Thursday, January 03, 2008

I am hooked to Multiply now because most of my classmates from the Sec School are there as well. And that’s where we all get connected since the reunion.

I think last 2 years, I was watching this reality show on TV called High School Reunion. It was telecast on every Friday after mid night. Since then I’ve always been dreaming on how will it turn out if I meet all my sec school mates back. Its going to be very exciting, I said to myself. And the 1st thing that came across my mind was, “wonder who else is still single eh?”

So as what Raudz & Fidz always says, the law of attraction.. And it really works..

After 18years, we all get together back again it was really emotional and a memorable one… Pictures does all the talking..

Rohana & Julyani

The classmates

The Guys

Last week we went to visit Nazrah & baby. Congrats on the new arrival again.

Its already 2008, and the only ‘disturbing’ thing about the year is… I will be 35 yrs old. And in 5 years time I’ll be 40! Mak Ai!!

Ok, 2007 has been wonderful. With the presence of Beats Society event & project including Mr Boss involvement in the Industry its making WorkHeart busy. Thank You & Alhamdulliah rezeki tak putus. Walaupun belum lah jadi kaya raya, tapi still Bersyukur…

I’ve been working temp here and there in the whole 2007. At the same time I’ve been busy with monthly event by BS as well as event, showcase & project with Mr Boss. Its been great..

At the same time, my reunion with my Sec School mates marks the closing of an awesome 2007. I’ve been meeting people from the past in 2007. And again today, I’ve just saw another one. It was pretty obvious that I pretended not to see him, we were in the same bus for goodness sake! I seriously pretended not to notice him, he passes by me. I do not wish to look at him at all. Please!

I got in touch with an ex, but this one I actually search for him. Reason being, I know all the while back then I made a HUGE mistake for leading him on. So I thought, I should do the right thing by saying sorry cause I was a jerk! Hahaha.. Seriously, I emailed to him. Said sorry.. But I do not wish to go any where further than just being friends back again.

At the same time, last year I met another ex at Zee & Wan’s wedding. That one I shall not comment anything. Because I know he was ‘looking for something more’..

But still meeting my sec school mate is the best thing ever. The memories we had is beyond any other thing. If anyone would like to see how I look like 20years ago, you all should see this…

During raya back in 1989

On 30th December 2007

Was there any much changes in me? heeheh.. Gemuk nya aku sekarang.. ish ish...

Happy New Year to All..

TruLy NoreeZ