Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sleeq - In The Q

The Duo SLEEQ, EP will be out & their Launching will be this weekend.
Venue : The Arts House - Ear Shot Cafe
Date : 3rd June 2007, Sunday
Time : 5pm

Do Come, Admission is Free!

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Intan Nazrahayu...
Ku doakan kesihatan anda & kesejahteraan anda sekeluarga yg jauh di mata dekat di hati..
ceh wah!


Happy Belated Birthday to Idi
didnt forget but couldnt blog on time..

I got to GO now....

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, May 24, 2007

There is something about him that I cant get it out of my mind this few days. Not too sure why. Its been 6years since we last in touch & last say goodbye. The MP3 download at Imeem is specially dedicated to YOU. This was OUR song.. Hope you're in the best of health & happy with your love ones...

Ok lets not get emotional now, ish..

The crowds get fewer each day, in comparision to the 1st & 2nd day was 100+ people. Yesterday there was only 18 walk in customer. My team, Karmila, Wong & Boon Kiat end up eating keropok, fries, pau & to a point we get really sleepy & boring, we played UNO.. haahah.. Dont tell other k, we'll die seh.. haahah...

I've been receiving calls for Interview & job offers, alhamdulliah. Thanks Twiny for job vacancy updates too.. If ada rezeki mana lah tahu. Ok, I've 2.5 more days to the part time job. Then will be busy with shows & event till June. I wish I dont have to get a job, if not because of the financial situation. No one can help me except for myself.

I've receive numerous calls from Muzika, customer coming in asking for Sleeq CD Album. Its will only be out END May or Early June. So please take note, otherwise you can also pre-order with us via Workheart email or Muzika shop as well.

Ok I'm watching the American Idols, know that the results was already out in the morning. Trying not to come to CK's blog because I know she'll update it early somehow or rather via AI website or watching at Cable... heehehe..

Anyway, consider expected lah with Jordin Winning.. Good for her lah, however I believe that Melinda will be a Star soon.. she can make it BIG, trust me!

Counting day to APM now. Am I going??? Perhaps...

Ok Ciao dulu...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been out of touch with the net. This is my 2nd week with the CPF Board for the GST Credit assignment. We've been schedule on noon shift so I've been away from my laptop for a week already. Work since Monday was hectic, however the crowd subside this week. Mainly the visited customer are elderly who can read & write, so we assist them in filling up the forms.

I had my meet up with Ani & Ana the Arsad twins almost 2 weeks back. Initial plan was only for coffee, instead we had a dinner treat by Ana at Far East Square. Thanks a million tau Ana. As expected, we shared sooooo much stories. Something in common, now small can the world be. I'm extremely surprise with so much thing that Ani knows, from A to Z...

We were at Warna last Thursday for the Radio interview for Sleeq & Imran. Luck thing, it was my off day. It was raining sooo heavily, we were drenched.

Ok Friends, you all dont have to worry about missing entry on blogger because I just realise it now that while I'm typing this it saves the entry automatically... It says, "Now Blogger saves your drafts automatically!" Isnt it wonderfull!!! Its about time.

I went for an interview at Tanjong Pagar on Thursday morning. Its an admin position at a lawyers firm. Tak sure if dapat or not, if rezeki ada, then ada lah. This Thursday I'll be having another interview as Library Assistant in School. Its a job created by MOE or something.. So will see how. I really need a job to clear those outstanding payment from last year. If its not for that I'm willing to be comfortable with what I'm doing now. I hope I dont have to go back to working man..

I've so much thing to blog about, but I've forgotten seh. Anyway, this is a special entry. Because I dont get to be on the net at office hours & our friend will not be able to answer call when she's at work.. So....

Here's Wishing You...

A Happy & Most Wonderful Birthday, Nya' Nurul

I've got to Go!!...

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Started my part time job since Monday.
Working on mid shift only allow you to wake up, get ready & go to work. At the end of the day, got home, have dinner & then ready for bed..

Will blog when time permits..

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lakisha Jones - Diamonds Are Forever

I thought she's REALLY good, Unfortunately she's out.

With her voice I'm sure she'll get offers for album or what-so-ever...

I particularly love this performance of hers...

Let's Dance Together - Melly Feat BBB

Happy Song..

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

You can vote for Anugerah Planet Muzik via online.

Check out APM website at
Voting rules apply : 16years & above, maximum vote is 10 per person & it end till 27th May 2007.

Happy Voting!

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, May 07, 2007

Did anyone encounter problems coming into the new post page? The 'create' posting page seems to be a little haywire, it looks funny...

I tried posting a You Tube video last night, but its not appearing At ALL! Don't know why... Forget it then.

Anyway.. It was a LONG day last Saturday. Started early, up by 9am, got ready by 11am, left home at 12noon.. Plan to arrive venue earlier than whats been told unfortunately not. Once arrive at Raffles City Mall, you can tell the most of the crowd are coming for BH Mother's Day event at Swissotel. You can tell by all them dressing up for the occasion, if there were a red carpet slot I'm sure it will look like another Music or TV Awards Event... Jangan cakap orang, most of the time I will ask Raudz, "what to wear eh?" I will plan early.

I was getting nervous waiting at the Lobby for Imran, its crowded with people. The come in Van, MPV & mini buses. They must have book more than 1 table for the whole 'keluarga marga'. Its nice to see makciks in tongkat & nenek on wheelchair coming to enjoy Hi-Tea with some entertainment not on any other day, at least on Mother's Day.

Imran did the opening of the event. Even though the 'Syurga Di Telapak Kaki Ibu' song sang serangkap sahaja, it was enough to make my bulu roma meremang.. Don't sure why, but even though I've heard Ghaibmu now & again, I still feel sebak when the song is on Live!

Seriously I was feeling slightly excited at the thought of meeting Gunawan & Salamiah Hassan. Didn't get to speak to them much, believe me Gunawan is indeed Good Looking in person ok! Salamiah Hassan still has that Powerful Voice, fuyooo.. Power abis.

The crowd at the end of the show for photo taking was Beyond expectation... Anyway, we had to leave the place only after the crowd subside.. Its been a long day.

Just lepak at home on Sunday, that's the best that I can do.. heehehe.. Enjoy while it last. Whatever it is, really want to get up early on Monday morning to catch Amazing Race All Star. Wonder who will be the winner.

Today I had to attend training for the part time job that I accepted. Wasn't so bad at all, will be posted to Kolam Ayer CC for 2 weeks starting 14th May. I create small talk with the girl beside me, Nurul. She's posted to Tanglin CC but she's putting up at Tampines. Its a bit to far for her but there's no posting at Tampines areas.

I've made appointment to collect those CD's back. Wasn't too sure what bus to take from Ang Mo Kio Interchange to AMK Industrial Park 2A. I took 261, went round AMK area till AMK Park 1, it didn't pass Park 2 at ALL! Mak ai salah bus. Got down a stop after the Interchange, took 268 which was not from the Interchange actually. Still wasnt sure if it does pass by Park 2. I had to ask the bus rive, he wasn't sure at all. I had to ask a kakak passenger there, she said this bus will just turn to Park 2. Never mind, gamble aje lah. I alight at Park 2, took a long walk.. Lucky enough, I still remdember the lane from the last time I came here.. I send 3hrs on journey to AMK... So penat.

I had to reserve the tickets, no chance of getting the free pass there since they allow only 1+1. For sure, I wouldn't want to Miss it apa!

Glad that Eric & Danielle won the Race, dont fancy the Blondie's so much.. heeheh..

Will be a busy week till the job starts next Monday..

Truly NoreeZ

Thursday, May 03, 2007

So are you guys going for APM?? Grab the chance since the tickets are still going at $40 & $58 till mid May. Or the price will goes up to $58 & $68. APM will be at the Indoor Stadium on the evening of 8th June 2007. And... Voting is still On!

Last Saturday was Speakeasy, we were not sooo busy like any other Speakeasy. However, we're trying to make some changes to the event. For a start, we have meal/dinner for artist & crew. Since we didnt get respond from any sponsor for catering, as usual WH ladies did the simple meal. I got up early to the market, bought a few things. By noon,we did the frying of mee hoon goreng. At least we have a decent meal to fill our tummy & most important its cheaper than going out for dinner. We brought the un cut birthday cake by GoldChocs, did another cake cutting for Imran & Rauzan since they shared the same birthday month.

Tuesday, Labour Day holiday, we're out for Imran & Sleeq performance. Abang (TG) having the Warna Roadshow for Courts so they have the boys to perform. My 1st time at Tampines Courts, but not for Aunty. She's been there couple of times I believe. I've not been to the new Ikea in the East.. how out dated I am.. The crowd was ok-ok, Raudz was concern that the fans might come to the wrong Courts because there's another 1 very near to Tampines Interchange. On top of all.. everything was fine. I saw a familiar face coming thru the door of Courts. Ani ke Ana tu eh? My guess was right cause the one with glasses will be Ana. Furthermore I can spot her kids because she posted the photos via her blog too.. So Glad to meet the Twins on seperate occassions within the same week!

The whole gang went over to Ikea after the show, there was Salim, Ainon, Yani, Maggie & Akeem. Manage to catch FreakyZ busy at work, too bad he cant join us. We headed to Popeyes Airport immediately because it was crowded at Ikea, we just had to have a meal somewhere.. (Popeyes lagi, for the 3x in less than 2 months!) Had a short discussion then we headed home by 7pm.

Its been raining for the past few days... Its making me sleepy(& lazy sikit pun). We had to go to town, need to return the sponsored clothing we took a week ago... Gosh, I cant believe it how sleepy I get. I'm very sure I need a cup of coffee just to keep me awake seh!

I suggested to have coffee with Ani & Ana, since I heard so much already & I want to share some too. Its the BH Mother's Day Hi Tea this Saturday at Swissotel for Imran. By Monday 7th May, I'll be having training with CPF for the part-time job offer they gave me. I'll be starting on the 14th May for 2 weeks.. So most likely we'll be having coffee on 11th May after maghrib, Insya ALLAH.

People are questioning.. What are we doing exactly? Then, are you earning enough? I dont see why I should answer to those question, especially when I dont really know you. I dont get those question directly, so I wasnt that affected. But still I'm happy with what I'm doing, comfortable with the income, of course I dont earn hundreds or thousands dollars lah kan. But I'm still comfortable with my current position. Whatever it is, I'm grateful & syukur with everything thats all I can say.

Its raining again today, we left home at 10.45am it was still sunny I thought. Just when we arrive at Internation Plaza, hujang lebat abis. Luckly we manage to be on time at CT Hall. The interview went well, kind of like it actually...

Tomorrow is another day. Will have to make a few calls in the morning I think. Then comes Saturday event pulak... And the week is over. And we're almost close to half year of 2007! More birthday's coming for May!

I'm concern over a friend, been wondering how has he been doing & where is his whereabouts, in Colorado ke in Msia eh? Well IDI! If you're reading, I hope you're doing fine, update your blog & send some update please will you! heeheh... I'm serious eh. Hang pi mana???

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I have so much going thru my mind. I have things to blog about. Perhaps not today.. Will have to be up early & spend almost the whole day attending to many things.

Whats most important & interesting was what I've discover thru Ani today... hhhmmm... World is too small, indeed. I kind of hilang selera this afternoon after knowing how much she knows about him. Was I trying so hard for people to know that I'm not in any fault?? I'll let others be the judge..

Anyway, I hope we could meet up for coffee Ani & Ana.. There's so much to share... Insya ALLAH.

Blog more soon...

TruLy NoreeZ