Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Eversince we move to this new place, Mak has been actively organizing a senior citizen morning exercise just below our block. Trust me, I lah orang paling pemalas nak wake up to join them : P

Anyway, a few days back someone from the group suggested to put up a small info regards to the exercise group. So today, it's on the Berita Harian. The weird part was, all of us at home notice the article but we didnt read it in full. Not realising that there was Mak's name & contact number.

From this morning I heard her mobile phone kept ringing. As usual she took it forgranted aje. I called Ayah, telling him that "Mak fofular hari ni tau..." She couldnt handle the call for a while, she went kancong.. haahaha.. I offer to help taking the Customer Service role to do call back from the miss calls. haahah..

So here it goes, anyone interested to join her? She had someone from Hougang & Lorong Ah Soo to come join this Saturday already.. heehehehe..

Ekstra! : 20 Jun 2007, Rabu


UMUR memang tidak menjadi penghalang bagi seseorang untuk bersenam.

Buktinya ialah para anggota sebuah kumpulan senaman yang terdiri daripada kaum wanita Melayu berusia 50 tahun ke atas. Usia anggota tertua kumpulan ini ialah 72 tahun.

Ada juga di antara mereka yang menggunakan kerusi roda dan ada pula yang menghidap angin ahmar kecil. Namun, itu tidak menghambat mereka untuk turut sama dalam kumpulan senaman yang telah ditubuhkan enam bulan lalu itu.

Para anggota itu berasal bukan hanya daripada satu kawasan, malah dari serata Singapura. Setakat ini bilangan mereka ialah sekitar 23 orang.

Sinaran Senja menjalankan kegiatannya di tempat meletak kereta bertingkat di tingkat paling atas di Upper Boon Keng Road.

Dengan sekitarannya yang bertaman, tempat ini memberikan pemandangan yang cantik dan mempesonakan.

Ahli-ahli kumpulan ini melakukan senaman mengikut rentak alunan muzik dari kaset radio. Mereka memulakan senaman seawal 7.30 pagi selama sejam.

Pembimbing mereka ialah dua orang yang berpengalaman dalam latihan jasmani. Kebetulan nama kedua-duanya berawalan dengan 'Nor'. Seorang ingin dikenali sebagai Cik Norsiah saja dan seorang lagi Cik Norliah.

Senaman-senaman yang dijalankan merangkumi beberapa kaedah seperti meregang tubuh atau stretching, yoga, senaman pilates dan aerobik. Sebanyak 50 peratus senaman mereka adalah regangan tubuh, lagi 20 peratus adalah yoga dan selebihnya pilates dan aerobik.

Ada kala Sinaran Senja mengadakan aktiviti santai seperti ke pantai East Coast pada April lalu.
Mereka yang ingin menyertai Sinaran Senja boleh menelefon Cik Norsiah Jantan melalui nombor 9451-1710.

TruLy NoreeZ

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I just gamble, goggle for an old friend from the MCKK Forum. There you go, I found his Fotopages... & he just got married last April.

Picture took during BBQ in Gombak, Nurul's Place

Morkymoqq aka Mohsein if you happend to come here.. Congratulation to You & Milla & Selamat Menlayari Gerbang Rumah Tangga...

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, June 18, 2007

Just when we’re suppose to tape the APM at Suria last Friday, our TV couldn’t operate. So had to bring out the small TV from my room just for the sake of APM telecast. At least we get to tape it on time…. So glad that the Pre Show being telecast.

Right after APM week, down with fever, cough & cold. As long as it doesn’t extended for more than 3 days, then its Alhamdulliah.

Been out and about, as usual. Still couldn’t get a perm job as expected. Went to so many interview from last month but luck is still not on my side. Still waiting though & applying still.

Yesterday was the Yew Tee CC – Pertapis show with Suria Artist + Imran. The crowd was good, people come with families. Furthermore it was Father’s Day yesterday. Didn’t really watch the show only caught them when Imran perform. Right after show ends, we couldn’t move out of the place. Instead we were at the holding area until people starts leaving. Manage to see Andak & family since their place is only a few blocks away.

That night, we all had dinner at Bukit Timah – Al Azhar. Raudz has been craving for the satay since the last Suria Segar. We get to taste them 2 Sunday’s back. Rila kept saying, “betul sedap, sedap….” So we all came with a car + 2 cabs. The Skrin boys + Khairul & all of us. The place was crowded with families celebrating Father’s Day. But since we’re so wanting to taste the satay, tunggu lama sikit pun takpe lah. Anyway, the boys with entertaining had to much laughter…

Eversince I start mingling with the younger generations, I felt old actually. Yet again, it was nothing to be ashamed off lah. The BS boys as usual call me Kak Noreez, dulu most of them salam like cium tangan. Now tak because since they start doing that other youngsters coming for SpeakEasy starts calling me “CIK!”
Last night at dinner with the boys, they were talking about their age. All of them are either 24 or 25, apart from Raudz & Imran at 26 Hamizan was the youngest at 17yrs old. Then I asked Shah, “you know how old am I tak?” He jokingly said, “22 kan..?” haahahh…
Then he guess again, “28?” He guess again, “29 eh?”
Ok that’s a compliment lah actually… When I finally told him, he said, “Ohhh…”
Never have I imagine that this is how my life gonna be when I reach the age of 34yrs old. In 2 more months I’ll be 34.. ish besar nya number tu?? I get slightly worried with the increase number but I’m not scared just concern… But I just love hanging out with the youngsters, makes you feel young at heart.

How far can someone be a fan? And how much can you get, expect & hope as a fan? I remember being a fan, infact I’ve been a fan of a few celebrities all my LIFE! From a footballer, to a DJ then Singers, Actors and so on... I’m so well aware on how it feels like. I guess I was lucky at that point because most of the celeb are Fan Friends so I wasn’t really “feeling feeling”. I’m pretty concern over fanatics, they feel Whatthey should take charge. They have a freedom to say things openly like In Love, Kau Miliku. Scary pulak. Some wish to be notice, to be acknowledge all the time… End up, kita yang serba salah, Serba tak kena… So di mana kah letak nya hak kita sebagai peminat, pengemar & artist sendiri?? Fikir kan..

While blogging, I'm chatting with Kak Lin at the same time. I met Kak Lin during the Mencari Cinta Forum. I was told that Elly MC was at APM the other day. She was togather with the Astro team covering the event. How come I didnt catch a glimpse of her eh? surprise nya. All the while I was at the seats behind the artist & media. Apart from that, I should at least get to see her during the post party thingy or something.. bukan jodoh lah kan so tak jumpa..

Got to Go...

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Seribu Tahun Video

Check out my Parents at the back video...

Imran's request :
I want/need black & white, sephia, full coloured pictures of your parent's or grandparent's wedding (sitting side by side, on the wedding dais, or posing together), of any race, cultural, religious background dating back to as early as cameras can get.

Please specify your relations to the people in the pictures, and your full name & contact details. It would be symbolic to have 1,000 pictures for the video but I'd appreciate as many as I can get. Please scan them accurately horizontally or vertically, to maximum resolution, and send them over to with the subject 'Seribu Tahun'.

Do spread the word. I hope they come from people who feel the song or agree with my sentimentality, at least.

TruLy NoreeZ

Where are the CD's available?

In The Q, you dont have to Q...

  • Ear Shots - Arts House, Old Parliment Lane (Central)
  • HMV - CT Link & Hereen (Orchard)
  • Muzika Records - Joo Chait Complex & TKC (Geylang)
  • Everlasting Entertainment - City Plaza #01-36 (Geylang)
  • PopSong Shop - Blk 374 Bukit Batok St 31 #01-232 (West)
  • Hong Sheng Music - Queensway Shopping Centre #02-41G (West)

I'm not in the mood to update. Down with Flu, cough & cold.. all in one, its a package. There are still some more unfinished work to be done.

Right after the APM, Sunday morning was already fill up with Suria Segar. Then comes the invitation from Suria for Anugerah on Tuesday evening. That night, I was already feeling feverish. I knew that I MUST bring along something to cover myself from the cold 'esbox' in the Studio. That night my head already felt heavy. Alhamdulliah my fever subside faster that I expected. Only my cough & cold is unbareable.

Anyway, Watch out for the APM (siaran tertunda seminggu) on Suria Channel at 8.30pm this Friday 15th June 2007, Dont Miss It!

Did I mention that Nya' bought a nice blouse for me to wear on the APM night? Gosh I've forgotten to blog about that. So the gift was flown from KL via DHL. Luckly it arrive on time... But I didnt get to take any pictures wearing them because we were extremely busy with the Stars when the winning was announced..

Shall that a short rest, had to go to a few places later after 5pm...

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Winners, Sleeq & Imran Ajmain

After a hectic APM week, this week its just the same... Last week we're practically running around, this week with paperwork due, both of us felt sick. I had my cough, backache. Raudz felt floating, sleepless night.. Its worst than the busy week. The difference was we were feeling hungry all the time, when last week we just had no mood & selera to eat. Still there are things that are not settle & complete yet.

The only photo I have, taken from Syarif's Friendster... Blog more if time permits.


TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Imran Ajmain & SleeQ WON the APM!

Congrats to Sleeq for Artist Singapura Paling Popular (Via Votes).
Thanks to ALL SleeQ Fans for the votes.

Congrats to Imran Ajmain for Artist Lelaki Baru Terbaik (Serantau), Artist Baru Terbaik, Singapura. Honestly very proud & happy for ALL my Bro… Nothing else can describe those happiness. I owe my Cousin ALOT. Felt really bad, insist on telling people he’s part of the family Not a Driver.

The result was not shown on TV neither was it on Radio. I had to sms to Hidier, Fidz & Ayah. Everyone at home especially those not in Indoor Stadium are Clueless what’s happening & who Won!

Ok Now, Watch Suria Segar Tomorrow Sunday 10th June then..


I’m lost, still not knowing what I want & what to do in life… I guess it must be the mid 30’s crisis thingy or something. I’m feeling inferior over things. The perfume smell filling my room make me want to cry. Ah binggit, while typing this already makes me swell. Fikiran bercelaru rabak. Macam mana ni, otak aku jam? I’m in need to make a decision. Swell, swell…

Ok, so much thing is inside my head now. Not in the correct state of mind.

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, June 07, 2007

APM siaran tertunda on TV (Tapi tak tahu tunda tu a few hours tunda, ke A FEW DAYS!!!!)
So anyone who wish to see Imran & Sleeq perform, I believe tickets APM still available at Muzika Joo Chait. Grab them Now! Or you have to wait for a few DAYS just to watch who won!

busy busy busy....
And anxiously waiting for a delivery from DHL.. better make it fast ok, coz its precious & paid so much for it to be delivered on schedule. They better dont screw up seh.

TruLy NoreeZ

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Its been a extreme busy week. Didnt get to blog.

Some overdue entries :-

  • CK's Birthday wish, but I've sms her at 5am on 2nd June. Tak lupa tau...
  • Taman Warisan, Imran's performances. Meet Azizah, know her since she was in Sec 2.
  • Sleeq + Platform 7 Audition
  • My job interview
  • Collection of Apparel's
  • 'drop my lense' drama!
Its gonna be anyother long day from now onwards till Saturday.
Imran and Sleeq are performing. See you at APM, that is if you're going anyway.
TruLy NoreeZ