Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blog Updates for Three days in a Row...

I've always have so much time to blog when I'm woking on Sunday or a PH. Coz thats the only time that its peaceful to blog without any interruption & distraction of an incoming calls.

Last Sunday, the Program JALAN - Geylang Episode. I actually miss it since I was on noon shift, however Raudz has it recorded. I watch them the same night at midnight. Been looking forward to the Geylang episode since there was an interview with My ToK, Hj Jantan bin Iman who was previously a Penghulu of our (which I've never been to) kampung. Beside that my Dear Friend sang the 'Geyang Si Paku Geylang' Song on the episode too.. Sedap eh suara orang tuuuu...

Anyway, those who know that Tok was unwell mths back & has been in & out of hospital since last Aug will be amazed by his condition right now coz he's much more healthier. Alhamdulliah... Even his trip to KL was a surprise coz not knowing his intention on celebrating his 87th (ke 88th eh?) bday-15th Jan there. For sure all his neices & nephew were excited upon receiving his arrival, sambut mcm Datok Bandar or rather a King coming to KL.. heehehe..

Tok is a respectable man, no doubt he wasnt as strong as he use to be say 10yrs back. He's still active with his trip to Masjid every morning & attending nikah - wakil for orang nikah or orang tunang. Raudz was saying that she often heard people saying like, "Sapa tak kenal Tuan Hj Jantan Iman..." Ya I heard it quite a lot too. Well sometimes if I meet relatives who's not to sure anak sapa si budak ni, I will always say, "Saya ni Cucu Tok Hj Jantan Iman..." Baru lah orang kata, "ohhhh.. Cucu Haji Jantan".. Bukan lah I ni basket carry nama Tok, just for them to identity. However orang kata, "Oh cucu Tok Aji Imam kat Masjid Salleh tu.." Pun pressure jugak, cucu tok imam kan.

CK sms me after midnight telling me I've got Aishah age all wrongly posted.. haahahah... Sowie Mommy Aishah, salah age. So Naz & CK, when will we be having a mini bday party for the 2 junior Gebang member eh??

LAGI... Ten-sion, Twenty-sen, Thirty-sen... "Cakap Salah, Tak Cakap Salah, Jadi Semua Serba Salahhhh..."

I had lunch delivery from Fig& Olive ystdy, looks like I'll be eating delivery order food again... Yummy Lunch..

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, January 30, 2006

Birthday of the Little Ones...

Aishah & Yasmin
Happy 3rd Birthday to Dearest Aishah... 30th Jan 2006

Happy 4th Birthday in Advance to Darling Yasmin... 2nd Feb 2006

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Systematic Me!!

Thanks to Raudz for Beautifying my Blog Again
"Thanks eh Awak... cayang"

Heart Eyes

Today's CNY, I had to work lor of course & infact will be working till nxt friday. Only just minutes ago my Friend Lea has just swap shift, giving me a morning shift Instead. Alhamdulliah... That means I can do other things in the evening, beside watching TV jugak lah.. hehhehehe..

I'm a systematic person when comes to job/work or packing my stuff when going to holiday or precise when it comes to booking of hotel & buses or flight, I will do them way in advance. To me I do not want to do things last minutes & things just dont go according to plan & I hate when that happends.

For example, If I'm planning on a trip say for instead KL lah.
1st I will block my Leave lah 2 mths in Advance, then book my bus & do hotel reservation like 1 mth before the trip. Next I will convert my S$ say 3weeks before the Trip & at the same time start thinking what I shld bring & what baju to wear by listing them down at least. Lastly, I will pack my bag like 1 week before the trip.
And Finally, 1 Day before the trip I will place my Luggage just near the door so that I will just grab & go the nxt morning.

Same goes to things like planning on my next pay day. I will list down what bill I shld pay & at least how much I can spend for shopping (but most of the time the amt for shopping over shot lah jugak). How much I must give Mak & all that.
Its been a habit & I've been practising that for the past like 10 years. Thats how systematic I am.

The thing is, we'll be moving soon in the nxt few months. And the point is, how systematic can I be when I've not start packing my stuff for the new house!!! I've got to start somewhere on any of my long weekend. Coz my almari dah mintak ampun already. I will hve to do packing slowly..

I've visited Nya 3 times this mth & I really like looking at Syirah & kiss her many2 times & carry her.. Best nya.. I went to Nya's place again ystday, they had a family kenduri session lepas Asar. Again Nya put on pink baju for Syirah. Ya I know Nya has been wanting to hve a baby girl, so when that really happends I know she just cant wait to put on a dress for little Syirah I think haaha....

My week will be occuppied, I've so many things in my head & so many things to do. I hope to hve a good weekend...

Oh Yes, Guess who I saw at CT hall MRT this afternoon???
Rizal (MCKK) & Wife Faizah!! They came to Spore 'saja saja aje..." kata nya.. We balik JB then came to Spore tu jalan. Awat depa datang on Public Holiday bila all the shopping malls are closed?? heehehe.. Heran pulak.

I was having dinner with a group of malay ladies from the other dept today. All of us had to bawak bekal coz the shops are all closed. They were talking abt masak for the suami & all that.. till the conversation leads to My sad stories. I've know this ladies for sometime however they were to shy to ask what happen to the Big Day that they heard like 3 years ago.. They got the shock of their life when I HAD to tell them the sad story of mine. They wanted to ask me but we never had time to sit down & chat... Anyway they got married like 2 years ago & the other abt less than 1 yr. Supposedly they know that Mine was much earlier then theirs, coz when they heard abt my Big Day, they just got engaged or something... Well I've promise myself that I'll not mention abt the whole thing anymore. However you cant help it if I had to tell the story over & over again when people asked me...

Its slightly bored here, however I enjoy it all the time when the calls are low coz you'll not get this chance to lazy around on normal days alright.. So ENJOY IT WHILE IT LAST...

Here's Wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year
Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharam

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Flu is Back.... AGAIN!!!

I get flu very often, I really need to get a flu jap badly. I really must do that.

I'm still feeling malas to blog, I dont know why. However I was down with gastrik flu since ystdy early morning. Infact on Sunday night while I was having a chat Raudz in our room, I did felt the sudden stomachache, but I just ignore it thinking.. 'alah tak ada apa lah...'

That same sunday afternoon, I went to visit Nya' at her place. I have pelawa Naz & CK along since they're never been to her Hougang place. I had to see Insyirah again, I know it. Anyway, on my way to Hougang I took a cab. The driver doesnt seems to know the route to Hougang Ave8, as if I know how to lead.. coz I'm bad with direction I must say, thats why I dont drive... So this driver said that he's just a part time driver over the weekend or something. Then he start saying, "Sorry ah Aunty.. I part time only."
Apa?? kau panggil aku Aunty?? Chendol!! But its only, then I just ignored him.
So later reaching Hougang, he asked me if he shld go via Ave 2 or somewhere else. I said can lah I try guide you... He said it again, "Thank you ah Aunty.."
Ni sudah mendatangkan kemarahan ni. Dah 2 times he mention that. And for your information, He mention its 5X on my whole journey to Nya's place. Dah lah his cab tak ada aircon, its so hot. Do I look like an Aunty to him? I dress up so stylo milo with my shades on, He call me Aunty???

So Anyway, that just a small issue. If you know you're young, then you know you are. Dont bother if someone calls you AUNTY!!! eh fedup... Reaching Nya's place, that the 1st thing I told her, I knew she will not be able to stop laughing by my story. Anyway, If Aqim & Shira calls me Aunty its ok lah right anyway they are my God-Kids. Or even Yasmin or Aishah, of course since they mom are from my generation. Ni some late 30's taxi driver call me Aunty!! Bingit...

Thanks CK for the photos.. So nice.

Baby Naura Insyirah Embun

Ok dont cry, Umi lagi buat milk tu...

So I stay at Nya's place till 3.45pm. Had to leave since I have an apptment at 4pm in Tampines Mall. Later aft the apptmnt I had late Lunch & early Dinner at Pizza Hut & that it. Didnt have any dinner that night.

I miss this, I hve no idea what are the 3 kids are doing...

So that night I thought I must hve something bad/wrong that I ate. Ysterday morning while dressing up to work I know something is not right somewhere, I felt like vomitting & the sense of urgency to go to the toilet tells me its gastrik. I didnt have gastrik for donkey years. I rememeber the time I had a terrible gastirk was when I was in Primary School. That was miserable. Dr Koh said, its not due to something that I eat, its the virus. Gosh that was a teribble paid I had the whole days ystdy. The fever was just as bad... I had to cancel an apptment ystdy evening coz I dont think I can afford feeling vomitting & going to the toilet while having my meeting.

Well today, the fever is gone Alhamdulliah. But the gastrik is still there. I havent had any solid food to eat since ystdy. I didnt have any of my usual Pearl coffee or tea tarik favourite since ystyd. I miss that ok..

So I'll be working for the nxt few days after my off. Then I will not be having my off days till next weekend coz I had to cover the CNY holidays. But its ok lah think positively aje, coz I'll be earning extra for the CNY anyway.. best. So my friends, those coming to Spore on CNY like Mint, I'm sorry I cant mit up coz I'm working even on the weekend. I'll be working from this Fridays & will only be off on Next Saturday. Imagine that...

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm so Malas....

I've been so malas to update my blog.. dont know why. I guess its just those days where you just want to laze around & be malas.. heehehe..

It seems that I've a long overdue updates since the New Year starts.

New Year was Ok-ok aje. I has to work on the PH. But it was not to bad actually, coz I just had to remind myself that I get paid more working on PH. I just came to realised that I'll be working for all the PH in January. And with that, I've earn quiet a BIT of bucks.. Hhhhmmm.. best nya.

My Appraisal is over, but manage to get like 55% of the score. With that I presume that the bonus in March will not be so wonderful. So I estimated that if the rest who score like 70% or so get 3mths bonus, mine will be like 2mths only?? Ok lah better than nothing lah, not to bad after all lah.

I had a good start of the year, coz I just receive my 1st compliment letter for a customer for this mth. At the same time it seem that my call valuation score 95% for the 1st call of the mth... Ok I shall maintain this way. If I'm really leaving the place, I shall leave in Good Name at least.

It was Raya Haji last week on the 10th January. I had to apply leave for Raya Haji, I thought I shld be given an offical off day or something. Yet again I shall think that I'm paid for the Leave lah kan lagi better.. Positive thinking again.

The Celebration started with an early morning to the Masjid Salleh. The whole family went for Solat AidilAdha at 7am. This year beside doing our solat there, Ayah has assign Raudz & me with a job for the Qurban registration. We watch the Qurban directly beside us. Honestly speaking, I've never watch the Qurban "LIVE Telecast". Even when I had my own Qurban done, I didnt stand beside the Kambing to look at it. However on that day, Raudz & me actually witness all there 36 kambing Qurban just next to us.

CK, FK & Y came over to our place for Raya at around 4-5pm. We seldom have visitors on Raya Haji actually. However Andak & Family called asking when are we coming back frm the Mosque coz they want to come by. Later in the evening, Cik Sahar & family came over as well.

I was off for a few days on Raya Haji, purposely did that coz I just want to be lazy spending time at home. We had a Gebang Session the nxt day. However it was a rowdy Gebang, not by the mommies but the Kids. Tak tahu what happend to the kids, they seems to look like they just came out of the kandang coz they were so energatic abis2.. Tak faham..

Today I'm off, yesterday I had to take leave. Intially I swap to afternoon shift due helping a friend who wishes to attend some concert in the Indoor Stadium. However Raudz told me that there is something going on at Esplanade that we shld not miss out.

Imran Adjmain, a Friend cum my cousin's cousin... who's having his album review in Esplanade performace on Sat 14 Jan 06. I know I will not want to miss that. So I took leave, it doesnt matter lah I took leave for some reason yg mcm tak perlu ambil leave. Dah Malas nak melepak aje kat umah, nak wake up late & all that... So there we were at Esplanade on Sat evening. That was really worth it, coz that was really something. I know Imran can sing even those days when we use to lepak at StarBucks Simei aft his Dip in Mass Comm class (& my Dip in Mass Comm evening class... sometimes skip class just to lepak). He will sing along, not just him but our other group of friends. I remembered seeing him on the last Idol. I also recall him appearing on some other programs not on TV & lost more. Anyway Good Job by Imran, cant wait for the new Album to be out coz I have fallen in Love with Kata Orang & 1000 Tahun.. BEST!!!

Ok Today's Tok Bday... & Guess where my Tok is?? He is enjoying his holiday in KUALA LUMPUR lah!! Jgn main2 tau, ingat Tok tak tahu nak holiday ke. Pegi dgn friend pulak tu, Nenek had to stay at home & Mak had to sleep & take care of Nenek at her place.

Tmrrw is Mak's Bday. I dont know what to give Mak, so instead, I'm giving her a Spa treat tmrw afternoon with me. That will be the best treat on last stressful whole week rainy days where the jemuran tak kering2... Ok lah tu kot.

I've just manage to berdamai with my Dear F-riend... We had a rough time coz I wasnt happy with him due to some reason & I blame myself for initating the whole idea. But whatever done cannot be undone. Its just that I've over protective over a friend that I dont want him to get hurt u know...

So anyway, I did something foolish but it was unintentional lah. It was just those selengeh days of mine haahaha.. I was teasing him over some emails send to us. So I was telling him that the email content may hve some meant for him by the sender. Just becoz I miss out the
word "SHE" they whole sentense that I email to him sounded that I was trying to tell him that I Love HIM! So with that blunder of mine, I had to send another email & said that It was typo error coz It was suppose to be, "She Love You!!" something like that! I sounded so benggap lah! I am so worried that F-riend might freek out & start calling Nya asking If I had something with him again... haahahah.. Bodoh betui lah aku ni. So I had to clear the Air very fast... hahhaha.. Lucky I manage to change the whole thing or Else, I've got no chace to berdamai dgn dia lagi..

Nya's back in Spore now. She will be here till early Feb or something. So Bila ya kita nak tengok Nurul eh CK & Naz??

I had send sms to a few friends infroming on Nya's delivery. So I had random SMS directed to old friend & I manage to get some old Friends back. Atie, Our old pal who's 2 daughter are already 11 & 10 yrs old, just gave birth to a boy abt 3 mths back.. I hope to bring back Shyreen, Atie, Nya' & myself back again just like we use to hang out 17 yrs back.. I hope Insya ALLAH.

I'm too lazy to go out on Sunday, coz Sunday is my precious day. I dont get off days on Sunday's often. So If I must go out like wedding or something, I'll make sure I got out right after Zohor & be back by 5pm or something. If I have to go out later in the late afternoon I feel that I shld just stay at home & watch Third Watch with my cute Coby Beel on TV.. haahahah....

Ok got to Go.. Will blog more soon once my Malas mood in my system goes away.. haaahahaha..

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006...

Wishing You ALL A Happy New Year....

Image hosted by

The Begnning of a Brand New Day.... on a New Year 2006.

There are things that need to be accomplished for this year, insya ALLAH.


I hope I can 'improve' myself at work for the next few months even more the appraisal is in Jan 06. So, you shld know that you need to play your ways right... I will hve to endure & push myself to get good grades (mcm exams pulak), to hit the calls statistic & meet the Call Etiquette. Then hopefully after April, once the Bonus is Confirm in my hand, then I shall move to something NEW.

Anyway, this is not my 1st time saying the same thing. RauDz will agree with me, coz I've intended to leave for the past 4 years or something.. But didnt get to do that as I dont have any substitude plan on another job or something. So if there is Rezeki then why not Insya ALLAH.


I have to go back to Dr Koh to chk on my throat. I need to ask him if i need to go back to the Specialist in TTSH that did my Tonsil Operation. Then if I really had to do something abt it then I really must do something. My TL has requested me to find a solution to my throat problem & he want a definate solution to the problem or it will jeopardize my job.. You hear that, its that serious!!

So I have to take supplement also lah to fight this flu & cough & all that lah. I tink I need a flu vacination to prevent all this from happending as frequent I suppose.

Friends (& hopefully Husband also lah.. haahahah... Amin)

We cannot say, 'i hope i will meet new people & make more friends...' but you still sitting down doing nothing about it. You still have work it out yourself, either thru social outing or new job you're bound to meet new people.

Whatever it is, Most importantly is, I hope the friendship that I've build remains..
And on top of that, more dates for me too. Still coming back to that I still hve to work it out!!

Something NEW

I would like to upgrade myself in whatever ways. 1st on the list is, I will like to sign up for some classes soon.

There is more than just that which I would like to do, but more importantly.. heeheh.. I've promise myself not to talk abt past & ex's anymore.. I PROMISE I WILL NOT TALK ABT THEM ANYMORE.... I shall 'buka lembaran baru'. Ya sudah tu sudah lah, yg lepas jgn lah di kenang sebab nanti buat sakit hati lor.. haahahha...

Entertaiment & Social Life

Infact entertaiment is part of social life.. heehehe..

Hope to go to more concerts or any show or program, maybe theater or something. My trip to KL is still be as frequent kot, as usual heeheeh..

Oh Yes, Nurul Shifa has given birth to a baby girl on 30 Dec @ 4.15pm in Selayang Hospital Selangor, she weight 2.9kg. Congrats...

TruLy NoreeZ