Saturday, April 04, 2009

Its been so long and its been A Year!

I've been out of touch with the blogging world, but I was not away from the net! Sometimes the weeks has been pretty routine so its going to be bored reading the same thing every week.

I'm so blessed with my 'motherhood' and dating life. I think I'm so out date with the two things that my friends has already gone through. Weekend has always filled up with usual Bowling at ECP or Kallang Leisure Park or sometimes it will be FunLand at Parkway Parade. Then later it will dinner at Simpang Bedok or Parkway Parade Banquet. Weekdays will be dating time.. Ok I will not say too much cause my 'daughter' reading my blog! haahaha..

This days, I'm very occupied with pre wedding preparation for Nizam, Yazid's younger brother. 70% of the preparation is all done. Just waiting for the day which is 2 weekends away only! All this months, I've been liasing with Nizam via email and sms. We've never meet each other. Only last month, I met Nizam and Zuraidah for the 1st time at their place. And we are getting along just fine, Alhamdulliah..

I wasnt able to meet up with CK last few days, she send a msg via FB telling that she's leaving to KL for good. F got a job offer there or something so they're moving. All the best to you, Insya ALLAH we'll meet up again one day!

Life has been a lot of Ups' and Down.. however, its manageable. Sometimes I feel that I'm just being unreasonable and always make things difficult when its decision making. But I dont deny I'm selfish, cause I'm not willing to share.. But when its family time, kids are The Priority and I'm a 2nd class Citizen. When the children is concern, I'm ok with being the 2nd.. I'm cool! But its ok, you argue and fight once a while.. If everything is soooo smooth saling, something is not right some where.

Ah! The weather is not really fine this days, its soo HOT in the noon but once a while it rains heavily. I was at the clinic this morning, there were so many kids that falls sick. And I'm the only adult! Oh gosh, it so unbareable. I'm having this rashes all over my body. My at this point it still itchy! Ok as long as it didnt get to my face, its OK to me.. But it still matters! Yazid said, "ah nanti kalau ada sand paper I beli kan you eh.." haahah.. bloody chendol!

He's be on night shift today, till 10am. I just asked him if he recall what was going on just last year. He remembered.. Its been A Year now, and tmrw they be having Kenduri at his place.

To Mama, The children misses you all the time. They often mention you. I know I will never be able to replace you and I will never be able to do just like what you did. But I hope I will do my best.. Insya ALLAH.

Jan 2008 : T3 Changi Airport

In Memory of Almarhum Salinah bte Ahmad : Al-Fatihah - 1969 to 6th April 2008.