Friday, February 29, 2008

4 Tahun Sekali...

The last movie we watch was when Jojo was out of Town & the 3 of us went out for midnight movies.

So today, the girls plan this morning to meet at Bishan at 6pm.. And.. Everyone was late expect for Fatin! The movie was at 7pm, we went in at 7.15pm and Ms Aden & Ms Husna came almost 7.30pm! You guys didnt actually miss so much.

We watched The Leap Years, honestly its GOOD! The story line is great, the flashback I like it. Like some stories its predictable, but not this one. Li-Ann is the story teller. I didn't know her husband who's been in coma for so long is actually Jeremy. Not until she told the daughter towards the end of the story about how they meet & at last get married. The story is touching.. And Ms Fatin cried and Ms Aden was trying to control.. So as the rest..

Its a local movie by Mediacorp Raintree. Give some support, The movie is Great!

Anyway, nice evening with Izzati, Fatin, Adilla, Husna... and the 2 guys!

I was up at since 8.30am. Early breakfast, then went out to send the Imtiaz banner for printing & collect the DSX banner which was ready by then. Poster Connection factory is just walking distance from home, in which I dont have to go to Sunshine Plaza anymore from now on. The pricing is the same anyway. Came back home, went out again to buy stuff for lunch. Mak help with the Mee Siam goreng for crew simple lunch.. Just after zohor, we left home to Arts House.

We were there early, unfortunately only able to get band & sound to set up at 4pm!... I decided to have my lunch/dinner early, grab the mee siam goreng duduk kat tangga exit tu makan aje lah...

Glad that At the Door purchase was great. However as usual, there were almost 10 ticket order who either didnt call back to infrom they decided to cancel/cannot make it. Or they just 'buat bodoh' about it and make us wait for fund transfer or collection at the door. But orang mengharap...

Thanks to Izzati & Adilah who help us with the ushering. They were there early to assist us around.. Alhamdulliah. I shall not say much, those who were there will know who 'enjoyzing' we all were.. Thanks to Imtiaz who have made the crowd go CRAZY! (bukan main lah Dee jerit paling kuat kata Kak Raudha!)

Credit to Vintage, SV, Zee PlayPause, Fatin for the photos that I grab from them..

Credit to Noraries for the Video - Tanya Sama Pokok & Menimbang Rasa.. Love the song!

Nadra & me at the reception.. sempat posing minah ni..

Thanks to the Rizal Wicked Aura & Gang for the live band! Thanks to CellCity. the media guest. Thanks to Muzika Joo Chait, Thanks to those who were there...

Thank You!

So whats next Imtiaz???

Monday, February 25, 2008


I spend so much time with mail & phone calls, working with the minimum budget... The request has been turned down. There are things that need consideration.

I don't like to say bukan rezeki. Ok I think I'm lembab sangat kot!

APM on 20th April 2008, KLCC

Izzati & Me were sooo busy sms & calling each other. I was out when Raudha sms me to listen to the Radio. So I just had to call Izzati to keep me updated in any case I miss out the nomination..

So.. APM is gonna be at KL this time.. Will update more on the nomination. But for SURE, Those that I've heard are :-

Imran Ajmain is in the Nominations for Artist Lelaki Paling Popular.

And I heard Elfee Ismail & (A10) Imran Ajmain name on which nomination again??? I miss it.

Lagu Paling Popular Regional : L12 Seribu Tahun - Imran Ajmain.

Will update the actual nomination accordingly..

Feeling Better, Busy Week.

The tablet last night really works. I sleep soundly & feeling much better this morning..

We slightly behind time with work. I hope to get it settle by tomorrow & get it Ready by Wednesday noon.

Ok we still have tickets for DSX with Imran Ajmain this Wednesday.. Yes its THIS WEDNESDAY! So for those who have made orders & have yet to make fun transfer, please do so.

We still open order till today probably, you will have to collect them on the Day of the event instead of me mailing it to you. Otherwise you will have to buy at the Reception Table on Wednesday evening at $27.00

So here's the details again, just in case..

Venue : Arts House, Chamber

Date/Time : Wednesday, 27th February 2008, 8pm

For more enquiries please visit

or you can call our enquiry hotline 82255034.

Thank you!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jemuran di Pantai East Coast...

Now I'm feeling bodyache & headache after that long 'jemur' at East Coast beach the whole afternoon. Macam nak demam pulak rasa nya. I hope Not! There will be tonnes of work to do before the Big Day for Mr Boss on Wednesday at Art House Chamber...

It was a nice afternoon & its been soooo long since we attended such a show out door. Back in the early 90's there have always been road show & Konsert Mesra at places.

Anyway, I've just 'telan' 2 tablet for musle relaxer.. Will be feeling drowsy soon I hope.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Man's going to have his 2nd concert, this time at The Arts House, Chamber.

Do make your bookings fast and we'll advise you on the payment transfer accordingly.

Please, Please do not book & finally decided that you're not able to make it, then you refuse to pick up our calls or answer the sms.

visit for more information on this event.

Thank you!

TruLy NoreeZ

Pesta Pesta Pesta

Imran is being nominated for Penyanyi Paling Jiwang (Most Emotional Singer) during his performance in Suria Raya Karnival 2005.

That was his first TV appearance where he sang Seribu Tahun on Hari Raya Eve.

Imtiaz, cast your vote now at

TruLy NoreeZ