Friday, May 30, 2008

I was not formally infrom that its his last day. Actually I'm pretty sad, because he is the most fun person to work with. I just like the way he speaks, talk and joke about. A miss I must say, another sole who's being asked to leave thru that open door and its an absolute hush hush. To him, the best of luck. Some one will deserve something better always.

I know what you did, but I shall not say much. As I'm human, we make mistake in life. He's life has always been involved with either someone who left him for someone else, or some married woman or divorce one's. I shall not say much AGAIN because I'm not sure where will I land myself into in the future..

I've requested to have some time to myself. Will only talk once I'm fully ready. Its been 4days, and I'm still considering to proceed or to give it a go. Only time will tell...

I spend my time with Za again. This time its till 1am! hahaha.. We meet up in the East, over cup of coffee and tea with toast bread - Za's treat again. It was around 8pm, as usual my story telling didnt stop. Za listen patiently. We seriously 'pick up from where we left' without any delay. There was so much thing to catch up on. It was almost 10.30pm when Min called Za after he finishes his class. Wanted to give me a ride home, instead they suggested on Supper. Apa lagi, story telling continues.. hahaha.. Za know me well, knows how our parents style of bringing us up. No late nights, calls home when you're late..

What is inside my head now? I dont know, I felt that I'm in total mess. Like berserabut! I'm back to asking 'what is it that you want in life'. Seriously I have not found the answer to that question.

Last weekend, I spend at CCK1 sleep over. Help Liyana with packing for her Philippines trip. Went to Queensway Shopping Centre to shop (I still owe you!). Went to CCK2 Dier & Zaf place for their small BBQ session. So Liyana left to Manila Tuesday. That same day, I had to send document to the local post. Decided to have it done at Kiliney Branch since it operates till 9pm. Had already made plans to maghrib at Al-Falah. I didnt know that their ladies are on renovation. Had to 'wuduk' at the car park toilet, a slight hassle actually. So Ladies, in case you didnt know its a reminder.

Blogging has my next bestfriend, because it has been my main target to trash my feeling, thoughts and everything in here. I miss him dearly, but I respected the choice to not to get myself involve. Whatever will be, Will Be!

Sunday there will be a wedding to attend. Khalil's wedding, dah besar budak tu dah nak kahwin pun. I met a 2nd cousin in the same office building. Azhar Aziz, anak Cik Mun working at Fusionopolis, the service facilities team there. I've seem him for more than 2 weeks I was there. But he only notice me when we were at JVC to buy lunch. He didnt notice all the while we took the same transport.

I'm super addicted to Mandarin series I tell you. I'm watching this series with Christopher Lee, Felica Chin. I think its th last episode today or something..

Ok thats enough for today. I have things line up for tomorrow. Update my CV, send some job application, to finish reading my book and return them soonest, merayap hehehe...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I speak to soon, its only been weeks. But I'm already feeling Rimas & Lemas. Actually the sign is already so clear, how could I have ignored it.

Its all wrong! Now I've got to clear my own mess that I've created. How could I get myself involve, yet time and again I've said to go with the flow. Now I've got to sit down and think on how to solve this.

Good Luck to me!

TruLy NoreeZ

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do You Remember...

The week has been awesome. And today is the only day that I stay indoor right after work hahah..

There are 2 person in my whole life that I call them Best Friend. 1 is a classmate in Sec 1 & 2, whereas the other is a friend of 18year. And this week I spend my time with them, Nya' and Za, after so long.

Tuesday, I meet up with Nya'. As soon as I receive the SMS from Ayah saying that Ustaz is not feeling well and Klass has been cancelled. I change the plan, alight the MRT and hop onto NEL to Habourfront. It was nothing much, just sit down over Coke and Rojak Buah & Carrot Cake. Tu aje dah cukup shiok! We ride on the NEL back home to Boon Keng & Nya' at Punggol. To Nurul Shifa, Happy Birthday to you.

Yesterday, I sms Za in the morning after that we exchange sms the whole afternoon. I feel that puas that we had to sit down and chat instead. I've always send her impromptu sms to meet up, but the time was always not right. Fortunately, yesterday she agreed to meet after work. Actually I was pretty excited to meet because its been 18years since we meet up. Apart from the time I saw her on the MRT about 8years ago, we didnt chat much.

I took the MRT to Tampines sms Za to meet around 7.15pm. The minute we saw each other, I cant stop talking and laughing. We settle down for coffee at StarBucks Tampines Mall instead. She said I look the same, but Za looks good to be compared when we were in our lower secondary, she is slimmer now. I told her I'm still the same kan, chatty and non stop talking hahaha...

We touch on a lot of things, from sch days to those guys I had crush on. To our common friends, to life stories about us that we miss out alot. Didnt realise that it was 10.30pm, Her husband called saying he has arrive but we felt that our stories has not ended! We plan to meet and continue stories again. Actually I know Za's Husband during my airport days. I'm sure Y will know him too because Y and me use to solat at the same Surau as Za's husband. Until after many years that I know that he is my best friend husband. Za share the same birthday month as me. I never forget the date and each year I always hope that I can locate her 1 day. Za, we meet again next week insya ALLAH..

I had a history of thyroid. Base on my last medical check up about 2-3 years back, I was infrom that the sign of it is no longer there. I recalled on having to take medication for a short while and Alhamdulliah, its gone.

When he told me that she passes on due to Thyroid, I was surprise to find out that she actually know about it however she refuse to seek treatment. She probably had to go for operation but she do not want to do it all for the 3 kids. If she had someone to talk to and seek 2nd opinion things will not be this way.

He told me that she was admitted since Friday, before that she cant eat, cant sleep or even lie down. The same day she was admitted she went into coma. We went into operation but doctor has infrom him that she is critical. The next day, she was already on live support. Doctor said that he had to make a decision because they have tried their best but she had to depend on live support only. He felt his knee went soft, he thought he might just fall or probably faint at that time. That night, everyone had to side by her side to baca Yassin. He still think that he had to make the decision. He whisper to her saying, 'if you need to go, I am willing. I will let you go if its suffering for you this way. I reda if you leave me and the kids.' He told his mother in law, that she has the right to have the say. Eventhough he is the husband. MIL decide to let her go peacefully rather than having her on live support. Doctor said that, she's has internal bleeding at that point. On Sunday night before midnight, they took off the live support and she went away peacefully. Hope she rest in peace.

I felt that he is just being strong, but you never know what is in his head and his heart. I'm sure there are adjustment and changes that requires to adapt to. Its always not easy, because you are use to doing the same thing for 15years or so. And now its different. I'm sure he can handle it, its a matter of time. And to his 2nd Daughter, Happy Birthday to you Today. I hope you will be a strong girl.

Today I asked if my contract is extended since they have agreed its up till end of May. I was inform that I'm needed till end of June instead, then from that they will decide. So should I make Plan B?

So what is in store for the weekend? I've yet to plan it..


Monday, May 19, 2008

Its the longest conversation after more than a month we get in touch. Is it a kebetulan or its mistake? It lasted for 33mins 22sec. See the number?I didnt calculate them, I happen to view it on my last duration on my phone lah.

We talk about old times, from our last date at Parkway to the Song that reminded us of each other. We talk about the photo of me & Ad which was still hanging at an her desk, its been there for more than 10 years. The photo should not be there, it has created hurt on so many people's heart. Someone else mention it before, he threw the elastic band at my picture feeling angry.

I shall not say anything more. Because my mind and my heart didnt sing the same song. I will leave it to faith. If our path cross, then its all up to HIM to decide. Because we happen to meet before and after, after almost 15years.

This is/was our song... (Honestly, now I feel that its the most 'kental' song ever!)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Long Weekend..

I've been waiting for this weekend, all because of the holiday on Monday.

This week has been a busy day with interview arrangment for CH and Linda. Then came a new perm staff a fresh graduate. Understudying me.. I think its more to taking over my Aquisition job from Steve's.

I had a few impromptu meet up with a few people. On Tuesday, I had to send some document for Steve. Not familiar with the location of the SingPost at our new office area. I had to go to the SingPost at town since it closes as 9pm. SMS Nya' if she is available to meet for a while. She had to collect the coach ticket near there, so we end up meeting up for Dinner.

Meet at PS, it has been our hang out place during our younger days. We had dinner, its been some time since we had a decent sit down dinner conversation! PS is so 'lenggang' this days. I didnt realise that the Cuppage Food Court is no longer there. We had to settle for dinner somewhere else. Do not want to be back late, Nya' suggested sending me back by cab just like old times...

We had our double date at PS before. Alot of times, we go out the 3 of us, Nya' her bf back then (arwah) Rhymie & me.. Time flies after more than 15years, and here we are again, being a different person all together.

I went to watch What happen in Vegas on Thursday. Left office late, decided to catch the movies instead. The story is so kelakar but at the end of the movies its touching a bit lah.. On Friday, with all the interview going on, I had to leave office late. Receive an sms from Kak Liza suggesting for coffee hang out. Saf is free for that as well, so as Zaf as she drives to work today. So I said YES!

Meet them at Raffles Place, Zaf came to fetch us to Al-Ameen to buy dinner. Brought the whole tonnes of Roti Nan & Butter Chicken to CCK2. The rest came to gather.. The rest decided to leave home after mid night. Andak suggested I sleep over their place instead.. Its too late.

I left CCK1 at noon. Reach home to change, then left for HMV. Mak & Ayah reminded of Mama, Mak Uda & Mak Adik departure for Umrah that day. I decided to meet them at the Airport instead. I meet the cousin's on my father's side once a while, especially if there's gathering or weddings. Although, we dont meet often, but still I'm close with Nuri & Mala since they are from my "generation". During my younger days, we use to play, hang out and go out together when they use to stay at Blk 8 and me at Blk 6. That's one of the reason for us being very close.

Ah, its sooo good that know that you DONT HVE TO GET UP Early Tomorrow yo! Shiok nya.. I have to seriously catch Khabi Qhusi Khabi Igam!

The (Mom's side) cousins are playing Badminton this evening at Woodlands Stadium! hahaha.. Badminton seh. I know nuts about badminton mind you.. I will just come to watch hahah...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

TO ALL Mothers, Friends, Sisters, Cousins..

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Di Izin Kan..

Since the trip to work takes 25mins of the train ride, you might never know who you might meet along the way. Unfortunately, I had to wear my spec today because My Lenses got wash down the sink!

Baru nak melawa hari ni, since there were going to be some visitors to our new office.. Off all day, it has to be today. Just when Alex my optician sms me to collect my new lenses, I told him I will collect it today instead. And this morning it has to go down the sink! Cekik Darah betul lah... Tak di izinkan untuk pakai lenses, later on sabun pulak masuk mata.. Terpaksa lah pakai specs..

An sms at 7.45am really make my day, but I rather not be too happy about it. Actually I was happy lah.. The network at the new building is VERY BAD. The call at noon, I didnt get to answer it at all. I got really mad, but it was actually a sign. Wasnt aware that my office has already move to the West, the call was meant to meet up. I asked, if now is a right time to meet. Belum di izin kan ALLAH untuk bertemu. Thats when the calls was not connected & the plan to meet was not possible.. Will wait till ALLAH Izinkan, Insya ALLAH. Its not the time yet...

Actually there is nothing much to blog about. There are things in my head but not ready to let it out...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

My brother in law, Jojo was outstation at Batam for about 3 weeks or so about a month ago. Claim that he watch Ayat Ayat Cinta on the cinema 3 times Alone! Saying praises about the movie. Mention how nice the shots were with the padang pasir location at Mesir when the filming was made. I went thru You Tube to view the movie. I saw the trailer, interesting movie. Unfortunately it was not in Singapore yet back then.

Jojo was away again, He came back buying a few books of Ayat Ayat Cinta for Fidz and us here at Boon Keng. Mak has finish reading them. Waiting for my turn, Raudz is holding it now.

3 Days ago, I saw the advertisement on BH saying Ayat Ayat Cinta coming to the cinema here & the actor/actresses are here for the preview as well!!! How shiok can it be kan..

Last night, went online at Cathay Cineplex DownTown East site. There was only less then 10 seats left! I had to go buy them immediately. I bought 4 and how still wondering beside Mak & Me, who else is interested to go. Sms Fidz, she cant cause on PM shift. Will force Ayah to come along tmrw.. Its gonna be a Belated Birthday for Ayah & Advance Mother Day then.. Will not want to miss catching it...

Check this link :

Friday, May 02, 2008

Something funny happen to me!

Today is our offical working day at the new office. As you can see on my previous posting, the whole office are fitted with glass partitions. We are still busy unpacking & adjusting to the new environment. Anyway, I was suppose to transfer a call to David. Unfortunately he was not at his seat, he was at the small conference room. Earlier, I was inside the room talking to Anuar & Augustine and recall that the room was open. I didnt realise that David close the glass door when he went in.

Guess what? I bang on the Glass Door!!! There was a load Bang! Everyone in the office look at me, waiting for reaction.. I laugh.. and the rest follow. haahah.. Actually I didnt hit my head, my shoes knock against the glass that created a loud bang. My lipstick stain the glass door that makes Anuar & Augustine laugh so hard. David cant stop laughing too eventhough he was on a phone calls... Mak Kau! Rabak seh.. It was the joke of the day. I make a fool of myself...

I told Ros about it, she cant stop laughing each time she passes by me. Eventhough she didnt get to watch that incident.. Dont worry, I nose tak 'kemek'... The only thing I had to do was to wipe my lipstick stain on the glass. CH asked, "the glass door is ok eh?" He looked at me, geleng kepala & laugh at me.. hahaha... Mak saya kata, Hari ni hari Bodoh saya!

So glad the weekend has come. I've been working from Wednesday till late, as we move our stuff since Wednesday morning. We had to work on Labour Day! Of all day. So tomorrow, I'll love to wake up at say, 9.30am!..

Yesterday lunch was a trash out session. Glad it came out, but its was more on YD, he was stressed out being instructed to do this and that. Irritating..

I just receive the delivery from Ummy, the blouse that I ordered is beautiful. Thanks..