Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

Things Just dont go as Plan, What can I say..

Things just dont go as plan.

We got our house key abt 1wk plus. All of us are so excited over the new place.. been busy packing some stuffs & visiting out renovation company. We hve selected Chew ID, quite happy with Chanel assistance. Unfornately I receive a call from Chanel saying that she has transfer it to Kelly instead to assist. It seem she's no longer there anymore..

Thanks to Chanel coz she's such a dedicated worker.. All the best to her. At least Kelly is reliable & responsible also & helpful. She understand our need & budget as well.. Alhamdulliah...

I've been having this giddy spell & heavy heart beats for the past few weeks. Went to visit Dr Chong, he said its stress.. I guess its due to the late lunch & dinner. It seem my system goes crazy with the change of my eating habit now. I only eat breakfast & light lunch. Sometimes when I had to go out for meeting & all the makan time is delayed. So that causes the giddy spell lah I guess.

Anyway, the renovation of our new house will start early nxt week it seem. I'm rather dissapointed with situation. However I just had to swallow whatever the situation may be. What more can I say, Things just doesnt go as plan. As long as the dispute doent come aft all things are done, I rather have it all NOW. As expected & I'm prepared with things. But I'm very dissapointed. I just cant put into word to convey the whole story, for sure I'm not gonna say why. I know Mak's very sad, so am I. But Raudz has the point for not having to mentioning why, what & how. Reminds me of the Tema Anugerah story, when the Playboy tu tak story kat anyone why he fell & who pushes him. Instead he cover up his friend who causes his fall.. ceh wah!!! So in the end the friend feel bad instead lah kan.. padan muka dia.. so much abt tak nak mengaku kawan lah apa ke benda...

Now, its offical... I'm happy that I finally can say "at least". I'm proud to say where I'm calling from.. hhmmm... We've been up & down a few places, now then I know when this & that has to be done. When all that are in order, another test comes into the picture. Yet again, Things just dont go as plan...

I've (or rather we) been very busy & tied up with many many things.. With an upcoming event in about 6wks away. alot of things has to be done..

To My Friends ALL, I'm sorry that we've not been in touch as often..

Soon Insya ALLAH...

Truly Noreez


Things Just dont go as Plan, What can I say.. Part II

I was called by my TL just when I was having fun reading Raudz & CK email reply berbahasa basi panjang lebar. Sekejap-pan rasa.. alamak baru nak ketawa gelak guling dah ada yg ganggu lak.

So I just take it positively. Not to know that the call for the meeting was due to be browsing the HP website, intended to purchase a Fax cum Copy Printer & hoping to enjoy some discount for SH Staff. Guess what? They print my screen shot & pasted it, penalised as "browsing the website while working & answer calls"!!! My Gosh, I'm feeling like in prison man being watched every min & sec.. merepek.

I'm so close to saying that I want to Belah! Tapi sabor aje lah aku...