Monday, February 26, 2007

For Keep...

Surprising how blogs or blogging can bring people togather. Ya I mean it... I sometimes wish I can just goggle for someone's name as long as you can remember the full name it will be better tau. Then you came across the person blog, or even better the friends or anthing about this person on someone else blog. Best tak? Best kan!

I was reading my horoscope on 18th Feb for Leo, it says something like..
Daily Singles : Ask around about a certain someone -- it's a small world and the degrees of separation are fewer than you'd think. Feed their name into a search engine. Information is definitely power now.
So, by chance that same day before reading this via Yahoo, I actually did that. I was actually searching for some old friend. Just wondering how the are doing, married ke, ada anak ke, or if by chance can spot some pictures ke kan.. That pure luck, so if you're lucky enough you might stumble upon some websites or blogs petaining to the particular person. What matters most is, with technology it will bring people closer & bring people back togather...

I wasnt lucky enough lah actually. I cant find a single thing about whoever that person it lah. Yet, its best not to find out then you know something and gets dissapointed about it. So its a blessing.

Family, Friends or Money? Which comes First?
There is no right or wrong answer, because I really feel we need all 3. No way you can leave 1 of these things & be happy about having 2 of those. Seriously... Still its up to us to decide on how to keep them.

Enjoy Saturday SpeakEasy at Glass Hall event. With Paper People & Skinny Muster at the entrance its not empty after all. Wait up for March 2007 new SpeakEasy...

Yesterday, Imran Ajmain had his apperance at White Sand, HPB Anti-Smoking Campign performance. The crowd was not to bad.. Catch more of Imran's performance in March..

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The long Weekend..

On last Monday around 4.15pm, I've receive sms from my cousin Nuri."He has just pass away."
I sms her back, "who?" Deceases is not something you can presume or guess who it is, I just have to be very sure who she mention.
Pak Adek, Ayah's adik ipar passes on over the holidays. The kebumi done on Tuesday 20th Feb. Al-Fatihah to him, Arwah Ihram bin Ahmad.

I enjoy & love being at home over the holidays, for the past 7 years of working I've never had any holiday for CNY. This is my 1st... That explain why I enjoy it the most..

All the popular reality TV & Drama's are back on Channel 5..
The Amazing Race - Monday's 1pm
American Idols - Wed, Thur & Fri 10pm
Survivor Fiji - Fri 11pm
Desperate Housewifes - Mon 10pm, starting 5th Mar
Prison Break 2- Thurs 1030pm, starting 15th Mar

Speakeasy by Beats Society at The Glass Hall, Singapore Art Museum today Saturday, 24th March @ 6.30pm. Admission $2.

An Anti Smoking Campign by Health Promotion Board at White Sand, near Pasir Ris MRT station on Sunday, 25th March from 2pm with performance by Imran Ajmain. Come with you Family...

I have another Link... Come visit

Got to Go..

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Monday, February 19, 2007

From the Past..

When you 'dengan secara kebetulan' met with someone from the past, when you just had a failed relationship or marriage, Dengan Tak Secara Langsung you might think that, “is this a sign?” or maybe you think “ada kah ni jodoh jumpa dengan dia kali ni?”

Had this phobia feeling when the phone rang & feel feverish when any sms comes thru the inbox. Scary amat!

Honestly I don’t wish to be involve with another Duda one more time. Hanya yang termampu hanya berdoa, and the rest just follow what your instinct says.

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wedding is the place to meet people..

We attended Zee & Wan’s wedding today at Yishun. We had janji with Imran & BS boys to be there by 2pm. Raudz & myself was there early, so we helped ourselves to the buffet first. I was busy looking out for the boys when suddenly I saw a familiar face.. Someone whom I didn’t meet after almost 13 years. We just looked at each other until, “Noris kan?”
I said, “Ya…” Then later I start to berpeluh & my heart was beating fasting than anything in this world until I cannot catch them…

13 years ago, I was being faced with a dilemma of two timing both man who were back then at the ago of 31yrs old. They were eager to be wedded where I at that time just started my 1st stable job. I seriously cannot decide who should I go with until I had to make an decision that left me feeling guilty.

Ayie is my closest friend’s hubby’s cousin. We went on a few dates, we share the same birth month. I cant keep up with the pace when he started talking about getting married. Girls at my age that time was eager to get hooked with someone & start a family or something. But I wasn’t ready at that time, there are so many things to look forward to infact. At the same time I was close with Ju from work, then we started dating jugak. He was surrounded by friends who are all married with kids & he was the only bujang at that time. The world was too small because back then, his best friend Yani was married to my ex fiancĂ©e Wak at that time… Anyway, after almost a year of relationship with both I finally make a decision. I cannot decide on 1 person, so I let go both. It all started when Ayie wanting to fetch me from work, I turn him down without valid reason & at the same time I promise to go back with Ju at the same time pray that Ayie don’t came to surprise me kea pa. So I was caught in a situation like, “mampus macam mana ni?”

A few days after that, I started to avoid Ju at work without reasons. We completely stop talking to each other even though we meet each other at work everyday. He wrote me a long letter, Mat Jiwa lah kata, I cant remember if I reply back or not. We were not in touch at all till now. I heard he is still single kot? Entah lah.

Then I avoided Ayie’s calls completely until he asked me whats happening. So I made a big fat lie that my parents do not agree with the whole relationship, so we have end it. So its over with out valid reason again. He wanted to come & meet my parents I said “NO!” Actually memang betul, my mom was furious that no 1, both of them are as old as my youngest uncles age & no 2, in the 1st place I should not be two timing lah kan.. Later about a few years or So my Close friend Atie told me he got married & has what 2 kids ke macam tu lah.. And that was the last I heard about him.

I was too mentah to think about getting married, at 20 yrs old I was not sure if I know what responsible is all about when married is concern. Even more I was surrounded with guy friend at work who are of my generation back then, went on dates with some of them too. Do I sound bitchy?? Tak lah kot.

With these guys, the feelings were different. Honestly I was not Love in comparison with Rizal or Wak, that was at a mature ago of 26yrs old & 29yrs old. When you were at a ready age kan. At 20, there are so many things in life that you would like to achieve & accomplished as well as venture into the world of working, traveling, spending your own hard earn money…

So Today the person whom I met at Zee’s place was Ayie. It was truly shocking! I feel like screaming, you cannot imagine how I feel. Only ALLAH knows.. Furthermore, EX is a NO NO… Lagi lagi if they are married lah kan. I was trying to avoid making eye contact with him. I thought, dah cukup lah tadi bebual kan. Nothing more to talk about pun. He saw Raudz just before he leaves, he wants to see me again!. Alamak macam nak nangis kejap. I just trying to create some conversation, asking him where he stays & how is his family doing. He said, “family hhmmm.. Ok lah..” Lain aje nada tu. I hope I’m wrong, he should be happily married with kids kan. He asked for my number, I look thru my handbag looking for my namecard.
“Dah kahwin?”
I said, “Belum..”
“Belum jodoh” I said again, jawapan template.“Alamak sori I tak bawak name card I lah.”
“Ok takpe just kasi I number you..” he said.
Apa lah bodoh aku ni kan, mesti lah nak key in straight from handphone aje even thoug you were pretended not to have your bloody namecard when its there, benggap betul kau ni Noreez..

Still thinking ‘Alah macam mana ni.. nak kasi tipu punya number ke betul punya eh.’
“K my number 914xxxx6..”
I really give him the correct one, do not know how to lie. Ok now, just hope he will not call you Noreez or If you should see unfamiliar numbers call nanti decide lah nak angkat ke tak. Alah macam mana ni.. Aku worry giler ni.

One of Zee's sister is my junior in USTS. She still looks the same apart from wearing Tudung, Nadirah is Zee's eldest (ke elder) sister. What a small world kan.

Back from Zee’s place I was telling myself, nak kena blog about it. Before that I’ll have to call Nya’ & tell her about it. I called her just before my Asar if I don’t do that, nanti solat tak concentrate thinking about calling her. When I told her he story, she heard the name I mention, she’s shocked but later was laughing her whole hearts out.
“Kau kelakar lah Nya” Chendol kau gelak kan aku.. Aku ada gabrah ni..

Just about to on the laptop, an SMS came in.
“Noris r u busy rite now can I call you?”
Alamak my nightmare has started.. What shall I reply ni? Should I say straight that we should not be in touch or something, or should I make up some other excuses for not wanting him to call.
I replied, ‘Hi, I’m busy having a dinner meeting now.’ Lame excuse she.
He sms back saying that he will probably called me later tonight. There is something that he inserted in the sms… INTAN! That’s my home name, only some people will call me by that name… Looks like he still remember a few things even after 13 years goes by.

So what is gonna happen next? I’m not too sure, but whatever that I feel should be avoided then It Should be Avoided. I know ALLAH is testing me. This is the toughest test that I’ve got to go thru. Anyone can say that, “Alah senang aje tu..” But not for me.. This is something that I have to put myself together & pull thru it.

Yet again, EX is a definite NO NO, especially when they are married...

Anyway, last night we watch CINTA VCD. Nice movie, nice story line but tak lah sad macam other mention. The song is also nice kan.. really nice..

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday You, you & You...

A few ago, 11th Feb was Abang's (TG) birthday... Sorry Abang, I 'play cheat' gambar taken from website.. I dont have your recent photo lah melainkan gambar Anakmu yg cute Irfan aje..

Semoga Panjang Umur, murah rezeki, Insya ALLAH.

Today's this GUYS birthday.
Semoga Album baru mu keluar cepat..

Next week, 22th is this Guy's birthday pulak..
Semoga terus berjaya & menghasilkan lagu2 yg berbaik lagi..


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Monday, February 12, 2007

John Legend - Heaven

I Love & Know his singing ever since Tyra Show featuring John Legend.

Take a listen to him..

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wonderful Weekend..

Have you ever look out of the window & see the afternoon sun & said, “what a wonderful Saturday afternoon this is…”

Or have you get up in the morning & see the morning sun saying, “what a beautiful Sunday morning its going to be…”

Not sure if you notice that you can tell the difference between a weekday & a weekend by just looking at the sun… The Sun looks brighter when its on the weekend.. Or maybe its just me feeling that way…

When I use to work on shift, its dreadful to go to work on afternoon shift on Saturday afternoon. Or working on morning shift on Sunday morning when you know everyone is at home & Mak will buy nasi jeranan or nasi rawan with crispy kerepek with ikan bilis.. “Shiok giler…Nak MC lah nari” This always happen especially when Andak called earlier saying they are having breakfast at our place with his family.. Lagi binggit.. Confirm MC lah…
Life cannot be more wonderful than how it is now… Most of the time I cant tell what day is it today. Unless its Saturday or Sunday like I said, the Sun looks soooo much brighter… Shiok giler. During my younger days, weekend is always the time to look forward to untuk nak merayap with friends. Now I still look forward to weekends eventhough its not making much different apart from not hearing from the banks calling.. haahahha… But weekend is the best time to spend at home. Well ya.. I’m always at home apa kan. But weekends are the time to go out for meeting or other running of errands. Weekend will be the most peaceful period of time.. However just 5mins ago, my peaceful time baru saja di cemari dengan bunyi music dangdut yang bising from the majlis jemputan kahwin di kolong hall bawah… Tapi takpe the view of the Sun is still brighter…

Ok, the week has been fill up with a few new things. I attended a health product talk last Saturday afternoon. Was being introduce with a product that not only help you to loose weight, helps to improve your skin away from pimples & blemishes at the same time helps to prevent problem for the heart, liver, kidney & so on.. Anyone interested to know more Please Please email me.. I’m selling the product myself.

At the same time, I attended the Debt, Credit Counseling talk just last Friday evening. The room was filled up with people whose facing deep Financial problem. I thought my amount of debt are big, however there were people facing $100K & $200K in debts. Gosh, I’m not sure how to face such a problem man.. Anyway, the talk is so beneficial. Just surf the web for CCS – Credit Counseling Singapore to know more. There is another company who helps with debt problem that is Singapore Debts Consolidation Program at You’re not alone!!

I spend some time knowing the route of Singapore this days… Never took a lot of train, bus & taxi rides to places in my life until I’ve got to send CD for distributions… Now we’re assisting in handling Imran Ajmain & Beats Society’s CD distribution.
Beside getting to order Imran Ajmain CD online via Workheart Website, here are the list of places to purchase Dengan Secara Kebetulan CD as well :-
- Muzika Records – Joo Chait Complex & Tg Katong Complex
- HMV – Heeren & City Link
- AVL Video – Blk 505 Jurong West #01-03
- Pop Song – Blk 374 Bukit Batok St 31 #01-232 (near B.Gombak MRT)
/ Blk 131 Jurong East Central #01-269
- Hong Seng – Queensway Shopping Centre #02-41G
- Music Point – Blk 217 Bedok North St 1 #01-63
- Everlasting Music – City Plaza #01-36
- Mustafa Centre – Main Branch 1stFloor
- Sembawang Music – All the 19 Store of Sembawang Music

I sprained my angle, the same right leg again. This is the entah tak tahu ke berapa puluh kali falling on the same leg since my netball school player days man.. I always have my angle guard with me everytime, and I have more than 2 pairs of them..

Celebrating the Victory
Celebrating with the President at the Istana

Oh Yes, Singapore Won The Asean Final last week, with a Draw its a Confirm Win since the last match on home groud was 2 : 1. Bravo Singapore...

Ok let me enjoy the rest of the Saturday afternoon & Sunday will be just as great… More tasks to come next week pulak. Have A GOOD Weekend ahead…

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Its been Rough...

1st Feb, 2007 @ 1310pm

Life is getting pretty rough & tough for me... The days that I've got to go thru are all fear. When night comes, I'm worried when morning arrive and when day passes by I'm concern that night will come by to end the day. I do not know where to start because I really hope it will end soon.

I'm now in a bad financial situation where I dont think other will understand. Since my last job in May, I'm only working on project basis. Not all project get paid good money, some are free. I have absolute no regrets over it because thats what I choose. The main issue was when I invested in our June 2006 project using my credit card hoping to get a good pay back upon completion of event, it turn out I was at a loss. Unfortunately we had to cancel the whole event, we had to decide if we do not want to be burden with further debt with others. In the end, we were personally in debt, a big amount close to $29K! If we go on with the event, I would be burden at 2x loss! So how much we do not want to cancel the event, we had to do it. We have paid deposit to a few places. Paid the advertisement which cost as a huge BOOM!.. We sold some of the unused slot, till now we are not being paid the amount. We send invoice after invoice, still we are not being entertained. How bad can someone in need be, when we dont get what we earn?

So now, that is where the problem arrives. The banks are calling, they cannot help because they are not there to help, whats important is to PAY thats all. Your sad stories, they dont want to hear. I just dont like to argue or beg because they are not very understanding you know. I came across a credit company who can assist to consolidate the amount, the officer whom I spoke to said the amount is 'small', less than $30K the company not able to consolidate. I came to realise there are not many credit company that we can refer or get help from. Most of it are from the US. Until just 2wks back I goggled and came across a credit consultant company that will provide you with talk followed by counsling. They will help you with what to do. If I'm not mistaken they will help to nego with the banks to lower the installment & interest amount. But I will have to see what will happen. I'll be meeting them for counsling nxt Thur 8 Feb.

Honestly, I've been applying for a temp or part time job since last Oct 06. Over 100 application that was being send, only 5 companies called up and attended 2 interviews. Believe it or not, out of 100 only 2 interviews. I thought the media said that there are ample job oppurtunities & availabilities. It seem that they are choosy about employing people since there are many jobs now. I just simple HATE when the requirement mention "speaks English & Mandarin required". Seriously, I CAN speak Mandarin but its Bahasa Pasar if orang melayu cakap. But I dont have a proper cert for being able to speak the language & like I said its not a proper Mandarin so its consider not Certified.. So I just can forget the whole Speaking that Language Idea...

I'm so very worried now because I've been inform that I'll be receiving Letter of Demand. Means if I didnt pay the FULL amount by the date stated then I'll have to head to Court. And from that on, if I apply for any job if being asked "Are you in Debts?" or "Are you in Financial Situation?" I will have to declare YES. Then that will lead me to not being able to get the job! So what is gonna happen to people like me? You're are already in deep Shit with owing from the banks, then you couldnt get any job, then you're required to go to court & then declare you're in debts, leading you further to problem where you're not able to solve??? I seriously DO NOT KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO...

We always see front page stories of the malay papers about people in debts & had to sell the house or being chase by creditors, knock their doors & lelong their stuffs like furniture, TV & stuff like that.. So before you get into all those trouble, who should we seek help from? I called the Credit Counsling company, they direct me to a gov body who will assist in employment. So I called, giving the details to this lady. Asking me why I quit my previous job, asking me what I do now. I said I do events managment, of my own company. Guess what she says? "So your own company should have money what? This is is only for people who are not working... I said I do event, dont get paid monthly. She sounded piss like as if I'm not being resonable or something. She said, Ok then you come for interview tomorrow if you need a job. Honestly, I didnt attend the interview because I'm concern if they asked me the same question and I have my own company what the hell I need a job for! Should I give way to people who really in need, retrenchment & seriously out of job?

ALLAH maha Kuasa, we'll be offered a great Deal, offical PR! Got out 1st pay today, Alhamdulliah. Even how small the amount is, to us is A BIG DEAL... Even its far from enough to clear the outstanding from the $29K but we can work something towards that Insya ALLAH...


2th Feb, 2007 @0030H

Been out from yesterday for meetings, distribution of DSK CD from 3pm. Dealing with Mustaffa was pretty unpleasant. Went to Bugis to ease the craving for Ice Cream & Bubble Tea. Later met Imran at Kampung Glam Cafe, had our discussion. Fulfilled the craving for popiah basah, sedap seh! Wrap up the meeting around 6pm. Expected that it will be crowded at Kallang MRT since the match between Spore vs Thailand. At least I get to watch comfortably at home...

Today we are out again, started the day at 2pm. Send our 3rd batch of the CD at Muzika.. Dengan Secara Kebetulan are really selling fast, Alhamdulliah... Our 1st time visiting Vivo City. Gosh its really big... & I really love the scenary overlooking the Sentosa bridge while we were having dinner at 2Hot. Beautiful...

I have to think hard on what can I do to earn money for myself not to joli but to pay the debts. I do not want to burden my Father further. I'm so embarrased with him supporting me financially, where are my act as a daughter towards the parents when I'm still being financially supported?

I Seriously in need for other business oppurtunity to earn some money. I'll be attending a business oppurtunity talk this Saturday, hope I can come up with someting. Meanwhile, I only have $10 in my wallet. Have to survive with it... Pathetic right!

TruLy NoreeZ

Singapore Menang Lagi - Final 1

Spore 2 vs Thailand 1

I hope some Miracle will happen on the 2nd round of the Finals this Sunday...

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