Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Citra Cahaya Cinta...

Give it a rest..
She's happily married now..

Dia telah menentukannya
Kita bertemu dan cinta
Inilah oh takdirnya
Bukan kerana harta
Inilah citra cahaya cinta

Pintu hatiku telah kau buka
Tak mampu ku menafikannya
Kejujuran diberi kasih takkan berganti
Ini bahagia yang ku cari

Sayangi daku
Peluklah daku
Janji denganku
Semai cinta nan satu

Tuhan menguji
Takkan berhenti
Hanya ku pinta
Sama setia menjaga hingga ke alam syurga

Dia telah menentukannya
Kita bertemu dan bercinta
Inilah oh takdirnya
Bukan kerana harta
Inilah citra cahaya cinta

Ooh.....Sayangi daku
Peluklah daku
Janji denganku
Semai cinta nan satu

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Selamat Pengantin Baru Cik Siti...

Jambu the Princess

The Bride & Groom..

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gua dah 33 beb.. fuyooo....

I have lots of people to Thank.

Thanks to CK for the blog wishes for me... & for the gift, d Guess wallet so cantik.
To Naz, thanks for the green tea perfume tu, I like it alot..

To Zana who was the 1st person to sms at 00.31am, then Nya' at 00.47am... Ernie at 1.28am... Kita simpan sms tau... Also to Feisal, Grace, Meera, Andak, Mak Long, Teeba, Raihana & Chris Ho.. How can i simply forget Sani, my childhood friend, whom our mom's are kampung bestfriends happen to be born on the same day same year as me. Thanks for the thought everyone..

Much earlier, I told Raudz I dont wish to remember the day. That day, we had our discussion till almost mid night, then she mention "eh dah berapa hari bulan today eh? Hhhmmm..." Thanks Mak, Ayah, Fidz, Johari & Raudz for the card..

There are things in life that is more important now... I cant tink straight. So I would rather have the day be just like any other day this time. Things just dont come easy now, so insya ALLAH I really pray that things goes as schedule, as plan.. Amin.

I've never guess at this age, me at where I am right now.. But Alhamdulliah..

I forgotten a few more people's birthday..
TukangTaip birthday was 4th August - Happy Belated Birthday
Kak Anim (Nya's Sister) - 21st August
Mawi (heehehe...) - 25th August

Oh Yes, Happy Birthday to Hans today..

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Singapore's Celebration

I was so busy with lots of things till I have no time to blog.. Infact there was lots of things to talk about.

It started with the National Day holidays, all the aunties & uncles & cousins came over. Mak Long masak nasi lemak. Mak had lots of kueh & some goreng goreng stuffs. We all watch the parade on TV plus the (almost) clearview of the stadium from our Raudz bedroom... Not to bad lah. Later that evening just before fireworks, all the cousin went to the roof carpark to watch the beautiful fireworks...

On saturday, Mak & Ayah left for Seremban to Cik Maznah & Encik Alamdin's place. It was the Mak Mak's going down memory lane outing.. Mak are childhood friends with Cik Nah, Cik Sal, Cik Limah & Cik Eton since kampong days. Even we the kids are friends till now too...

Anyway in the afternoon, Raudz & myself went to Safiah & Abg Madi's simei condo for the housewarming. Lucky thing, Mak Long & Tok came with us. At least we met Uncle, Bibik & Hestee there as well. We were b usy talking about Sheila Majid concert that night. Finally Hestee decided to come with us, however she had a seperate seats with us.

So that night, Raudz & myself meet up with Hestee at CT Hall MRT. It was so crowded, the fireworks at Marina Bay will start in just 15mins more.. Everyone's rushing to Esplanade to watch it. When we finally reach Esplanade its already 9.05pm. Before that we saw Mama Fai & hubby, they gonna watch the concert as well. Anyway, it was the 1st time I see Esplanade became soooooo crowded, it seems that the whole sporean are at this part of Spore ONLY. As expected since it was so crowded, the mobile lines got jam because of that. People non stop coming in & out of the Esplanade Hall. Surprisingly, we say Naz & CK coming in the Hall. Its been some time since we meet. Ya, because we are so busy at the same time.. u know I'm broke.. anyway, Thanks very much to CK & Naz for the hmmm Present. Malu lah you all susah2 aje.. Anyway, I really Love the gift. THANK YOU..

Oh Yes, I had to thank Shireen AGAIN for the salah beli tiket you tu. We get to sit at Row B, & that is the 2nd row infront of the stage tau! MOST important is, THE SHEILA MAJID LEGENDA CONCERT WAS AWSOME!!!!! It started at 10pm, ended at almost 1.30AM! Lagu2 dia best giler, reminded me of old times in primary school when the Ali Setan days... So nice.. After the concert, we went to Lau Pa Sat for a drink with Hestee.. Met up with Sofie at Lau Pa Sat, later on we left at around 3am... What a Long Day.

Ok I'm all stressed up right now, infact since yesterday I was angry with things, with situation with surrounding & I dont know what should I do to myself now.

Today another call makes me feel so helpless... I have this loan that I took, anyway the point is.. they call us since I'm due for 2 months. But this customer service is so Apek! I said that I left my job right now. He asked me since when I'm not working.. Guess what he said!
"Then you better get yourself a job so you can pay the loan lor!"
My gosh I'm so angry, SO MAD! I said to him, you dont have to tell me what I must do lah, but what is the alternative. He said I dont know lah, if you dont pay they will take action. So that FINE! I hang up the phone... Idiot.

Anyway, I just want to wish a few people for the next few days & weeks.
Here's Happy Birthday to...
13th Aug - Herman
14th Aug - Adi Rahman
15th Aug - Feisal Dzulkiflee
16th Aug - Hestee Raisah
18th Aug - Suzana Ary, Suriani Kantin(My Pri Sch Mate..)
19th Aug - Sani Husin
20th Aug - Hans Isaac
23th Aug -Meerra P
24th Aug -Moniq
25th Aug - Grace Yanzon
28th Aug - Nuri Nurasnidah Ahmad
30th Aug - Coreen Tan
31th Aug - Isham Mohd
did i miss out anyone??
Thats sure a long list of Birthday for August.

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tough Time, Bad Days...

Wishing a HAPPY Birthday to my two Cousins Today 8th August, Rose Aznita Mohd in Liverpool & Nur Liyana Md Rafid...

This is the time of my life when I've been put to a test. Its a choice of either you can make it or you fail...

What I've assume could be all wrong, but I'm in no position to determine if its true or not coz I just feel it happen. I think its not new, its been there for someee timeee.. so its not new.

Things are rough, but we have to put ourselves togather & go thru it whatever it may be...

I had a talk with Nya' last night. Its been awhile since we had our chat, awhile means weeks or almost months. We've ben friends for donkey years & at the same time we know each other's 'tricks'. We have mutual agreement of a lot of things, for instant if we didnt call each other for a long time, means we know that we just need some space. We will call either one when we feel better & wish to talk about things. So if I didnt call or vise verse we will just wait till the time is right. Anyway, I was telling Nya' how tough things are now with me. No point explaining it lah...

We've been busy with Sept event, insya ALLAH. Other than that we've been out scouting for venues & dealing with things like food catering, decor & lots more. Mudah2an things get better. These are part of those test. At the same time I had to deal with surrounding people who dont understand my busy schedule & not sure on what exactly we are doing & working on. However I'm so glad that Ayah has been very very supportive & so understanding with what we do & the path we're going thru. At least he is giving us a chance & know what we do are something that we do best... Alhamdulliah.

Enough of those miserable stories, whats important is I'm just looking forward for tmrw public holiday where the family are coming over & watch the fireworks togather from our rooftop garden. Then we might go to some FREE show at esplanade or something tonight. And not forgetting,the HouseWarming at rumah Abg Madi & Safiah this Sat afternoon & the 'rezeki ALLAH' ticket discount $20 each yg Shireen - kakak blogger offer to us for Sheila Majid Concert on 12th August nanti. So much about wanting to go to the concert but we had to 'catu' our pocket. Dengan kuasa ALLAH Shireen sms Raudz saying that she wrongly purchase a $32.00 ticket where it was suppose to be the more expensive one ke apa gitu. So she sold us at $20 per ticket.

Anyway, I have a meeting to attend later late afternoon. So I'm sorry Doris, Joey & the rest of my classmates from my ITE days. Cant meet you guys... Not easy to explain & sure not easy to understand lah...

TruLy NoreeZ IsmaiL

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Its August...

Its August Again...

Dont really want to be reminded of getting old, especially when you pocket has a big hole!

Today's Mustaqim Mulyadi Ihsan bin Mansor 3rd Birthday!
Happy Birthday Aqim...

I'm still having this feverish feeling again, especially in the morning & at night. Ayah wants me to see the doctor again, but malas lah.. I see my mood later.

Anyway, you know the blocks of flats at this new place of ours is so close to each other. I for now, while typing this in my room can actually turn to my left & see people at the nxt block. Not only I can see them, now I'm actually looking at this lady scolding her daughter for the past 15mins. I wonder what is it all about.. heeheheh.. kepo pulak. I can actually hear their shouting voices, tapi now dah slow sikit suara dia orang tu.. I know this 'opposite 16th floor neighbour' will be out from early morning when the kids goes to school probably morning session, apasal today at kat umah pulak eh. Cuti sekolah ke? So that is how close this flats are. Anyway Mak's cousin is also our opposite neighbour at 17th floor, we can practically lambai each other.. feel so kelakar..

Ok I'm got tonnes of things to do.. I sure need an office, its too comfortable working from home...

TruLy NoreeZ