Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Age that Matters..

My cousin Rose - Ita posted this, "so how is it like feeling a year older?" My answer is, "great.."

I know when a lady touches the age of over 30years, their age is a secret. To me it not a secret. It actually reflect on the level of your maturity, there is nothing to be ashame off. But sometimes, when you are among friends who are in their early twenties, and suddenly you're feeling young, jumping and moving to the groove while listening to some music or watching some kind of concert, you probably just have to keep you age a secret cause you're not showing a good example hahah..

Za send me this age calculator and I really love it. Because all about me is 90% so bloody true. Check this out!

Enter your DoB here =>19-Aug-73

Age in years 35.02
Age in months 420
Age in days 12782
Age in hours 306761
Age in minutes 18405636
Age in seconds 1104338141
Age in Milli seconds 110433814113
Age in weeks 89472
You born on Sunday

* Loves to joke
* Attractive
* Suave and caring
* Brave and fearless
* Firm and has leadership qualities
* Knows how to console others
* Too generous and egoistic
* Takes high pride of oneself
* Thirsty for praises
* Extraordinary spirit
* Easily angered
* Angry when provoked
* Easily jealous
* Observant
* Careful and cautious
* Thinks quickly
* Independent thoughts
* Loves to lead and to be led
* Loves to dream
* Talented in the arts, music and defense
* Sensitive but not petty
* Poo! r resistance against illnesses
* Loving and caring
* Loves to make friends


However, when I tried on Y's Age Calculator there are some points that were not accurate..

Enter your DoB here =>15-Dec-70

Age in years 37.70
Age in months 452
Age in days 13759
Age in hours 330217
Age in minutes 19812995
Age in seconds 1188779697
Age in Milli seconds 118877969678
Age in weeks 96313
You born on Tuesday

* Loyal and generous
* Patriotic ~ not sure
* Active in games and interactions
* Impatient and hasty ~ not true
* Ambitious
* Influential in organizations
* Fun to be with
* Loves to socialize
* Loves praises
* Loves attention
* Loves to be loved
* Honest and trustworthy
* Not pretending
* Short tempered ~ not true
* Changing personality ~ not true
* Not egoistic
* Takes high pride in oneself
* Hates restrictions
* Loves to joke
* Good sense of humor
* Logic

Last Saturday, we had a small tahlil at Andak, Kak Liza's place at CCK1. It was a small gathering with SAV family, CCK1 family, and BK family. CCK2 couldnt be there because both of them went for another honeymoon at Redang..

We are just a week away from the month of Ramadhan. This week will be fill up with lunch and dinner appointment before Puasa starts.. Today we had a department lunch for Foong Farwell. We had it at Swensen Plaza Singapura. I have already drew up a whole week schedule. Tomorrow will be out last class at Masjid, Wednesday and Thursday will be my working day because I want Friday to be off. Friday will be out last Stretching and Yoga class so we gonna have a small makan2 session that morning.. This Saturday, Kak Liza and me will be going on a day trip to Batam Centre with Chandra as well.. So how I will have to let Y decide when is he gonna slot in our meet up for the week hehehe..

Tomorrow is gonna be another off day. Another day out with Mak again..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting in touch, while away from Singapore..

I've manage to be in touch with my cousin Rose Aznita Mohd Heffron who's putting up in Liverpool via facebook. We email once in a blue moon, but its seldom that she gets to reply.. I always have my name in FULL for friends and family who's away to locate me. And I guess thats how she found me.. by my full name.

Ita, thats how we call her, and me grow up togather. From young, we will always be dress in similar dresses or baju's during Raya or any occassion. When he move to UK, got herself settle down there with her husband and family, we only get to be in touch most of the time via MSN. Recently, I've been constantly updating the Facebook as well as Multiply with pictures of the family and outings. So its seems that is how she get to see our family, her siblings and neices and nephew.. I'm glad if that helps..

Ok, today's Thursday, my off day. So most of the time on my Tuesday and Thursday off, its the time I go down with Mak for Stretching and Yoga.. Next Friday will be out last 'class' for the month before Puasa starts..

Beside being concious with the weight, its another way to stay health.. hehehe.. Well not getting any younger apa!

Yesterday, I had lunch with my colleagues in HAS, Suzana and Azlin. They gave a birthday treat at Fig and Olive Raffles Place. In the late afternoon, Mdm Liz sms if we should have dinner.. another treat at RamenTen our favourite place.. Semalam Hari Rezeki Sedunia! Alhamdulliah..

Its working day tomorrow.. But my Exec Bren will be on leave Friday and Monday. In which I will be doing things independently. Have already a line up of activities for the whole of next week. I will be working on Mon, Wed and Thurs, in which I had my Fri working day changed. All due to the Gathering with the Workout Makciks for last Exercise class.. Planning for dinner that same Friday with the HAS team at Straits Kitchen Hyatt. Following which, I'll be going on a trip to Batam with Kak Liza on Saturday 30th August.

That same Friday, 29th August, Y will be having a Teacher's Day performance at the kids Pri Sch. Since he has joined the parents group with the school, they had the parents performing for the Teachers. I CANNOT imagine how is it going to be.. hahaha.. I have asked outsiders are allow to watch, he insist its not.. Maybe he doesnt want me to come and watch hahaha..

Its going to be another week before Puasa starts on early September.. Stay Healthy people..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another year older..

I have never expect to remind single at the age of 35! I thought I would be married at the age of 26, have a family with kids and all. But well, what most important is, being happy and healthy..

Ok, last weekend was Rohana M's wedding at Tampines. Had planned with my classmates to come at the wedding before zohor so that we all can meet up. So Congrats to Rohana and Ardie..

Yes, I'm 35years old today. I exchange sms with Sani Hussin, we are both born on the same day same year.. I told him, "can you imagine, we'll be 40yrs old in 5 years time?" He said, "pe nak buat, asal kan kita sihat2 sudah.." Wishing him the best, The Bright Star!

Birthday came early since yesterday, Y called to meet up, nothing special. But most important is him being there and his birthday wish this morning.. At the same time, I gave him Nadiah's birthday cupcakes that I ordered from Chandra. Nadiah had her celebration last Saturday at her grandma's place. Y had bought another cake for the occassion so I thought, I should buy just for Nadiah and her siblings to eat.. I hope she likes it. That was what I heard from Y last night.. Thank you Chandra..

Mak and Ayah wish came as early as last night. At subuh, I wish Mak Happy Birthday too. You know, birthday is not only for the one who's born. The wishes should be given to you mother as well. So never forget your mom, when its YOUR birthday. Its her birthday too.. Remember that!

Thank you for the sms well wishes..

00:33 - Grace Yanzon

06:44 - Fidz

06:57 - Andak Raf

06:54 - Viky

06:55 - Ayie J

07:57 - Nya' Nurul

08:04 - Suzana Ary

08:36 - Kak Liza

09:03 - Nury Mahmod

09:10 - Zaleha

09:37 - Glenn Goo

09:59 - Julyani

10:02 - Feisal Dzulkiflee

11:00 - Norhaida

13:19 - Jannah

Saturday, August 16, 2008

back blogging..

Now then I'm back.. just need the right mood to start again.

The net was down for almost 2 weeks, its all due to the faulty modem. Had to get it changed, the phone line fixed and the modem installed back again..

Work get better and more challenging by the days. Not to bad anyway, cant thank HIM enough for having this job.

Life is getting challenging as well, the test and task are getting tougher. Patience being tested, priority given will always be last and felt I'm least important. Then I realise being battle and competing with MR. When suggestion made, been turn down for the same reason for more then 10x. Even how much it get recover, the same thing will happen again in the future. Trust me! When the time comes, then I will start my worry back again. For now, I will like go with the flow... Thanks to Za and Nya' for being there to listen.

We'll be attending Rohana Mahmud's wedding tomorrow noon. The USTS gangs are planning to come at the same time so we could meet up at least. Will take some pictures and post it soon, Insya ALLAH.

August has been the Longest Birthday list. Here are those :-

1st August - Mustaqim Mulyadi Ihsan ~ my anak buah

2nd August - Suratman Samadi ~ my sec sch mate

8th August - Nur Liyana Md Rafid and Rose Aznita Mohd Heffron ~ my cousins

13th August - Herman Sulaiman ~ my childhood best friend

14th August - Riah ~ my Hitachi colleague

15th August - Feisal Dzulkiflee ~ my close friend

16th August - Hestee Raisa ~ my cousin & Siti Nur Nadiah Mohd Yazid

18th August - Suzana Ary ~ my adik and SH team mate

19th August - Md Sani Hussin ~ my childhood friend

20th August - Hans Issac ~ my Idol hahah..

24th August - Meerra ~ my SH team mate

25th August - Zaleha Mohd ~ my USTS classmate

28th August - Nury Mahmood ~ my cousin

Hope I didnt miss out anyone..

Happy Birthday Everyone!