Friday, December 30, 2005

Soon We're saying GOODBYE to Wonderful memories of 2005

This is the time to reflect on what you've done for 2005... Here it goes.


My health in year 2005 was not good. I've almost use up all my MC till Apr 2005, till finally Dr Koh suggested to hve my tonsil operated. I went thru Removal of my Tonsil the same mth as Nya'. It was a disaster, I cant talk for weeks. Eat baby food, gosh it was horrifying. Hospitalisation for 3wks, till I completely recover.

I thought I would not go thru Sore Throat again, however in Dec 2005 I was long MC till All my MC are used up + my 4 days AL + 2 days of Unpaid leave for getting Throat Infection for almost 1 wk.

I hope my health will not get into my way again in 2006, Insya ALLAH. Coz as per my TL, its gonna affect my JOB!!


I made LOTS of new friend from Blogging. My 1st attempt to blog hop brings me to making friend with Cec - Aishah. She invited me to get to know another kenalan of her CK who is a M'sia staying in Spore. So that was what I did, sign CK guestbook in her Blog in July 2005.

CK email & ask if we can go for Coffee. And thats when all the things started. We meet up in Swensen in PS on one fine day. From the time we met, as if we know each other for so long & we just manage to click. That is when all our Gebang Gang started. I meet Idi at CK place for the 1st time, followed by Sheryl who came to Spore over 1 of the weekend. I met Naz over coffee on the nxt day with CK & when Sheryl in Spore still.

I also met Tety at 1 of the Gebang outings. Tety is Ely's (the blogger's) sister... belum jumpa Ely, her rep is Tety lah...

Apparently that when our Group start to Kembang. Nya' started to Blog too & we started to blog hop following that. CK intro me to more Blogger, Rose, KC, Mint. I branch out with making more from via the MCKK forum, I drag Nya' & Raudz in too.

We had some outing with the Forumers. We had BBQ in KL & thats when I met up with Rose for the 1st time. Also met up with Cec & Camus, Morky & Mila too, also Hazman TukangTaip, Cikun & Family was there too. I also met up wz Leen Ashburn, Anisz, Elaine. Had lunch wz Ieda, Kichi drop by before heading for Solat Jumaat.

We had other outing with the rest of the Bloggers, KC & Kiwa were we finally reunited over Perjumpaan Raya in KL in Nov 2005.

Get to meet Mint & family in Spore during Raya at CK place. Our raya was so wonderful coz the Gebang Gang get to Raya at each other place Kakak & Mak Dara berhari Raya... Mak having a good time to gather all her Anak Angkat Naz & CK.. heeheheh...

I got to know NSE, met up with her on 2 occassions, after judging her from 'mata kasar' I actually feel that getting to know her in person, is not like what I thought her to be. Hope our friendship remains. This reminds me I will hve to email her to see how is she doing...

Our Spore Gebang get bigger for a while with kehadiran Mak Nenek in Spore. Ruby come back, so we had a Gebang session in Nov 05. Meet up with Uja as well. That was when all the mommy's & anak2 berGebang jugak..

I started dating back aft I felt that my life shld move on. Despite the fact that HE got married & started the life anew, I was thinking "Noreez, get your butt up & start moving man!!"

I build up some courage, went out on a date for the 1st time after so long 3 years berperah. Has met up with 3 guys, R, H, R - for the past 6mths or so. However none of them get hooked. Along the way, I got to know KH. We chat, we sms, we finally meet up in Nov 05. However just recently somethings happened & things just dont work out anymore. Its just a blessing i guess. I also manage to got to know D for awhile. I learn that dont judge to book by its cover.. Seram & bahaya..

Just hope I will meet more new people in 2006


As usual, I will never miss going to concerts or any entertainment programs. We stated off with Ritz Carlton Pesta Perdana in Early 2005. Followed by the Warna TAA show where we meet HZMi over at Kallang Theater, my 1st time meeting him. Thanks to Naz for the intro till we get to see him in person. Instead we didnt even watch the show, apart from his performance only.. heeheheh..
The most interesting & exciting event was the Hang Out Raya show with ANZ at Orchid Country Club. Didnt expect to really get the up close & personal treatment for 2 days & 2 night.. heehehe.. Makes us feel special & important, Betul tak CK?? CK dah fan ANZ tau, jgn main2.. heeheheh... Looking forward to more Concert & other programs in the future Insya ALLAH.. yahhooooo.... Groupie eh??


Ayah & Mak left for Haji early year. Alhamdulliah they are back home safely in Feb & Alhamdulliah we manage to survive with some home (cincai) cook food & more of Hjh Maimunah dinner at Joo Chait.

Our family has increase when Isham got married in March 2005, the good news is Tini has just given birth on Christmas Eve with baby girl Sharmine Iman is born. Congrats...

I kinda of miss my cuzin Rose who's in UK now, I miss you Dear... hope she's doing fine with Mark & they wonderful daughters...

Tok was unwell in Oct, he was in & out of hospital for 3 times starting Aug on my Bday. We were so worried abt him. Alhamdulliah things gets better now & he has back on his feet on his daily routine & schedule as usual... Dah plan nak gi KL pulak on his Birthday 15 Jan tau. Kecang tak Tok aku??

Idol?? haahaha...

heeheheh... This is interesting, apart from my Entertainment Idols, there are other idols from other field. DY! met him for the 1st time Surprisingly in the hospital when he is visit his family (angkat). Adi was there with him, but with Adi dah selalu jumpa...

As per Raudz, Mike & Yem are part of my Idols. Ok lah cannot deny... Mike is some how or rather my idol becoz of his song that has hit the charts on air some 1 year back.

Yem was my 'Mat Yoyo' days Idol. Of course lah when I was 5yrs old till I was in Primary Sch, the TV is my best friend (even till now lah i must say).. Kids program was my best buddy man, coz my 2 sisters are to small for me to play around with.. heehehe.. Till at 1 point I remember imagining they are my friends. I recall Mak telling me that Uncle Rahim ever thought of putting me in the Kids TV program however Tok dissallow that to happen. If not I will be part of the "Mat Yoyo" team ok, dulu tu kira FoFular Youuu..

Was that really my Idol?? Not really lah cuma dah bertahun2 baru nampak in person kan.. Lain lah ANZ tu idol giler2 kau! Ok meeing a Idol cum Friend cum blogger, Naz is also an Idol to me. When I 1st met her till I got to know Who she Is, with the Solve Puzzle by Raudz, Gosh I was overwhelmed Ok! heehee..


As usual, it SUCKS Big Time!!!

Well, just have to endure it for the time being. Honestly speaking I work for the $$ & its a tanggungjawap. However if given a chance to change it I will really love to so do but only after March bonus. Ni Honestly Speaking lah kan...

Furthermore with the environment that has no adhancement or advancement for the past 6 years which I Dont Understand coz they ALL NEVER CHANGE!!!
Anyway, I'm doing my performance appriasal soon. My Team Leader (TL) has given me 3 most 'wonderful' COUNSLING FORM & Verbal Warning for 2005, Wonderful is it it?? Bloody Chendol.

The 1st was due to the complaint by this 1081 year old Guy who simple not happy with my voice. He gave a compliment to a Guy but instead a written complaint against me (maybe He's a gay kot??).

My 2nd Counsling was due to 10 MC taken for less than 6mths, of course its due to my Tonsil problem. That one also they cant look into it coz its a genuine case. They cant take sick into consideration also... What can I say right???

My 3rd 'love letter' was due to used up of all my 14MC & the 2 Unpaid (medical) Leave during my Throat Infection. Again my fault is it???

Now he has set some targets for me & mention abt my juniors not being able to look at me as a Senior staff for 6 years due I'm not showing good examples on my attendance, my calls stats & all that stuff.. I hve no Comments lah!!!

On top of that, I've 'wonderful collegues cum Friend' who check on me when I am sick to be sure, "u really sick ke?"

But its ok, I just hope her Father is doing well aft the operation Insya ALLAH. But I cant help it, I cant stand her authoritative attitude who is trying to Step TL mode.. So I just wish her the best of Everything lah...

So you can see the misery that I'm going thru, however I can only afford to LOL... HAAAAAHAAAAHAHAHAAAHAA.. Tu aje lah yg termampu.. Doa lebih2 aje lah, kena lah jaga periuk nasi asal kan tak terjejas & buat kerja yg sepatut nya asal kan tidak tertindas oleh mereka2 & keluarga mereka ni lah.. Mudah2an...

Soon I will blog on What I want to Achieve for year 2006....

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, December 26, 2005

Bad Week But It was a Good Weekend...

Its been weeks since I last blog. My mind is too congested with things till I dont know how to start & where shld I begin...

Since I got back to work from my long MC, I felt that my 'job is as stake'. Even my Team Lead said so, he want me to get the doctor to check on a solution on recovery of my Throat Infection that is effecting me. He want me to ask the doctor on what to be done due this throat thing is effecting my work (as well as my job, as how he sounded).

There are other issues... Since I've been on Medical leave for like 45days or so for the year 2005, apart frm my HPL on my tonsil operation + my medical leave that are exceeding 14 ydays (+2days more) due to my Throat + 4 days of AL being taken on medical ground as well. It seems they are telling me my target is not met due to the long MC & long weeks & months of not answering calls. Now he started to compare me with the new staff in my team. He said they are ambitious & they are meeting target as rqsted. Of course, I must say they are only 6mths or less on this job & line. Compared to me its gonna be my 6th YEAR nxt Mar of couse you cant compare. They are enthusiastic obviously coz they are new & free from Training. As for me, I've been doing this bloody job without any enhancement or upgrade. No new resonsibility is being assign or new project being given to me to handle.

So in here, I must say, you must know how to play your card right. Perhaps everywhere is the same, but for a new company with young blood, I think that shld now happen. Coz young blood are well educated enough & shld think straight apart from being in the "old school of thoughts"... There shld be more open minded & be receptive to changes as well as suggestion. I simply dont understand.

One thing that I feel like I'm good for nothing here is when they start to compare. I hate the fact that I was being compared with A (she was the 1 who called to chk on me when I was on long MC remember??). Since A is much junior then me, He claim that she is now having more responsibility & being assign with new project in training new hires. So good for her lah, thats what she wants & she's been saying that she would like to be the 1st Melayu in the dept to been given the Senior Post. FYI, among the Melayu here she is the most junior no doubt she has a Dip to be compared to the other 3 Melayu including me however she is the most clear cut "andai angkat" type.

I just had a talk with Wit & Lea they suggested that I shld look for alternative before they send you out to the door (cakap terbuang lah kan...). I think I shall start searching....
Anyway, dah Blog abt something Disturbing now I shall story abt something more happening lah..

Ystdy was Abg's wedding. At last he has ended his zaman bujang. But Raudz kept saying, "eh betul ke Abg dah kahwin ni???..." She still not over it, she still asked that same question last night at 2340pm... heeeheeheheh.. Well I didnt get to come to the Nikah coz I want to be able to come on Sunday instead. Cant hve best of both world right??

The day before on Sat, right after work I came home. Raudz suggested we make a trip to Bishan to spend some quality time, if we are lucky enuf lah, to at least spend sometime catching up before his Sanding on Sunday. Raudz called Abg, he said he's heading home aft chking on the Deco at Perkampungan Geylang. So we decided to siap right after Ishak, we left home. Lucky for us as it seem, must be Raudz Doa, there we nobody at his place except for Mommy & the nephew & nieces - Fadzlin, Fahmi, Iwan & Nora. There are afew of his friends there too, Aida, Azhar & Riz - never meet them personally but they are familiar faces.. Alhamdulliah we manage to steal some time chating till almost 10pm when we leave with Abg. He had to chk out Perkampungan again to make sure that the Deco is according to what he has requested. So cerewet seh Abg, tak berubah.. heehehe...

So finally the day has come, on 25th Dec Sunday on Christmas Holiday I have manage to swap to OD so that I can make it for the wedding. Right after Zohor Mak, Raudz & myself left home heading to Perkampungan Geylang, Dewan SinggahSana. We walk into the hall, Greeted by Azhar - at least we met him the day before so we manage to chat a bit. Gosh the crowd was not bad lah, mcm artist's wedding. Well, he's part of the Glamourous World, in the limelight where the well wishes was in the Radio from morning tak putus2 ucapan. The Guest was, well, orang Ada2 jugak oi... Bukan calang orang... At least we saw some familiar faces. RZ with his family on the other table, so as Ghazali Safrin (he cant remember me again.. shld I tell him I'm from USTS again?? malas lah.. senyum aje sudah..). Then on the other table there were the Local Artist seats, the front is the VIP's (MP & Ministers Seats). Its been years since I last saw Kak Yam & Abg Sham, did some emails to Kak Yam for the past years but always tak dapat jumpa her outside.

Anyway, when we arrive the Bride & Groom was not on the Pelamin. They went out to change. Later on aft we had our lunch, I told Raudz that I will help her kepo to see any other familiar faces around.. I told her, "Raudz tu mcm muka Kakak Blog your friend tu lah sapa nama dia lupa.." True enuf it was Shireen & her family, Raudz Kakak Blog kenalan.. heeheheh.. Kakak Blog address her as.. Entah2 I yg kakak kot?? heeehehehe..

I saw my ChildHood friend Sani & Marlia his wife. Its been so long since I see Sani, apart from the last Anugerah Thingy apa tu kat Ritz Carlton... We catch up on things, our job & all that. Sekali sekala panjang pulak topic borak dgn Sani. Oh Ayah was working that day, so he has to come later aft work at 2pm. The hall was packed, so I had to fetch Ayah outside before he got lost finding us. Meet Aunty Kamsaton & husband also, manage to get seats at our table. Didnt get to attend her daughter wedding the last time coz Raudz & myself was in KL during Raudz Bday.

Oh Lupa, Raudz asked DJ KC to tune in a Wajib Song of KEABADIAN CINTA FROM ANZ.. Like I always tease Raudz, Tak jelak2 ke lagu tu?? Jgn kata Raudz, I've never or perhaps hve yet to get sick of that LOVE song lah. Kita suka TAU!!! heeheheh...

We took picture with Abg & Linda. They were dressed in Hot Pink Songket... Dah selamat Abg kita kahwin dah..

Later we also manage to see Viky & family.. heehehe Viky ~ rahsia ku rahsia mu.. waaakaakaaakaaka.. YES!!! Dont forget the smile. I've yet to ask her what time she left ystdy... The last time I meet her was last year I think.

Raudz manage to meet her friend, Netty & Mayuni however she manage to chat for a while later on we had to leave since they hall is almost packed with guest trying to look for seats. I dont feel good standing up in between seat in the hall coz I was feeling a bit out of place. Those awekward feeling. Wish can stay longer but since its a Perkampungan, we had to give seats to others & the hall is really getting crowded.

Today's PH in Spore since Christmas falls on Sunday. But for me its not making much difference coz I"M HERE AT WORK!!!. Tapi takpe esok I'm off. Have some catching up to do with CK coz dah lama tak sit down & chit chat over lunch or coffee... I shall see you tmrw CK..

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm feeling muchhh better now, Thanks..

I'm feeling much better now.. Alhamdulliah. Only my throat is still swelling & sore, my cough is still as bad & the block nose wont go away. However the fever is gone thats better. I've been in bed for like 5 days.. gosh. I get tired of sleeping & taking medication.. with the tasteless feeling when you drink water yucks that really making me even sick.

Two days ago I took my antibiotics in the evening, then I realise I havent had any food to eat... Then I felt this gastric feeling, feel like throwing up. I just had to calm myself down telling & self talk saying Its gonna be ok Noreez. Grab a piece of bread, spread some kaya on it & eat... Abt an hour after that, ok I feel slightly better now.

My fever goes on & off for the past 5days. I was worried if its dengue or something else lah since the Flu virus is everwhere & with the bird flu thingy its making me worried more. I just bantai chicken from Arnold the day before, Well you bet I was worried sick man.. heehehe...

Ok I miss a few blog entry. I miss the Gebang Entry that we had with Raudz, Mak Nenek, Uja, Naz & CK.. It was just over coffee @ Great World City, but it was fun.. My 1st time meeting Mak Nenek in person. I didnt rememeber that I had this shot of Aishah on my iPaq.

Anyway, my iPaq buat hal again the other days, it went off without any contact number left in my phone again. Lucky I got my memory card to save me from asking people to sms me again.. haahahah.. I've got no time to do something abt the iPaq thing. Later then..

Then I miss the invitation from Tety, Ely's sister. Thats the days that I got sick. I have order like 10 pieces of kueh abuk2 & 10 pieces of kueh kochi. But I got to cancel the order on that same days coz I was so weak to travel to Woodlands. Sori Tety.. So I miss the Gebang gang again at Tety's place.

I was still distrubt with the fact that someone who I tot was really something on his 1st appearence was some 'sick man'... Gosh, I'm still dissapointed with the fact that he got free with what he has done. To think that he called me when he was in Spore & then I've spoken to him again aft like a few weeks after that when I was in KL, that was nothing lah, not a big deal at all. But how are we suppose to know back then who he was right? I remember a few of my friends was all out then I said I 'like' him haahah.. Wasted!! I wish him the best of everything in his life lah. All the very best for you D, go on with your selfish attitude. Good Luck!

Ok, since I was been sick, I've been emotional too. Not to sure why, guess my hormos lah tu.. I got myself reminded of my ex - Rizal. Dont know why lah, I seriously cant explain why. But this morning, it gets worst. I actually cried while thinking of him. Like as if I just broke up with him like 5 mths ago.. Hell! it was 5 1/2 years ago we broke up, but not to sure why I can simple cried. What a bunch on nonsense that it haahahah.. Ya lah, I must say he's my 1st REAL love. That Love is deeper compared to the love (was it love??) I had with my ex fiance. I really hope he is doing fine with life, work, with his own family - wife & kids -maybe he got 2 of them now. I remember Nya' told me years back that his baby girl is born in Oct 03. So that makes her like 2 years old this year already. And that make this 1 Jan 06 is his 3rd year anniversary. I remember becoz we were suppose to get married to our own partner on the same day, its just that mine didnt happen...

At the point I'm blogging this, a sentimental song by Jamal Abdillah - Dipenghujung Rindu is playing at Era.. At the right mood when I'm feeling like what I'm feeling right now lah.. Feeling jiwa lah ni, hai...

I've stop conrresponding with C (or KH or ALK whatever I call him lah....) eversince I came back from KL. Since the last conversation I had with him the other time I total had a different impression of him, tak tahu lah kenapa. Maybe whatever the impression that people had on him was true lah kot. Probably I was blind when I got to know him, Entah lah. But evermore the stories abt D is ever making me feel "dunia ni bak sandiwara hidup... semua nya pura pura belaka..." I maybe wrong abt things but, I dont care lah thats what I think... I felt that he is aware of D's plan.. hmmm... I dont know lah I assume aje.

Ok I'll be back to work tmrw. Will work for another 2 days then will be off again over the weekends. Then I shall have more rest again. Its been a Sickly year for me...

I shall blog soon when its coming towards the end of the years. Shall do some reflection & recaping on what happen in 2005...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Throat Infection.. Ya lah, I'm Really Sick!!

I'm still on Long MC till Wed. I dont feel like bloging actually but I cant help it coz I was extremely fedup with SomOne who's checking me out!!

I'm telling you, not only am I having Flu I'm having a bad throat infections. Dr Ko insist that I shld be resting at home instead, he even offer to write a letter for my TL to grant me a few more days of sick leave. So I'm got all my MC used up due to my previous Tonsil problem, so as my 21days AL are all finish. Now I'm got to take 2 more unpaid leave due to this MC... What choice have I got right??

Ok while I'm blogging this, I'm still sweating just took some panadol earlier I was shivering coz my fever is starting again.

Coming back to the SomOne who called me at 2pm. I just finish my zohor, nobody was at home so I decided to have some sleep. However the phone rang, I saw Ms A name appear. I already predicted she gonna ask what is wrong with me. But at the end of the conversation she said, take care you need to have lots of rest & bla bla bla... Ok at least there's something lah I tot.

Later on, there was an sms from her asking me,"you think you can swap mid shift with me on Thursday. I'm just asking..." how reasonable can that be. You know I'm sick, at the same time for sure I can be answering call coz of my throat. You know how bad my voice is, you expect me to work on a noon shift? Bloody Hell. I was so bloody mad.

I just had to sms Zana. Expectedly she actually asked Zana how sick I was & so on & so forth. Zana told me via sms "jgn layan dia lah kak. dont bother abt her..."

Anyway, A can be really nasty when work is concern. I know she is trying her very best to get a promotion say nxt year. She is so much junior than me in service wish so as in age as well. But she can be a pretty good backstabber as well. I really cant imagine when she's gonna be the nxt TL for nxt year or something. Thats really gonna be nasty...

I'm gonna miss the Christmas Party at work tmrw.. So sad, but I gotta get well soon. Actually I'll not be able to be fully recover by Thurs I think. But its ok, I got to work for 2 more days then come my 3 days off & 1 day AL for me to rest some more...

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, December 09, 2005


I've got soooo much things to write. But my mood is spoilt coz I'm down with Flu.

I had to take Leave today, coz I know & presume I'll get sick coz the sign was showing since ystdy at work. Since I've used up ALLLLL... my MC when my tonsil gives me problem. So I'm lucky enuf that there was a leave slot for afternoon shift..

I wanna Blog about :-
- Gebang thingy I had 2 days ago
- lousy thing I had at work
- backstabber cum Friend I want to eleborate
- the Guys that I tot was Something but turn out.. ah tak boleh pakai lah kot
- many more lah...

Will Blog Soon...

Achoooo... (*lap ingus...*) Ok Got To Go..

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, December 05, 2005

Wedding Bells for Suzana Ary Part II

The Bride Zana, dress in Lavender color Songket

Its Sunday 4th Dec.. Zana's Big Day. I had to leave home early at 10.45am to go to Zana's place. I remember our collegues from the afternoon shift I come to Zana's place early in the morning.

Zana has booked me months before, to mark my calender so that I came be at her wedding representing her to wellcome her guest. Since we have common friends, the guest will not be so lost coming to her wedding with her in the crowd.

Teeba carry Jip San daugher, Joanne, Jessie & Angline watching

Ashley & Eric came all the way from JB for Zana's wedding

I manage to see Ashley, Moniq, Berlyn. Meerra & many other collegues & ex-collegues of our in the reception. The 1st few guest that came were Michelle, Sam, Mary, Joanne... All the billing staff. Jip San came with his wife & baby, So as Jasmine Ser came with her son & Mother.

Fairul arrival, extreme right is Zana's eldest brother

The whole reception went well. The Groom Fairul came at 2pm. After being charge with 'toll' he finally get to sit next to Zana on the Pelamin, kesian kena ketuk Toll 3 kali... heeheheh.. The photo taking session start.

Zana with all her neices & nephew & the baby on the left is Zana's grand nephew.

They later had to leave brought the bride along to Fairul's place to meet Fairul's family instead. Nobody came along on Zana's side, she has asked me to come with her instaed. On departing to Tampines, I actually got a 'tumpang' ride on Zana's Sec Sch mates, Estee & Kim. They were going to send me back to AMK on their way back. Util later Zana's start giving signals while she was at the Pelamin, she asked me to wait for her instead. At Tampines, we took a little longer time then it was suppose to be, this was becoz Fairul brother, Farid got married on the same day as well. So Fairul's side has 2 Groom..

The Raja & Permaisuri Sehari...

We all finally left Tampines backt to AMK at around 5.30pm. When reaching AMK @ 6pm, they all have start packing. They have 'close shop' early at 5.30pm. Fairul & Zana hasnt had any food to eat the whole day. They had to tahan perut coz busy with picture taking & all that..

I leave Zana's place at 6.15pm, feeling very exhausted the whole day standing...

That night I slept at 8.40pm, the earliest sleep I've got there. My back just hurt big time, so as my foot..

Today, I left home to work. My feet & the whole leg started to ache when I reach office, so as my whole body. The aircon in the office just makes its worst. I had to go to see the doctor. In mind head just kept thinking I had to rest & sleep.. heeheheh..

Well I did sleep the whole afternoon from 12 to 2.46pm when I was woken up by Aini's calling asking for a swap of shift this Sat...

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Wedding Bells For Suzana Ary

Suzana on Last year's D&D

The exhaustion from the KL trip has not ended yet. Added on to it, I'll be busy attending Zana's wedding this weekend.

The Bride, Zana. Top from Left Aini, Cherry & Me

SuZana's my collegue, Friend & Adik to me. She join in SH like 2 wks apart from each other almost 6 years back. From then we've been in the same team, goes to almost the same training in house or off site training. From the time we know each other, she has been in & out of relationship like.. many times!!! heeheheh.. We've been to a few holiday trips togather. We seems to be a good holiday partner coz not everyone can stand your nonsense when it comes to holiday trips when you stay togather in the same room, share the same toilet & what-so-ever. Zana & myself share the same birthday month, 1 day part & 4 years difference too. We've been celebrating our birthday togather almost every year. We share a couple of similarities could be becoz of our Star Sign.

Cherry & Glenn wz Zana

Finally Zana is getting married to Fairul her Boyfriend of a yr. Despite the cobaan & all those that she hve gone thru she finally ended her bachelorhood. She had her Nikah last night at her place. So on Sunday will be her Sanding.

Congrats Adik... Semoga Tabah Melayari Bahtera Alam Berumahtangga. Mudah2an kekal hingga ke Akhir Hayat, Amin...

Will blog more on her Wedding Day Tmrw.

TruLy NoreeZ