Thursday, September 27, 2007

I've just installed a ShoutBox, So.. singgah2 lah...

Had an impromptu Buka Gathering with SH ex-team mates. So much story to tell, so little time. But at least this time almost all the Tekka + Geylang Team manage to get together for a decent meal. I hope Lea could email me some of the pictures we took so I have it posted here.

Today I finally counted the number of day till my last day of service. 11st is my last day, I didnt get to offset any Leave since my service is less than 6months. Its ok, at least its just nice that I'm off on Eve of Raya.

I have not got myself any baju for Raya. Nya' send a Lavender lace for me to get it tailor, unfortunately Aunty She cannot accept anymore for Raya. I have to get myself a ready-made suit then.

Another working day tomorrow till weekend comes.

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, September 24, 2007

I sprained my ankle.. This time its on my left. Sakit nya!!!!
Sucks, its swollen now. Quick thinking, I went to the nearest Pharmacy bought an ankle guard + some menthol cream.

I was telling myself, "jangan kejar, walaupun the green main blinks then don’t cross instead…" so I was just walking on normal pace. Unfortunately, there was a buddle of water & the slope at the traffic light. So malu I scream "Mak!" so loudly.. Malu punya pasal, I continue my walk as if nothing happened but I was limping already. By the time I reach office back again, its already swollen..

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I just heard a lagu raya at Warna, isn’t it too soon to have it aired? We’re only on the 10th day kan?

Anyway, I suddenly crave for mee goreng. Not mamak mee goreng, but the melayu mee goreng… And at the same time thinking about KFC… Ya Ampun, ni lah bulan puasa, buruk betul perangai.

I’m glad that 60% of the work load & burden has been shared with the rest. So I only have 1 pile left to key in to the system. At least at can come to work on Monday with less worries. After having to tender my resignation, nobody even ask why or offer me to stay or whatever. I thought that’s what Manager’s & Supervisor do right? No one even bothered. The thing is me being ego, I do not want them to think that I leave because of the work load. The issue is now the Manager Sucks big time seh. I was telling the rest that I was just taking an easy way out by leaving, however the problem will not be solve when the next person came. Anyway, I’m the 3rd person doing the job after less than 1 year. Then don’t you think you need to check what could be the problem here that people leave easily??? Like I said, no one bothers.

I emailed CK the website for Apartment rental, unfortunately I heard a sad news coming to me from her reply.

Hari ni macam hari malas sedunia.. Apart from the Iftar today at Art House Ear Shot, before that.. I thought.. I should memalas kan diri sebentar heehehe…

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yesterday was our First Ramadhan Show with Mr Boss. Even though we’ve been friends cum family for so long but I’ve never had any buka puasa with him actually. I remembered last year, while I headed back home from Bugis saw Mr Boss & the group of BS crew/artist (at which I don’t know them back then) back from berbuka as well. That was my first time seeing him loose some weight. Even took a snap of his photo insisting to show Raudz.. heeheh..

We were all over yesterday, from Causeway point to Taman Warisan. So many familiar faces at the Causeway point Bazaar. Tak terkutip nak tegur sapa. Azlynah the webmaster was there to drop by as well.

After performance around 4.30pm we left to Taman Warisan. We’re early actually lucky thing they put us at the enclose air con spot. Tak lah lemau sangat actually. I get to visit Iza’s stall just outside the Warisan main entrance. I had to order the Popiah Basah instead because the ingredients run out. Sedap jugak Popiah Iza’, she was really fast in wrapping the Popiah.. pantas. For bebuka we were serve with Nasi Beriyani from Masjid Sultan. I guess they crew cook it themselves, really sedap.. Imagine we eat them on a Big Dulang enough for 4 people, so selera..

We continued the bebuka feeling at Kampung Glam cafĂ© as usual I don’t get enough of the Tea Tarik. Hyrul, Alex & Sani came to join as for chit chat later on. They were there as well at Taman Warisan event. But they had to leave for bebuka elsewhere..

Haiya… tomorrow is Monday!! Its ok, I just had to count days before the sengsara at work ends. Guess what, the Supervisor request me to Print out the 9th July form because there are some form not done since that was my First day of Work tau. Cekik darah. Then I heard that Afida had to cover my job once I leave the place. I thought they will do something like hire more people to handle my tasking job, instead they had to tolak balak to the current staff to do it. Melampau…

TruLy NoreeZ

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I have a LOOoooong overdue posting. Its been a bitter, sweet, awesome, angry, sad, confused weeks & months & many more…

Platform 7 event finals was wonderful. Even though Mr Boss was not around for ‘the hip hop raya!’ we have managed to get together with all the BS crew to make it possible. We started the day every early, we all dress in Black.. strictly Black. Concern that we’ll go hungry for the rest of the day, I prepared Tuna & bread. Unfortunately we’re all TOO BUSY to eat. Zee & Wan came with a big tray of Mee Hoon Goreng mamak. At least ‘business’ was good, finishes almost the whole tray heehehe..

This was our 1st Platform even though its already the 7th event. The experience was so different from our past event like Santai for an example. Its like SpeakEasy but of a much bigger scale. Our very own BS artist who went thru the past Platform event like Krazie Starr, Akeem, Sleeq and many more perform for the event in between performances by P7 finalist. We had the Cute guys from Dose Two & also Rebell Scum both from Malaysia to perform. Altimet did the opening as well. Roslan & Nuwarra are our guest performer too. Hyrul came to watch the show. The VIP section was my ‘jaga’ point.

Finally the Top 5 was announced but I was not there to witness because had to take care of the Admission segregation with Nadrah. We get to take group photo but unfortunately without Mr Boss.. Superimposed & insert gambar dia aje lah sudah.. hehehe..

We were all soooo hungry giler at the end of the day. All of us headed to Lau Pa Sat for late dinner. My stomach must have been really ‘terkejut’ after that heavy dinner I felt like throwing up. Sakit perut amat, sampai ke ulu hati. Gosh, bepeluh peluh kejap.. Luck thing I have my minyak cap kapak with he where ever I go.. heeheh.. The day ended with such a wonderful feeling.

Sunday was spend at home. Andak family with Safiah & Abg Madi came to visit Tok before Ramadhan came. While everyone was busy chatting, Tok came over to join in. Suddenly his vision went blur, he pass out for a few seconds… I was just in front of him but I didn’t grab him on time. He fell & everyone went panic. My knees shake like nobody’s business. I was feeling slight angry with myself because I felt that I was very slow in reaction.. Tok injured his hand, Fidz was around that night to nurse his hand.

That night, I could sleep because the vision of Tok blackout & my slow action bothers me a lot. I woke up every 2 hours & it kept flashing the part when he fell.. Just after subuh, I heard mak in the toilet vomiting pretty badly. I decided not to go to work instead, since Mak is down & my head was spinning so I decided to take MC. I know very well work was pilling (buat ngok suah..) but I’ve made up my mind. There are something else that was bothering me at work actually. Mak throw up 4 more times after that. She got some virus attack however she wasn’t having any fever, headache or stomach ache.

Our plan to spend the almost the whole day together pays off indeed. Wan had already plan with Raudz to surprise Zee for her advance birthday. Raudz & me went to buy the cake + the Sunflower that Zee likes a lot. Meet Mr Boss, Salim, Ainon, H.Kecik, Nadrah + baby Sofea at Popeyes Airport at 2pm. Since its weekday so the place was not crowded. We set up the table before Zee & Wan came. Siap cover punya cover cake it dgn Media Magz.. Boleh tahan jugak.. pandai idea Salim. Zee came with a cheerful look not expecting a cake on the table.. Then we Surprise her.. she really look shocked.. hehehe.. cute Zee. After makan, we lepak one side at the viewing hall to discuss on post P7 event. Plan on bit & pieces on what to expect for next P8 and upcoming plan to make money grow.. Sofea is so well behave, just tagged along with all the aunties & uncles without making much fuss… We left airport toward the evening. Headed to Kampong Glam for tea tarik but the rest still in the mood to eat! Selera besar amat.. Later on, we went to Mosi to spend some more time together, plan a game or two of Taboo.. Cool game anyway. Mosi had to close for the day, we all walk down to Library open space to continue on whatever we left. We totally spend 10 hours together in whole & it was seriously enjoyable.

I’ve finally made up my mind, handed in my Resignation letter just a few days ago. Surprisingly to find out ZhiShu gave there letter on the day I went on MC. We didn’t plan to hand it together, we discuss about it but didn’t actually tell each other when. Anyway I cant stand Managers who think that we have to look up to them for the designation they hold. So if you’re the Manager, act as one please. I was angry to find out that she know nuts about her work I guess, her table is so CLEAN without papers all over or something. It’s as Clean as if the aunty cleaner just wipe the dust only, no tidy up is needed. Rabak! Anyway the work is ok, the load is what I can take it anymore. Actually the pressure starts only when I was inform to hit the target of 70 entries per day. I’m only 2 months there and I still getting use to management time. So how now?? Aku ambik jalan mudah.. so Belah lah apa lagi.. My last day will be on petang raya itself. I’m gonna take a week holiday break & then I will start looking for a new Part Time job I hope. Anyway if I have to survive on my own, I do not have to work. Its all because of the loan that I have to spend at least $750 per month to pay in the next few years.

Puasa has been ok this few days and Today’s the 3rd day. My eyes are so use to get up early, even though I set alarm at 9.45am to get up I was fully awake up 9am. Trying to pay back some sleep actually.. hehehe.. it didn’t work.

Mr Boss will be at Causeway Point today afternoon & Taman Warisan at the late afternoon with Iftar… Receive a delivery package from Nya', its a cloth material for Baju Raya. Unfortunately Aunty She's not taking anymore tailoring now. Of course I'm already so lambat. Anyway, I will get it done for Dier & Zaf wedding aje lah.. Thanks Nya' for the Lavender Lace.. so Pretty..

TruLy NoreeZ

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Maroon 5 - Wake Up Call - Official Music Video