Monday, June 26, 2006

Thats it! Its up to the MAX!

I have to make choices

either I get a new job, leave the country or maybe get a husband.

That will solve the whole thing!

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Comfort Zon

Since I’ve been having my own TV in my bedroom, I’m glued to the TV almost everyone. I remember watching TV almost the whole day on my off days. But now its even more frequent watch them each day since I’ve been at home always.

From morning, there will be Orpah at 9.30, then comes Joey sitcom to Ambush Makeover. Then comes Malin Kudang at 2pm at TV2, later 5pm some TV2 drama followed by a Korean Series Lover in Parague at 6pm.. Best kan… Its good that I’ve followed on the the Korean series almost from the start. If we do have TV3 or even NTV7 its going to be ever best, because from the morning talk show till amost 1pm there will be a line up of good shows to watch from.. hhhhmmm..

I know that my room is too comfortable for me to work at. Even more the position where my laptop been place is making my back ache. Obviously it shows that I do not have a good sitting posture. However this room is where I spend ¾ of my day at…

Last Sunday, we spend a few hours at our old place. We’re just going down memory lane, took some photos & taking the last peek at the scenery around the river view. I'm gonna miss that place lots...

There is something about DyG's song Kasih.Mafaankan. I dream of that song in full music video image clearly TWO Nights in a row. hmm.. apa maksud mimpi itu eh. Its either ada orang minta di maafkan ke.. apa ke? I only watch that video clip once, but I remember viewing the photo of the making of the clip somewhere. I listen to that song rarely actually. But there is something about the song that gets me hook to. Doesnt matter, anyway the song is very nice apa...

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Pak Bing Bing"

Tatkala aku membaca berita di koran Siti. nak kahwin dgn Dtk K in Aug, aku pulak dapat sms from K kata depa nak hantaq kad jemputan.

Adakah dia ni K yg di maksud kan itu? heehehe... I'm so touch with the fact that KH send sms intending to extend an invitation on his Big Day. Sesungguh nya Si kepo ini bertanya, "sapa kah gadis yg bertuah lagi mystery itu?"

I waited... eh lama nya tak reply lagi. Ish, mesti salah soalan ni tanya. Actually I thought its gonna be with E yg dulu tu..

He reply later on, "dia hanya orang biasa.."
Oh ku fikirkan Siti. kot? heehehe...
I told him, it doesnt matter lah. Most importantly I'm happy for him lah. Glad that I'm in the list of invitation...

So will be waiting for an invitation from KL then... Jgn dia buat kat Kedah sudah lah, mampus aku.

TruLy NoreeZ

Rok=Enjoyment / News=Dissappointment

Our schedule was rather tight yesterdays. Abit of running around...

At 12noon, we had meeting withe Jen-GoldChocs & Ema/Johan-Jem. Its so nice to see Jen & Liz again after its been more than a month since we last met. Not forgetting indulging into their delicious Mud Cake or White Chocolate Cake or if you're lucky they might have the Chocolate Banana Cake.. Yummmmyyy.. Dont worry its not sinful at all cause they only make premium chocolate that will NOT CAUSE YOU TO GROW FAT. I'm serious about it, Not to Worry.

Anyway the meeting went well Alhamdulliah, thats most important..

We headed home, hungry actually. Singgah sebentar di warong Cik Maria. The taste of Cik Maria's asam pedas its just like home cooked from Mak. Surprisingly, Mak Uteh & Nek Non was there too. Its been sometime since we last see them.. The generous packet of rice with sotong hitam & telor & of course the asam pedas ikan pari.. Shiok Giler. At least I know my tummy will be fill up till the end of the day.

We went to watch the Rok.Opera Konsert at Esplanade last night. Heard from some people that the respond was slow. I saw the advertisement was back a few months ago somewhere we advertised Jalinan Kasih Ibu. Since we have a couple of friends & familiar faces on the show, I thought why not we give some support. We expect support from our events so we should play our part as well. Overall, I enjoy the whole show. The orchestra is great, the songs are enjoyable not forgetting my All Time Idol - M.Nasir. was there to perform. Kudos to Rok.Opera. - You Rock!

The best part was, last night I was charging my phone unfortunately I totally forgotten about bringing my mobile. I only realise it when I'm already in the MRT to CityHall. I wasnt so kancong about it cause no1 - Not expecting any important or 'someone's' call ke. & At least I have Raudz. along so at least her phone is with her.
"tak bawah phone takpe, jangan tak bawak tiket tau? Bawak tak, check lagi sekali tiket ada tak?" ah.. tu pesanan adik-ku Raudz... hmmm...

At the end of the day, with my blister on my foot I know I cant continue my walk to LauPaSat. Was thinking of having supper there actually sebab Raudz was feeling hungry. On second thought, walking from Raffl.MRT to LauPaSat is not a good idea cause its so sunyi... Dengan 'walkingculture' shoes of mine, sebab nak melawa punya pasal, we decided to balik straight instead.

Mak was complaining that she called me like 3-4times. I told her I forget my phone Mak, its beside the TV tu.. Surprisingly, I have 7 msg, 3miss calls!! But 3 of the messages are they same content. I'm was feeling rather sad with what I actually read. 'Erra. & Yusry. confirm seperated'. I'm so sedih.. I remembered Raudz. ever said this, 'jgn lupa doakan utk erra. & yusry. mudah2an things gets better for them.' That was like month back or was it last year that Raudz. said that... Things are always unexpected, its unpredictable. Its not that I'm a fanatic fan of them both, however as human being, as a lady who wants best for myself, I feel that its sad to hear that they finally splitting.

Whatever it is, as human we'll just pray for the best for them insya ALLAH.

I was just goggling about KRU. company base in Spore (pte ltd) just recently. Didnt expect the news about the divorce to come at this time of the year or something when they are having publicity on they concert they are having this June 06.

I was watching Channel5 at 1am this early morning, they have this reality TV show of a particular High School Reunion 1993. Gosh, its interesting how old friend meet after they last met like 10years back or something. Some got married & divorce, some met their high school 1st love or crushes.. So nice. I was trying to imagine if I have such reunion things for just my batch of classmates, I'm sure that I'm the only single lady available. The rest are all married with children... haahahah.. Meeting old Crush? lagi rabak, tak nak aku.. Provided, you have become some successful carrer woman, still single & look better or good in comparison to my selengeh day with my big specs & long skirt & short hair.. haahahah.. Then I'm proud to stand in the row with the married one haahaha... macam real.

Ok I'm got some reading to do today. Till petang or something.. Another beautiful Saturday indeed...

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wireless - Up, CATV - Up!

My wireless network was down for the past 2 days. I was so frustrated, called the tech. helpdesk & trying this & that, finally purchase a new wireless lan card then calling the helpdesk again coz u know lah I am such a pc illiterate & computer idiot, i know nutts about broadband & network & all those setting & stuffs.. Everytime I had the helpdesk people guide me along for sure I will be sweating & perspiring after completing or non completion of task... irritating kan.

However, today I manage to get things done finally... I'm so happy that I finally manage to get it. So this entry is the achievement of downloading & getting my wireless done.. haahahahaha...

Today everyone is out. My 1st time staying alone at our new house.. lucky thing I have my tv, my laptop & my clock cum radio in my room..

Lately I've been having this very impatient attitude with people surrounding me.. Not too sure why, either is the hormons or the 'kocek kosong' syndrome or the 'tak kerja aku kat umah aje bosan' penyakit or 'I dont see my friend no more' penyakit... macam macam lah. I'm just mad with people, entah lah merepek seh.. I must do something about. Must learn to be more patient or else my thyroid will just datang tak di jemput.. eeee.. selesih.

We'll have more meeting to come, Insya ALLAH mudah2an rezeki ada... Amin..

I just receive an sms from Chris my SH colleague. Didnt expect to have so much changes at work for only 3 weeks I left (& till now they have yet to deposit my last pay cheq to me.. chendol). It seems that 1 of the team are splitting & merging with other teams instead, a few more people leaving, unexpectedly...

So much about complaining that the Cable signal is not up yet, I receive a letter for activting of Cable TV a few days ago. So finally today the Cable is installed. Yahoooo... First of all & most important of all is the FootBall channel is activated.. Best nya! tapi sanggup ke nak bertaggak tengok bola tiap pagi buta2? hhhmmm...

Two days ago, I receive an sms from CK informing that Rose's father passes on. Takziah to Rose.

Today's Yasmin ear surgery . CK has sms that the surgery is done & it seems that its a day surgery so Alhamdulliah Yasmin tak ada any ear infection kata nya. We'll visit Yasmin next week ke insya ALLAH. Now Naz, next week nak ke CK's place ke?

I just receive the new Manja edition for the month of July.. Sila2 lah beli if nak read abt Imran Ajmain eh... (Promo Imran seh.)

Ok I'm done with my entry..


TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Meet-up & Meetings

It was Lea's wedding last night, has made prior arrangement to attend her wedding way at the west area with zana & the rest. Looks like I'll be meeting my ex colleaques again i thought.

The meeting time was at 7.20pm at the MRT station, however I was slightly held up when Chanel & Kelly from Chew ID came over to our place for a so call housewarming meeting. Well, Chanel & Kelly are the person responsible for making our house 'like 5 star hotel', quote by Tok's sentence to everyone who came over to his place. Yes, it seem Tok's so happy about his new place, so as Nenek...

So I only manage to meet up with Teeba & the rest at Raffl.MRT almost 7.30pm. Its so nice to meet them again. They are all so exhausted with the high call Q at 200+ since the World Cup is up. It seems that there are so many people calling to subscribe the World Cup channel at the very last minute. So they are all going crazy now!!

Anyway, the CC at Pioneer near BoonLay MRT is very nice & air condition. But the crowd was very big, so we didnt really get to sit down & chat with the rest. So I suggested to Zana we shld sit down at CoffeeBean or something before we balik.

So after meeting Lea & Jameel took some picture (i hope Teeba email me some so I can hve it posted here...) finally we left. We headed to Jurong Point CoffeeBean. There was Gayu, Zana & Fairul, Shanti-ma & Partner, Teeba, Kalai, Phyllis, Angeline & myself.. Its been sometime since we had this relax2 for Coffee with the rest. I reach home at 11pm lucky thing the train from BoonLay to Kallang is a straight trip I dont hve to change..

So much about not having cable at our new place, we receive a mailer informing that SH Cable is ready for activation on 15/06! I thought, maybe we can have it activated later kot? surprisingly, Ayah want it soon since its World Cup! macam lah dia tengok & all the matches.. Tapi tak kisah lah tu. So I just email to subscribe yesterday afternoon. Was told since the call to subscribe is flooding, i actually made a good move by using the website instead. So I have to wait for them to call me instead, they call last night when I was at the wedding was not convenient to talk with the noise + the hindi songs occupying the hall.. to distracting..

Looks like, we'll be have a couple of meeting next week. At least it will occupied the time, rather at home ashik menyumbat aje.. heheeheehe..

Today, I'll sit back & relax almost the whole day. I've place my laptop in my room instead now. However the sitting postion is making my back big time. In comparision to the hall with the sofa yg mcm tak nak bangun tu, this position is killing my neck.. I'll see how long can I last..haahah..

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, June 09, 2006

Winter Son. vs World Cup

I'm so back dated & so behind time..

I've never watch korean movie/series, but I've been listening to people talking about how good this drama series WinSonata. is, so Raudz bought the DVD series & I've been stuck like glue to the TV everyday from 11pm onward. We've been watching for almost a week already & each time its will be two CD's per day.. So.. we finally ended the whole 20CD's last night.. Raudz gave up already at the last CD, so she left me alone at the hall watching...

I really enjoy the drama, thanks to a friend who help us buy this actually. Anyway according to Nya' the story line of another WinSonata. drama is almost the same. I came across a SadSonata. on TV2 everyday at 6pm. But I get impatient with the story line. I'm not a drama/movie critic. I just watch them aje.

Anyway, the story line is like dah jatuh di timpa tangga.. more like Indon drama series like Dia & Iklas & all that.. Like nasib sentiasa di rundung malang tak abis abis.. Eventhough the story is like that, di sebabkan oleh actor2 yg cute lagi segak ni agaknya thats why people stay glued on the TV. Same goes to this Mamat Korea si JunXiang ni.. cute jugak.. haahaha.. So betul ke dah 10 lebih tahun berpisah then so happen jumpa balik? You know how big Korea is even how small Spore is, i doubt I can meet anyone from my past yg dah 10 tahun yg lalu anymore.. Most likely they are married anak dah 3,4,5 ke.. On second thought, I dont think I want to meet those ex's of mine yg dah 10 tahun yg lalu punya lah.. seram pulak jap..

Anyway, the Next CD on the Q is BuliBalik. coz dah beli di other time tapi belum watch lagi.. sooonnn.

I've been wanting to watch Gol&Gincu. didnt get the chance to do that. Fortunately, it was on Suria channel last week & glad that I get to catch it. I'm actually very interested with Futsal, beside watching the actor & actresses like Asraf & Sazzy & Fazura...Nya' was mentioning abt Futsal. I said 'Apa ke Benda tu Futsal?' So it was Futsal that I'm interested in after watching that drama. Ada ke tak Spore Ladies Futsal team eh? if ada join pun best jugak.. exercise lah kata.. Dulu main netball back in school, then I started going to the gym when i started working. Now I dont even have any sport activities, ni pun mcm dah rasa badan baik for just 2 weeks at home..

Talking about Futsal, reminded me of World Cup which is starting today. Fidz was asking everone out for supper tonight.
"hey tonight world cup start tau?"
Oh tak kisah, coz Ayah is not so football freek, he just watches them. No particular team that he's supporting or something. Juhari, rupanya bakal adik ipar aku tu tak tengok bola.. hai. heran.. ada jugak lelaki yg kurang minat kat bola.. Nasib lah kau Fidz...

Everytime its World Cup, the ladies are being abandon & avoided. I should have organize something for Ladies Night only for World Cup session eh.. sure can make $$ kot? Didnt think of it lah..

I watch football & like them. I just 'like' aje bukan mcm 'LIKE!' sound like a freek. I learn about footbal becoz both my ex's are football mania. Surprisingly It was so happen, both are Liverpool. Fan's. So at least I'm not lost, coz when I was with Rizal I learn alot abt Liverpool. I remembered Rizal came to Spore watching Liverpool match with me way back like 5yrs ago when they the Team came for Friendly Match. Interesting tu.. Then when I got to know Wak, rupanya his 2nephew (1 of them is Rizal-also) are Liverpool fan. Was telling myself, 'selamat aku.. I dont hve to change team or start all over again'.. heehehee.. Anyway I just enjoy watching, just watching.. & thats all. At least I know the guys who played in the team, like Michael Owen,Robbie Fowler(back then in the team), Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher & many more ok..

So for World Cup, I support England! ceh wah.. mcm real. Well eventhough you know team like Germany & Brazil are those strong teams lah kan.. but doesnt matter.

HOWEVER, the problem now is.. I will not be able to watch the matches. BECAUSE!!

My New House Have No Cable Signal Chendol!!!!! I've already had my Cable terminated cause no point, will hve to wait till this place is fully ready with the Cable TV...

So I will just watch the opening & also the last few matches of the finals..

Its just as good as Tak Payah Watch sudah lah.. oh yes, there is something that you can the net! you can still be in touch with the net.. haaahahah..

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Slacker, Anger & lots more..

I'm blogging in the state of anger actually.. now at least Nya' made me feel slightly better.

Side track jap.
Yesterday, we've expecting visitors from Naz & CK, unfortnately CK cant make it becoz of Y's appointment to NUH turns to more than just a check up. I just hope CK will be in good shape to think on what to do in a correct state of mind. Insya ALLAH, will doa kan.

So Naz came with Aishah. We had lunch & just relax2 aje menikmati angin yg menghempus di ruang tahu sampai buat mcm nak terlena di sofa yg shiok lagi empuk tu.. basically tu lah. I bake some brownie, Raudz bake some cookies the day before. Ingat nak buat ala2 surprise bday so call party lah kira nya, nampak nya plan meleset lor..

Didnt expect to get more visitors ystdy, my uncle - my father bro came over also. Just coming to visit our new place..

Anyway about my anger.. so difficult to explain. But I just want to say that I'm ANGRY LOR!!! Just want to say, its My WORD dont overuse it at the wrong day, wrong time & wrong person.. thats all.. the rest is up to me to swallow.. I smell jelousy actually... do you smell it Nya' heeheheh...

So, this Sat is Lea's wedding. We'll be at the community centre for wedding dinner. Not to sure on how to go actually. But hopefully will meet the rest to go togather kot?

Actually I'm still ANGRY tau!

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Knock, knock...

I've not been visiting 'rumah2 blog' friend here.. I've lot of catching up to do.

Anyway, I'm feeling so mad ystdy afternoon aft finding out that a dear friend Lola (not her real name..) was asked to leave the company. This is because a customer felt offended when being attended to her. It seems that there was a complaint & she was asked to leave 24hrs notice..

I remember being full out from answering calls for 1week due to a customer complaint, it seems Lola faces the same experience with me. The difference is, she was surving a VIP customer.

Whatever it is, VIP or not to me there are all the same. Most of them event they stress out that their billing address is somewhere some Condo or some Landed properties they still want to get cheap stuff or free gift or asking for some waiver for a pathetic 5cents... It happends..

Actually what makes me really mad is the managment. It seems that they are not taking care of the staff well. No staff welfare & they are so inhuman.. They dont understand why or how we the frontliner feels when dealing with such customer.

I fully agree not ALL customer are difficult, but dealing with the difficult ones are something they need to look into. Dispite listening back to the calls, they also need to ask why we feel that way... They fail to customer that senior staff sure are 'jelak' with this job already. Moreover, just like me, Lola is a senior staff of 5 1/2yrs. She is still a customer care consultant for the last donkey years... Capabilities not being notice & thats sick. She's a Pinoy, i remembered going to Cameron Highlands with her & Cherry a years back.. that was sure fun.. So sad lah..

Ok.. Tmrw I'm having some guests coming over to our place.. Hope everyone gets to make it Insya ALLAH.

More to Come...

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Enjoy Life but miss them...

So far I've been enjoying life being at home, at my comfort zone..
However I miss those people at the office lah.. As usual lah right, when you're not there, you miss them, but when its time to go to work, you take mc.. haahahah..

Tribute to my Fellow SH BT friends... MISS YOU ALL

This photos was taken years back, during 1 of our dinner outing organized by me & the M&M team..

Basically, my main reason of leaving is of course of my new job. I'll like to concentrate more on what I would like to do best. I've tried doing both job at the same time, its tiring, working 7days straight is tasking..

However my main reason is because of the job that gets tougher to climb up & at the same time the big people there are not getting more understanding with our job.

Its not easy dealing with customer nowadays, people in the land of singa are getting more demanding & has more expectation. So not easy. Just the same at my current job, not easy dealing with people who want to enjoy on entertaiment at the same time not willing to pay more. They want a cheaper deal with more freebies..

There are things that I'm still unhappy about & that it my project dealing with team activites has been taken away from me when I do it on my own free will all my life in SH. Imagine my baby has been taken away from me after I 'pelihara' for 5 years..

Anyway, I'm still a customer care consultant all my life for 6 over years but no sign on promotion or anything more than that. Only this year they say that Its abt time I do something to my position that I must fight for not working for it to be given to me. What does that mean? I've to go around asking if you need me to do the job rather than I'm given the task to complete it or something? sori lah I'm not that kind who will go make coffee for supervisor to be able to be up there.. Anyway, i've felt demoralised already aft my 4th year. So many seniors left & the juniors are not the same anymore lah..

Alah whats the point talking abt it anymore. but whatever it is, my bunch of gangs are still the best.

Ok, there are jobs to be done. Holiday villa mood is over. Got to get my butt up & start to workheART again..

TuLy NoreeZ

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yang Sudah tu Sudah lah...

No, I'm not talking abt Imran's song lah.. Just something that I've been reminded of..

Do you always recall or being reminded of something from the past if you passes by a place or listen to some songs or remember some dates?

There is something about this place that I go that will always been reminded of someone. someone from the past that I shouldnt be reminded of. someone who has stolen my heart, ceh wah! Everytime I'm there I always hope I will see him with his wife & kids my own eye then I'm happy to tell himself, he's happily married, mudah2an...

At the same time, while I'm being reminded of all the May's birthday I just recall that 31st May is Wak's birthday..

I know that I only have this 2 man who fill up my heart & its just not easy to forget. But sometimes you say that you've let go & all that stuff. But when things that reminded you of them then you just cant help it but to remember..

I think I'm just getting a bit carried away with this korean movie thingy lah kot.. heehehe..

Whatever it is, yg lepas jgn lah di kenang lah kan. Sudah menjadi hak orang lain kan, apa kan daya...

Yg sudah tu sudah lah tu cik kak oi..

Eversince I move to the new place, I still feel that I'm in some holiday villa.. but not my own home. Maybe still not use to it. But I love this place lots..

Things that causes the change from this new place is, I wake up very early like 8.30am or 9am everyday. Reason being is becoz my bed is place near the windeow when the sun rises so bright. Secondly is, I'm too lazy to go out from home coz this place is getting too comfortable. And 3rdly, I just love my corner to sit when I hve my laptop & my net connection on.. Fuyooo.. best kan?

I know Nyah get excited when I tell her stories of our new home. Nanti lah mu mai sini beb..

Oh Yes, Thanks a million for the fruit basket & lovely Flowers from Orang Tu eh.. Orang lain yg birthday, Orang lain dapat Gift pulak...

Naz & CK, we hope you love the small gift of ours. Its all Red's creative Ideas...

& Nyah Nurul, ya lah I know u gonna like the bday gift tu.. heeheheh..

TruLy Noreez

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Birthday Celebrations...

I'm delay in giving credits to those celebrating birthday in the Month of May...
22nd May - Happy Birthday to Nurul Shifa..
26th May - Idi Happy Birthday to You..
29th May - Intan Nazrah - Happy Birthday Cik..
2nd June - CK Happy Birthday in Advance..

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