Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what to wear... what to wear..

Have you ever stand in front of the closet for more than 15mins thinking what to wear to work? I guess its pretty common for someone who dont wear uniform to work.

A few months ago, while unpacking some stuffs from our previous unopen boxes when we last move, Mak found some old baju of mine. There was this particular long sleeveless dress that I surprisingly can fit on it.. Its pink, I decided to have it go along with a new brown cardigan. This is my 2nd piece of clothing from 10years back that fits me. Proud or what eh? heeehhe..

Last Sunday morning, I was out walking with Ayah and Mak from home to Kallang Bahru for marketing. If you know how far is Upper Boon Keng Road to Kallang Bahru then you will know how far we walked going and coming back home. Its like 4 bus stops aways if you take 853 or 26 from our bus stop. It was a refreshing walk there.. At the same time, there is always time for quality talking with Mak. I'm making full use of the new track shoes that Ayah bought it apa...

Today, since its my off day, I was up the same timing like I'm going to work. And join Mak's aerobics class downstairs.. FOR THE FIRST TIME eh I join them. Gosh, I just realise how long I've not exercise even warm ups and stretching I felt so 'kejong' hahah.. At least I pull thru it. Mak and me went out to Kaki Kaki at noon, called to make an impormptu appointment. Lucky there were still available slot. My 1st time doing ear candling, surprisingly I didnt know that I had sinuous problem. Because you cant hide especially it shows from the burning residue. We had back massage as well, pamper or what. Especially so when I had that stiff neck and back a few days ago, that massage really helps..

We went to buy lunch at Joo Chait, Mak suggested we buy nasi ambeng at my Pri Sch friend Mimi - Nurbanisah Ghani's stall. Its been a while since I meet her. Mother of 3 kids now, hear from her that Riana Karim, another classmate of ours just gave birth to her 4th child. Hebat betul korang korang ni.. Mimi said, "kau ni bila nak kahwin Noris.. Kau nak tunggu sapa pulak. Datuk K dah kahwin pun... Datuk mana kau nak ni?" Mak bluntly reply, "Datuk Y lah.." I burst out laughing.. cause its coming from Mak!

I just hear from a friend that someone I know has breast cancer. I'm sorry to hear that.. I hope she is strong enough to take it. Just hope the operation goes well and may my prayers be with you, Insya ALLAH..

I'm glad to hear from Nya' that her husband, Dee will be moving to Singapore and join the family here some where soon. Alhamdulliah.. Its not easy for seperation from the wife and kids. Its not that I know how it is like, but living far away from someone you love is not easy right.

Y had a cancel/delay flight to attend yesterday. He reach home till almost 9pm. I am very sure that he's exhausted, especially when he had to watch the kids school work after that. Its not easy for him, I know that. But he's just pushing himself to handle it well. When he's being asked, how are you coping with situation? He said ok I can manage.The thing is, he HAS to cope with it no matter what. So last night, he called me at almost mid night. As usual, we normally catch up on whats happening in the day. And Guess what? He sleep talking! I dont know what he was mumbling.. He must have went to sleep while talking to me hahaha... Teruk betul.

Tomorrow is a working day for me. I may be meeting my old colleague in JAL Haslinda for lunch Insya ALLAH. Probably having another coffee with Za in the evening.. We'll see how. I am suppose to meet up with my old friends from CIAS LM this friday. But I'm not sure if its going to happen. On the other hand Saf is asking if we can go Badoque this Friday for dinner or something.. Y has yet to plan our date this week.. and that I dont know when, because this man will plan it at last minute.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BoyFriend meets BestFriend..

Ever since Y met Za at the in house course, he cant stop talking about this best friend of mine.. Wait till Y meet up with Nya' back again.. Y said, "ya eh Nurul lagi lama I tak jumpa.." I am telling you, they have been exchanging stories about me.. Gossiping non stop. Every day he's been telling me what they both talk about during break. Well I owe Za some Big Makan cause she's been putting good words about me Yo! Dear ZALEHA, Dinner on me. Nanti Pay Day ok. hahaha..

I had this stiff neck since last few days. It goes from the back of my right ear right down to my back.. Gosh, thats when I knew its the cause of all those heachache and fever I had last few days. I had to put koyok and hot old just to make it feel cooler. I had Ayah massage my back with hot oil. Baru lah boleh sleep better..

Ayah complaint that I've not been exercising. Ya right, Ayah pun sama jugak. Actually Y said to me the same thing. So much about telling Za, "Noris dulu besar tau.." ya lah that was 14years ago.. Now, according to him I'm smaller a bit. Well he has not seen the BIGGER side of me like 7 years ago when I had my Thyroid problem that time, so GEMUK aku.. He better not complaint that I'm fat or what ever eh. He better accept me the way I am hahahah... Anyway, today I went to have my medical check up at Raffles place. After which, Ayah asked me to meet him at Mustafa Centre because he insist that I Should get myself a proper sport shoe! "So jangan make excuses that boleh ikut mak exercise lagi sebab Ayah beli kan kasut baru hahaha.."

I had a short conversation with a 13year old girl. Agressive.. Its gonna be a challenge handling her. She sure need time and space for acceptance.

Ok cousins coming later.. Ciao.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Under the Weather..

Since Sunday, I've been under the weather. I was at Al-Iman mosque for the blood donation drive and supporting on their other activities. With Ayah being busy with the mosque activities, Mak & me were outside the tent watching the activities. The Sunday Morning Sun makes my head ache that late afternoon. I actually pleage to be part of the Blood Donation, unfortunately I was not eligable due to having fever the last few days. Surprisingly, I met Aden there with her 4PM mates voluntering.. Its been some time since we last meet.

That late afternoon, I stay in bed feeling so heavy in my head. Never felt that before. Y got so worried called me 7 times that day. He even suggested that I should not do the blood donation since I was not well. He know me too well... Anyway, Ayah picture with the PM is on BH today..

I started my 1st day of work yesterday. Still having the flu, I was so not in the mood. My head was spinning like crazy. I was not myself yesterday, my throat was sore and my taste bud not feeling anything.. Everything seem to be not right. I endure the whole day only after lunch I felt much better. People there are nice, work is not bad. Anyway I didnt do much yesterday. I still have tomorrow to start learning something new.

Za and Y are attending the same course for the past 3 days. They are so building rapport with each other. Both getting excited about meeting each other for the 1st time even after hearing stories of each other from me. Since Tuesday, this 2 people have become like best friend sharing stories and talking about common people and that ME! Today's their last day of training, they are so going to continue stories I bet you..

I just saw my mobile phone bill today. My Gosh, my incoming calls are 2200+mins! That was so much call I receive. Anyway, its nothing compared to 2000+ calls of Overseas calls the last time. At least its still local calls I'm making. Not to bad lah.. So much about lecturing the daughter, wonder how much is the Ayah's phone bill for this month hahah..

Oh I'm so feeling much better today, Alhamdulliah. Ready for work again tomorrow..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Got the Job!

I went for a job interview on Tuesday morning. I thought its a full time perm position, instead it was a Part Time job offer. When I wasn't looking for Part Time position, it came along and I wont want to miss it.

I got pretty excited telling Y over the phone. Honestly, I was hoping I get it. I was looking forwards for something else more that day actually..

So yesterday, the HR lady called asking me how comfortable was I with the job after the interview that I had. The interviewer seem happy with the conversation we had the other day. Alhamdulliah. Just before Zohor, she called me again. Offering me a good pay amount with medical benefits and medical leave entittlement. I will also be given Annual Leave and AWS offer. The pay is Alhamdulliah more than the previous temp job that I had. Could not ask for more than just feeling greatful with what is given to me...

Monday, I'll be signing the contract. Will start next week. Best part is, I'll be working only on day Mon, Wed & Fri... Interesting.

Hello to Good Vibes. I believe that good things are in store for me, Insya ALLAH. Its falling into place. Syukur, as long as I don't forget where its all coming from..

Anyway, I had coffee with Saf & Kak Liza last night. After our maghrib at Sultan, we headed to Bugis Junction to meet Saf. I was craving for J-CO again.. I'm addicted to it lah..

After having donut and coffee, with intense conversation about so many things, we decided to continue at Kampung Glam cafe. Saf was feeling hungry.. Andak came to fetch us back at 10am..

Now I'm having this sore in my throat. Went out to Paya Lebar for a while and the weather is sooo HOT! Felt this sudden headache.. Let me take a nap, hope the headache will go away..

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Weekend's Activity

The norm, I will be either at CCK1 or SAV for the weekend. Last weekend, CCK1 was occupied with visitors from Philippines in which I decided to stay home instead.

On Saturday evening, there was a Forum at Darul Aman Mosque organized by Md Salleh Mosque. So we stayed from Maghrib till the forum end at 11pm. This was one of the activities by Md Salleh Mosque to raise fund for the mosque. Didnt expect it to end that late, was being offered to fetch from the Mosque back home. The first impression and meet up! We went home happy..

I didnt really plan to come along to anak Encik Yusoff Nikah at Masjid Alkaff. Only after Mak asked then I thought why not. Then I get to meet the relatives.. We were there early, thinking that the nikah is before zohor. Instead we were the first few people to arrive.

Nikah was at 2.30pm, we get to zohor at masjid at least. But the whole kenduri started since 12noon. It was a simple wedding held at the mosque itself. At least its a small gathering yet meriah..

Meet mak's cousin, or rather my aunties. Left Ramlah and Right, her sister Asiah. They are my fellow USTS senior's back in school days. The groom are their nephew.

On the Right is Malek, Ramlah's husband. They have been couple since Sec School days..

Weeks back, Raihaniah - Mak's anak angkat had her daughter kenduri cukur rambut, but I didnt attend. Han, that's how we address her as, was taken care by Mak when she was in her primary school. I always remember her as 'makan semua nak bubuh kicap'. Now she's a mom of a lovely daughter. See how peaceful she sleeps..

I've got an interview tomorrow. Hoping for the best.. Insya ALLAH

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I sms Za a few days go asking if you could meet up for coffee.. Usual day for meet up is Wednesday cause that will be the day where Min, Za’s Husband have his class.

I plan to meet Rohana for a while, pass her some stuffs. I was hoping that Za & Rohana get to meet for a while as well since they have not meet for 20years or so. The timing was just right, I reach TM at 6pm, Za just arrive and not long Rohana came along. We chat for a while and later Rohana had to leave since she was having class that night..

Za and me had dinner at C sq, we talk about a lot of things. Saw a few familiar faces there, but yesterday I was too lazy to acknowledge anyone. I am glad that even though Za and me were separated for more than 10years, we still maintain our communication frequency.. Alhamdulliah..

We continued talking and move on to Coffee Bean. We met an old schoolmate there. Wahid, from our batch however he was in the express class with Yani & Iskandar. He’s married (and his wife is so jambu ok!) His son is so handsome… I should have snap pictures of him, so cute! Wahid still look the same, not much changes. But its touching, to see someone from your school days carrying his son in his arm and looking so fatherly.. He asked if I’m attached now, I said single still but Insya ALLAH… That evening, Za & Min send me back reach home at almost 11pm! I had an awesome evening..

I had a good talk 2 nights ago. I just recall how lost I was a year back, thinking of what I want and to do in life. No perm job, no partner, feeling lost and not knowing where to start. I think I’ve ever blog about how I feel. Things were different since end of last year. That was when I start searching for old friends, and it make a difference after getting in touch with my school mates. Gradually things gets better, even though I still didn’t get a perm job still. But my life has been great, I’m much happier. Now I know what I want, what should I do and where to start. Life is much more complete now Alhamdulliah.. Its just a beginning and I hope that things progress smoothly. We’re going to the next level, Insya ALLAH..