Saturday, September 30, 2006

Santai Bersama Hans Isaac

Ya betul, Tak Salah tu...
~ Hans Isaac ~


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Puasa Ke?

cepat nya masa, dah 1wk kita berpuasa...

This is the 1st time after 6years I do NOT have to go around asking for swap of shift sempena bulan puasa ni. Or else, I will sound begging for swap because I dont wish to buka in the office with fast food sahaja.. ish boring nya. At the same time I do not wish to miss terawih if I had to work noon or even mid shift. Ish sedih nya macam nak nangis fikir kan tu.

Alhamdulliah for the 1st time, 'my boss' let me come into office at 10.30am. I get to leave early at 5pm so that I get to buka at home.. Boss I best sekali tau, oh not forgetting the afternoon nap after zohor.. kerja apa tu eh? heehehe.. macam tak keje aje.

Anyway, just before puasa starts I've been going out to town to pay bill & send for printing and all those stuff. So I've been alighting at Dhoby Ghaubt everyday & it reminded me when I'm going to work.

So I day, I left home at 12noon the same time if I had to work on noon shift. Imagine the panas terik matahari yg tegak kat atas kepala bila tengahari macam tu.. ish if puasa memang nak nangis bila nak kena gi keje time macam. Kat kepala otak ingat nak MC aje... So sampai at Dhoby Ghaubt I alighted, to go to Peace Centre I will hve to turn right to walk along Plaza Singapura. I suddenly felt the If I had to turn left to walk to Park Mall & to Haw Par Centre I will definately CRY! I dont wish to walk along that lane to go to work... Then I realise, 'eh i dont hve to turn left lah oi.. I dont hve to go to WORK!' suka nya hati aku..

I just heard 2 of my friend who left the same time as me facing problem adjusting to the new job. I know how it feels, coz we are too comfortable with our previous job for 6 1/5 years. Never felt short in financials, always feel safe working there & you will not likely get out of job or something.. So now, my 2 friends including me felt its not easy to sesuai diri at a new working enviroment. Now 1 had tender resignation, the other planning to. 1 had very unfriendly & unhelpful team mates & when you ask them how to do it they make it as though, 'bodoh nya budak ni'. The other was being called up by the HR boss saying that he's not performing well. Well he work like less than 2 months, 3wks of training & another 3weeks in call centre online. So how can u determine that he is not performing when he work less than 2months? I dont understand...

I remember bringing back home pay like $600 when I was working in the airport like 9yrs ago. I manage to survive... Now I think with almost x4 of that pay back then, you still feel that its not enough, kenapa eh?

So now I know what keserderhanaan means...

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

History Repeat Itself Ke?

Winner is... Hady MirzA!!!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Spore Idol and Ramadhan

The Singapore Idol Finals is This Sunday...
Who's gonna Win, Is it Johnathan Or Hady Mirza??? Which One??
Both of them are GOOD, I mean it really good. Its a tough decision, not like you can predict clearly (like last year lah).
Whatever it is, ALL the best to Hardy Mirza & Johnathan...

Anyway, This Sunday too, is the start of Ramadhan. I've finally finishes all those things that I need to do by today. I hope that I do not have to go out during Ramadhan, apart from Terawih at night..
So to all, Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa. Semoga sempurna Ramadhan anda Amin...

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I am so way overdue with blogging...

So what have I been doing lately:-

1) I've been busy with upcoming november event.. Hope things goes as plan insya ALLAH, Amin. Glad to have Beat S. be part of this event. So our next event...

25th November 2006, Saturday - Hi Tea @ Orchid Country Club
Santai Bersama... dot dot dot... check it out Soon..

2) I've notice something about me ever since I left my stressful job. I've bee a sensetive soul until I didnt realise that I can easily cry. So merepek...
I'm so looking forward to see Imran perform at Rentak Singapura. So when he came out with Othman H, the minute the song Apa Salah Beta was out I can feel that my mulut dah 'jebek'..
It really look like the the icon : (
Aiyoh, tu pun nak nangis ke? Like what Raudz said, he always make song sound so touching...

3) We're doing preparation for Fidz wedding too. Went with her last week for her baju selection. Interesting... I shall not say further.. hhhmmmm...

4) Been going up & down Peace Centre for printing. Been up & down Muzika & CPF Robinson to meet Melor too. Been going to The Adelpi to see sponsors for the event. Mudah2an things goes accordingly..

5) I receive shocking news from Kak Zul that Kak Sutimah's husband past away in KL. It was just weeks before that Kak Sue so sibuk saying that her husband want to match me with this guy ke apa lah.. Kesian Kak Sue coz all her kids are in Australia & London, away from her. Now she is left alone in Spore. Even before when he husband works in KL, he will come back every weekend..

We're just few more days to Puasa...

So here's Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa to Everyone..

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Kata Orang

Kata Orang
2nd September 2006, Saturday
The Arts House - Old Parliment Lane
Admission is FREE!

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