only thing that I cant stand is the air con. Its freezing to the extend that my brain frozen & I cant think properly... Imagine yourself, on an empty stomach, freezing cold & feeling sleepy. I really felt like dozing off, had to get our of the room, trying distract myself I felt like as if I've taken sleeping pills or something..

I'm suppose to swap my off day on Deepavali for Petang Raya instead. Had KIV someone to swap coz I rather have a day off on Petang Raya, imagine I had to work noon shift when everyone is busy with all the preparation & the all the TV programme then I had to work till 2300H. Ish, boleh nangis, orang semua takbir Raya aku kerja.. memang tak patut. However now, my friend has decided NOT to swap instead... So how now?? I have to start hunting for people again. I hate to swap actually, if not becoz there is no leave slot for 2 Nov I will not be going around asking. I had to ask someone else, but he cant give a confirmation soonest. How now? I have to make plans right? Nya' will be in Spore by then, we already plan to meet up on Petang Raya if possible. I'm so fedup man..

Anyway, nothing much has come up or develope from the last interaction. I guess its just mutual, just friendship. I cant deny having that liking but my instincts tells me that its just not meant to be I guess. Maybe thats how She felt, the same way how i feel... The fact is, he's nice, jovial, humourous, speaks well, good listener, love music & his ciao bella. Everything happends too fast, from msg to email to chat then sms.. in just 1 month. Its just not destiny perhaps....

Ok, there is an issue here... Abt mother bringing their kids to Masjid during terawih. There is an incident today, a cute little girl say abt 13mths old, a young mother. The baby is cute, starting to walk. The thing is her mother left the baby walking in front of us during prayers. A baby of that age what do they know... The best part is, the baby starts to rummage into our bags & play around with the drinking bottles. First of all its distracting coz we tend to lose focus & concentration by noticing the baby walking in front of us. 2ndly, the baby has scattered all our stuffs all over the place. Yet again, what do this baby know what she is doing so its up to the Mom to do or act something fast. Its not that I'm angry but with a baby like this, you're are not force to come for Terawih. Suggesting for her to do at home instead. I remembered Hamidah, Raudz schoolmate's daughtere, also came to masjid during terawih since she was that small too. But her mom & aunties took turns to take care of her during our prayers.. I tink that shld be the way. You're bringing your baby due to some reason, but its your responsibility for the baby not to distract others instead. Its just something that I feel shld be avoided.

Tmrw is my off day, got a lot of things to do. Will be meeting Reen tmrw late afternoon, heard she mention abt her ex husband not calling home to ask abt the kid anymore. More over, no nafkah for the past 5 mths.. Thats another irresponsibility attitude..

Ok I'm going to sleep, my eyes is half close. Felt like there's a tonnes of weight being place on my eyelids...

Good Night..

27/10/2005 11:53am -- Updates
Alhamdulliah, I manage to swap my Petang Raya. Just got a call 30mins ago, someone else agree to swap for a Deepavali Public Holiday... Yahhhoooooooooo...

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Iftar, The Kueh & Its 10 more days to Raya..

I left home on a cab. The cab driver look at me.. I told him i m heading to Corpthorne Waterfront Hotel.. He instead ask me "lu cina ah?" I said "takda lah uncle.. " I think he tot that I'm a mualaf kot??

The bus leave later than the scheduled time.. The driver switch on to Radio Ria with all the raya songs.. Alamak, so sad make me feel like I'm in perantauan.. Now while I am blog from my phone Ria is tuning to Siti raya song Nazam Lebaran.. The malay steward offer me refreshment, he asked me "Puasa kak?" I said "ya, tak payah lah bagi eh." Even if I'm not fasting you thing i will tell him 'tak'? Of course not what? Malu beb heehe.. Ok I will try to get some sleep soon after the immigrations.. I hope..

Banyak orang jakun dlm bus ni. Ya, 1 of the family with 2 kids gosh the kids 'ciak miak' kecoh giler with each of them crying. I but I will not be able to sleep today.. I wonder how this people travel with they kids so small to know anything & their elderly parents with them too. This guy in front of me, also with his wife & a kid say 6yrs old. Believe they are not local. Either Korean or I not sure lah, coz i heard the language they speak I cant tell. the fact that they seems so 'gayat' never been on this double deck coach I just hve to ignore them. However, this man simply pull the seat down wards 2 times before the imigration & on the 3rd time hit my leg hard!! Bloody chendol betul lah. Sabor lah aje, sesungguhnya aku berpuasa..

I arrive Corus Htl petang, Nya' has made arrangement for her neighbour cab drive to me & fetch me instead. Mansor is at work, on top of that he has to leave for SPORE today evening due to some reasons. Now that I came to KL, he has to leave for Spore. I guess its a blessing that Nya' & myself didnt make any prior arrangment for iftar with our fellow MCKK-ians today or else we will be running around like crazy woman. I reach Nya's place, manage to catch late zohor, wait for Asar & then siap to leave home. We send Mansor to the Aeroline coach station at Corus, this time sending Mansor. Didnt expect the drive (the same one on my arrival to KL) rememeber my face thinking that I'm going back to Spore already.. heehehe..

Nya' & myself decided to have buka at KLCC, we had a last minute arrangment with some friends to meet up for buka. We only confirm at a very last minute. Unfortunately Mansor cant come with us.. Nya's crave for Mdm Kwan (again!), actually I was thinking of the same place too.. We arrive they at 6.20pm, Nya's called for reservation at 12noon. While waiting for NSE & ALK to come, I saw a few familiar faces at the same location. There was the boss of 1st Lady Ampang & his wife, both are Sporean actually, having buka there. Then later on saw SuzeiryBoy & HadiPutra passing by the same place. Not sure if they are eating there too. Earlier K sms me asking if Isetean will be packed coz he has intention to do some shopping. I said maybe it is.. I didnt so any shopping believe it or not. Coz the time is so limited.. ALK came at abt 6.40pm, never tot he might recoognised me Nya' asked me to pretend not to see but He already start smile from afar.. We settle on our seats ordered our food. Later NSE came wz her cuzin NT... ALK has already ordered for them. Saw HansI while we having our food, I tried to signal to Nya' but she tot that I accidently hit her leg & just ignored me. I told NSE, its Hans.. I must hve been over excited, ALK was just laughing at me. He must be thinking giler jugak si Noreez ni.. heeheh.. peduli lah, rather be myself than being so plastic trying to maintain jambu like that. Good that NSE & us are satu kepala at least we click..

We didnt end our session there, we continued at StarBucks later on. Saw more familiar faces. Actually KLCC has always been an artist spot, saw the AF2 group but I am not so familiar with them coz I only follow AF1 & AF3. So I kind of lost.. Saw Ahmad Kamal, he use to be in Jo Teh's recording company say 10 years back. Heard he's divorce, he was with some lady, only see him from far only.

We had to leave, its almost 11.30pm. We took a cab back home, Nya' & myself catch up with things till almost 1am. Nya' told me that I shld be sleeping tonight.. heeheh.. coz I had 1 cup of hot coffee, later had 1 mocha frapp at StarBucks. But it seems I'm still sleepy, must be tired then. I still not finish with ALK, we continued sms while he drove back home.. He is such a cartoon...

Things that I learn from now, dont judge people from stories or gossips. Not knowing I just pressume people from hearing things, but end up I just ngam with the person I didnt know well until I met them in person. And assuming is bad.. so the very the bad..

Woke up for sahur at 4.45am, waited for Subuh & get 2 more hours of sleep. I took the cab at 9am headed to Corus Hotel back again for my coach back to Spore. Meet Rose with Bala's kueh to bring back. Thanks very much Rose..

I sms ALK telling him I'm leaving on a jet plane.. He is just hilarious. So if its not a song title in between chats or sms & no direct translation of Malay to English or English to Malay, then its not Him. He's actually a soft spoken person to my surprise but different from what I saw him before. But the same cartoon person in & outside chats. I really had lots of fun, eventhough its short & so the very last minute but I'm glad that we met. But I'm just concern the friendship its Too Good To Be True... In just a month, from message to email to chat & now to SMS. I think its a bit to fast. I shall slow down on things.. Hope he like the Bday gift.

Arrive Spore at 3pm, I had to call Bala to get his kueh coz I dont think I want to bring it home Its berat. Took a cab, stop by office for Bala to come down to collect them. Head home by almost 4pm. Oh Yes, I got my iPaQ, its sleek yo!!!... So had to play around with it coz still 'virgin' to the function. But not too bad actually, its quiet user friendly. Have yet to download other website for easy access. I think it will take me 1 wk to do all that & most important to transfer the contact list to my iPaQ.

Tmrw will be our 20th day of Puasa. Thats how fast it is. So its 10 malam terakhir Puasa, its time to Doa & not let the days miss, you might never know its Malam LailatulQadar. Insya ALLAH.

Gosh my mata dah kelat, so sleepy. Infact during Terawih I had mak to Sepak my face so I will not fall a sleep.. heehehe.. She really did it!! But it works for a while only.. Nasib ustaz bawak speedo till 9.30pm we finish the Terawih..

Ok back to reality, tmrw kerja pagi..

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Weekend in KL

I'll be leaving for KL for the weekend tmrw the morning... I'm only thinking of having a good sleep in the coach the whole of my journey, ish teruk aku ni kan. I will be arriving KL somewhere petang.

I had iftar with my colleagues today, this is our 1st time going out in a group. All the malay team from BT. Tot of going Geylang Bazaar after that but they decided to go Tekka Bazaar instead. I decided not to come along... I had to pack my stuff for tmrw so I should be home early then.

Nya's hubby, Mansor had to come to Spore tmrw evening to get Nya's father (m'sian) car into M'sia. So looks like I will be having buka puasa with Nya' aje..

Ok I will updte soon tmrw (hopefully with my iPaq heehehe...) insya ALLAH.

To RauDz : Dont miss me..
To Nya' : See you tmrw..
To Rose : See you Sunday...
To MCKK-ian : Sorry I can hve iftar with you guys...
To Me : Hope I will be having fun.
See you sooonn..

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

16 Ramadhan.. Lagu Raya on AIR..

Its already been 2 weeks of Puasa..

The Radio station has started tuning to Raya Songs already. Tu yg buat syahdu syahdan ni.. I remember last year while Mak & myself was having out sahur at 4.30am, we turn on the Radio. Then they were playing CT Nurhalizah raya song & sedih tu.. Oh My, Mak cried at the same time makan sahur... Lah sedih nya Mak aku nangis masa makan. I cant help it but feeling sayu myself. I think that was like abt a week more to Raya or something.. hai feeling feeling lah pulak...

The week has been great for me, Alhamdulliah. I was only having a slight problem, sakit perut a few days back. I guess its due to dehydration so the system doesnt seems to be working correctly. But lucky things after having my Pearl Power Root everything is fine now.. phew, selamat...

I'll be in KL this weekend Insya ALLAH. 1st of all I hve to collect the Kueh for Bala. It was a so happen that he was asking me if I know of friend who's selling any kueh. I straight away recomend him to view on Rose blog to view the kueh he wants. So he has place order for Deepavali, I'll be collecting them. But my own kueh order I have to get Nya' to help bring them to Spore on Deepavali itself... Thanks Nya'. This time I really really cant make time to meet any of the GeBang KL team (coz our GeBang S'pore team are Naz, CK, RauDz & me.. heeheheh...). Coz I'll be there for less than 24hrs actually.

So I make up for a Perjumpaan Hari Raya towards the last week of Nov, Insya ALLAH. If the responds is good then I'll be in KL again for abt 3-4days depending on the situation. Then will be organising the Perjumpaan Raya in KL or Selangor. Now Nya' & myself are looking into location & quotation for a good venue & lunch or dinner rates..

Oh ya Tok is back home on last Monday, Alhamdulliah he's better now. But he's not able to fast & go Terawih this time. But as long he is doing well I think that will be more important now.

I'm be having iftar with my colleagues this Friday. Not only the Muslim having the iftar, but I have 2 other Indian & Eurasion collegues who are join us for Buka as well. This is the 1st time we have this Buka with Ernie, Zana, Aini, Ralleeah with Teeba & Claudette. I hve to call Sakura tmrw to make reservation for 7 of us. Most likely will be heading to Geylang but that will depend on now 'larat' all of us & me to travel all the way to Geylang to just 'window' shop.. But I hve to remember that I'll be leaving the nxt early morning on a 9am coach..

OK 2 more working days then off I go to KL for the weekend. There are things to buy there, No 1, I need to look for AF3 CD coz I'm in love with Felix & Marsya songs in the Finals. Lagu Mawi tak payah story lah coz everyday is on Air. Even the Spore Radio station is tuning to his Aduhai Saleha song now... No 2, I got to buy my Hotlink top up.. ah that 1 is important.. No 3, ... actually I dont intent to shop.. No lah I shall not buy anything lah.

What is Hari Raya to me?? For me its all abt, if I hve achieve the goal of Fasting for 1 mth (or rather 3 wks for ladies aje.. heehehee...). The Patience during the Fasting period which I must say I dont really have them if its not Ramadhan coz when all this Cust gets into my nerves, my blood will just boil & I cant help it but to get mad. But not this time, so its some how or rather the test on how well you control that temper of your (mine actually..).

At the same time its a celebration setelah menahan lapar & dahaga. Seek forgiveness with each other coz kita tak pernah boleh lari dari buat kesilapan... At the same time, its where you meet all your family, cuzins, aunty, uncles, grand aunty, grand uncles. Even some distance cuzin that you normally meet like once a year on Raya only... So this is the time to mingle & catch up with things. Raya is all abt sederhana, we are not encourge to over spend on things just becoz its Raya once a year.

This years Raya, all of us at home only have 1 baju kurung for the 1st day. We didnt plan to buy more this year coz last year we had 3 pairs each one. So Mak, Fidz, Raudz & myself will just 'rolling' baju kurung from last years, anyway we only wore it once or 2 times from last year till now. I still remember the Pink baju Kurung with sequences I had 2 years back I only wore it like 3-4 time in 2 years. So jgn membazir... The last years Kebaya Mak bought from Bukit Tinggi Indon also I wore it once only & thats on the 1st day of Last Raya...

Since Tok is unwell & at the same time we will be moving next year Insya ALLAH so we shall not have more things to add on to the pile up things & pack when moving next year. This is gonna be out last year Raya at UBKR Blk 10. Next year if all goes well, by maybe 1st Quarter or mid of 2006 we will be moving to our new flat opposite the current block we staying...

So this years Raya is gonna be a Sederhana one, Kueh pun order from Rose. No baking this time round... No changes of langsir or cushion cover. No new handbags or new shoes. We will just make do with last years... They just as good as new. Alhamdulliah...

Ok I'm counting days.. 2 more days.. I receive an email reply just now. Thanks for the email, Insya ALLAH we will meet up soon.

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cooling Sunday Afternoon While Puasa...

We just got a call from my Uncle saying that Tok will not be discharge today. So that leaves him another day or so in the Hospital.

I called Rose just now, had to ask her if she can take in anymore order for the Kueh Muih Raya. Unfortunately they cant, coz they are still trying to manage making them something like that.. Tak cukup kaki tangan. Cian Naz, she was the one who's ordering. Takpe lepas Raya pun still ongoing can order. Otherwise like you said, you can have them at my place nanti bila berjalan Raya aje Naz.. Insya ALLAH.

Its raining on a Sunday afternoon.. Alhamdulliah at least its not so hot & warm. Didnt have any intension of going anywhere. Actually during Puasa its always best to Buka at home, especially on weekends.

I remembered during those days when Nya' & myself was still in our airport days, Buka luar togather is almost everyday. Reason being we will not be in time to reach home for Buka. At the same time, Nya' & myself will Buka at Geylang & after that will be doing some shopping at Geylang Bazaar. Every year will be a must to go Bazaar Geylang. Those years Arwah Rhymie will be working in one of the stalls in the Bazaar. Ingat tak Nya'??

Eversince Nya' left to KL its been 3 years, believe it or not I NEVER GO to Bazaar Geylang for Buka or even shopping. Perhaps only Nya' will know our style of buka & shopping. We will only shop for what we need then balik, with the crowd its just unbareable to just squeeze in between people to shop... So Now I never go to Geylang during Puasa.. Unless, ya Unless Nya' came to Spore then we will go.. heeheheh.. My ex fiancee cousin ReeN told me this last year,
"Eh Noreez I nampak u kat Geylang Bazaar dgn boyfriend baru eh?? Bukan main lagi kepit2 & pimpin2.." I said, "eh bila pulak I gi Geylang Puasa2 ni.. I tak pegi pun sejak Nurul pindah KL.."
"Eh betul kita nampak you, tak caya tanya Rahman(her husband) kan betul tak Man??"
I said ya ALLAH, if betui I ada bf baru apa nak sorok2.. In my hearts was saying, even more with you I will sure tell you coz u will tell your cousin what?? heeheheh...
So anyone who saw me at Geylang Bazaar during Puasa2 yg lalu2, tu tak betul coz I didnt go.. heeheheh.. Was just planning with my colleagues to go nxt Fri, tak sure if jadi or not..

I'm reading a new book now. Its by Sophie Kinsella 1 of my fav writer - The Undomestic Goddess. Actually I bought this book months back, but I'm reading it slowly becoz I dont want to finish it up so fast.. haahaha.. Just started reading it, interesting story. Not that kind of mushy love or romance story. I dont really fancy those kind. Anyway the story is about a Lawyer Samantha, who was fired due to a huge mistake made where the company loses 50milion pound deal!! She 'run' away from London, landed at a Big Houses where the owner assume that she came for a Housekeeper interview. From someone who know nuts abt house work, she had to to all that.... I've not finish with the story coz I will not know what happen next...

Last night while RauDz, Mak & myself walk to the Masjid Mak told me that Cik F called her ystdy afternoon. Was shocked to hear that N just got divorce. She's a 27yrs Teacher, got married abt 1 1/2 years or so. I didnt get the whole story what happen but according to Mak it seems the Husband still want to 'enjoy' life eventhough married. Something to that effect lah.. This is what I fear most, its a gamble. Its either you win or you lose. Hope she is doing fine, Insya ALLAH.

So it doesnt mean that you know someone very well, been togather as couple for say couple of years or so. It doesnt determine when you're married to each other its gonna be happyly ever after. So what can be done to prevent all this from happening?? Is it abt attitude?? Abt changes in life after marriage? Sometimes you hear that married couple cant get along with their in laws. So you blame yourself or your in laws??

Pokok nya kita, We(in general but not me...) as wife just need to make changes in life. Things like going out & back late like how its use to be during single days thats gone. Things are different after marriage, things just need to be compromise. Cakap mcm betul aje eh, as if pandai sangat I ni.. But I know of some ANDALUSIA (I belum nak masuk group ni lagi ok!)mention something like, 'lagi bagus tak kahwin dari kahwin dgn sapa2 & then cerai berai...' Memang lah betul, tapi ada salah nya jugak. I'm still positive with things, I believe that there is someone somewhere out there for me. (sapa eh??) I know my friends here & there will always tell me, "you time will come Noreez..." Insya ALLAH. Mak Long said that in her doa when I salam her after Terawih the other day too.

Well, hidup in memang tak pernah puas. Ada Orang dah kahwin, nak action single. Ya Single kalau boleh nak ada suami & anak2. Yg ada anak, buang anak pulak. Yg takde anak, try2 tak dapat pulak. Yg kurang upaya kalau boleh nak beli itu ini, yg kaya pulak takut sangat duit banyak sangat takut kena kidnap ke rompak ke. Yg fofular takut banyak sangat publicity, yg tak famous pulak, buat cerita itu ini jadi ada publicity... Tu lah kehidupan. Kenyataan ini tak ada kena mengena dgn yg mati & yg hidup ya... Tu lah hidup, bak roda kadang di atas kadang di bawah..

Its still raining here, can do much. The next best thing is to just rest your head on a pilliow & grab some more pilliow if can, not forgetting blanket if possible... just like what Raudz is doing now... Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, switch on the Radio even better. Listen to Era with Badrul if can (promo nampak) coz I think she just send a dedication on air just a while ago. heeheheeh... ~lari dari Raudz~

Oh yes, today mak kita masak lauk singgang wz fish & sambal kacang & tahuuuu......

Ok will be going to the hawker centre later in the late afternoon. Someone is coming to Kallang to buy Sop Kambing yg best kat Pasar Boon Keng later... See you..

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sesungguhnya Aku Berpuasa.. Sabar Aje Lah

Its another weekend soon. Tmrw is a working day for me, just cant wait for Sunday off day again. Reason being, I dont have to rush back home at 6.30pm just to be in time to buka at home with my family.

I realise how little we eat during break fast. With almost the whole day of fasting, when it comes to break fast we only consume very little. I had home made Chicken Rice by Mak today. With just 1 sendok of nasi, 1 cawan kecik teh tarik & that all... Shukur Alhamdulliah. The other day I really felt like drinking coffee coz when its Puasa I didnt get the chance to drink coffee. Reason is becoz if you drink during buka, u will of course feel awake during Terawih but you will not be able to sleep at night. And if you drink it during sahur, dont dream abt going back to sleep (actually you're not suppose to do that..) after subuh...

That was what happen to me, I had coffee during buka. Guess what? I couldnt sleep at night till sahur at 4.30am!!! Gosh I will never drink coffee anymore during Buka, trust me.. So Naz, we can still hang on to the Pearl Power Root tu.. coz we dont need energizer to make us awake till Sahur time.. heehehe..

Alhamdulliah this few days of Puasa, felt sihat. At the same time the days at work is not too bad. No challenging caller who will test your patiences. So far so good..

Terawih was sleepy for me ystdy night in the beginning, but when its the last rakaat of the Witir, mata boleh segar. Chendol betul lah.. Nak kata ada setan, I tot setan di ikat during Ramadhan time kan?? heeheehheee... Then this must be emosi & at the same time very tired..

Things are getting pretty emosional at home. I guess its tense coz Tok is still in the hospital. Everyone is asking who's turn to take care of Tok when he is back... At the same time other issues has causes the whole environment to be very tense. Tapi yg tak best nya, 'yg di tembak tak kena' end up orang lain yg 'ten sen, twenty sen'. Someone sense the atmosphere, guess the instinct was strong. A call came to ask how we are doing... Amazing? Macam mana boleh terasa ada yg tak kena eh?? Thanks for the listening 'ear' My Friend...

I'm coming to KL nxt weekend. Reason? I'm collecting my kueh in KL from Rose.. heeeheh.. Ok besides that of course to meet Nya' lah. Then I want to collect my New iPAQ from Nya' that I bought abt a week ago.. heehehe.. Cant wait to see it. Why do it need it?? Since the complaint abt me going to the net & replying my email at work, so now I hve to reason not to surf from my new phone instead. I will be on the GO on my iPAQ insya ALLAH.

I will not be able to meet everyone in KL. Its such a short trip arriving on Saturday afternoon & going back on Sunday morning at 10am. I'm sorry guys If I dont get to go places. I dont intend to do any shopping also, please take note on that.. heehehe... (Mcm Real eh..)

I hope Tok wil recover soon. Thanks to everyone who send me reply on Tok. Doa kan Tok get well soon. Was told he went thru scope today. I'm not sure what the result was. I believe its not out yet. Tok is weak his heart is not as strong as it use to be. Well at his age & at the rate he was going for the past 80yrs++ I dont deny the fact that its not as fast as before...

Gosh cant wait for weekend again..

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Week of Ramadhan

Its already a week of Fasting, how time flies… My ‘barring’ has been lifted, started my Terawih last night & Insya ALLAH will start Puasa today.

The weather been been so hot in the noon, but sometimes its unpredictable too coz it will rain the middle of the day with out prior notice. Heard that so many people has been having flu this few days. Alhamdulliah I've already recover.

Ystdy was my off day, but today I had to take leave tmrw coz its so difficult to get morning shift nowadays. It feel like begging for swap of shift. But last night, I receive a call requesting to have my tmrw noon shift. What a waste of my AL if that person would have swap the shift way back. If they would have asked me much earlier I shld have withdraw my leave application isn’t it???

I went our early ystdy morning, back home at almost 12noon. I felt so weak, never felt like this before. Had to take a nab in the afternoon right after zohor. Slept till almost 5pm… That was along nap.

CK sms earlier ystdy asking if we could go for buka puasa today, unfortunately I had to cancel it coz it has been a busy Ramadhan this year. Mak had to run around, taking turn & shift with Mak Long to go hospital to visit Tok & taking care of Nenek for buka & at night. Later in the afternoon Mak Long offer to stay for another night with Nenek tonight & visit Tok in the late afternoon. But today is 1 of those days we buka at home with Mak. So that’s why I had to cancel the buka kat luar.. Sorry CK, you must have enjoy the food at Al Sheikh you were saying tu.. heehehe..

Today's Mak turn to visit Tok, so as Raudz & myself. Tok has called many times rqsting for Mak to come to the hospital. So today Mak has rqsted not to do any cooking today. She will be exhausted if he do cooking & visit Tok all on the same day.
I had a long chat last night till 1.45am, we talking abt life & love.. Well Friend, that was a knock-some-sense-to-me kinda chat. We never did that before. But I came to realise that if its meant to be then its meant to be. Its not that i didnt know it all this while. Its just that I have to absorb those thing yet & again coz you tend to forget the fact is that way. Love to ALLAH is so much more to be compared to a love for someone. We have neglected the fact that we kept saying things is not fair & kept saying abt other we didnt realise who we are. Makhluk ALLAH jugak... We did things, we forgot abt HIM when we are happy, but ALLAH is always there for us.. So when you need help then you start asking from HIM.

When Ramadhan comes I tend to feel a bit emotional.. Thinking abt the past, what have I done the past Ramadhan. Just reflecting on things coz its suppose to be something like, "Semoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih baik dari Ramadhan yg lalu... Insya ALLAH"

Truly Noreez

Coretan Cinta
(Dayang NurFaizah)

Andai harus ku melangkah pergi
Dengan hati memendam rasa sangsi
Bukan kemahuan jiwa ku, kaulah menghancur hati ini...

c/o Sayang.. tegar kau menyepi, tinggal diri ku sendiri..
Gelas gelas kaca, jatuh berderaian..
Menemani diri ku... Tiada... akhirnya...

Tiada tempat ku mengadu rasa
Pergi my telah lama ku redha...
Masih terimpan harapan ku, membina mahligai syahdu...

Segala keraguan ku leraikan, janji dusta jadi coretan cinta
Kini ku teruskan langkah ku, membina hidup nan baru

Sayang... tegar kau menyepi

Song/Lirik : Hazami

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I'm like a Bird.. I'm Flying...

Today is a Sunday. I was still feeling in the "awang awangan" from yesterday phone call has not ended... come another the 'awang awangan' feeling... hhhhmmm...

~I'm floating....~ *cheeky smile*

Its good when its Sunday, the feeling is different... Waking up with everybody at home or else on any other day you will see the bed are all cleared will everyone is already up to get to work or school. Everyone is at home, Mak & Ayah already back from the market. Most of the time Ayah will go with Mak on Sundays. Today Raudz & myself will be visiting Tok in the hospital. Since Fidz went ystdy so today will be our turn. Mak will not be going as well coz she will be having buka with us for today...

So right after Melodi & zohor, Raudz & myself bersiap to go & visit Tok. We took a cab, reaches TTSH, took the lift to 8th floor. The lift stop at 6th floor (or was it 5th floor). The lift door open someone gets off, before the door closes.. here I say AdiW. Said Hi to him, on the other hand Raudz saw someone else.. She said Hi rather loud. Then I heard she said, "Raudha... & Noreez...." I turn to the person in front of me.. I guess the people in the lift is getting annoyed with us coz the door is not close to get up yet!! Then I saw, "My Gosh!! Hang on I know this guy.." Raudz said something like, "Goldllion Sisters!!!"
He said, "My!!" We came out of the lift on the 6th floor, feeling excited.. haahah..
Oh My its DYB, we've been corresponding via email all this years & we never met. We have send him bday gifts, card & Raya card for last year. But all this while we never met. He said what a pleasent surprise of all places we met in the hospital. AdiW, we have always meet up. On other occassion we meet & chat. We are almost like friend already now, we met last week also at the show where Hazami was around too... DYB is someone that I know via email, but him 'on air' looks more serious. Didnt know that DYB & AdiW are great friends, both are 'bujang-er'. Ramai pulak bujang-er aku jumpa sejak2 ni.. Where have all this bujang been all this years?? Now then I see them. As usual, Raudz has always been the person to cover up my excitement, I cant lah coz I'm always kancong at the wrong timing. Cant help it. Thats me, tu belum lagi tertelan air liur while talking its gonna be so buruk when that happen. & again I cant rememebr what the hell I said to DYB. I only remember I said that this is my 1st time meeting you & what a nice surprise.. He said he has got to rush to work after this, he has been sick for 3 days down with flu. Poor cute guy.. haahaha.. Anyway he dont look his age, he look good I must say that. He's not so tall but not to bad. Overall he is what I expected him to be. Still the same Nice guy, sweet smile...

~I'm flying.... hhmmmmm......~

Please pull me down Nya'.. Tell me to wake up please...

I manage to catch a short chat with KHH just before he left for terawih earlier. Last night we chat for a while told him abt DMC & suddenly.. the network cut off. I tot, gosh, did I say something wrong that he suddenly log out?? Concious jap. Rupa nya bukan the WiFi at his place is bad. So he was log out on auto. The chat was less than 10mins & its already feel up with things that I need to keep in mind. He is just hillarious lah, never that I imagine him to be. Just cant stop smiling tonight...

Everything seem to be too wonderful. Seakan rasa aku ini tak berpijak di bumi yg nyata... Now I wonder, the guys that I met are seems to be far fetch. This doesnt seems real. I just told Mak earlier, that the guys that I meet or got to know & I feel 'ngam' with are guys who are.. you know.. that other people know them. So its seems not real, coz chances of me getting say hooked to them its not there isnt it?? But those guys that I went out on dates with are reality but I cant seems to click with them... I shall just see & wait lah.

Hanya ALLAH saja yg menentu kan jodoh pertemuan, ajal maut, Qadak & Qadar nya.. The time will come & the time will tell...

So we went to visit Tok in the hospital, He looks healthier when he's admitted. It could be the atmosphere & the environment there. And at the same time there is always someone to monitor his food intake & medication as well. So that could be the reason why he looks well when he's there. Good for him lah, mudah2an boleh discharge early.

Tonight I am left alone at home coz everyone is out for Terawih, I hope to join them soon nxt few days...

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Half Day Leave with a Surprise Call

I'm feeling much better today, even though the sore throat is still there but the fever is gone. Alhamdulliah...

Tok went for his medical check up ystdy afternoon, unfortunately (or fortunately) he is admitted again. Actually he looks well when he is in the hospital, its either the atmosphere or the surroundings there that make him healthier. Unfortunately for that matter, Mak has to run about sending food for Nenek, buka & sleep over at her place while Tok is in the hospital...

I was on half day leave today, actually I applied the leave like a week back. I tot I can go to the bank since I didnt get to do it during the weekdays. & that was my reason for taking the leave. But since I was on MC ystdy, I went to the bank & has settle all my transaction ystdy morning. So I went home straight today & had some rest.

I just got to know that Berlyn is leaving, early next mth will be her last day. She will be joining Eugene doing sales & the offer is good. Then I told her good for you. I actually asked why arent she leaving in Dec aft the bonus instead. She said she dont want to wait anymore coz if she wait till Dec then she will wait again till Mar & then she will not be going anywhere. Actually thats how I felt. I kept telling myself I shall wait for Dec Bonus, then I wait again for Mar Bonus.. then its never ending, not going anywhere. Well its good for Berlyn coz the basic is more than what she is getting now.
All the Best to Berlyn.

Yesterday was Raudz last day at work coz the project has ended. I (or rather we) had a small chat with Mak. I told her I'm getting bored with my job already. Its getting monotonous now, with no chances to progress in whatever field, with the projects I had taken over by other, I m concern that my end of the year appraisal will not look so good. I really have to think of something that need to be done by next year what ever it may be. I know by early nxt year we may be moving to the nxt place, any Big Day will be a yes or no in June I really not too sure.. The last I heard ystdy afternoon was he might be leaving overseas for like 7 years or something.. So I will not ask. So I need to do something abt myself. I kept saying that for like months or maybe years.. But I'm still here... I shall starting thinking what I really want to do in life. Other than, I need a husband.. haahahh.. Apart from that I need a new job, take up some new courses or something coz I didnt take any this year. Save up on my bonuses & then do something challenging.

So its the 3 Things In Life.. Words, Oppurtunity & Time...

I had a rough time speaking to the helpdesk guy for my internet service this afternoon. He seems so pissed with me, he must be saying this woman is such a Bodoh!! Hey I'm a computer idiot, a PC illiterate when come to thing like changes this & that, plug in this & that. So dont ask me how to fix this & that. But If you ask me abt Mobile its at (almost) the tip of my figure man... So this guy was so unfriendly, I didnt even tell him that I'm his Fellow Colleagues ok!!! Coz he is such unfriendly fellow... End up nothing is solve & my router is still not working on my laptop. I bought a new USB adapter thinking its the cause of the whole thing. Now I still dont know if thats the real cause of it...

At least something make my day. I receive a private number call at about 17:19pm. Actually my phone shut off by itself just abt 1 min before that. Luckly the call came in 'safely'. DMC called, that was nice of him to call. I email him ystdy afternoon, he's coming to Spore will having buka with the cousins & uncles/aunties here. He was planning if possible to 'terserempak' with some of us here. But his stay is only like 2 days, I doubt he can make time. Sometimes when Nya' is back in Spore she will not have time to meet up also. So I dont want to think of anything. He said, "Can I speak to Noreez?" Gosh then I recongized the voice. I dont know what I was mumbling, I must have talk rubbish. My sentence was so berterabuh. Apa yg aku merepek ni... At least I think Raudz came to the resque, so at least it doesnt make it sounded like a formal call from him. So he said he cant meet up. Next time perhaps insya ALLAH. So nice of DMC to call.. But It was such a surprise, coz he didnt reply my mail, we never like chat with each other.. tup tup.. terus call. Terror jugak mamat ni eh.

Ok I have another off day to spend. Will have to make time to go to the hospital to visit Tok tmrw.

Watch the 50 First Date awhile ago. The last time I watch it was in the coach on the way to KL months back, but I didnt watch it properly. Today then I get to watch it till the end..

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, October 07, 2005

The 3rd Day of Ramadhan..

Today's the 3rd Day of Ramadhan...

I've already feel the sore in my throat since last night, drank a few glasses of water. As if its help if you didnt take any medication. So I still bring myself up to go to work in the morning. The minute I step into the office.. gosh I shiver. 'ish lain mcm aje ni.. nak demam ke ni eh??'Ok I really got to see the doctor, at the same time I'm having cramps since yesterday.

I dont care lah, i hve to go home. Rather than I stay in the office with the freezing air con & answering calls with my sore throat, I would prefer being at home resting instead. I know she will ask me this question,
"kau nak balik jugak??"
Eh balik lah, I dont think I can stand it here furthermore doctor has given me the MC. So why stay. She was having fever the last few days, I could hve gotten it from her kot? Anyway she always have this thing abt, 'jgn ambik MC sebab nanti tak dapat nak naik pangkat'. Dah sudah lah, sebab kan nak dapat jadi TL tu nak suruh aku froze in the opis. Tak nak lah seksa diri aku.

I reach home, I told mak "I tak nak baring2 mcm orang sakit eh. Let me be busy can?" However for a while I felt shivering, took the Panadol & start acting busy. How then I feel the sweat is out... berpeluh2. To keep myself busy, I help Mak in the kitchen. She cooks daging black pepper, with rendang ayam berkuah & also bubur cacah manis for deserts.. Looks like we having a feast for buka puasa today.

Gosh my throat hurts & my eyes are watery & my nose is stuck... Ok, its in the mind. "Noreez you are feeling Ok right. No you're not sick Noreez... I'm sure you're ok."

Now I'm alone at home, Raudz is at work. She not well too but she told me, "gagah kan diri.." She was having fever last night, I can see that. Kesian, but she got to work coz her partner at work is taking a day off so she got to come.. I cant bare to tell her I'm on MC today.. Mak has gone to the Masjid coz she's helping with the bungkus-ing of the Bubur Masjid every year. Fidz is at work too.. left just now at 12noon.

I've got things to do, I need to fold my clothes, especially those shirt & jeans that dont look good wearing them on bulan2 Puasa ni. Shld be wearing something more proper & more sopan. Its not that I wore sexy clothes, its just that sometimes I wear long sleeves shirt (yg tak melepasi pinggul) with jeans. Just becoz you're lost some weight thats not the reason for wearing something that might show.. u know lah... Dah lah kita sorang dosa putting on like that, we are 'sharing' the dosa with other yg melihat kat pinggul kita... eh sori, dont mean to be action bagus in this sentence of mine.

Sometimes bukan aje Puasa tak makan there are alot of thing that need "puasa" too. Puasa telinga, mulut, mata & imagination pun kena Puasa tau!!!

Tmrw I got to work, but I've applied half day for tmrw actually. Then I just come to work half day aje. Ok lah tu tak? But I got a few things to do tmrw. I got to buy this wireless card to replace the current one which didnt work at all. The best part of all when I call the helpdesk for troubleshooting this guy who assist me says that he didnt know the brand of the USB thingy that I just mention to him. Chendol, I bought it for $50 ketul man. Then I got to buy Green Prepaid card for Nora who's coming to Spore, I was the one who offer myself to buy at least I hve a reason to meet her.

Nora my new friend who is also the silent reader of my blog will be coming to Spore tmrw. She will be working for HP in Spore after her last location was in HP KL. Hope to see her then.. Gonna add her with the GeBang Gang looks like it coz she's gonna be another M'sian Friend staying in Spore.

Was feeling slightly low last few days, just got to fight it. Tak boleh nak ikut perasaan sangat coz it will be at a losing end. Just have to take it easy, enjoy life the way it just. I thought I'm still that heartless, no feeling lady back exactly 3years back.. I guess not, I've not lost touch... hhhmmm...

Ok Not to late to wish Nya' Nurul & Mansor Happy 3rd Anniversary, actually it was Yesterday. Congrats & Alhamdulliah coz the 2nd one's coming too... Anyway Nya' I was wearing the baju kurung that you gave for your Sanding day tu. Since its a Friday, its Bulan Puasa its just appropriate to wear baju kurung pun.

My friends just read my blog ystdy afternoon, he email me saying he need a blog himself.. Its not difficult lah actually. So you can have one for your own my (airport) Friend...

Listen to this.. I receive an overseas call @ 14:20pm from DUBAI!!! my gosh the only person I know who will call from there will be my ex fiancee.. but what the hell he is back in Spore with his new wife, Apa kejadah nya dia nak call. I saw the number +97150xxxxxx. I tot Nizam tak agaknya from Baharin. So I said, "Hello".. Alamak dia cakap Arab, mampus aku tak faham.. "Hmm Sorry, I think you got a wrong number.." I said. I think he didnt understand me at all & then hang up the line. Cuak aku jap.. haaahah... Mamat Arab mana lak dah dapat number telepon aku ni.. haahahah

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan
Selamat BerPuasa

Monday, October 03, 2005

Between Hazam1 Concert & Mencari Cinta Finals..

*New Update*
@ 9:18pm
Ok Guys Photos Uploaded. Sorry only 1 photo. The rest still in the process of screening.. haahah...

Look at Noreez, she looks so the very ceria.. The blouse given to me by Nya' for my Bday.

Anyway we're still not over with the Whole Fun we had with the GeBang Gang & The Concert Including the Finals for Mencari Cinta TV3 thingy.. Its the talk for the day.

I went into the illusion Forum, had some chat with Elly Zakaria. Told her abt the meeting with Hazami (sempat aku promo). Reminded her abt the Winter Sonata Song on her date with Khairul.. She mention in the forum that Hazam1 was her Vocal Teacher in the Choir.. Guess thats was the reason why the song was selected for the date??

Ok I just got to *Thank Naz* for the meeting we had with Hazam1. If its not becoz of her we wont be getting this chance...

I remembered telling Hazam1, "sorri eh you excuse my sister sikit eh coz she memang like that when she is sesuai dgn orng..." He said, "oh you both are sisters??"

Ok the song by Hazam1 that I was looking for was Mungkir Bahagia - Album Kata, Track No 2.. Promo jgn tak promo...

Anyway I can see that we just blended in with him thru out our conversation. He asked Raudz how old is she.. Guess coz she is so witty, he must be wondering how old ke budak ni.. "Actually you're cute.." Suka Raudz, Hazam1 kata dia cute.. Good for Raudz lah coz after the shity week at work, at least this pays off to have fun.

Will be back to workforce tmrw morning...

@ 9:15am

As Planned.. The weekend was AWESOME...

Started our day at Secret Recipe PS for dinner, Raudz & myself arrive slightly earlier. However was told by the waiter that all the cakes (which is promo buy 1 get 1 free....KS) are ALL SOLD OUT!!! I tot we all came for the cakes, so all kempunan tak dapat even a slice of the cakes there... OK we decided to just have dinner there since we all came all the way here... Naz came later on, actually she reaches PS already but she had to buy something at M&S.

So came Naz & Tety (Ely wish you were there dear...). Then CK came with her Friend & Yasmin of course.. Naz didnt had Aishah with her coz we cant bring kid to the concert. So Cian lah CA had to babysit her.. heeheh...

Gosh, I had to miss Mencari Cinta last night, such a terkilan eventhough you know your friend will send you the results but you didnt get to WATCH it man.. Hope Abg Producer Illusion can do something for me (d underground DVD tu Encik Azran...).

So back to the dinner, everone seems to be hungry or some coz I was lah. I just had salad for lunch & thats it.. just want to keep my stomach empty for the dinner.. Yasmin was not feeling well, hope she is better today. CK looks unwell, but I bet after the meeting & all the laughter she feel good kot? heeheheh..

We got to leave early, Naz just notice there's an sms coming from Hazami saying they got lost. Not sure how to get to Kallang Theather.. By the time she notices the sms it was like 10 mins ago mcm tu.. Naz tried calling him but was not answered. We bid farewell to everyone. As Usual will meet again.. Insya ALLAH.

Raudz, Naz, Tety & Myself took a cab to the concert hall. Hope we can reach there in time before Hazam1 had to get dress. Ok I've never met Hazam1 in person.. excited jugak. But I dont want to put on hope that we get to see him & talk2 lah actually. Coz sometime, or infact... most of the time lah, if berangan mesti tak jadi kan. So I shall not think abt it I tot... Ok just nice we reach there 5mins before 7pm. We went up to the 2nd floor of Kallang Theather.. & here we saw 2 guys &.. Hazam1 ke tu eh?? Eh betul lah.. I just wave & told him, "Intan..." pointing to Naz. You can actually see his expression, "Mana????" mata besau tu Hazam1.. heehehe...
Gosh they are just like long lost bro & sis, apa tak nya dah 10 years tak jumpa each other.. How sweet kan??? Anyway I must say, the 'organiser' suck lah coz 1st of all, the never assign anyone to like call him or what & check if he is on his way ke apa ke sesat ke, tengok depa dah sampai ke... Marah aku tengok dia di buat mcm tu.. He got lost turning Aljunied, Geylang Bahru just to get to Kallang Theather for 2 over hours. They were from Sarawak, took a flight to Senai & drove to Spore that same day & will go home on the Same NIGHT!!! Now tired can that be... If me sure dah flat dah.

So Finally 1 of the Organiser came & asher him to the stage for sound check. Anyway 1st time meeting Hazam1 was such fun. He is so down to earth... I was not a Big Fan of him to be honest, but Ok lah I love his voice. Raudz use to tease me when Hazam1 song on the Radio.. Any of his songs lah. Even more recently the Winter Sonata song reminded me of a friend KH lagi lah Raudz kacau I.. "hah tu abg KH kau punya lagu tu..." heehehe.. chendol..

Oh Yes, we menange to get in with Hazam1 (& Asz his Manager yg cute tu & W his PA) into the stage & dressing room. Konon alah2 'rombongan' Hazami all togather2 lah.. Anyway Adi Rahman saw us.. heehehe.. Dia pun wondering how this ladies (Raudz&me) manage to get in since we are watching.. Anyway he 'sapa' us lah.. Coz that how we show are friendliness to him lah by just kacau2 & giat2 aje mcm tu...

It was comfortable talking to Hazam1, we can all take each other jokes & nonsense lah kira.. heeheheh.. But overall it was fun. Like Raudz always said, we are just like groupie. Too old to be groupie tak, I've always been a groupie actually since Football days, to Radio show days (sampai ada orang tak suka aku), then the ANZ groupie, Dayang jugak, Ruffedge.. heehehe.. The oldest groupie kot?? haahah..

We didnt actually sat down to watch the whole show, so biase coz we only watch when Hazam1 was on stage. I think the cheers was enuf with Raudz, Naz & my voice pekik2 kat concert hall. Hazam1 dedicated his song to Naz point to us on the 2nd floor.. So sweet lagi kan. Depa dua ni mcm jejak kasih. heeheheh... We were trying to get Hazam1 attention while he was singing we were flashing our mobile phone lights so we can see where we are (tapi wondering jugak, dia nampak ke tak eh??) Imagine the 4 of us just on the phone light just to get him to see where we are sitted. heehehe.. kelakar pulak bunyi nya eh.. Ok Hazam1 sang 3 Songs, Winter Sonata, Katakan Lah & the other Hits.. alamak lupa lah tittle dia.. the slow number tu.. Apa Bahagia tu Raudz?? Anyway, he said he saw us from the stage, ada lampu memancar2 dari tingkat 2 tu dari mobile phone kami berempat.. heeheheh... Dapat jugak dia spot kita..

After his performance we left our seat heehehe.. & meet him downstairts. He has to get back to JB & then to KL that same night. But the crowd in the hall was good lah they reconized his songs & the actually cheered.. Bagus lah. Coz according to Hazam1 the song tak dgr sangat kat KL kot.. Anyway Raudz didnt get to buy the CD coz dah habis kat Muzika. We had to wait for another 2 weeks before the stocks arrive.

Ok we got to say goodbye to Hazami, its really nice meeting him... He looks good inperson infact. So Tety left with them coz she stays at Woodlands & they going JB. She has been appointed the co pilot for the night.. Tety apa jadi lepas tu malam semalam??? Lupa nak suruh Naz call dah sampai umah ke? Nanti suami mu cari kita.. heeheheheh...

Naz, Raudz & me were sitting at Indoor Stadium staircase, Naz called CA he's coming to fetch. We tot of walking out tapi ever since the construction tu I became lost on how to get out of the place.. We actually had a good chat for like 20mins or more.

Meanwhile CK sms Raudz & myself telling us that "Danial Menang Mencari Cinta Final TV3 Episode". I kan dah kata, Tahun ni orng nama Danial akan cerah masa depan nya ceh wah.. heeheheh.. Coz MI Daniel the abeng Memang, Mencari Cinta Danial menang (sampai ada yg pakai sentence I ni, copy right control tau... jgn main2). Hah dah nama program dia pun start dari M... Anyway Nya's prediction was right, she suddenly sms me with a topic, "aku rasa Danial MC menang lah.. firasat aku mengatakan mcm tu.." I said, ye lah tu...

So CA came, with cute Aishah... "Hi Aishah" I hear her saying this. "Mommy why you run away?" So Naz answered her, "Mommy didnt run away, mommy went out to see mommy friend singing on stage..." Hai mak & anak berpisah jap anak pandai risau jugak eh?? Touching giler..

Oh Raudz & myself get home, Mak is already excited telling us abt the Final MC show. Dgr story mak mcm sebal tak dapat watch lak.. eee.. wasted giler lah.. I just had to go on line to chk the forum I tot.. Alamak Abg Producer tak balas lagi lah my request to him..

Anyway, Photo will come soon, coz... (Sori Raudz minta maaf ya..) I was online chatting till 1.30am. So Raudz didnt get to download the photos. Luckly its still my off day today, kalau tidak flat jugak.. Kalahkan Hazam1 nanyi 3 lagu tu dah kepenatan...

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, October 02, 2005

It's Gonna be a Great Weekend..

Ok... I'm feeling excited coz while I'm blogging this post.. heeheh..(ketawa mentel) I'm feeling Good Baby... I just had a nice chat in the afternoon. Then I saw him online again, I just said HI.. Its was unbelieveable that he is such cartoon. Anyway, I shld be back on track now coz I'm supoose to blog here.. *stop dreaming will you Noreez...!!*

So today is the start of my off days, started my day early at 10am with my massage at Arab Street.. I normally do it every mth actually. After that I headed to Bugis Cold Storage, I intend to eat salad for dinner so I got to buy some stuff there.. I actually spend almost $15 for salad, tomato, milk.. Mahal jugak eh? Doesnt matter lah, I'm gonna eat it anyway.

*Noreez is till dreaming.. coz she cannot concentrate while typing..*

I reach home almost 1pm. Mak told me that an old neighbour of our passes on today. She's an elderly lady, I called her Nek Galoh. I use to play with her youngest child Ita, she's around my age. Her Elder daughter Ustazah/Kak Midah use to held Religious Class for the young boy & girls back in my younger days say abt 5-7 years old like that.. So our family are close to them, they stay the same block at my Tok. Its been years since I see them again I think abt 20years like that coz all of them have move out. I followed Mak & Ayah melawat at Tampines. Was told that Nek Galoh has been ill for the past few mths or something... Its such a sad thing, I didnt even get to see her while she's alive not even once after they move out. Its always not easy for me to try, but recently I've been very emotional. I actually cried just now, it doesnt matter who's the one who passes on. Its just too emotional to let someone go isnt it??

Last few weeks I cried in Berlyn hugs.. She was back to work aft 1 wk leave coz her dad passes on. But I end up crying instead when she hug me.. Gosh, the whole team was laughing at me coz why was I crying instead? I was actually feeling sad coz I was trying to put myself in her shoes, like what if... so thats why I actually was sobbing..

Anyway I had gulai asam & ikan with sambal kacang & tahu.. fuyoo.. Its been some time since I had a decent meal at home.. home cook food alright. But dinner I had that salad I bought earlier. All Vege, with tomatoes, crab meat & prawns.. with the salad dressing. I'm gonna have it for Lunch tmrw also since the packet is for 2 serving...

I have a splendid evening.. Gosh unexpectedly hillarious + best... I've been stuck on the PC today from 10pm just now till 1230mid night. Never did that for such a long time. Nice chat there. We actually continued the chat after it was disturbed by his call to go out. But at last his friend said he will call back again. So we continued the chat.. till 1230pm..

Tmrw I'll be hanging out with my GeBang Gangs again. We will be going for Dinner at CT Hall area just before the concert at Kallang Theather. Unfortunately CK will not be able to join the concert. But she is coming for the dinner with her friend who arrive in Spore. So we got replacement for the tickets, Naz asked TeTy, Ely's sister is coming with us...

TruLy NoreeZ