Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I was dress in kurung pahang on dark blue songket, guest has arrived.
I made a call, "Abang, you all dah kat mana??"
"Dah nak sampai ni, belok ni dah sampai rumah you ni."
"Ok I tunggu.."
Minutes later, he arrive with blue baju melayu with this rombongan.. I didnt really see him but i know its him.

Then I heard M.Naisr lagu raya in the back ground.
"... salam hari raya, bersinar akhirnya. Ini lah hari kita....."
That was my Radio alert ringing, Chendol!!!!!!

Eh apa hal nya aku mimpi nak bernikah dgn Rizal.. Why I know its him is because he's the only person I call Abang, expect for Abang Tahar & Abang Madi of course. That was why I'm dress in songket & whatever. The dark blue songket tu memang Mak bought for me from Terenganu years back cuma betul berkesempatan utk buat apa2 lagi. Eh, kelakar.. kelakar..

A few days ago, I plan to meet Zee at Jurong East MRT for an interview at JobDB. So I was at the MRT station earlier, waited for her. Just when she arrived, I saw someone familiar behind her...
"Eh Man 2By2??"
"Ah Man 2By2!!! Mana Kak Intan???"
"Cepat Zee..."
I approached him, asking him if he's Man. He was not sure who I am. But when I mention Raudha's name, he said.. "Oh!"
Make small talks then I left with Zee.. When I told Zee how we met & know this guy, Zee was laughing non stop... Anyway I got the job, will be having training today at 2pm at Jurong East again. I hope I dont have to meet Man again, malu aku.. haahah..

Its always the case when our meeting is not planned, its always the best hang out. I will always not enough if its not till mid night. I'm glad that I feel much better talking about it before the real meeting with the 'big people'. Now than I know clear what is bothering him, there were so many pointers on why that decision is made. However we'll see how things goes before any drastic changes & decision to be finalised. Hope for the best..

TruLy NoreeZ

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pictures first, story later... This is the 2nd Raya at our New Home.

24th October 2007, Wednesday.
Ok Friends, its time to fill in the TEXT.

Since we move to our new place last year and Tok is staying next to us, Raya has been different. We have decided to stay indoor instead. As usual, 1st & 2nd day of Raya priorities goes to the Elderly family members. So the Grandparents place has the most visitors.

Last year, the 3 anak dara has been busy in the kitchen & our time at mostly spend on 'bancur air'. So this year, Raudz suggested buying the Bottle drinks & just 'tuang aje kat cawan cawan glass tu & hidang.. Abis cerita. Since rumah ni yg ada hanya Raudz & me yg menyibuk kan..

Mak's New Curtains...

We were so exhausted on the 1st day of Raya as the guest was non stop! But I'm glad that I met most of the sepupu & dua pupu & kupu kupu!.. I'm not surprise if I met them outside, I will not know that we're related because we meet once a year aje.

So on the 2nd day, Raudz suggested for Tok to come over to our place so if serak pun nak kena kemas only 1 house. So we close Tok's place & guest are requested to come to our house instead.. Ada aje plan nya..

Old photos in my room
The walls in my room is quiet empty, so Mak found this old photo/picture frames from the old house and I hang it instead.

Cousin's & Aunties on 1st Day Raya

Cousin's corner..

The picture above were from 1st day Raya. My cousin's & aunties gather at our place because Tok's guest has fill up the whole hall way..

Irfan Tahar, 13mths.. Cute nya.
On Monday, 3rd day of Raya we have started our Puasa6. So we didnt actually go anyway, furthermore since I've ended my contract period its time to stay at home again!... So now we've completed our Puasa6, we just start Raya again just last Sunday.
Abang and family came over in the evening. Irfan is already so big, the last time I see him was on Fidz wedding when he was only a few months old.. Cute geram aku nak Gigit!

Back to my Home Office Corner.. I Love!

So I really love to be back to my 'office'. As you can see, TV on the left, Laptop on my bed.. Thats now 'manja' I am, so when I'm tired, will just lie on my bed.. shiok betul..

Last Sunday, we went to visit a few houses mainly old folks. We manage to visit Nan's place with Dier & Zaf last week. My 1st time meeting Mus after a long time. I told her that I'm Nuri's cousin & we've met year back at Dakota Campus, she cant recall. Dada's so big & cute, Dier has forgotten to snaf some pictures of Dada..

This weekend is back to work. Mr Boss & Boys will have their Raya show & invites all over the places. Till then..

TruLy NoreeZ

Ingin Mengucapakan Salam Lebaran Pada Semua
Maaf Zahir Batin
Happy Holidays...
TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Last Saturday schedule was packed with show for the Boys. It started as early as 2pm. The performance at 987 show in PS was testing the Boys as well as myself actually. Imagine the hot afternoon sun in the mid afternoon… ish, even more it was outside PS under the tent! Ish ish ish.. ALLAH saja yang tahu.. Sabor aje. I have been visuallising the Donut at PS, so I don’t wish to delay the purchase eventhough the show was on going outside. Luck enough the Q at Missy Donut was not as long at the one at Raffles City eh.

We manage to call for a 7-seater to get to Taman Warisan for the CD FITRAH promo. Almost all the artist involve was there, Hyrul, Fauzie, Tengku Adil, Solihin... Mr Boss came for iftar together even though he just got back from KL that late afternoon.

My first time having cold drink for breakfast, not like usual Tea Tarik or Kopi Susu.. And my first time trying out ANYTHING & WHATEVER for Buka too.. We were all busy tasting each other drink since we'll only know once we sip on them. They serve ketupat with sambal goreng & lodeh… "dah raya eh? Ketupat semua ada dah.." Eversince I claim craving for Mee Goreng melayu, my rezeki came with Cik Salmah Lopez made them last week & then at Taman Warisan they serve them as well.. Right after Buka, we were getting ready to head to TKC.. Things didn’t go as planned, so we had to head home. The crowd at Geylang, mak oi.. Mana datang orang ramai2 ni semua sehh. Zana tried calling me a few time but I didn’t hear them.. Its too noise what.. She & Fairul were shopping with the in-laws.. Came by to say Hi. Took the bus home, don’t dream about taking a cab from Geylang back home. That night, I had a terrible headache. Actually I was controlling them from Arab street.. I was sound asleep till the next early morning for Sahur..

Each time I listen to the Dikir Temasek Raya song, reminded me of my school mate. There were 2 person who had similar names since my Kindergarden & Sec School days - Herman. One is Herman Sulaiman - or we normally called him Ah Chong & the other is Herman Suradi.. I cant recall his nickname. I'm still in touch with Ah Chong, we're still neighbours. Herman Suradi use to stay in the same block as Tok, after which he move out. Then we lost touch… Back in Sec Sch, Hari Raya School concert will be the busiest time. He is activate with School Band, Band Boys Group as well as Dikir Barat. Infact Both Herman is in the Dikir Barat group. So each time the Dikir Temasek Song's on Air, I will always be reminded of Raya School Concert & of course my school mates.. Herman Suradi.. Mana kau eh?? Dah kahwin ke belum mamat ni..

CK sms to inform that they'll be moving out after mid November to East Coast area. Not too bad actually.. At least she'll still be here & the family will not be seperated.. Alhamdulliah..

Yesterday the Boys had photo shoot with BH, at Taman Warisan. We were there till almost 10pm, the security had to chase us out because they are closing. So catch their news with in this week probably..

Ok I'm counting days… But I don’t really have that ROD, laid back mood. Work still goes on, I have no complaint...

You know what, I feel like eating Donut again.. Malas pulak nak ke Town & Q for it. Hai ngantuk pulak mata aku ni, anyway its Break time now..

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Work has slow down, since I've given the new guy who's taking over the job task since this Tuesday. Now I'm just clearing whatever back dated form that was not done.

A few days ago someone approached me informing on the error I made on a particular application. She 'sergah' me as if I've been doing the same error many times. At least if you have told me nicely I would accept it & rectify the error accordingly. End up since I was so kancong by her approached, I then realize that I didn’t amend the mistake & clear the case. She was so annoyed with me & I think it made an impression that I'm such a 'selengeh'. Peduli lah.. Is not that I'm friend or close to her anyway..

I've been the FAN of the radio since I started this job. I listen to both malay stations, back & forth for a total of 11hours per day! Imagine that.. Now when lagu Raya is one, I'm even more exited waiting for those Fav song that you listen only 2x per year to be aired. Morning I will listen to RZ&Shai, then I swap to Abang's program at 10am.. Then I just go back & forth between the two station, in the search on who has aired Mr Boss Tidak Lama Lagi Raya Song.. Hehehe.. Show listen to it!

Right now AZ new album is the talk of the town.. From the pricing difference to the selection of song to macam macam lagi lah.. Honestly, when I first heard Lelaki Ini, I thought.. Tak macam his usual balada song. Only after listening to it 4-5 times then I've manage to absorb the aura of the song. That’s what the 'kelainan' that he's looking for I assume. I've yet to listen to Teman Terulung AZ version, have listen to him singing live to us like 2 years ago.. Have heard Azalea/Naz version some time back too, but have yet to hear it placed on air by AZ.. Actually kan, HAVE YET to buy the CD eh!! So much of being the FAN, CD pun belum beli.. Apa saja. Should buy 1 for Andak too.

You know what?? I'm multi tasking between updating my blog & at the same time doing my application entries at work. I always Like to do that. I remember being called for 1to1 session for doing personal email & answering call. Ahahaha… peduli apa aku. Because why, I do not want to miss the entries & ideas, stories that I want to blog about. Or else the momentum dies down & I forget what I want to blog about. So I multi task.. hahaha

Spoke with CK last week, a Penantian tu satu penyeksaan. Now then I understand what is going thru her mind.. Jadi pindah ke, tak jadi? Nak move out ke, tidak lagi. Nak kemas ke belum lagi? Nak berangkat ke KL ke, masih nak stay kat Spore lagi?? Confuse giler!!! Ibarat gantung tak bertali..

I hope I can kemas my room this week… And I hope I can start puasa back tomorrow!!!

TruLy NoreeZ

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

As promise, here are the pictures from the last breakfast Outing with the Tekka & Geylang Gangs.
The Surprise birthday cake from Ernie & Teeba for the August & September Belated Birthday celebration. As practise for more than 5 years, it seems that a must to Celebrate our birthday even though we are already away from them.. Thanks Ernie & Teeba!!!!

Shanti & Ralleeah's birthday was only a few days after this celebration, whereas for Zana & Me it was Last August..

After having Nasi Briyani at Sultan Cafe, we all headed to Bugis Village. Manage to get some shots at Bugis Junction... Check out Teeba & her sexy short skirt, mak datuk!! heehehe... So much about trying to Puasa for a day hari tu Teeba..
Anyway, they are already planning for another Geylang outing!!... Sorry Gang, I will not be able to come along..

TruLy NoreeZ

Monday, October 01, 2007

There is something about the Month that make you feel touch, sad emotional everytime. Or is it because of the Raya songs, especially songs like Pulanglah from Aishah, Bersabarlah Sayang from Anuar Zain or maybe Sepasang Kurung Biru from Khairil Johari Johar??? At this point of time, it makes you think & recap on the past. Think of the people from the past that brings back memories in your life or people who is not here anymore to celebrate Ramadhan & Syawal with us.. I get emotional very very easily this days. Probably the time of the month of something..

Anyway, last weekend was free. Mr Boss's away for a week so there wasn’t any shows to go places with him. On Saturday morning went Geylang with Mak. That was my 1st Geylang trip, since I have been going to Arab Street past weeks. I have not purchase any baju for myself.. Seems that the prices are really up, way way over from my budget. Mak insist we go again on Sunday, bring Raudz along to get ourselves at least 1 suit. On Sunday morning by 11am, we all went Joo Chait again. As expected, the place is crowded event the ATM machine Q is long… Headed straight to the shop that we aim at, saw Salim's cousin again. Saw his yesterday, The shop is their Cousin's. We all each bought a suit to wear for 1st day at least. The rest of the days pakai baju tahun lalu sudah lah…

Ok I bought a new phone.. N6288. I still fail to load & send email via MMS so that I can post some pictures here..

Mak on out bus ride to Geylang

Just look at the MMS photo quality, dont ask me what she's doing on my bed! heeheh..

Jojo & Fidz came to break fast at home with all of us...

Truly NoreeZ